Fast and Furious: It's Deep

Mar 2, 2021
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Fast and Furious: Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum and also ... a Dodge Charger R/T??
Take Fast and Furious at face value, and you'll see a lot of muscle and a lot of fast cars. Dig just a little bit deeper and you might see... pirates. No really. We'll explain in this Wisecrack Edition on Fast and Furious: The Case for Crime. Argh!

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Written by Ross McIndoe
Research by Jeanette Moreland
Hosted by Michael Burns
Directed by Michael Luxemburg
Motion Graphics by Jackson Maher
Editing by Brian M Kim
Video Title Card by Amanda Murphy
Produced by Evan Yee

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  • Lol. No

    Ludvik SkpLudvik Skp3 days ago
  • Pirates are... SOCIALISTS?????!!!

    Dolphino EggletDolphino Egglet7 days ago
  • This makes me more appreciate this series. Tho, I only watch it because the handsome cars I can't own

    Mi KiMi Ki8 days ago
  • So fast and furious is basically modern one piece

    Shashank MishraShashank Mishra14 days ago
  • As a car enthusiast, i think this video nails the desire for freedom we feel that being behind the wheel grants us

    Greg RossGreg Ross16 days ago
  • Life is simple, you make choices and never look back.

    Bharath KumarBharath Kumar19 days ago
  • At this point, the Dom's crew is basically Saints Row: Started from the bottom and now working for the government.

    Garmen LinGarmen Lin20 days ago
  • I never saw F&F this way. I thought it was funny in an ironic way that one second there'd be girls dressed all sexy fast cars action etc one second and then the crew sitting down like a peaceful suburban family sharing a good meal. Not to mention there's going to be 10 damn movies that made it appear kind of an eyeroll. I respect it a bit more now though. Imo probably one of the smartest Wisecrack theory I've heard. Really clever comparing them to pirates. It makes a lot of sense and is eye opening.

    Elliot WElliot W22 days ago
  • Should of said “a nautical mile at a time”

    Connor RileyConnor Riley22 days ago
  • F A M I L Y

    a suraj sharmaa suraj sharma23 days ago
  • 1:42 They didn't do their homework here. The movie was actually based from a news/magazine story about street racing in New York...

    SmallTownGamerSmallTownGamer26 days ago
  • first, tenet went wrong now we're listening to a link between 16th century piracy and Fast and Furious series. Have you guys hired new research or writing staff? smh

    alpha_berchermueslialpha_berchermuesli26 days ago
  • 9:08 "If you're an atheist, starve, because I'm a self righteous prick."

    ClippyClippy27 days ago
  • family = standing behind people in your "in" group, even when they're wrong. That's not a virtue. That's tribalism.

    ClippyClippy27 days ago
  • Remember when the ‘crew’ that takes on international super spies/terrorist...almost all got murdered by a trucker with a shotgun. Yeah always like remembering that to keep things in perspective.

    yashaleo Nyashaleo N28 days ago
  • I need to shave my head and be bald so i can be apart of the family

    Eyescr3amEyescr3am28 days ago
  • maybe I ll watch the video in the future with time, but i'm only here to say I agree, i consider the villain who stole toreto's baby is very good written

    Ana María Moreno PeñaAna María Moreno Peña29 days ago
  • Ooh Ooh do One Piece next

    Kreek EvolKreek EvolMonth ago
  • Please make one deep or dumb about Drained (2006)

    llFikellFikeMonth ago
  • Quite pertinent for you to wear a Grateful Dead shirt ;) One of the best Wisecrack videos yet!

