First Look at the PlayStation 5 User Experience

Oct 15, 2020
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Finally - here’s a sneak peek at the PlayStation 5’s user experience! Watch our new video walkthrough to see new features designed to make your gaming experiences more fun, engaging, personalized and social on the PS5 console.

Note: This walkthrough is set in a pre-production environment, so there may be some minor changes once the PS5 console launches in November.

  • hi world

    Tamás SchmidtTamás Schmidt2 minutes ago
  • Free Palestine

    KanakBrosKanakBros2 minutes ago
  • We need ps plus again 😭😭

    Francisco LopezFrancisco Lopez3 minutes ago
  • Rip PlayStation

    RobinRobin9 minutes ago
  • I hope ps5 comes fast because i will buy a ps3

    Roblox_3Roblox_314 minutes ago
  • All amazing, but I wish they reverted how Parties and Communities worked.

    The Lord And Savior, DORIMEThe Lord And Savior, DORIME22 minutes ago
  • Lemme leave my comment here for when this gets recommended to everyone 9 years later.

    Seyi AdenijiSeyi Adeniji32 minutes ago
  • This home screen is nice and all but it feels more like the Xbox. If only they wouldve made this more sony it wouldve been a 10

    Brazy FilmoBrazy Filmo33 minutes ago
  • There are many more feature but you cant show it? :D :D

    arthousearthouse33 minutes ago
  • Watch in 2-3 years everyone will be back sayin whos still here

    Brazy FilmoBrazy Filmo34 minutes ago
  • Только я вспомнил assasins creed black flag?

    УмидУмид35 minutes ago

    Hoj !!Hoj !!36 minutes ago
  • I wish i could get it

    XM cattax sXM cattax s41 minute ago
  • :D 2020 mark

    Agent_PlugAgent_Plug41 minute ago
  • If you already got account from ps4 can you put it on ps5

    TopwrldfxTopwrldfx47 minutes ago
  • Hope im healthy and wealthy when i next watch this is 6 years🤞🏻💎

    Charliej1 _Charliej1 _48 minutes ago
  • this is inspirational

    wario 6279wario 627950 minutes ago
  • Yes sir

    RubiksRubiks57 minutes ago
  • Thanks to speed of PS5 🙏

    PrimotrezPrimotrezHour ago
  • Expensive asf ps4.5

    J NJ NHour ago
  • JAJAJA more funtions

    Shinobi GhostShinobi GhostHour ago
  • I hope there enough on launch I have the money but couldn’t pre order

    DeshawnDeshawnHour ago
  • Who’s watching this in 2026

    Crock Bo1Crock Bo1Hour ago
  • Very very nice!

    Curly DashCurly DashHour ago
  • I wonder if you are going to keep all of your things that you have on the ps4

    Massimo McGuinness MorelliMassimo McGuinness MorelliHour ago
  • 2020

    ibarackedyomamaibarackedyomamaHour ago
  • La interfaz es muy incomodo

    dou natelodou nateloHour ago
  • Hey me in 2027! You were here in 2020!

    StickyManStickyManHour ago
  • *insert legendary comment here*

  • Really loved this walkthrough of Sackboy: A Big Adventure

    Luke BannonLuke BannonHour ago
  • I’m 15 now. I’ll watch this again when I have kids.

    SSHour ago
  • They made it to extract money easier for the user, while telling us users that it’s better for us. It’s worse for users, better for manufacturers.

    Ask QuestionsAsk Questions2 hours ago
  • whos here after the ps69420????

    Alfredo n00dlezAlfredo n00dlez2 hours ago
  • You know honestly i'm very dissapointed playstation i know you guys did the best you could for the pre orders but now so manny people are just waiting(including me) and just wanted to say that literally every single person want's a ps5 after we saw the xbox event and saw hallo infinite i immediately knew that i wanted the ps5

    good guysgood guys2 hours ago
  • Microsoft gonna beat you

    mazen elmagicmazen elmagic2 hours ago
  • I'm excited about this, but I'm waiting until next year when they have more of the bugs knocked out and more variety of color.

    CrimsonSkorpioCrimsonSkorpio2 hours ago
  • Can we not have out own backgrounds?

    Griffin G4m3rGriffin G4m3r2 hours ago
  • Is it just e or does this new interface look like an Xbox One's interface a bit?

    Cameran RithCameran Rith2 hours ago
  • Is there going to be a way to transfer digital games bought on ps4 to ps5 or do i have to buy them all over again?

    Home Slice GlassesHome Slice Glasses2 hours ago
  • I really want one I think this is dope

    Unexplainable ninjaUnexplainable ninja2 hours ago
  • PS 4 Slim v/s PS 5 Digital? Which one to buy?

    Hipster DattaHipster Datta2 hours ago
  • it looks so tetric

    xabiwekxabiwek2 hours ago
  • When the Ps6 comes out remember me

    PletadoxPletadox2 hours ago
  • Hi future

    YummyTeaYummyTea2 hours ago
  • Isnt she a beauty

    ADYEL fortuneADYEL fortune2 hours ago
  • What about gta loading🤔

    MrTacoMrTaco2 hours ago
  • the time is drawing closer

    hamzahamza2 hours ago
  • Me starts any level on COD Campaign PS5: about 20 hours left. Me: thanks for believing in me PlayStation :(

    SonnyMationSonnyMation2 hours ago
  • Who is hyped?

    fezi -_- gamingfezi -_- gaming2 hours ago
  • revert the update. 😐

    Rÿdęr RøbłęśRÿdęr Røbłęś2 hours ago
  • Nice

    Jadon S. Windows Sonic 2007- A REAL Windows Expert.Jadon S. Windows Sonic 2007- A REAL Windows Expert.2 hours ago
  • i wonder will every UI video be released on Thursday until launch day ?

