Fluffy Jiggly Japanese Pancake Recipe DEBUNKING Tasty | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Feb 26, 2021
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Debunking Buzzfeed Tasty's Fluffy Jiggly Japanese pancake recipe and experimenting to develop a reliable recipe that you can make at home.
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Hi I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. This week I am debunking tasty's fluffy japanese pancake recipe and giving you a better recipe that you can make at home. Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.
In this video:
*Sund00d I made tastys fluffy japanese pancakes and they were a SCAM usworlds.info/slow/video/jKppqZ7Mf496hnc
*RachhLoveLife I Tried the "JIGGLY" JAPANESE PANCAKE from TASTY BUZZFEED... this was HARD usworlds.info/slow/video/YniWpWW0bqKih6E
*Tasty Debunks Themselves I Tried To Make These Fluffy Japanese Pancakes usworlds.info/slow/video/bqNpbq7ZaZGjnqE
*ETTV strawberry souffle pancake / 딸기 수플레 팬케익 / taiwanese street food usworlds.info/slow/video/i4SLiYPbbGZpeXs
*Tina Yong I Tried Making Japanese Souffle Pancakes 🥞 usworlds.info/slow/video/fad-rILPjneofYc
*Naomi Jon my 24 attempts to make those japanese souffle pancakes usworlds.info/slow/video/lKhhfamVp12TZmo
*Taylor Woods I RECREATED THE MOST ICONIC PANCAKES ON USworlds usworlds.info/slow/video/g3qCeo7On2mBf5U
*Janice Fung I Tried Making the MOST DIFFICULT JAPANESE SOUFFLE FLUFFY PANCAKE! (Quarantine Cooking Ideas) usworlds.info/slow/video/oIt2oIbSbHxhhKU
* Erwan Heussaff Japanese Souffle Pancakes | Attempting to Make the Most Difficult Pancake usworlds.info/slow/video/p5plh52YaY-fYak
* Chow Hound How to Make Fluffy Japanese Pancakes usworlds.info/slow/video/eZd-qm2la5mmdWo
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  • video

    Lilith FlorentLilith FlorentHour ago
  • ann readon i want you to do a debunking video.usworlds.info/slow/video/nIFrsYqoh5ujeoc

    Lilith FlorentLilith FlorentHour ago
  • Forgo the molds and just make sure the batter is dense enough to somewhat keep its shape. Then before covering the pancakes with the lid, add a little bit of water to the pan. The added water will evaporate making a steam chamber to slightly cook the top and sides without browning which will give it more stability when you flip it.

    Bobby EcharriBobby EcharriHour ago
  • I use xanthan gum power as a stabiliser. I got it from a vegetarian food shop.

    M DugM DugHour ago
  • Tip: you don't need to use cake tins I tried a different recipe and used a spoon to put it in the pan and it worked perfectly USworldsr I got the recipe from Let's Stella

    TA - 07YS 811871 Tecumseh PSTA - 07YS 811871 Tecumseh PS3 hours ago
  • dO YuO WoNt SoMe OVENCAKES ? I aLMouSt lOsT mY SanitY MaKinG tHeM !!!

    anonymous useranonymous user5 hours ago
  • If you want pancakes like the one from the Buzzfeed video, get a small rice cooker (I have a tiny 2-serving one because I'm single) and pour some pancake batter in there. It's not like the really fluffy ones, it's more like a thick pancake? But it's nice.

    Laruna SoftpawLaruna Softpaw7 hours ago
  • I've been trying this for years the one I saw from tasty and it doesn't work that's why i give up making souffle pancakes, this is a big help for me thanks! now i have hope 😊

    uenachanuenachan7 hours ago
  • Alix and rie be watching like: ERM WHUT

    JadesmanningJadesmanning9 hours ago
  • One time I made a cake and then it burned and was raw too

    Mia MMia M9 hours ago
  • It's a federal crime to use steel rings on your non-stick pans.

    Rebecca LinRebecca Lin10 hours ago

    Chloe ParsonsChloe Parsons11 hours ago

    Chloe ParsonsChloe Parsons11 hours ago
  • Interesting about the egg white powder

    Rohan Grant-DawesRohan Grant-Dawes12 hours ago
  • My grandma had an amazing soufflé recipe in pan. I believe it used whipped cream and cremé fraiche

    85Portar85Portar13 hours ago
  • Kind of like a Yorkshire pudding with extra steps.

    josh pringjosh pring14 hours ago
  • I was hoping Jim got to eat the nice pancakes at the end but I'm not sure he did. He deserves to eat nice things sometimes

    Ms12369Ms1236916 hours ago
  • Just found these! Love _

    Deejay KDeejay K19 hours ago
  • These fake news bakes are not just about click bate. What if its about discouraging people? Mental illness comes in all shapes and sizes. It's called phys-op

    Richard HRichard H20 hours ago
  • Why with this amazing food you don't give a try to your husband to eat on camera?