    Jamie ScottJamie ScottMonth ago
  • tbh its pretty much a live action anime and i am completely and utterly okay with that! :D

    Sul2004Sul2004Month ago
  • the original plot is just Point Break

    Zakiya BarnesZakiya BarnesMonth ago
  • Nice shirt. 🥀💀

    Katie CoyleKatie CoyleMonth ago
  • Please do the philosophy of the weekend

    Blessing FakudzeBlessing FakudzeMonth ago
  • Quotes from The Fast and The Furious: High Seas "Warning! Danger to the hull!" "I live my life a quart of rum at a time" "Just get overnight ship parts from Jamaica"

    Tony OliverTony OliverMonth ago
  • IS THAT.........Brioche 😏

    Omnipotent LennyOmnipotent LennyMonth ago
  • Knew there was a reason I loved these movies, even as they got so ridiculous it was comical. Yo ho, a Pirate's life for me.

    Steve BullerSteve BullerMonth ago
  • When he started the video it immediately made me think of Onepiece lol

    Holden MugandaHolden MugandaMonth ago
  • Freedom

    Nathaniel GarzaNathaniel GarzaMonth ago
  • Deep, huh? Confirmation bias is a hell of a thing, isn't it...Michael...

    Media BoxMedia BoxMonth ago
  • How dare you quote Bartholomew Roberts without identifying him as THE DREAD PIRATE ROBERTS?

    TK WallaceTK WallaceMonth ago
  • This video made me care about the plot of Fast and Furious movies

    Aditya UtturkarAditya UtturkarMonth ago
  • Does this remind anyone of the Phantom Troupe?

    KIR99KIR99Month ago
  • "What is the crime of robbing a bank compared to the crime of founding one?" - Brecht EDIT: Oh, OK, right, you had that.

    John MoseleyJohn MoseleyMonth ago
  • *F* *A* *M* *I* *L* *Y*

    NerotheHumanNerotheHumanMonth ago
  • Now do the same video, but its point-blank cause its the same plot!

    TulkasTulkasMonth ago
  • It's a Chad pirates of Caribbean

    Gabriel AndradeGabriel AndradeMonth ago
  • Umm... Not really lol there's way more depth in the Lego movies but good try

    Kristopher DriverKristopher DriverMonth ago
  • Hmm, and why did Mr Krabs quit being a pirate Captain? He had to share the booty, lol.

    Conrad ComicsConrad ComicsMonth ago
  • 3:51 *league

    The Rad FemsThe Rad FemsMonth ago

    docreiddocreidMonth ago
  • How much did you guys get paid for this elaborate add?

    Daniel GuerreroDaniel GuerreroMonth ago
  • Watching this video i have new appreciation for the series Good job👍

    Aakash raiAakash raiMonth ago
  • this is an ad

    Mr. ChüMr. ChüMonth ago
  • First wisecrack video ever to make me feel dumber after watching it...

    Wihan van WykWihan van WykMonth ago
  • The deepest scene of the franchise was when The Rock caught the torpedo with his bare hands and redirect it to the bad guys, simbolizing how the strong arms of the proletariat will some day take class consciense and use the very same weapons of the capitalist class against them.

    Pablo CassaniPablo CassaniMonth ago

      Maxi IrohMaxi IrohMonth ago
  • This was a great video!

    Cotton Candy SharksCotton Candy SharksMonth ago
  • I'm fourteen and this is deep

    Аdēptus MeçhañikusАdēptus MeçhañikusMonth ago
  • Still a shit series tho

    Wyatt NortonWyatt NortonMonth ago
  • Hey people of wisecrack! I would REALLY love to hear your thougths on the philosophy behind the TV show "A.P. BIO" It stars Glenn Howerton as a substitute/new A.P bio teacher in highschool, but he has no intention of teaching them any biology - and rather spends his time writing a philosophy book about death, and he uses the biology class to "teach" how he views the world (Or rather making his students come up with ideas to destroy his Archnemesis. Glenns character has some similarities to his character "Dennis", but he is more nihilistic and doesnt give off a "serial killer" vibe lol Im rewatching it now for season 3 and I see little nuggets of interesting topics everywhere! - Love from Norway eyyy

    Lars SolbergLars SolbergMonth ago
  • Super solid video. I'm not spending 40 bucks on cereal, though.

