FAT Imposter Role in Among Us

Mar 29, 2021
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Today's Imposter mod is all about rolling around, eating stuff, and burping. Hey, we all do it. Join Player, Mr. Cheese, theGentleman, Mother, and all your Among Us Logic favorites as they become big chonky boys and girls and try to take out the crewmates! You won't want to miss this one!
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  • 2:19 just lol 😂

    Zariya AtiqueZariya AtiqueHour ago
  • Wow Player finally won a game...

    m0o0rlitzm0o0rlitz2 hours ago
  • So, op

    Kahlua MKahlua M2 hours ago
  • This videos is hilarious

    T rex GmaerT rex Gmaer2 hours ago
  • Player's Mind: Hey Bday! Wanna do task together? Bday's Mind:Ok. Mother: I'd rather play freaking Roblox Brookhaven... XD

    Lee WheelerLee Wheeler5 hours ago
  • mother is following you

    Shantha RaniShantha Rani5 hours ago
  • Why do breadsticks taste yummy mmm breadsticks I like breadsticks they are kinda yum lol do you guys like readfrdsitkcs? if so like comment upcvote and repost!11!!!!!

    PinkDeerGamingPinkDeerGaming6 hours ago
  • ı really like the roll mode

    MiraylinMiraylin7 hours ago
  • Aim wow Just wow

    Tracy TseTracy Tse7 hours ago
  • The imposter is on a ROLL

    Taylor OuelletteTaylor Ouellette9 hours ago
  • player winn 1 part

    Gabriel VegaGabriel Vega10 hours ago
  • amogus of like among US!!!!

    Kate VillafuerteKate Villafuerte10 hours ago
  • among us

    Kate VillafuerteKate Villafuerte10 hours ago
  • Wait is MrCheese and Gentleman gay?

    Marvel BeybladeMarvel Beyblade11 hours ago
  • When is ninja gonna be in these

    Marvel BeybladeMarvel Beyblade11 hours ago
  • Its so cool

    Manuel RamosManuel Ramos11 hours ago
  • 6:20 familicide

    ZorLink21ZorLink2112 hours ago
  • Player: Finally wins a game Everyone: Wow! You actually won your first game! Player: Where’s my hat? Everyone: You just won your first game and that’s what your focused on?!

    Parayosha203Parayosha20312 hours ago
  • So among us musical Imposter

    Core Of The VoidCore Of The Void12 hours ago
  • I like the gentleman because he was singing Lala Lala when he was a roly and also I like the fat game mode because when the imposter rolls it’s so cute

    Hung TranHung Tran15 hours ago
  • Player Actually Got A Win XD

    Mary VrMary Vr16 hours ago
  • Where's my hat

    ellen valencianoellen valenciano16 hours ago
  • I want to tell someting

    ellen valencianoellen valenciano16 hours ago
  • Why they have to laugh

    Roro ThomasRoro Thomas16 hours ago
  • Player: “where’s my hat?” Wow he just noticed that...

    Tan The Missing OneTan The Missing One17 hours ago
  • I knew Mr. Cheese and Gentlemen were hiding something about their feelings for each other

    Angel YTAngel YT17 hours ago
  • Wow

    sherry hosherry ho18 hours ago
  • Where's my Gentlemen x Mr.Cheese shippers at.

    Blue JayBlue Jay20 hours ago
  • I new one

    Kiddo PlaceKiddo Place21 hour ago

    JCFOOTJCFOOT22 hours ago
  • Hihihihi

    Ravenkiller96Ravenkiller9623 hours ago
  • 6:29 player actually won?!

    Effekt MakerEffekt Maker23 hours ago
  • Eat sou roooooool ☺

    Bizar GoldBizar Gold23 hours ago
  • Foot

    Jennifer FerrisJennifer FerrisDay ago
  • Mr. Cheese: OMG CANNIBALISM! Me : what is cannibilism is that you are wearing a raw cheese 🧀 on top of your head

    Subhi GRSubhi GRDay ago
  • moter i love her mnis

    A Avonlea Talking AngelaA Avonlea Talking AngelaDay ago
  • What happened to caption and sherif and the others

    Thomas BrysonThomas BrysonDay ago
  • spiderman

    Amr Bin AfsadAmr Bin AfsadDay ago
  • player first time winning

    Mikoy EspinaMikoy EspinaDay ago
  • Gentelman: time to caste you in to the fire i mean space

    Sans Le squeletteSans Le squeletteDay ago
  • Player is an imposter

    Nheng tulaylayNheng tulaylayDay ago
  • Genterman is an imposter

    Nheng tulaylayNheng tulaylayDay ago
  • New mods in your game

    Nheng tulaylayNheng tulaylayDay ago
  • Today you're play like a crewmate or an imposter

    Nheng tulaylayNheng tulaylayDay ago
  • Hi among us

    Nheng tulaylayNheng tulaylayDay ago
  • Gentlemen: they roll all around and all sorts of non sense Dum: so PLAYER when he was younger PLAYER: wait what?!

    Golden bear72Golden bear72Day ago
  • 2:17 Mr. Cheese: yeah yeah yeah there both in the same room "sorry babe" The Gentleman: ook no problem "honey" hehehahe. After comments "everyone stop making it weird" 🤣

    Neylanis CondeNeylanis CondeDay ago
  • Omg Player won

    Uno CuatroUno CuatroDay ago
  • Oh my gosh I'm never gonna get that out of my brain! So fluffing funny!😂😆🤭

    Cristina GibbsCristina GibbsDay ago
  • Player just won !!!!! Can’t Believe it6:25

    Jerónimo AráozJerónimo AráozDay ago
  • Wait babe? Hooney? ._.

