First Take | Stephen A. backlash Cam Newton rips teenage trash-talker at his camp: 'I'm Rich'

Feb 22, 2021
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First Take | Stephen A. backlash Cam Newton rips teenage trash-talker at his camp: 'I'm Rich'

  • A swift kick in the ..... would stop all of the clout chasing😑

    MosesMosesHour ago
  • Stephen shut the hell up

    Arrius WrightArrius Wright3 hours ago
  • This kid was wrong

    Vincent WilliamsVincent Williams5 hours ago
  • First of all, the comment “I’m rich” from Cam wasn’t an arrogant, blanket statement. He was responding to the boy saying “you’re going to be poor”. And this had nothing to do with “brain development” of teens. No one’s perfect but he knew better (like he said himself). You respect your elders and especially show gratitude to those who deposit into your life when they really don’t have to. No excuses...he was wrong.

    Tiara CloudTiara Cloud5 hours ago
  • Kid was mad disrespectful!!! He ain’t even made it to high school level, or college & damn sure nfl level & poppin off at the mouth ..horrible parenting

    Damu RyderDamu Ryder6 hours ago
  • i think it's funny asf that kid heckled Cam for playing like a scrub is that kind of fitting considering how much money pro athletes get paid,SMFH, honestly idc if it was a kid, i'm glad someone finally blasted these superstar athletes that your never allowed to have a opinion about. BIG UPS to the kid, fuck Cam welcome to the real world.

    Frank BlackFrank Black7 hours ago
  • I bet his father not in his life straight be ba kid

    Ronald BrockettRonald Brockett23 hours ago
  • Reality is, 99.9 if not 100% of those kids at that camp will never get anywhere near the NFL. Newton's a Heisman winner and NFL MVP. Kid really blew it trash-talkin him. Oh well, another Social Media casualty. 😞

    timothy packertimothy packerDay ago
  • Cam’s reaction, showed his level of Maturity. He showed so much class. Better yet, he showed HE KNOWS WHO HE IS!

    Ronnie WilliamsRonnie WilliamsDay ago
  • I would've walked him out.

    11oakclifftx11oakclifftxDay ago
  • Cam should have been an adult here. I know the kid is out of his place. I would never argue with a kid. The only thing he should have asked is where are your parents and that's it... A grown man doesn't do that.

    Chief 90Chief 90Day ago
  • Cam has done what the child wishes he can do. Now he has to grow up a lot faster in order to erase or somehow make up for this moment

    nathaniel emmonsnathaniel emmonsDay ago
  • So what! He's a Kid, Cam Newton let a kid bring him down to his level, he allowed a kid to evoke a reaction from him (THAT IS ON CAM) ...a kids mind is still developing at 15, Cam is 31...he has No Excuse..."What does telling a kid "IM RICH, IM RICH" has to do with it?? That kid is no different than a fan...they heckle professional sports players and celebrities..."The Professional response is "IGNORE" it..!!!! Cam's professional response should have been....request for the kids parents from those officially associated with the event, attempt to have a discussion with his parents, and following that, consider what actions should be taken, should he just apologize and or be denied further participation in the event permanently or a reasonable time, as an example..."Period!" When you're a Professional or a Celebrity you just can't blame persons or react for the things they'll have to respond professionally

    Robert HawesRobert HawesDay ago
  • We need to stop rewarding disrespect and treating people bad. We have people trying to get famous off of disrespecting famous people who worked hard to be where thereat. If that was my son.........

    Isaiah James CarterIsaiah James Carter2 days ago
  • I agree with this one for sure. 💯

    Samuel DumasSamuel Dumas2 days ago
  • His parents should've kicked his ass , kid was showing off , he knew better.

    Derrick luvDerrick luv2 days ago
  • He don’t feel no shame he got his clout. Kids these days will be kids 1/2 their damn life

    brandon mcbroombrandon mcbroom2 days ago
  • A bastard son of a single mother! Typical!

    hitek 9Toohitek 9Too2 days ago
  • A LITTLE K8D got SCAM NEWTON OUT of POCKET what do U think NFL DEFENSES are gonna do to him he ia DONE pout a FORK in him YOUNGBUCK CARVED him UP!!!

    Greekwarrior5373Greekwarrior53732 days ago
  • Don’t disrespect Cam! He’s. 1% winner trying to teach a kid. Cam is the man.

    Ruben CasanovaRuben Casanova2 days ago
  • Go to Dallas Cam. With that supporting cast, you will get back to the superbowl

  • Kids are a reflection of their parents.

