Oct 21, 2020
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🌞 MORNINGS LALATE 🌞 GREAT NEWS - October 21, 2020: Second Stimulus Check Update News Today along with your National and Sports News.

This is a Second Stimulus Check, Second Stimulus Package & Next Stimulus Payment Update today with great news about when and how the Stimulus Check with get passed, the last second stimulus check news, and the latest from LALATE about PUA, FPUC, LWA, EIDL, UI, Hazard Pay, and more.
This is a Stimulus Check and Stimulus Package Update. LALATE covers the PPP Loan, EIDL, PUA, Unemployment Benefits, Stimulus Check under the stimulus bill under the CARES Act, and more. Please check out videos and for exclusives that no one else is reporting. We are here to give you information that no other news site is providing you.
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0:00 Intro: Second Stimulus Check

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1) #SecondStimulus Check, #CaresAct 2 Heats Up as #Uber Under Fire
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2) Will There Be a #Second #StimulusCheck, Round 2 Second Wave?

3) #Second #StimulusCheck Coming? Tracking Tool Helps Check Watchers
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    • At least Nancy REALIZES someone is going hungry!

      Jodi BrandlJodi BrandlMonth ago
    • Yes holly true. But right now we’re not talking about that the protection is for ppl facing it thru no fault of theirs in this situation !!! Unfortunately ppl whom do that r included in the protection !! But I do agree a landlord should for trashing uncleanliness n non pay should be able to remove quicker ! But not those bc of the pandemic ! How do you separate this ?!

      Kathy HarrisKathy HarrisMonth ago
    • thanks for the thumbs up 👍 and like

      Ryian MylesRyian MylesMonth ago
    • @LALATE is there a way for us to get the list of all the republicans who does NOT want to give us any stimulus checks so that we can ALL VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE ASAP? these politicians are just looking out for themselves alone. they all need to be voted OUT of office asap. we need politicians who really gonna look out for the regular American citizens first and foremost. Not the big corporations and companies.

      Ryian MylesRyian MylesMonth ago
    • Why us American have to wait to be bail out by the Government when we have many wealth people in America that can bail us poor people out of this mess we are in and get nice big tax break in doing so

      Shirley JahodaShirley JahodaMonth ago
  • Thank You for all how hard an LALate getting what you advided Thank You

    Mar BrockMar BrockMonth ago
  • We shouldn't vote if they can't send us the money.

    Megan SpencerMegan SpencerMonth ago
  • Nobody is a later we're on our own

    Robert RobinsonRobert RobinsonMonth ago
  • Good day brother all you teach is true they forgot thee creator knows what they have done to thee american people poloski and her crew dont care President Trump please after thee second stimulus do 2000.00 for people to catch up put that in place

    Elaine OsbyElaine OsbyMonth ago
  • Good Morning iLalate, I Think I Should Send President Trump a Direct Personal Message Today Before He Leaves The Whitehouse for the Debate and Tell Him To Send Out The $2000 Dollar Stimulus Checks By Executive Order ASAP GO WITH THE PURPLE POWER💗💗💗

    Roberto HellmanRoberto HellmanMonth ago
  • Trump will win!!!!

    Judi ChristophersenJudi ChristophersenMonth ago
  • Yep Mitch and Nancy will be going to jail!

    Judi ChristophersenJudi ChristophersenMonth ago
  • What would happen if we didn’t vote for either one of them, we voted them both out !!

    Melvin JohnsonMelvin JohnsonMonth ago
  • Why are they pussyfooting around, if you want to get the economy back. Executive order will help, did the president bump his head..It doesn’t understand what the country needs!

    Melvin JohnsonMelvin JohnsonMonth ago
  • What. Save. Yor. Job. Do. Executive. Oder. Please save. Us. N. Uou

    Roger MoonRoger MoonMonth ago
  • Yay

    Janice MarpleJanice MarpleMonth ago
  • He won't do it

    Mateo GonzalezMateo GonzalezMonth ago
  • It doesn't matter how bad they say we need it or not just go out and vote their asses out

    Janet CrawfordJanet CrawfordMonth ago
  • Way to go Lalate!! Headed for half a million subscribers- let's get it done everyone tell their friends about Lalate!!

    Laurie GoodsonLaurie GoodsonMonth ago
  • What part of SCAM SCAM don't you understand

    esther Quirogaesther QuirogaMonth ago
  • Im sorry but this is just a blah blah blah 😑 just come back when they have a date to send the stimulus check

    Mariposa LibreMariposa LibreMonth ago
  • O*my lamce

    Stacey HarrisStacey HarrisMonth ago
  • Come on mr president do the right thing if you don’t get re-elected it will be your fault

    Rosamaria EsquivelRosamaria EsquivelMonth ago
  • Of course they will PPP IS FOR THEM!