    JulianaJuliana21 hour ago
  • One of the things I've learned since watching this video is that a lot of Box Mix Pancakes have commercials stabilizers in them already. This may be one situation where using a box mix might make sense.

    Duy NguyenDuy Nguyen21 hour ago
  • The sound design is amazing especially while watching the fails and while watching the end result with uplifting music.

    Marcus BavaroMarcus Bavaro21 hour ago
  • I really love your debunking videos. But in this case, you are very far from the truth. If you've watched the behind the scenes of tasty, you will know that what they do takes time. Sometimes, they have like ten fails just to perfect it, and it even takes days. So sorry but in the case, you're wrong😒😒😒

    Loveth ObanorLoveth Obanor22 hours ago
  • I made a Jiggly Japanese cheesecake from a Tasty video that one did work, I got a cake that didn't look exactly like it, but it tasted great

    WhiteLotusWhiteLotus23 hours ago
  • How to get people to not but toilet paper: name the toilet paper brands name corona, NO ONE WILL BUY IT!!!

    Luna WolfyLuna Wolfy23 hours ago
  • Most of the thumb ups are the people who have tried to make this pancake and failed before.

    Nuku NikuNuku NikuDay ago

    Dan ZDan ZDay ago
  • You can actually buy Gellan Gum (Xanthan) from Amazon. Still a useful alternative.

    Patrick WendtPatrick WendtDay ago
  • its not your recipe though you didnt change anything from how they are already cooked usworlds.info/slow/video/f2mKkIKyjpdnhX8 unless you think cooking them in an oven merit enough for you to claim the recipe as your own

    amprieamprieDay ago
  • Her voice really relaxes me

    AndreiAndreiDay ago
  • You don't know how miserable I was for not being able to do this. Thank you!

    Paulo DiasPaulo DiasDay ago
  • Lol seeing good ol' Naomi Jon here was unexpected xD but I love the recipe! Would it be possible to use Xanthan or Guar gum powder too? We use those at work but we just do cold stuff (delicatessen like mayonnaise, potatoe salads etc.) so I don't know how this would turn out when baking it.

    amyleefan85amyleefan85Day ago
  • Emmymade made it. She failed at first but yeah, she made it :) usworlds.info/slow/video/bI98iYnSiqikrqU

    Mega K Movies And MotivationsMega K Movies And MotivationsDay ago
  • but the pancake doesn't jiggle :'(

    Kelly YuKelly YuDay ago
  • Tried one of these from an ice cream shop. It took them 30 minutes hidden away in the back to make it, and I didn’t like it at all, even eating it with ice cream. Some people must like super eggy fluffy flour blobs, but I’d rather just eat eggs if that’s what it’s gonna taste like.

    RosieWeasleyRosieWeasleyDay ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/gal2rpzRfJRhm4c Mosogourment 😅 she cook thick pancake using milk carton box.

    Nurul Hidayatul Munirah Hj AbdullahNurul Hidayatul Munirah Hj AbdullahDay ago
  • I once tried it and it came fluffy and tasty. Use Baking Powder

    kevin sureshkevin sureshDay ago
  • Keep in mind that this recipe is over 4 years old, so they might have improved

    a eyelash buga eyelash bugDay ago
  • Steam!!! Steam it!!!!

    Bob JobBob JobDay ago
  • Noooo! Not tasty!!! Not buzzfeed!!!!!!😫

    Bob JobBob JobDay ago
  • I think they just baked it xD

    6969Day ago
  • My molecular gastronomy knowledge is pretty limited, but I'd hazard a guess and say they're adding locust bean gum as it wouldn't affect the viscosity until the cooking process. As it cooks, it activates and acts as a thickener, making a more viscose batter to trap air pockets and stablise the finished product.

    JackJackDay ago
  • I manage to cook that ☺️ same pancake but I had to oil the cake ring mould very well

    Hana THana TDay ago
  • Oh my god I know, it’s not like people use the restroom more in quarantine. Lol.

    Navid LashkarianNavid LashkarianDay ago
  • How come Dave didn't get to try these?? He should have SOME reward for all of the horrible things he's eaten!!

    ajuma55ajuma55Day ago
    • He probably ate it off camera

      Mr GigglesMr GigglesDay ago
  • You need more TP in lockdown because you and your family aren't using the toilet anywhere except your home.

    Oz LeeOz LeeDay ago
  • why don't they just give people recipes that work . i dont understand!

    rangerloveerangerloveeDay ago
  • "It looks alive"

    Kimberly DKimberly D2 days ago
  • I say turn your oven on 350 after it being in the pan for 10 minutes. Put it in the oven for 10 to 15 more minutes. I bet that works!