    Z LZ L2 days ago
  • Travesty

    Ken FoxKen Fox2 days ago
  • He will be labeled because of clout chasing

    Rodericka HairstonRodericka Hairston3 days ago
  • The level of disrespect comes from people like you and the liberal media you people don’t even realize how much affect you have on human life which translates into dogs cats cows horses goats chickens they all suffer by your words. Honestly people you need to understand this will never change that man in front of you could care less about you or your animals this is what happens when you deceive the people for your wage you kill millions of animals and people go home tonight with your security and all your devices but no it did come at the cost of something you probably really don’t understand good job Steve and whoever Max wow you people are very disgusting for a dollar Hope your household is full of love and happiness. But no it came at the cost of probably upwards of 1 million animals and human lives failures Stephen max you guys are awesome I’m a real big fan LOL

    Chris EvyChris Evy3 days ago
  • Can anybody and seriously imagine Tom Brady acting like that. That’s why you are nothing but haters wow wow amazing liberal destroy everything people

    Chris EvyChris Evy3 days ago
  • The kid was BLACK if anyone wondering. Bless up🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🖕🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

    Master PooshiMaster Pooshi3 days ago
  • I think going viral/clout/famous is the most important thing to most kids now-a-days.

    Eric TaggEric Tagg3 days ago
  • S.A.S. right again... been sayin dat for a while now

    Sam HaineSam Haine3 days ago
  • I have always liked Cam! I hope he gets his career back on track.

    Jack GJack G3 days ago
  • Tired of all these non skilled kids getting slack they never earned. He’s a fucking twerp for saying it and shouldn’t get anything less than what he’s already got. These entitled little halfwits need to put in their place.

    rick cloustonrick clouston3 days ago
  • Failed parenting.

    NyCJT62NyCJT623 days ago
  • What you have to understand is these same kids are dying by the hands of police behind these similar type of reactions to elders or someone in a position of authority.

    FAR GroupFAR Group3 days ago
    • Bless up🙏🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

      Master PooshiMaster Pooshi3 days ago
  • I made this same comment about the guy who gorilla glued a cup to his lip. "Attention seeking behavior is at a point in society today where it's making people dumb asses."

    M BoydM Boyd3 days ago
  • Mannnn. What if that was a WHITE kid.... omg. What city would burn for that????? Fucking joke.

    michael diehlmichael diehl3 days ago
  • Maybe he got 🤔 his attitude from the parents. You are taught respect in the home. Stay Safe and Vigilant!

    Marilyn MillerMarilyn Miller3 days ago
  • Never argue with children....

    Jay MacJay Mac3 days ago
  • Who Cares !!!

    Ricardo CarreraRicardo Carrera3 days ago
  • Disrespectful children. Cam accomplished on and off the field. I would've dismissed the kid don't come back period.

    Bruce TerrellBruce Terrell3 days ago
  • Why are so many Wide-Receivers so self-glorifying? I've always had this question. Looks like it starts young. I never played, no disrespect to anyone, just observation I genuinely want to know why this "I'm above everyone" arrogance tends come from WRs.

    Joshua AjayiJoshua Ajayi3 days ago
  • League MVP, Heisman Trophy Winner, #1 overall pick, and has been to a Super Bowl but yet he wanna be disrespectful? 🤔 nobody even knew who tf that kid was until this video he shoulda been taking notes instead of talking shit 🤷🏾‍♂️ Cam handled it well tho salute to em for that ✊🏾

    Negro SuaveNegro Suave3 days ago
  • Sounds more like Dee just saying

    Childish KiddyChildish Kiddy3 days ago
  • Damn that 6 missed games turned into 20 in the same sentence. Super Cam

    Nicholas SantiagoNicholas Santiago3 days ago
  • Cam was right the kid haven’t did shit

    Michael SextonMichael Sexton3 days ago
  • LT would've slapped him out cold and sniffed a line off the back of his head...

    Sean BurrowesSean Burrowes3 days ago
  • Most of yall in the comment section are kids

    KenSo FuegoKenSo Fuego3 days ago
  • Molly adds nothing to these takes other than her looks. Still fine though. Happy Steven A didn't bring up race card and just called out the kid for being disrespectful

    cyinena dadcyinena dad3 days ago
  • White parents: If that was my son, he would have been grounded. Black parents: I would have slapped the sh*t out of my son. Hispanic parents: Praying to the Virgin Mary before the a$$ whopping commences!

    CJ HerreraCJ Herrera3 days ago
  • I’ve always liked Cam. Recently his style choices drive me nuts but he ain’t asking me. 😂 He is resilient. As proven with his downfall at Florida, and reinvention at a small Texas juco, and then taking himself and Auburn to the height of heights. After Florida, he could’ve given up, blamed others for his own mistakes, but he didn’t. I still think he’s got some good ball left in him, and I think he’s still a good dude.

