FlightReacts Most EMBARRASSING Moments In NBA History..!

Feb 25, 2021
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  • holy shit i cant even hear anything

    cyncynDay ago
  • That Nigga Jr was looking like the girls basketball team when he got the ball😭

    Kahrxun -_-Kahrxun -_-Day ago
  • 1:20 has me dying

    inab gakillinab gakill2 days ago
  • 8:40 the special needs class when u walk in

    Garack ObushGarack Obush4 days ago
  • Who is here after Paul Pierce got fired from ESPN for smoking blunt and showing strippers on camera?

    Vaggelis KaragiannisVaggelis Karagiannis4 days ago
  • Anybody wanna get saved? To go to Heaven you must confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord, and you must believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and was resurrected three days later, forgiving us for our sins if we repent.

    Chidubem DuruibeChidubem Duruibe4 days ago
  • The invincible tenor paradoxically owe because politician conservatively stroke till a light chinese. discreet, psychotic week

    Jasper LowJasper Low4 days ago
  • Anybody who still stands up to the intro 🏅

    Michael CrownMichael Crown6 days ago
  • bad bad

    Pecky 12Pecky 128 days ago
  • stop no

    Pecky 12Pecky 128 days ago
  • He says FTC XD failure to complie

    jn's gaming • 13 years agojn's gaming • 13 years ago9 days ago
  • Man a lot of these are lebroj team mates lol

    TrillmaticTrillmatic9 days ago
  • 4:55 LMAO

    layuplayup9 days ago
  • bro that kid is baby tatum

    Dominic AbrokwaDominic Abrokwa11 days ago
  • 😆

    TekeonTekeon11 days ago
  • that channel is rebound

    s9 jxckzxys9 jxckzxy11 days ago
  • 9:19 bruh currys just drinkin water

    happy_healthy_lifehappy_healthy_life12 days ago
  • I’m taking a shii and this man got the audacity to say stand up smh

    Rxvert ThiefRxvert Thief13 days ago
  • “The warriors won that year” Me: **sees** *3-1*

    LaloLalo14 days ago
  • Yo, Flight's reaction at 1:21 is so funny.

    Asian Left-Over'sAsian Left-Over's15 days ago
  • 12:43 wait what, russ is sus

    dubs clutch.2dubs clutch.215 days ago
  • I a

    carlos videlacarlos videla18 days ago
  • Shut the f upp!!!!

    Lepodisi SeakoLepodisi Seako18 days ago
  • First min had me

    Fland MikhailFland Mikhail19 days ago
  • Nobody-flights tongue

    Ziv FerberZiv Ferber19 days ago
  • Man I’ve already watched all of the rebound vids😤😤

    Henry MatviasHenry Matvias19 days ago
  • The cruel night proximately mate because beet superfamily surround against a purple violet. five, screeching shoe

    Luis EnriquezLuis Enriquez19 days ago
  • 4:55 flights face 😂😂😂😂

    Slash krossSlash kross19 days ago
  • He smelled his hand after he got out the bath room😭😭😭

    Rck rexRck rex20 days ago
  • Lebron got that hairpiece 😩

    B LovB Lov20 days ago
  • 4:55 - 5:01 Me when I was in kindergarten and a girl i didnt like kissed me on the cheek

    Tyson is a botTyson is a bot21 day ago
  • WTF this nigga got turrets or something wtf

    Brown CurryBrown Curry22 days ago
  • 1:21 I like when flight does that 🤣🤣

    Jorosh Jeremiah EsparciaJorosh Jeremiah Esparcia24 days ago
  • 1:22

    Gloria CastilloGloria Castillo26 days ago
  • Tf is up with yo 15 mid roll ads?

    Deven MillerDeven Miller26 days ago
  • The tranquil tune inexplicably push because destruction anaerobically groan sans a general gentle wind. victorious, obese hood

    Noah CaillouetNoah Caillouet27 days ago
  • 1:22 no one Not a single soul That one Lil brother on 2k

    Just -RobinAnimatesYTJust -RobinAnimatesYT27 days ago
  • Paul Peirce probably washed his hands calm down

    A_big_fat_slaydeA_big_fat_slayde28 days ago
  • Mj calls himself mj a lot I think kd was just doing the same thing also I don’t think it was that big of a snake move because that organization is notoriously shitty to their players

    NoVa ZeRoNoVa ZeRo28 days ago
  • I wanna be like flight in june.

    KrazeanKrazean29 days ago
  • 1:19 Just do it

    MakrakenMakraken29 days ago
  • 1:20

    Packers goatPackers goat29 days ago
  • 14:22 lmaoo

    Romeo Anthony-TownsRomeo Anthony-Towns29 days ago
  • Flights reaction at 1:23 had me dying

    ROBLOX jacksterROBLOX jackster29 days ago
  • yo there is a video in your ads

    brianstormbrianstormMonth ago
  • *Hűähühūähähä*

    N𒀱ON𒀱OMonth ago
  • 4:49

    F B IF B IMonth ago
  • 1:22 Flight suffering a seizure 😂😂😂

    MonkeyyMonkeyyMonth ago
  • Dudes lips touched Insecure dudes: EEEEWWWWWW!!!

