Extremely (Blue) Rare Steak Sandwich

Feb 18, 2021
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  • “Grow up” turns 50

    doire aintudoire aintu26 minutes ago
  • Umm turds on a sled more like like it, can't get ur trud in a min give up. 🤔🤫👌👈

    Eitage BogwartEitage Bogwart46 minutes ago
  • I love the content but that shits raw, I’m a baby so I eat my steak medium to medium well

    Jamie hessJamie hessHour ago
  • He is right it was blue rare everyone likes their steak different guys why do you think they ask you at restaurants how do YOU like it cooked because it’s to YOUR liking. It’s all good though everybody got a way they like the steak cooked I respect that!

    The Dodger DogThe Dodger DogHour ago
  • RAW

    Darian SmithDarian Smith2 hours ago
    • All of the people complaining about the steak doneness are in fact pussies

      doire aintudoire aintu25 minutes ago
  • Thought the salt shaker was a hair dryer 😂

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  • That’s raw as hell.

    James HurstJames Hurst4 hours ago
  • That’s just beef with crust on it lol

    ツBruvツBruv5 hours ago
  • Just here to see who else is screaming 'That's not blue!'

    morrit33morrit337 hours ago
  • Blue cheese is fucking disgusting

    Smart BoiSmart Boi8 hours ago
  • Its fucking raw!

    Gabriel GonzalezGabriel Gonzalez8 hours ago
  • Wagyu this wagyu that

    Chris NenkovChris Nenkov9 hours ago
  • You fucked that steak up. Grow up and learn how to cook a proper steak before you come on and try to peddle your shit as being exceptional or something to strive for. Medium rare, cut against the grain.

    Bryon ElvbakkenBryon Elvbakken10 hours ago
  • Raw

    GoodEatzzz EntertainmentGoodEatzzz Entertainment12 hours ago
  • That's hella rare

    Markus FisherMarkus Fisher12 hours ago
  • It's fucken raw bitch!!

    You Deserve itYou Deserve it12 hours ago
  • I can see the cows muscles still moving.

    Wabbly PopWabbly Pop12 hours ago
  • That steak look dry as fuck

    Alex MartinezAlex Martinez13 hours ago
  • All of the people complaining about the steak doneness are in fact pussies

    Andre4kAndre4k13 hours ago
  • You could have shown better powder clips for that “powder day” lol

    Nikes FakeNikes Fake13 hours ago
  • How else thought he was gonna hit the tree

    Corona xdCorona xd13 hours ago
  • A blue steak is basically raw steak mate

    Krys KrogKrys Krog13 hours ago
  • Blue, went skiing to let it rest, meat is now cold as snow.

    Pickled SausagesPickled Sausages15 hours ago
  • There's a reason most restaurants won't do blue rare steaks. At home, it's preference. Like he said, grow up. You're not the one eating it.

    Teri AkersTeri Akers15 hours ago
  • "wassup baby"

    painpain15 hours ago
  • Medium is the way forward, fuck this jabroni

    yarbi khanyarbi khan17 hours ago
  • This is why ppl get diseases they have no idea of the origin. Eating close enough to raw meat

    7 Daeze7 Daeze17 hours ago
  • Cawst iron

    YouTube bans me FrfrYouTube bans me Frfr18 hours ago
  • i’m with you, perfect way to have a steak. i hate seeing all these “medium rare” videos from other people and it’s barely pink at all

    Carter SmithCarter Smith18 hours ago
  • What the fuck is blue rare

    Gabe HernandezGabe Hernandez20 hours ago
    • Apparently a term that has resurfaced and trending now by wannabe TikTok, YT, and hipster chefs. Searing the steak so fast the fat won’t melt inside.

      James HurstJames Hurst4 hours ago
  • Natural light makes it either overcooked or undercooked, i forgot. thats why Steakhouses dont have windows. Med rare in the kitchen, looks medium well on the diners plate by the window

    Darth CaliginousDarth Caliginous20 hours ago
  • Rrraw

    Cemsid BeyCemsid Bey20 hours ago
  • Raw

    TYL3RM4N PRTYL3RM4N PR21 hour ago
  • Why do you eat raw meat

    ExuExu22 hours ago
  • I love your video’s but this one I’m sorry dude but you might as well eat it raw lmao that shit is so bloody looking like not even cooked at all

    alida flusalida flus23 hours ago
  • People who eat it like this I'll never understand lol, but to each their own

    Geoff BaileyGeoff Bailey23 hours ago
  • It looks like sashimi

    vinrockvinrockDay ago
  • Perfectly done

    B LB LDay ago
  • Everyone that thinks it’s to rare doesn’t know a good steak

    Alexander RankAlexander RankDay ago
    • Gnarly

      alida flusalida flus23 hours ago
  • Looks amazing!

