Falling Up Stairs (180) | Congratulations Podcast with Chris D'Elia

Apr 2, 2021
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In this week's episode, Chris talks about Chet Hanks and White Boy Summer, how great infomercials are, and Joe Biden vs. the stairs. For more topics and the full Congratulations experience join the Patreon!
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    Chris D'EliaChris D'Elia11 days ago
    • Don't go walk just be you

      - JustMaxPirk- JustMaxPirk2 days ago
    • Now I know you're still operating I'm going to make sure you're taken down!

      Bryce CameronBryce Cameron2 days ago
    • @Cam gotta make up them lost sponsor dollars somehow!

      Bryce CameronBryce Cameron2 days ago
    • Hated it!

      lieutenant columbolieutenant columbo3 days ago
    • I'm hungover on Amtrak near Chicago Cant sleep. No wifi Train doesn't have it website said it does.. I Paid 400 for ticket. But didn't get data for phone.Guy next to me at 2 am offers me to use his hotspot. Way after I drank alot of wine .my head hurts. I only have cash cant buy food they only take cards . Yesterday a Guy tried to fight me for telling him nicely we are trying to sleep. He got kicked off. Arriving in denver in 22 hours. I love it. . YYYEEESSSS

      PhunkFl3xnPhunkFl3xn3 days ago
  • 😂😂😂 amazing

    Big SocksBig Socks6 hours ago
  • When my therapist told me something about me was sad, I was very offended. I am not sad, that is life.

    Vianey GaucinVianey Gaucin8 hours ago
  • The Batman part when he screams AH I CANT FEEL MY FUCKIN LEGS I was crryyyyin

    Rowen OakserRowen Oakser12 hours ago
  • Happy Belated. 💕

    Selena -Selena -13 hours ago
  • Zack Snider is a cuda

    Michael BasingerMichael Basinger13 hours ago
  • T shirt idea - Limited Edition

    Subhranshu DasSubhranshu Das18 hours ago
  • I watched falling up the stairs like 27 times and laughed HARD every time. So bitch is my favorite statement

  • 👍🏼

    Luis HernandezLuis HernandezDay ago
  • Chris needs an ASMR channel now! Yo that shit with the 2 guys sneaking up before the kill was A1 👌🏼

    Phantom JamesPhantom JamesDay ago
  • The violence bit could have actually been a scene from Lilo & Stitch

    Poke BabyPoke BabyDay ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    R SladeR SladeDay ago
  • Happy Belated G Day 💪🏽

    BandGangstarBandGangstarDay ago
  • LA comedy is sooooo dead. American comedy dies with Norm Macdonald and Bill Burr

    Oscar WoodburnOscar WoodburnDay ago
  • Some people don’t like you just because. Which is beautiful too because they have no reason to.

    Forrest WilmsForrest WilmsDay ago
  • Don't go work just be you

    - JustMaxPirk- JustMaxPirk2 days ago
  • That batman bit had me in stiches

    Armoured BearArmoured Bear2 days ago
  • 35:30 that bit is fucking gold!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    XáérXáér2 days ago
  • Shit Rips!!((;

    Eli MeyerEli Meyer2 days ago
  • The batman hahaha!

    Oliver PritchardOliver Pritchard3 days ago
  • by far the best episode so far

    VavoomVavoom3 days ago
  • I’m buying a hoodie now just because I want to incentivize you making more videos (and because they look dope af ) I laugh till I cry every episode 😂

    KittenMittenzKittenMittenz3 days ago
  • Happy B day! So glad your back!!!!!!

    Cy BullettCy Bullett3 days ago
  • Listening to Chris talking about people falling upstairs: Flashback to me 5 months ago in my dressing gown butt naked walking up the stairs next to my female flat mates from uni and not just tripping, but completely falling flat. You think I didn't cry laughing listening to this dude

    TT3 days ago
  • Eh, so good!

    Samu PuuronenSamu Puuronen3 days ago
  • Thats why I have always liked you , and your a likeable man

    cringe worldcringe world3 days ago
  • These podcasts are fucking crack I can’t watch enough

    Yuh AyeYuh Aye3 days ago

    Drew ProsserDrew Prosser3 days ago
  • "Tumour City and I'm the Mayor" 😂 *handshakes* That got me good

    ashk1988ashk19883 days ago
  • Chris we all love you man. Please stay strong.

    isaiah matthewisaiah matthew3 days ago
  • love you

    Daniel ScottDaniel Scott3 days ago
  • Toulder so !