    SilhouetteSilhouette2 days ago
  • Maybe you just jealous

    Sky NewmanSky Newman2 days ago
  • Pretty sure nobody is adding sodium bicarbonate to these. I do my regular pancakes fluffy and that and low heat is the trick to inflate them.

    José LuisJosé Luis2 days ago
  • 7:35 lmao what

    Sa KSa K2 days ago
  • i remember making the clickbait recipes and they worked but they omit the part where you put a small amount of water in the pan to steam the pancakes with the lid on top.

    Welp SendHelpWelp SendHelp2 days ago
  • In Japan, they use Xanthan gum as stablizer but I think your hack is better; it's more natural. I will defenitely try it

    mimi mimimimi mimi2 days ago
  • This whole Japanese pancake trend is just dumb, and I expected more from tasty tbh. Great video Ann!

    TeoPlayszTeoPlaysz2 days ago
  • Maybe need to add to flour a little corn starch? 'Cuse when I made "Castella", I remember, there was it in the recipe.

    Doctor OwlDoctor Owl2 days ago
  • Erwan🥰✨

    ChuchayChuchay2 days ago
  • The things is... There’s tasty behind the scenes...

    ge _ge _2 days ago
  • I want to see her do Japanese cheesecake! It fails a lot like those pancakes and I want it to work sooooo bad!

    Abiamara DreamAbiamara Dream2 days ago
    • she has made japanese cheesecake. just watch this video and try it :) usworlds.info/slow/video/ZYiMbZadkoBom4M

      ello, its Hurainello, its Hurain2 days ago
  • Tasty releases a disingenuous cooking video with a recipe that can't work and then releases another video to show you how their recipe can't work. Really double dipping there aren't they?

    WarhammerGeekWarhammerGeek2 days ago
  • The impolite crate industrially beam because streetcar preclinically worry from a parsimonious whiskey. subdued, innate screen

    jordan is geyjordan is gey2 days ago
  • All tasty recipies I tried were real…idk what happened

    BobaTeaCuberBobaTeaCuber2 days ago
  • It's incredible how she notices the smallest but most important things

    Anika MandloiAnika Mandloi2 days ago
  • I'm definitely trying your recipe. Ann, YOU'RE THE REAL LEGEND! 🥰🥰🥰

    Stephen AnthonyStephen Anthony3 days ago
  • i dont know how these people feel good about wasting food and even kicking it , wtf there r people who dont get food . so sad.

    NiharikaNiharika3 days ago
    • And should not matter where i am coming from we r all in this universe with disparities and inequality in every walk of life things like this shows a wasteful and unapologetic mindset

      NiharikaNiharika2 days ago
    • Hi lily I understand what you are saying but still it is wasteful in my humble opinion and kicking food is not Something very cool

      NiharikaNiharika2 days ago
    • I understand where you're coming from but whenever you learn something new waste is always a hurdle to begin with, it can be frustrating and expensive but its to ultimately improve a craft. The production of art supplies negatively impacts the environment for instance but to stop using them altogether because of that, rather than finding green solutions and recycling, would be a waste of what we DO have and can be said for almost anything, even the technology you watched this on. It's awful people don't have access to food but it's no reason, if you have the means, to not develop your skills as unless you planned on feeding them yourself, it wouldn't make anyone any less hungry but if you don't mess up you wont get better.

      lilylily2 days ago
  • Ann Reardon here to rescue all of us 😭

    Sunday FlowerSunday Flower3 days ago
  • I live in London and I can find all this stabilizers in the spicy store. All of them

    LucianaLuciana3 days ago
  • i'm hungry now 👁👄👁

    Neon_SeaNeon_Sea3 days ago
  • You have made my day

    Michael DotsonMichael Dotson3 days ago
  • I always knew Tasty scams a lot of their recipes. I made their MEAT CAKE recipe on my channel and YEP they definitely scammed it and didn't show a lot of things like the meat releasing water etc. I had to completely wing it.

    Headbanger's KitchenHeadbanger's Kitchen3 days ago
    • @The Goose yes at least then you won’t waste time and ingredients

      Mia MMia M9 hours ago
    • Moral of the story: never follow any recipes from 5 minute crafts or tasty

      The GooseThe Goose9 hours ago
    • I made the tasty pancake recipe and it turned out horrible

      Mia MMia M9 hours ago
  • I feel like tasty and buzzfeed have genuine people but not always genuine recipes 😬

    果酱Jam Jom果酱Jam Jom3 days ago
  • These look amazing! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiment successes with us!

    thehotsingerthehotsinger3 days ago
  • I cooked in a fry pan and are just amazing.. only need not stick fry pan, put some vegetables oil.. and lid on the top very low flame

    pia delli carripia delli carri4 days ago
  • I'm fascinated by how you managed to reverse engineer the recipe with your knowledge of food science.