    Lashay CahoonLashay CahoonMonth ago
  • They have proved to us ,every single day,that they have no concerns about the American people. Their only concern is themselves. All they do is pretend they are doing something to keep us in line. It's time the American people take their country back. Vote them all out if they get through, impeachment for them all. We the people need to take our power back ,unite,stop letting them feed us hate. They are keeping us devided on purpose with racial things, everything they can.

    Lashay CahoonLashay CahoonMonth ago
  • He's losing so many votes for not sending stimulas.... could cost him the election

    Aaron JohnsonAaron JohnsonMonth ago
  • Push your frustrations America and tell those official people we're not gonna wait or take any more of their abuse, disrespect and disconcern. 💜💜💜💜💜😈

    Stephanie BrownStephanie BrownMonth ago
  • If everyone else in the government are clamoring for a stimulus package why doesn't Congress and the president get off the dime?

    Richard CarnsRichard CarnsMonth ago
  • Well if they would worry about a stimulus check as much as they worried about filling the seat in the Supreme Court we would have had a check by now

    Donald MichoffDonald MichoffMonth ago
  • Earlier. They show Nancy was visibly drunk.

    Heather KrienHeather KrienMonth ago
  • Go Lalate, more purple power! Mr. President sir, please sign Executive Order for BIG STIMULUS for us Americans to help us during this time. I heard a young girl say she hoped we got stimulus so she could buy her some extra powerful orgel for her ulcer. Please help us poor people out! B Rice.

    Arkansan Interested in outcomesArkansan Interested in outcomesMonth ago
  • Does that mean he’s bipolar

    Teri GilmoreTeri GilmoreMonth ago
  • I personally don’t believe these people

    Teri GilmoreTeri GilmoreMonth ago
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    Claudia JordanClaudia JordanMonth ago
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      Claudia JordanClaudia JordanMonth ago
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      R OnealR OnealMonth ago
    • Nice one congratulations, it has always been my goal to retire early, please can you hook me up with the professional you work with?

      Ella MontanaElla MontanaMonth ago
    • As a newbie I was lucky to invest with thorough guidance from a professional which is how I was able to make $480,000 my first year, pay off my debts and retire at 40.

      R OnealR OnealMonth ago
    • You basically just have to read books and learn, the journey is the destination.

      Natasha 1Natasha 1Month ago
  • Trumps all reddy said bring the stimulus he will ok all the stupid th a m out....

    Martenson LeeMartenson LeeMonth ago
  • Don't vote for ether one of them and then what would they do????

    Pamela SchroederPamela SchroederMonth ago
  • Vote the do nothing Dems out....

    Martenson LeeMartenson LeeMonth ago
  • That president doesn't care about no one, but the rich people. Paying $750.00 while poor people like myself is paying Thousands of dollars! What a true Joker! All of them are full of poop 💩...

    Karyn ThomasKaryn ThomasMonth ago
  • It’s disappointing to see the president of the United States bow down to a speaker. She may think that her horse is higher than it really is but he’s allowing her to think that. It’s devastating for the Americans who are losing everything some of us make minimum wage and now that is really nothing because we lost our jobs. Donald you need to buckle up and really do the job we elected you to do. Forget about what the wicked witch wants and the Democrats want you are the president you and only you!

    enitza pojarenitza pojarMonth ago
  • To GOD Be The GLORY! 🙌🏽

    Pat McnicholsPat McnicholsMonth ago
  • Nancy is working for China 🇨🇳 not. The U S A ✅🇺🇸✅

    Alfred ToddAlfred ToddMonth ago
  • Your reporting is a tad too early when they hadnt voted yet with knowledge of them voting. Can not believe they tried to vote on the $500Billion ticket thought they scraped that. With Trump saying he wanted to go higher than the original $2.2 TRL: looks like he can not get the (R) seats to follow him as of course the $500Billion does not even match the extra $800 Billlion! bTW does trumps make up artist work with you? Kinda Cheeto lookin and maybe u couldnt tell just constructive critism with cinematography based on the contrast and the saturation settings being so high you look like a nacho dorrito lol sorry Queen!!