    SeaNellsSeaNellsMonth ago

    ethan clarkethan clarkMonth ago
  • “They won that finals” - talking ab golden state Yea no they didn’t 😂

    Kaden JacobsKaden JacobsMonth ago
  • The harden clip was sweat

    Prince GamingPrince GamingMonth ago
  • 1:25

    Bro proBro proMonth ago
  • 5:00 not in the beard

    PhantomPhantomMonth ago
  • Beasley was high but had a DARE hat on 🤔

    Drew MacDonaldDrew MacDonaldMonth ago
  • That’s sweat on James hardens shorts

  • That tweet was fake it only had 2 likes

  • Bald lebron would be scary, I know if he was confident enough to be bald he would smack people on the court

    The JimbobwayThe JimbobwayMonth ago
  • 1:21💀💀💀

    The JimbobwayThe JimbobwayMonth ago
  • =))))))))

    Nazrul Islam ShaikNazrul Islam ShaikMonth ago
  • Commentator: “Dr.Barry Mcockiner had this to say” Flight: “That can’t be a real doctor”

    Peter JohnsonPeter JohnsonMonth ago
  • 14 ads?!?

    ErikErikMonth ago
  • You can tell at 1:20 The kid smelled CAP, I mean crap.

    Jimmie RustlerJimmie RustlerMonth ago
  • Hi love ur vids keep it going.

    Danielfoxo99Danielfoxo99Month ago
  • Curry: Shits his pants. Flight: Wow man, so inspirational

    TN PranksTN PranksMonth ago
  • 600th all ya be first and I be 600th

    Landon AlbertLandon AlbertMonth ago
  • Flight : the warriors won that finals Literally maybe the most memorable finals ever and we all know won

    Aidan HerbertAidan HerbertMonth ago
  • Flight don’t even edit no more

    Chris ColeChris ColeMonth ago
  • Flight how many fucking ads do you need

    MaxMaxMonth ago
  • he smelt lies in the air 🤪😛🤪😛🤪😛🤪😛🤪😛🤪😛🤪😛🤪😛

    Matthew HannaMatthew HannaMonth ago
  • 14 ads

    SamuizSamuizMonth ago
  • Nobody: Flight:eww woah woah woah

    3.hunnakeith3.hunnakeithMonth ago
  • Rebound is the best

    Vahin NakkalaVahin NakkalaMonth ago
  • Nah this video hilarious 😂

    DBMtheOneDBMtheOneMonth ago
  • flight be acting like he 5 years old😭

    CurlyHeadZaeCurlyHeadZaeMonth ago
  • Flight drinkin that boba tea that shit hit different

    JBanDZzz38JBanDZzz38Month ago
  • Bro wtf is this guy talking about, he forgot to switch the account?? kd was being sarcastic ffs

    Nikolai BroschNikolai BroschMonth ago
  • 1:25 is his real laugh

    MalikhiplaysrobloxMalikhiplaysrobloxMonth ago
  • I didn’t even know that many ads could be placed on a 10min video 😂

    flaky fundipflaky fundipMonth ago
  • nah bro disagree with the kd one, kd was being sarcastic bruh

    Mike EhrmantrautMike EhrmantrautMonth ago
  • Who care if he have fake hair tho? He the kingg

    Alex CaurosoAlex CaurosoMonth ago
  • 8:42 LMAO?

    FrostFrostMonth ago
  • Flight's intro is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Jasper PuaJasper PuaMonth ago
  • I feel like every reactor should have their videos flagged especially if you're like this guy and scream over the entire video I can't even hear what the heck the guy is even saying.

    DFromThaWOOD ShowDFromThaWOOD ShowMonth ago
  • Smelt lies in the air

    Agent007Agent007Month ago
  • “Imagine trusting a barber” If you know you know

  • 😂

    Notfrom ThisworldNotfrom ThisworldMonth ago
  • Flight: look at curry man

    Gaming Kid YTGaming Kid YTMonth ago
  • this man thinks cleveland would get clowned but remember the warriors blowing a 3-1 lead

    PicklePickleMonth ago
  • Nobody: Flight at 14:18: "hey man kmadassurashduantforme"

    Duncan LDuncan LMonth ago
  • I’ve never watched so many ads in a 14 min video in my life 🤣🤣

    Matthew BohurjakMatthew BohurjakMonth ago
  • lADiE dA dE dA DuR dUr dUR DuR dUR dUr 💀💀

    SammySammyMonth ago
  • Flight hears “two dudes kissed each other” and gets invested in the video

    Eric LoftusEric LoftusMonth ago
  • James harden is nasty has f**k for that

    Ayden WilliamsAyden WilliamsMonth ago
  • 8:41 thank me later lol

    StormFuture 52StormFuture 52Month ago

    Milorad PetkovicMilorad PetkovicMonth ago
  • "yall coulda done this in private😂😂😂

    Michael SmithMichael SmithMonth ago
  • Been waiting on Flight to watch this one! 👀🙏

    • @Epic Fox thx

      LickleLickle11 days ago
    • @Sharpshooter stfu

      Praise GetachewPraise Getachew12 days ago
    • @Lickle He said Lmao this guys Clickbates so much for views

      Epic FoxEpic Fox14 days ago
    • @Epic Fox what did he say

      LickleLickle14 days ago
    • What's wrong with wearing dresses my nigga?

      Knife_BinKnife_Bin16 days ago
  • 4:56 when you walk in your step sister changing and you pretend to look away but your trying to look lmfaoo🤣

    Larry YoungLarry YoungMonth ago
  • Flight ain't trusting a barber no more, cause the last time he did he lost 10k

    The Abhinav 25The Abhinav 25Month ago