    AmandaAmanda4 days ago
  • Can you put in a air fryer?

    Colleen GlasserColleen Glasser4 days ago
    • An air fryer is just a small convection oven so yes, you could.

      HollisHollisDay ago
  • cringe

    KastKast4 days ago
  • I tried Ann's fluffy pancake recipe and I was successful on the first attempt (and I didn't use baking powder). She's truly a magician in the kitchen and very good at explaining how to do things. Thank you Ann!

    LavastormSWLavastormSW4 days ago
  • 7:35 xD

    PWojciechPWojciech4 days ago
  • You’re literally a saint.

    TabiTabi4 days ago
  • Japanese pancakes suck... guess that happens when you dont use rice🙄

    moemoe4 days ago
  • you can get gellan gum on amazon, at least here in USA. just search gellan gum

    Chef JPost9279Chef JPost92794 days ago
  • cant you use xanthan gum? its easily avalible online

    ackshuallyackshually4 days ago
  • You are a savior

    Alex CiutaAlex Ciuta5 days ago
  • Biggest current cause of depression (excuse my grammar): fluffy pancakes

    BearyOmgPlayzBearyOmgPlayz5 days ago
  • Not to brag but my mother knows how to make it perfectly and taught me how to make it since the age of 12. Practice and recipe make perfect. Jia you!

    JaydenJayden5 days ago
  • Of course Tasty is Fake News it's run by incompetent Millennials, their entire BUZZ FEED premise is that of fake it until you make it.

    RotaryBroRotaryBro5 days ago
  • That's how I make mine, sometimes I over mix and they flatten but they're still good. I may make them Friday! May try your oven trick though because I always make them in a pan

    b sb s5 days ago
  • I have not seen this channel in years and i just came back to it

    Jordan DudeJordan Dude5 days ago
  • Did Dave eat some?

    Mr.Notsogood musicianMr.Notsogood musician6 days ago
  • Hey! I actually managed to do them in the pan (not Tasty's recipe) ^.^ I have a video explaining (in Spanish) how I do them - let me know if you'd like me to add subs so you can check them. Here's the video: usworlds.info/slow/video/mYuthqynmqpqhJ0

    Sal Pimienta - Cocina JaponesaSal Pimienta - Cocina Japonesa6 days ago
  • I tried making these pancakes but I thought I did something wrong, tysm this helped a lot. 😋

    SᴜɴsʜɪɴᴇSᴜɴsʜɪɴᴇ6 days ago
  • Surprised Erwan made ot here! 😍

    Maxy LuegaMaxy Luega6 days ago
  • Excuse me, but the eggwhite is too runny. Whip it until an egg floats on top of the egg white. Also the egg white should stay in the bowl when you turn it upside down. Here's how I do it: 1. Add the sugar to the egg yolk 2. Per egg add 1 tsp hot water to the egg white 3. Add a pinch of salt to the egg white 4. Whip until stiff as described. Do NOT use a high power machen, you CAN overwhip it Then fold as described in the video. I guarantee it works much better

    Mark SandyMark Sandy6 days ago
  • Big respect to my mom who always made this for us for snack when I was a kid.

    EmilyEmily6 days ago
  • Gordon Ramsey left the chat

    jhlords2 TMjhlords2 TM7 days ago
  • watching this, i feel the exact same way as conquistadores when they acknowledged aztecs had not discover the wheel ......

    DrKub007DrKub0077 days ago
  • how about they use an actual Japanese recipe and a Japanese channel to create it😂😂😂it is a Japanese dish, after all, I've seen many Japanese tutorials on youtube and I think people also confuse the Japanese cheesecake and the Japanese souffle pancake, they look similar but you cook them differently and have different ingredients

    Sallay CaulkerSallay Caulker7 days ago
  • Buzzfeed and Tasty are simply clickbait frauds!!! I hate them both

    djtblizzledjtblizzle7 days ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/mK17oGaxbaSMaHc u did it wrong way.... It does work out

    kriti guptakriti gupta7 days ago
    • Actually she did everything right. She exactly followed the recipe. In this video the guy made his own recipe based on the fake recipe, he included some extra steps and tips so it would work. So the original recipe doesn't work, his version on that recipe works and Ann Reardon's recipe also works

      Zolewiczeggg IdkZolewiczeggg Idk6 days ago
  • I wished I knew about this video before making deformed, burned and ugly pancakes Now I have some new hopes:')

    Alizzandre LetoAlizzandre Leto7 days ago