    Brett SBrett SMonth ago
  • Sugarcoat it all you want you will never make me believe that FaF is deep man lol

    Gretchen SauerGretchen SauerMonth ago
  • While yes, pirates we're definitely about gaining their own freedom, it was also not any glorious path as you explain it here. The way you glorify pirating is a little like saying , the Mafia is just trying to break free of the established order and live a life of freedom and their own ways. Yes sure, and they are extremely murderous and violent in their path. When colonialism was at its highest, a lot of trade went on. People enriched themselves with luxury goods, this piracy necessary extremely lucrative. It wasn't some glorious political rebellion about equality of all, it was about enriching oneselves in a world of struggles. Much the same way as it still is today

    TahulrikTahulrikMonth ago
  • Nice shirt

    Tyler SealTyler SealMonth ago
  • Hell yeah

    AkuAkuMonth ago
  • I don't know about fast and the furious being deep but it was nice to have a history lesson on pirates snuck in there

    TheCreepyproTheCreepyproMonth ago
  • Bring back Jared

    Alejandro FloresAlejandro FloresMonth ago
  • This movie is so dumb that you had to emphasize that it is not dumb by not even doing the usual "is it deep or dumb?"

    Dan ChaseDan ChaseMonth ago
  • Hey, History Buffs.

    Mr HamiltonMr HamiltonMonth ago
  • So what you're saying is our real family is the pirates we meet along the way

    EwphoricEwphoricMonth ago
    • LMAO

      No SoundNo SoundMonth ago
  • I suppose there's more going on if you think that the philosophy of "law bad, friends good" requires 9 movies plus spin-offs to properly discuss 😜. Love the movies if you want but I'd need more evidence before calling them deep.

    KatosepeKatosepeMonth ago
  • I usually agree with Wisecracks but this franchise is just what’s wrong with Hollywood blockbusters.

    sfgiants5486sfgiants5486Month ago
  • Dont forget anarchist how see the state as having a monopoly on violence (which does).

    ThotSlayerThotSlayerMonth ago
  • I just was having stoned thoughts on how great it would be if you took the scripts from the Fast and Furious franchise to reboot the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise would be such a fun idea

    Quentin FriesenQuentin FriesenMonth ago
  • Do I wanna watch all of these movies now?

    Mabs elMabs elMonth ago
  • Finally we’re coming round to pirates again!

    Mabs elMabs elMonth ago
  • As a fan of the Pirates movies, this makes me wish I watched more F&F ones!

    John BuckeyeJohn BuckeyeMonth ago
  • gotta be honest i thought i clicked on a donut media video

    Fisnik XheladiniFisnik XheladiniMonth ago
  • Three title changes by my count

    Latshaw, AustinLatshaw, AustinMonth ago
  • I came to Wisecrack back in the day for 8-Bit Philosophy. Now, for some reason, I find myself subscribed to an anarchist channel.

    FirstRisingSouIFirstRisingSouIMonth ago
  • Just because they're modern pirates doesn't make it any less shit lol

    ajajMonth ago
  • F&F is probably not as Deep as you're making it out to be... but it's definitely deeper than what most Movie critics (and general critics of the franchise) have said about it. There's a happy medium ground where F&F sits.

    That Other GuyThat Other GuyMonth ago
  • Will there ever be another 8 bit philosophy :(

    Jack JamesJack JamesMonth ago
  • I thought that this video is an early april fools joke but...

    Gal FortunaGal FortunaMonth ago
  • I doubt even the scriptwriters of Fast & Furious thought this deep about the storylines.

    MoranahMoranahMonth ago
  • I love how they didn't even ask "deep or dumb". They just went "It be deep."

    Keshon BroadbeltKeshon BroadbeltMonth ago
  • And kosher. I was interested to see the standard ad read for the cereal after Simon Whistler rubbed cereal over his head. Heh.