    RedandBlue BulldogRedandBlue Bulldog3 days ago
  • Kid basically ruined any chances of getting recruited to play football with this unless he's a complete baller (unlikely). Hope it was worth your five minutes of fame punk, better work on your grades now! LOL

    KevinKevin3 days ago
  • At 16 you are accountable for your behavior. No more, "he's just a kid" excuses.

    jessejesse3 days ago
  • The kid simply lacks respect.

    jessejesse3 days ago
    • Guaranteed with a disrespectful attitude like that , he will find himself in someone's penitentiary where he will get a real rude awakening , he is going wish he would've listened to Cam but it will be way too late then.

      Derrick luvDerrick luv2 days ago
  • those kids just want clout

    Arturo AguirreArturo Aguirre3 days ago
  • I wish Cam would do that with the media.

    Jon CJon C4 days ago
  • I’m not a parent but if that was my kid, I would of grounded him, destroyed his phone, and slapped him upside the head. These kids now a days have all this ego but no work ethic. And they are soft af.

    Tom MTom M4 days ago
    • “All this ego but no work ethic”🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯

      Billionaire The DonBillionaire The Don4 days ago
  • This youth just wants attention they parents wont give him! But on a serious note they are disrespectful as hell

    Smoke 1 With meSmoke 1 With me4 days ago
  • The problem in todays world are the irresponsible parents that dont educate their kids and expect the school system to educate them!!!

    Ivan RuizIvan Ruiz4 days ago
  • If he’s short of a 5 star recruit, that kid’s life will be difficult!!

    Todd BeasleyTodd Beasley4 days ago
    • Even if he were a 5 star recruit, even they have their limits of what they can get away with

      graythaprincegraythaprince3 days ago
  • The coach of that school should set him out for three games to four

    little jameslittle james4 days ago
  • This hurt this kids parents more then he will ever know. Football is a respect game because it so violent.

    Michael HarrisMichael Harris4 days ago
  • Kids today have no respect for themselves nor anyone else. The future is bleak indeed

    Derick LewisDerick Lewis4 days ago
  • Man with what that guy Meek Mill said and this iam sure glad my dad gave me the Bizzness when I was a Kid .Bless his heart for doing so he taught me a valuable lesson Respect Folks and that I was going to Mind Somebody Pray for the next generation

    nick villanuevanick villanueva4 days ago
  • “I’m rich” 😂😂 I loved his response.

    muscleheadistmuscleheadist4 days ago
  • Nah rugby is more violent

    Israel MaciasIsrael Macias4 days ago
  • soon as Max started reading the apologise I stopped the video, cause that begining is the most generic start to most athletes in major sports they have gotten into trouble. Let me think about it when you get in trouble you start off apologizing the same way same how it's b*******.

    Oz loves coffeeOz loves coffee4 days ago
  • That kid didn't give AF!, he ass probably didn't have to pay nothing to go there... if they'd let the parents start beating these kids ass, things would change...

    Billy LambertBilly Lambert4 days ago
  • Look at Molly tho 🔥🔥🔥 fine as hell

    Billz DaBanditBillz DaBandit4 days ago
  • Talk Too this young man #SAS

    Kendrick EllisKendrick Ellis4 days ago
  • Steven a said even in his own home I swear this man be cringy😭😭🤣🤣

    Jeffrey JordanJeffrey Jordan4 days ago
  • Most violent sport? Clearly Stephen doesn't watch Rugby, or Aussie Rules Football - especially knowing how protected QBs are nowadays.

    Mark SarookanianMark Sarookanian4 days ago
  • If this was a white QB, Stephen A's take would have been way different- leave the poor kid alone.

    Juan BananaJuan Banana4 days ago
  • Always a victim around here

    Josh BJosh B4 days ago
  • Apples don't fall far from the trees uh

    Josh BJosh B4 days ago
  • Hahah was the kid lyin??

    Josh BJosh B4 days ago
  • This is what happens when you don't come up getting your ass whipped!!! I got belts, switches, an I ain't dead it made me a real damn man an a responsible man!!!! That's what is wrong with these kids now!!! My dad an my mom would have f"kd me up for acting like that!!! Put a belt to your kids ass so they want grow up being a disrespectful person!! Trust me there are people in this world waiting to hurt people who act like that!!!

    Jonathan MungoJonathan Mungo4 days ago
  • That’s not cool. He has no respect. Speaks volumes of his parents as well. Watch your mouth young sir.