    Gerald NewmanGerald NewmanMonth ago
  • It's not happening, we have to get a new government, the only people who are not worried about if they have food on the table, rent or mortgage payed, or a job to make all of this to happen 🤔 THE GOVERNMENT, they don't care about the American people Let's push for executive order Let's do this Purple Power

    Daniel TamblynDaniel TamblynMonth ago
  • Purple power family keep on fighting for us the American people Thank you LaLate for working hard to help us all understand everything and caring. 😀🙏😀🙏😀🙏

    Gina PattersonGina PattersonMonth ago
  • All these months we are getting screwed royally. Terrible

    Judy DaguannoJudy DaguannoMonth ago
  • Nancy is always saying feed the kids i was putting this on her about Christmas play with her a little LoL

    Albert LingerfeltAlbert LingerfeltMonth ago
  • Mr. President Donald Trump get the job done or you are fired!

    Gina PattersonGina PattersonMonth ago
  • The money is going to the rich to get richer miss POLESY don’t care about us she can jump on her plane go where she wants I have only been on one in my life Nancy hey up there come to my town my house for one day you will see poverty

    Claudia HernandezClaudia HernandezMonth ago

    Sharon RosenbergSharon RosenbergMonth ago
  • You are funny!!!😀

  • It's times like this when the American people are at their most creative to create capital put food on their tables we had that happen in the depression hopefully will be able to do it again. Because it looks to me like Congress isn't going to do squat I don't mean to be negative I just need to be a realist on this. But I pray that they all get their heads out of the sand and look around them and see what's happening to the American people. God bless all of you and God blesses Great American country and the people that are so resilient We Shall Overcome anything that they put before us

    Kimberley KohlKimberley KohlMonth ago
  • With the holidays coming up, where people would normally spend alot of money, putting out stimulus checks would boost the economy alot. Imagine the holiday spending crisis with no stimulus.

    The Purple YarnivoreThe Purple YarnivoreMonth ago
  • I would not care if Trump sent 14,000 I still wouldn't vote for him

    Rodney PenamonRodney PenamonMonth ago
  • Look why isn’t he doing it now

    Joe KingJoe KingMonth ago
  • TRUMP.. vote for MSC . Before the election

    Nick FuscoNick FuscoMonth ago
  • it's a bad thing if a person has to pay to voice their opinions WOW

    Mark MolinaMark MolinaMonth ago
  • La La can you get us the address or any one in Purple Powers post address in comments I’m writing my letter tonight let’s do this

    Glenda HillGlenda HillMonth ago
  • So either way will be not going to get any CSM

    Mark MolinaMark MolinaMonth ago
  • What do the American People have to do get get that stimulus check trump could have sign off we need rhat money it's not it's coming out of there pocket

    Patricia MarshallPatricia MarshallMonth ago
  • Moscow Mitch is not going to aprove anything.

    Annette SalgadoAnnette SalgadoMonth ago
  • K & I is different from I I have to always have yard sales to pay are rent and hopefully have enough to make the bills that is the difference

    Mark MolinaMark MolinaMonth ago
  • They don’t care about us!

    Karen MartinKaren MartinMonth ago

    Renee ChristensenRenee ChristensenMonth ago
  • My daughter needs money for her rent, she is temporary living with me, if things don't change I will have to move out myself and I'm 64, my daughter and I will be homeless like so many others! We need help now, can't wait another month,.

    Brenda LaudermiltBrenda LaudermiltMonth ago
  • You Retweeted Leader McConnell@senatemajldr · Senate Democrats just used the filibuster - which they say they dislike - to kill another coronavirus relief package. Unemployment benefits. PPP. Testing. Vaccines. School funding. Protections for people with pre-existing conditions. Every Democrat just voted to block it all.

    laureano pabonlaureano pabonMonth ago
  • Voting Trump 2020👍

    Lori TuckerLori TuckerMonth ago
  • Trump why not sign executive order today and let's get it over. Its time for purple power

    Marcia DavidsonMarcia DavidsonMonth ago
  • I have not voted yet but I am on oct 30

    Teresa HawesTeresa HawesMonth ago
  • I have had it we need the stimulus. This is not funny

    Val McIntoshVal McIntoshMonth ago
  • I promise I will vote please I need stimulas don’t let DONT let anyone tell you no

    Claudia HernandezClaudia HernandezMonth ago
  • President please do it yoursekf please we need help you can do exsecutive order trump you do it I will vote for you

    Claudia HernandezClaudia HernandezMonth ago
  • I totally live for his Shade 😂😂😂😂

    JessicaBankXJessicaBankXMonth ago
  • Do the ssi have to get there non filer file out if I don't do taxes

    Andrea MeredithAndrea MeredithMonth ago

    Eduardo OlaesEduardo OlaesMonth ago
  • If you want to be re elected do executive orders now for stimulas checks and fpuc now Mr President,!!!