    Green NinjaGreen Ninja2 hours ago
  • idc what yall say PS5 IS WAY BETTER THAN XBOX SERIES X

    Jad SalamehJad Salameh2 hours ago
  • This gives me chills

    1,000 Abonnes Sans Videos1,000 Abonnes Sans Videos2 hours ago
  • Will we be able too play with PS4 players

    S A D_SFXS A D_SFX2 hours ago
  • Hello

    Optic AmoOptic Amo2 hours ago
  • Im not impressed sorry especially with this teletabis game play. Ps5 should be more serious about gaming, i will stay with my ps4 pro thats for sure.

    Senad SelimovicSenad Selimovic2 hours ago
  • PC

    BAR 23 NIGHTSBAR 23 NIGHTS2 hours ago
  • I like it Simple, exactly how it needs to be [WhO'S wAtChInG tHiS iN 2030???]

    KayoticCarnigeKayoticCarnige2 hours ago
  • The team at PlayStation wanted to make it really easy to chat with your friends. They also wanted to make it even easier to record your conversations. ^_^

    TheDaysEndTheDaysEnd2 hours ago
    • they also want to give the easiest way to remove toxicity and harassment

      polid ramaspolid ramas2 hours ago
  • I wish roblox will be on ps5 😔

  • I'm so happy it's similar to the ps4. 😄 Loving ittt 💕

    VittoriaVittoria3 hours ago
  • Yes

    _ Slyer_ Slyer3 hours ago
  • Me in 7 years?

    Moriyama MiyakoMoriyama Miyako3 hours ago
  • Oh man I’m boutta break the bank for this one

    Buhlakeh _Buhlakeh _3 hours ago
  • Yooo the ps7 looking kinda nice tho too bad y'all need to wait a few years

    ZDragonLordZZDragonLordZ3 hours ago
  • In 5 years will get this recommended and see comments like " WhO's HeRe In 2025?"

    Ty NBATy NBA3 hours ago
  • Who is here after ps7 launch? . . . . . . . Hello future

    Rap slayerRap slayer3 hours ago
  • nefasto

    Baltazar KurigerBaltazar Kuriger3 hours ago
  • How will ps40 be

    Flavia NamuliFlavia Namuli3 hours ago
  • Hello me from future! I am writing this comment for all those who came here after seven years as the comment was published - yes, seven years, you heard right. I set myself this challenge - to see this comment after seven years, and to see it all and wonder together how much time has passed. I hope we will all be alive and healthy then. And yes, I chose seven years because a lot of people will probably get this recommended in seven years.

    ACROX ACROX X989ACROX ACROX X9893 hours ago
  • Play station should do a promotion or something where winner gets it for free

    Flavia NamuliFlavia Namuli3 hours ago
  • Its gonna be 3 million in my country

    Flavia NamuliFlavia Namuli3 hours ago
  • Cmon man I can’t wait very long for a ps5

    LagodLagod3 hours ago
  • Please instead of a ps5 vid and fix your broken ps4 party update because is horrible starting to consider Xbox instead

    FmhFmh3 hours ago
  • we've come a long way since playstation 2

    The ScarecrowThe Scarecrow3 hours ago
  • عطني واحد

    سامي ال شهابسامي ال شهاب3 hours ago
  • i dont get it

    Meat PopMeat Pop3 hours ago
  • Wish it could be all the way backwards compatible like Xbox

    XpXp3 hours ago
  • I think the want you to play on 4k, not sure...

    Henri PihetHenri Pihet3 hours ago
  • اول عربي يكتب ب التعليقات✊💪

    محمد الــ شيخمحمد الــ شيخ3 hours ago
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    Mehmet_Ltrk -Mehmet_Ltrk -3 hours ago
  • Con q pongan los grupos viejos yo estare feliz xd

    Mateo yatusabeMateo yatusabe3 hours ago
  • I'm just glad it isn't going to take half an hour to join a party or take a screenshot anymore.

    vOREOSvOREOS3 hours ago
  • PS4 is better than PS5 goodnight everyone you know it's true

    Luke SchreiterLuke Schreiter3 hours ago
  • But most important, does it sounds like an attack fighter reactor or not?

    ArielhubArielhub3 hours ago
  • i am getting it so amazing

    Hamza MowafyHamza Mowafy3 hours ago
  • Yooo that Destruction All-Stars looks sick!

    -ZA WARUDO--ZA WARUDO-3 hours ago
  • He sounds Irish.

    Aobakwe MheleAobakwe Mhele3 hours ago
  • Cool🔥

    DIVERS CrackDIVERS Crack3 hours ago
  • Who's here from 2052 when the ps10 comes out?

    Brown DwarfBrown Dwarf4 hours ago
  • Imo looks like it has some inspiration from the switch ui

    TheRedNinjaTheRedNinja4 hours ago

    ourfingerourfinger4 hours ago
  • Man gaming came a long way I remember how parents use to tell their kids that gaming won’t get you anywhere and it’s a waste of time its not a real job now today it’s us gamers dream come true

    AndroidsRockdudeAndroidsRockdude4 hours ago
  • Who watching in 2027?

    CevericeCeverice4 hours ago
  • If voice recording is going to be a feature I will not be buying.

    RobGamer001RobGamer0014 hours ago
  • Why everybody saying they'll come back here in 2027 if the world will end way before that?

    José CarvalhoJosé Carvalho4 hours ago
  • why i watch it, i still have ps3

    Андрей КраевАндрей Краев4 hours ago
  • Fix Your Update

    Jadeng007Jadeng0074 hours ago
  • Ps5 here I come😂