    Antrell JonesAntrell Jones4 days ago
  • No respect back in the day parent were allowed to say something to someone kid and not get backlash hell the fact an adult had to say something to you meant mom/dad was going to hear about it and you about to get you @$$ whooped when you got home... I blame the parenting.

    Antone McarthurAntone Mcarthur4 days ago
  • If this was a white boy.....

    DADODADO4 days ago
  • Carolina needs to give him another try he deserves a comeback season

    ceejay the goatceejay the goat4 days ago
  • I bet that same youngster didn't wanna use know other quarterback but Cam Newton on Madden before Lamar. Jackson hit the scene...

    Buli ChewBuli Chew4 days ago
  • Nah as a millenial I would've gotten my *** paddled until it was black and blue bleeding. Talking doesn't do shit when they already know better. Kids today take kindness as weakness

    Cody KaysCody Kays4 days ago
  • A little shame is necessary sometimes.

    Darrick SmithDarrick Smith4 days ago
  • That kid called him ass . When cam got serious

    Jago Oman RaJago Oman Ra4 days ago
  • Many negative comments about the kid do we forget we we're all disrespectful as kids some more than most. Asking 13 to 17 to make good decisions or think out life in a hindsight kind of way is hilarious. Young men make your mistakes now it's okay to be young and dumb

    EaglesBleedGreen Super Bowl52EaglesBleedGreen Super Bowl524 days ago
  • Ppl have to reroute the youths mindset and mental culture their creating and living...

    Preston garyPreston gary4 days ago
  • SAS Tony Romo has made a generous amount of money in a Microwave society he played football parlayed tht into 19mil to talk football he never did commentary before success is wht u make it no matter the age

    EaglesBleedGreen Super Bowl52EaglesBleedGreen Super Bowl524 days ago
  • Steven A has no kids he has no idea how thz kids act or think or the pressure they are under

    EaglesBleedGreen Super Bowl52EaglesBleedGreen Super Bowl524 days ago
  • This is so overblown

    EaglesBleedGreen Super Bowl52EaglesBleedGreen Super Bowl524 days ago
  • I would have asked him to leave for the day. And tell him to come back the next day. Let him think about that shit he said. You don't always have to give a kid a pass he wanted to be funny. He plays football he ought to be tough to handle that.

    Bobby KeseeBobby Kesee4 days ago
  • I was taught, when u walk out the door u represent ur parents every day. If that was me doing this, my father would have crushed me right there while everyone was looking and recording the event. I hope he turns this into a positive later in life.

    Ur Expressions PhotographyUr Expressions Photography4 days ago
  • This is a teachable moment for all

    Kevin TownsKevin Towns4 days ago
  • Cam is an MVP player that made it to superbowl. That kid will be lucky to even make it to college. SMFH

    jay blazejay blaze4 days ago
  • I think this goes deeper. This is very common amongst many internet trolls, they talk trash about a star and then the second they meet them they grovel at their feet. A player of the sport is also a fan of the sport. Kids today have their favorite players and Cam might not have been his favorite, but who would miss a chance to play in Cam’s camp. Something set him off and I think he remembered that he wasn’t of fan of Cam anyways and had an toxic outburst. You’ll be surprised how many kids today who play sports and games are toxic.

    It Ain’t EasyIt Ain’t Easy4 days ago
  • Information Break-“I am up to here with the word KID”! Why? A KID is a baby goat 🐐! P In the future, especially professional journalists, please refer to anyone less than an adult as child, teenager, or young adult! Thanks 🙏🏿 🔥

    Brandon RushBrandon Rush4 days ago
  • D wade believes kids make great decisions. He’s letting his 12 year old boy become a girl. 🤢

    Tony MontanaTony Montana4 days ago
    • @sharif s true 💯

      Tony MontanaTony Montana3 days ago
    • Ya he a whole clown but we all now Gabrielle leading that dude😔

      sharif ssharif s4 days ago
  • Kids just need there ass whoop in this generation. And take that back because 16 year olds aren’t kids these days they are young adults and we need to start treating them like that.

    education654321education6543214 days ago
  • Cam just doesn't come across as a respectful individual.

    Rodino WrightRodino Wright4 days ago

    Mark FoxxMark Foxx4 days ago
  • What a lil punk do you know what it takes to be at the pro level you little scrub cam is a legend regardless of where hes at now hes part of the 1percent of athletes that made it to that level dont give this punk no space cam shoulda had him run out for a pass and hit him in the chest with a lazer see how tough he is then

    Ryan ClarkRyan Clark4 days ago
  • This is why people don't want to come back and help smh

    Travon BurkeTravon Burke4 days ago