    Lynda LeeLynda LeeMonth ago
  • She isn't going to own the plan because it's basically UBI. No one wants socialism so it won't happen.

    Matthew LangleyMatthew LangleyMonth ago
  • They really don't want us to have any money or see people doing good they forgot why we really need this money even if people still work hours were cut for most people bless the people who even work full time...i had a cousin that died from Covid-19 here in Columbus, Ohio

    Ena HillEna HillMonth ago
  • Why does it take 10 days to get the checks out when they already know who’s getting the checks? And I too believe Trump should get the papers signed before Election Day and I think he should push it through immediately. I believe he’s going to get re elected but he needs to act NOW!

    Vickey BallardVickey BallardMonth ago
  • These men and women have been standing down for months and making us look like a third world country . The government should just provide hazard pay for them and start the MSC and 600 a week to start christmas shopping to stimulate the economy. Theyre doing a bad job because they either can't give orders or they do as told by a lobbyist from a Bank

    Saul FelicianoSaul FelicianoMonth ago
  • I think President Trump did not really heal from Covid-19, I had it and you feel like shitlll when you think you feel better you are suddenly exhausted or feel like you have a flu or stomach bug. I had below normal temp for weeks.. a roller coaster and and it was late march - may and I wasn;t on drugs w side effedts!

    suzanne elmoresuzanne elmoreMonth ago
  • Come on we need our stimulas ok purple power let’s let them have it start raging them let’s go!!!! I need the stimulas for bills for food for rent twelve hundred isn’t enough we need more than one check we need from this summer at least untill january

    Claudia HernandezClaudia HernandezMonth ago
  • Executive Order....... Please

    Lise BedardLise BedardMonth ago
  • Tell Donald Trump to keep healing... & Nacny to keep reppin` being beautiful... Bye...

    rosie lewisrosie lewisMonth ago
  • The American People will always remember how we were treated by our government in this pandemic.

    Stella ThomasStella ThomasMonth ago
  • these messages will not reach Trump, Mnuchin, or Mark Meadows.

    A.I. MarvinA.I. MarvinMonth ago
  • This guy has not been right yet bout this bill, why yall watch him

    Tajhai WarnerTajhai WarnerMonth ago
  • Have they sent a Unibomber to them two swing states yet?!...

    rosie lewisrosie lewisMonth ago
  • Yah we all know now who wears the pants in the house!! What a JOKE!!!

    Linda VejvodaLinda VejvodaMonth ago
  • Ain't that stupid...

    rosie lewisrosie lewisMonth ago
  • Somebody just unnessisarilly shot another bullet...

    rosie lewisrosie lewisMonth ago
  • So... Have they found the two swing states that are committing petty theft?!...

    rosie lewisrosie lewisMonth ago
  • They're still arguing... That's petty...

    rosie lewisrosie lewisMonth ago
  • Congratulations ! I am sure you have reached 300K by now, Great Job!

    Alan PatrickAlan PatrickMonth ago
  • Do you think We Americans will ever get tired of looking like a joke with our government looking like Jerry Springer

    Wilson DuttonWilson DuttonMonth ago
  • Please President Bush,, Do the Executive Order!!!i just laugh when you ask me for campaign contributions.

    Julie SalterJulie SalterMonth ago
  • What is exciting crazy stimulus never

    Efrem RemigioEfrem RemigioMonth ago
  • Actions are Louder than words.. seeing is Believing..

    Mary Jo O'NisheaMary Jo O'NisheaMonth ago
  • they need to stick that carrot where the sun don't shine!!

    frank leppekfrank leppekMonth ago
  • I am so sick of empty promises. How much do we have to suffer??? Those with money couldn't care less!

    Gina KnoxGina KnoxMonth ago
  • I don’t think they are going to do a stimulus. I think we shouldn’t pay them . They should see what it’s like not to be able to pay rent

    Steveder JonesSteveder JonesMonth ago
  • La I agree if they make an agreement and hold off to make it law after the Election Angry Voters will throw Trump, McConnell and Graham out of office.

  • Purple power, Tell them go Big or GO HOME.....!!!

    Heather WilliamsHeather WilliamsMonth ago
  • Purple power push trump to sing the ecitive orders we need our money and we need it now

    Terry Newton JRTerry Newton JRMonth ago
  • Mitch McConnell is another Nancy Pelosi!!!!

    Kimberly BrayKimberly BrayMonth ago