    PhunkFl3xnPhunkFl3xn3 days ago
  • He does look kinda faded

    PhunkFl3xnPhunkFl3xn3 days ago
  • I've got porn open on another tab to switch to, from this, just incase someone walks in on me. To save myself from the argument.

    James SweeperJames Sweeper4 days ago
  • That batman shit was HILARIOUS

    Tim NeumeyerTim Neumeyer4 days ago
  • Fucking HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!

    Baby gravyBaby gravy4 days ago
  • Chet Hanx vs Chank Smith rap battle needs to happen

    frankymacffrankymacf4 days ago
  • Tbf, I fell up the stairs yesterday. Was moving too quick. Spilled my drink :(

    Weston BurkeWeston Burke4 days ago
  • Does she just sit and watch?

    Lukas JanLukas Jan4 days ago
  • Took literally 2 episodes to find the groove. My guy is back

    Weston BurkeWeston Burke4 days ago
  • Talk more shit about Zack Snyder cutting you out of Army of the Dead

    t0talimm0rtalzt0talimm0rtalz4 days ago
  • I'm clearly VERY old... I fall walking UP the stairs all. the. time!!!!

    Ann ComptonAnn Compton4 days ago
  • Silence is violence bit. I fucking cried

    RumbleFishRumbleFish4 days ago
  • I love the silly goose with a sprinkle of introspection since you’ve come back

    Count SlickCount Slick4 days ago
  • That fight scene at the end though, I felt that.

    MoNinja BenignMoNinja Benign4 days ago
  • Still after little girls?

    RanThaManRanThaMan4 days ago
  • Happy Belated big boy !!!

    Cedric DufourCedric Dufour4 days ago
  • Q: What do Bassnectar, Matt Gaetz, Chris D'Elia and Jeffery Epstein have in common?

    Guy IncognitoGuy Incognito4 days ago
    • A: Not being funny.

      Guy IncognitoGuy Incognito4 days ago
  • I’m so glad he’s back. I have something to clean my room to again. Yes, Chris. You are the reason my 27 year old ass hasn’t cleaned my room in months lol

    TheLexyisland _TheLexyisland _4 days ago
  • tumor city STAND UP😝🤘🏼

    Jonathan HerreraJonathan Herrera4 days ago
  • ...and the silly goose is back at 100%. Ya love to see it.

    samson davissamson davis4 days ago
  • 37:34 hahah that’s so hilarious man!

    Chad FroztChad Frozt4 days ago
  • Best podcast! Ad free

    branchkokbranchkok4 days ago

    A LA L4 days ago
  • So glad your back 🤟

    Drew MorkertDrew Morkert4 days ago
  • Matt Gaetz just stole your gimmick. Life don’t rip so much anymore?

    ants84ants844 days ago
  • If you want a game to play with your gf Chris try out 'It takes two'

    Ben MacwhinnieBen Macwhinnie4 days ago
  • The Dent t-shirt is sold out for months, I got get that shit, without making a dent, it´s coming back right?

    Vasco BernardesVasco Bernardes4 days ago
  • Chris should play the Joker in a Batman movie.

    Tyler HardinTyler Hardin4 days ago
  • I suggest all of you babies to join the Patreon. We hang in the discord and Chris slams us eh s'ord.

    CobrettiCobretti4 days ago
  • You gotta try Bloodborne or DarkSouls if Cuphead is too hard lol

    Armando GuerraArmando Guerra4 days ago
  • y'camera settings dark

    Ben MacwhinnieBen Macwhinnie4 days ago
  • This is one of my favorite episodes 🤣

    Melissa GillMelissa Gill4 days ago
  • Watched the whole season of kings of pain it was definitely worth it

    Nick BarreiroNick Barreiro4 days ago
  • Chris Delia look like a rick and morty character

    dirk thedawgdirk thedawg4 days ago
  • Binkers baby

    Restore Snyder VerseRestore Snyder Verse5 days ago
  • Do you have automatic delete on certain words? Lmao that’s a pëdø thing to do -Chris D’elia-

    ant whipant whip5 days ago
  • Pleaseee make a clip with the limitededed edition part ...I fucking DIED

    rajiv srajiv s5 days ago
  • You seem really good! This is the funniest podcast you have ever done! Glad your working on yourself! Been there!