    XxSkylar_StarxXXxSkylar_StarxXDay ago
  • player won

    Jose Angelo BondocJose Angelo BondocDay ago
  • Doctor Roll

    YA - 01DN 920016 Middlebury PSYA - 01DN 920016 Middlebury PSDay ago
  • en el minuto 3:51 el caballero dice delicioso en español

  • Vote gentlemen

    YA - 01DN 920016 Middlebury PSYA - 01DN 920016 Middlebury PSDay ago
  • do a ballde mod ok

    hammam Alnhisihammam AlnhisiDay ago
  • I just love this app

    Isabella AbinIsabella AbinDay ago
  • W H E R E I S M Y H A T

    Nathaniel AbboudNathaniel AbboudDay ago
  • 6:28 ???

    Luis RBLXLuis RBLXDay ago
  • lol

    Stacey LivingstonStacey LivingstonDay ago
  • 🧀

    Arantxa OchoaArantxa OchoaDay ago
  • Mr . Cheese

    Arantxa OchoaArantxa OchoaDay ago
  • Player you the man. and my favourite even though you barely win

    Muhluri KokaMuhluri KokaDay ago
  • Player won in this yay!

    Halfawesomegamer AnimationsHalfawesomegamer AnimationsDay ago
  • No way player actually won

    Obviously AlyssaObviously AlyssaDay ago
  • Mr cheese: lets play The gentemen: I like mr cheese BDay: It is player Player: NOOOOOO BDay it,s you Mother: yeah it,s BDay

    Десислава СултановаДесислава СултановаDay ago
  • it was so funny when the red among us character won on the second round but then said weres my hat Me: 👁👄👁

    Dana ParkDana ParkDay ago
  • 6:30

    Beary NNLBeary NNLDay ago
  • 3:51 dora explorer movie reference.

    kathalina chapakathalina chapaDay ago
  • hahahahahahahahhaahhahaahhahahahahahhah

    Aleksandar PiškinAleksandar PiškinDay ago
  • Your videos sucks

    deborah cardillodeborah cardilloDay ago
  • Omg player won

    Prim WaterPrim WaterDay ago
  • This is like like church but fun

    Prim WaterPrim WaterDay ago
  • amogus

    Berry AllenBerry AllenDay ago
  • Are we just going to causally 'roll' over the fact that Player won even if wasn't cannon

    MythicWillowMythicWillowDay ago
  • *This video was declared against the law* *As in it, Player wins*

    Sleepy Kid GamerSleepy Kid GamerDay ago
  • 1:34 BURN

    A KA KDay ago

    Sour LemonSour LemonDay ago
  • Good animation bro 😂😂

  • B-day:WHOSE READY FOR THEY'RE BDAY PRESENT! Me:GEEZ B-DAY DON'T JUST RAMDOMLY APPEAR And mr.cheese didn't realize that gentleman was dead

    Bam BamBam BamDay ago
  • That's an iceberg evidence

    Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousieBoeing Betty 24 Jetton lousieDay ago
  • My cheesy boy

    Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousieBoeing Betty 24 Jetton lousieDay ago
  • 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Juan SierraJuan SierraDay ago
  • Mother: what's the 41...(gets slapped across the face by the b17G) B-17G: DON'T INTERRUPT THE MEETING

    Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousieBoeing Betty 24 Jetton lousieDay ago
  • Oh my gosh

    jojoandthebunnnysquadjojoandthebunnnysquadDay ago
  • my fav part is when bDAY CAHRCES!!!

    maksim wotmaksim wotDay ago
  • I like how before this a fitness ad came on🤣🤣😂😂

    Karalee WilsonKaralee Wilson2 days ago
  • 🤤🤤🤤ha ha ha

    Pai AkiraPai Akira2 days ago
  • Someone who where's a hat Someone who forgot there hat 6:30

    Arcus NylesArcus Nyles2 days ago
  • congrats player, u won, however, nice celebration XD 6:29

    BlueBlue2 days ago
  • This body is fat then is says Eat the crew mates

    Manong PromdiManong Promdi2 days ago
  • Mf Chesee hat ??????

    •//Honey Pie\\••//Honey Pie\\•2 days ago
  • poopy is the beast

    Daisy LienDaisy Lien2 days ago
  • Thats a cool mod🎀

    Not DreamNot Dream2 days ago
  • That cool

    Not DreamNot Dream2 days ago
  • I think Player asked were his hat is and WHY he wears a hat is cuz he's bald

    Josh MaJosh Ma2 days ago
  • The animation is so cool!!! And very good!

    Jeremy CastilloJeremy Castillo2 days ago
  • Hi gentlemen!

    Dylan SusantoDylan Susanto2 days ago
  • this is my favourite youtuber being funny: hi my name’s Jago, i’m really short (and the guy playing with him is like) VILLAGE ( Wisp is like) shut up

    Olive LiuOlive Liu2 days ago
  • Who realized that mr. Cheese said don't u see the two body's down below why are u acting so werid gentleman I died after that 😂😂😂😂😂

    Donetta BerryDonetta Berry2 days ago