    Dave GentlemanDave GentlemanMonth ago
  • What a load of bullshit. Whenever someone talks about freedom as a general, they usually have something specific in mind and is just using it as a way to get to do what they themselves want. I mean how about people's freedom to not get hit by some maniac going far above the speed limit on a public street? But I guess the freedom to live without having to fear other people is a foreign concept in America. But when it comes to violence or crimes and the question of when it is justified to bend the rules, we also have to consider if there is an obvious peaceful alternative, which there pretty much always is, because these movies are poorly written. So no, not deep, not even shallow, just flat. Flat as the earth these movies' fans claim to live on.

    M. DjervigM. DjervigMonth ago
  • lol i thought the title was a joke but he actually saying it's deep XD personally i don't understand the comparison with pirates the fast crew was not free they were under gov doing their work multiple times

    Ali GmalAli GmalMonth ago
  • I knew there was something similar between fast and furious franchise and one piece

    Snazzy12341Snazzy12341Month ago
  • nobody else does this, just subscribe already!

    Meher PratapMeher PratapMonth ago
  • I think what the F&F franchise is all about is that one should never let a few billion dollars in public property damage get in the way of family values.

    Alex JacksonAlex JacksonMonth ago
  • Did the name of this change?

    Richard OwenRichard OwenMonth ago
  • So, Dom and his nakama are like the Shichibukai

    harsh gandhiharsh gandhiMonth ago
  • funny that you mentioned Robin Hood! I remember really liking Fast Five the first time I watched it, but I recently had a look at it again and my thought was: this is like Robin Hood, but he kept the money for himself! XD

    goodialgoodialMonth ago
  • Pirate sold slaves too as well and enslaved other pirates they captured. This noble pirate myth so many people subscribe too as fact just wasn't the reality.

    edge Oedge OMonth ago
  • Government and police biggest gangs

    Project NewtypeProject NewtypeMonth ago
  • Why didn't you mention tokyo drift?

    CaptainMisery86CaptainMisery86Month ago
  • watch CGP Grey's pirate videos

    IqueIqueMonth ago
  • Can you PLEASE stop completely renamend and changing the preview pic for a vid a short while after uploading?

    DerEchte EineDerEchte EineMonth ago
  • Trying to figure out what a story they scramble up together for the next film is the only deep part of the FF experience *Deeper than Vin's Voice*

    The Mad TitanThe Mad TitanMonth ago
  • If Dominic's whole family died, would he be able to make new friends or would they become instantly family?

    SOURCE w00tSOURCE w00tMonth ago
  • Does Vin Diesel's ear ring everytime someone says Family?

    Roy Richardson Jr.Roy Richardson Jr.Month ago
  • This is quite honestly my guilty pleasure franchise. I'll watch the Moonrises and LaLa lands sure, but I want/NEED Muscle cars Jumping of Nuclear Submarines

    Tom CyrTom CyrMonth ago
  • The concept only started after the 4th film. When they got good. Or when Justin Lin MADE THEM GOOD. That dude took the franchise just serious enough to make it special.

    OneOfTheLostOnesOneOfTheLostOnesMonth ago
  • I live my life a quarter mile at a time... Unless if I’m fighting in a plane on a runway, then it’s about 50 miles.

    thegreatcalviniothegreatcalvinioMonth ago
  • Knots is a measure of speed, you meant Nautical Mile. You really should've been a professional tennis player lol

    Brennan HearnBrennan HearnMonth ago
  • Deep or DEEP?

    Ababil AshariAbabil AshariMonth ago
  • Wat? You changed the title?

    Rizky AldiRizky AldiMonth ago
  • The very first F&F movie was basically "Point Break" but with cars. That's why it worked. Because it felt familiar. By the time we got to the 5th movie, F&F had morphed into "The Expendables", but with cars. THAT model doesn't work because the Expendables doesn't take itself seriously. F&F still does.

    Alfred LeeAlfred LeeMonth ago