    Jack HughesJack Hughes5 days ago
  • Bro.... you are literally the funniest person alive. I f*cking love watching these videos man. I am so glad you’re back..

    justin labancajustin labanca5 days ago
  • 😂😂😂😂 crying limiiiiiiitteddddd Edition

    CoastChillinCoastChillin5 days ago
  • You still messing around with little girls bro ?

    Tallboy StretchTallboy Stretch5 days ago
  • Happy birthday Chris we love u

    Ttam DnaldimTtam Dnaldim5 days ago
  • Best episode of all time, watching it again!

    Axel NavarroAxel Navarro5 days ago
  • Yo Chris, why you old dude? Stop it.

    Олексей НэвэльныйОлексей Нэвэльный5 days ago
  • Hahaha.... Oh no the dog.... Kill him alteady. Genius. I like you now Chris 😉

    tom koptom kop5 days ago
  • Episode 181 just dropped on Chris's Patreon! Woot!

    Mike BattagliaMike Battaglia5 days ago
  • what does white boy summer even mean? white boys are having fun this summer?

    Sultana RajSultana Raj5 days ago
  • Chris get out of this funk, kinda miss the non bitter you.

    Carolina PenaCarolina Pena5 days ago
  • Brrrr0 please reach out to Philion and Jujimufu (youtubers) they are funny, and fit, and Philion laughts like you and has similar sense of humor, go workout with this guys it will be comedy and inspirational gold. Stay up, love ya man

    Casey CliffordCasey Clifford5 days ago
  • 31:37 “I got dis”

    s1nc1ty22s1nc1ty225 days ago
  • Only tourists in Maine where that. The rest of us up bangor and north look like lumberjacks and hobos.

    Caleb WhiteCaleb White5 days ago
  • God I'm so fuckin happy Chris is back.. I've straight up been watching these like 4 to 6 times before the next one comes out..

    Chrix6sixChrix6six5 days ago
  • I have a pair of cargo pants that I love and now every time I put them on I'll think of Chris... EEEEEEEEYYEEESSSS 🤘🏼

    Michael McHughMichael McHugh5 days ago
  • When it’s mostly sad men commenting being happy he’s back

    Jackie WydyshJackie Wydysh5 days ago
  • Chris has come to a level that will make him, one day, above George Carlin. Mark my words. I feel like I could talk to him one on one and actually have a great conversation. Not just being talked at.

    John BJohn B5 days ago
    • I also judge how good comedians are by if they can have a one on one conversation with JOHN B, a feat carlin could never achieve

      Lust-Crazed MuckmanLust-Crazed Muckman4 days ago
  • holy fuck that last bit had me rolling

    Eric RyanEric Ryan6 days ago
  • Duuuude, the Magic Bullet infomercial with the woman smoking a cigarette all over the food. HILARIOUS

    Jeremy FoxJeremy Fox6 days ago
  • Chris, please go on Joey Diaz's pod when youre down

    Tamir .H.Tamir .H.6 days ago
  • Omg this is so freaking funny. I’m so happy your back Chris.

    ABC 1148ABC 11486 days ago
  • Was Juan Fyre fired?

    RavensKyleRavensKyle6 days ago
  • I'm all about that infomercial channel that just sells gemstones and extremely expensive jewelry 24/7

    DechralDechral6 days ago
  • Chris fuck the people who are downing you. You didn't do anything wrong. I can only imagine how hard it is when people you thought had your back abandoned you. Keep your head up and fuck the so called friends who don't have your back!

    TheRevolutionIsGoTheRevolutionIsGo6 days ago
  • Eh s’hilarious

    Tyler PageTyler Page6 days ago
  • Yyyesss !

    Bw WbBw Wb6 days ago
  • Dude, honestly therapy is so bullshit. They go by the book for the most part and cant be a human talking to another human for almost every session. waste of money. Shit dude if you need someone to talk to Im right here.....and its free lollol.

    WeCameFromAbove 25WeCameFromAbove 256 days ago
  • AAHAHAHAHA!!!! yyeeEESSSSS! Bro the blue raspberry toothpaste is awesome too lollol dont judge me man.

    WeCameFromAbove 25WeCameFromAbove 256 days ago
  • They tried to CANCEL you Chris but they CAN'T. pedophiles cant be cancelled that easy.

    ryanryan6 days ago
  • Just invite THEO VON to the podcast !!!

    7even7even6 days ago
  • Hate to say it, but the Chet Hanks "psssh eh" and Chet Hanks is a Bonfire thing. Crackle Crackle.

    Aaron OlsonAaron Olson6 days ago