    Scare HubScare HubDay ago
  • That is not cooked 🤦🏾‍♂️

    k3ron m3illerk3ron m3illerDay ago
  • Extremely rare steak is bomb you can’t change my mind about that

    C.J. AndersonC.J. AndersonDay ago
  • So a raw steak is SUPER ULTRA DIAMOND RARE, Grow Up

    Alu HasbarAlu HasbarDay ago
  • That looks fire!🔥

    [LvPnG]AVO[LvPnG]AVODay ago
  • CaUsT iRoN sKeLlEt

    Benjamin DanklinBenjamin DanklinDay ago
  • This dude’s just baiting at this point.

    GrumpyGrumpyDay ago
  • Raw my guy

    Sammy VazquezSammy VazquezDay ago
  • That is nasty bro cook that meat. Lol my God

    Samir DizdarevicSamir DizdarevicDay ago
  • Good job on eating nothing but blood tf was that might as well serve me the whole cow 💀🤣🤣

    Daboy ZAYYYDaboy ZAYYYDay ago
  • This looks DISGUSTING!!!

    SoccershoesSoccershoesDay ago
  • Im sure it’s delicious, but “blue” really is pushing it

    Peter Burke Jr.Peter Burke Jr.Day ago
  • DAMN... I'm hungry now..!

    Warren PouyerWarren PouyerDay ago
  • Gnarly

    Kyle ScottKyle ScottDay ago
  • Yawn

    plaguedr88plaguedr88Day ago
  • Nigga it’s BLEEDING😂😂

    OkekeTVOkekeTVDay ago
    • 😂

      Cbar65Cbar65Day ago
  • Might as well just take a bite out of the cow

    LocalKefGuyLocalKefGuyDay ago
  • 🤤🤤🤤🤤

    Jane LaneJane LaneDay ago
  • Woo cookinggg

    Datley StewartDatley StewartDay ago
  • Lmfao those were some hard chews in the end there buddy steak look pretty raw to me lol

    alex varelaalex varelaDay ago
  • That cow is still moowing

    Ivan DragoIvan DragoDay ago
  • That shits raw grow up

    Evan HobackEvan HobackDay ago
  • I’m sorry to say this but nothing about this looks good to me. I don’t like my steak burnt but that’s definitely too rare to me especially for a sandwich. Not crazy about the bread either. But to each his own. I’m from Philly. I will stick to our version of a cheesesteak.

    Sharon McHughSharon McHughDay ago
  • Clearly you don’t know anything about Wagyu or else you’d know that it’s high fat content means you should cook it medium rare to medium to get it really juicy as the fat will melt throughout the meat. Smh

    sinnottboysinnottboyDay ago
  • the fuck is you talkin bout dumbfuck ain’t nun blue there at alll yo

    promethazine popcornpromethazine popcornDay ago
  • That shit looked BUSSIN

    Jimmy NachbarJimmy NachbarDay ago
  • Disgusting

    Youngstunna_01Youngstunna_01Day ago

    NeoTronsNeoTronsDay ago
  • Hell nah i don’t like raw sushi sorry

    AbsoluteanglersAbsoluteanglersDay ago
  • Sick bot

    C JC JDay ago
  • It's so raw a live cow is more cooked than it

    Ali SharafAli SharafDay ago
  • "Blue rare" aka raw

    Joseph CJoseph CDay ago
  • Ruined it with the leaves on top

    A HA HDay ago
  • Oh snap, I’ve gone to north star

    Joseph SabbahJoseph SabbahDay ago
  • No not rocket

    ༺SPICY༻༺SPICY༻Day ago
  • Fooking disgusting

    Justin CooperJustin CooperDay ago
  • That's not even blue. Just rare

    davidhborischdavidhborischDay ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/o51obaKYb4iIbak

    Devin andSTUFFDevin andSTUFFDay ago
  • Jesus how lazy do you have to be to get a automatic pepper grinder... No disrespect but maybe you should redo your kitchen before you get all these high end kitchen gadgets 🤷.. are you going to get the smart salt shaker as well

    Tee MTee MDay ago
  • Medium rare is the sweet spot that shit was to rare but I’d still eat it

    Ivan PerezIvan PerezDay ago
  • Skip the bread I just want the steak !

    Bubba EustaceBubba EustaceDay ago
  • Remember the cow has to die before you eat it, that steak is still running and Kicking

    Your HokageYour HokageDay ago
  • It’s raw

    440 Hurts440 HurtsDay ago
  • Electric pepper

    440 Hurts440 HurtsDay ago
  • You always cook it so horrible might as well just eat it raw

    David ZambranoDavid ZambranoDay ago
  • Dude that looks disgusting

    PetePeteDay ago
  • “blue raw” man wtf 😂

    BL GonzalezBL GonzalezDay ago
  • Thats fucking gross its raw

    Johnny blueJohnny blueDay ago
  • That steak isnt even cooked right

    Project WolfProject WolfDay ago
  • No one tell this man what a meat thermometer is or he'll go on a rant on why 125° internal meat might as well be well done

    shocker4510shocker4510Day ago
  • Just saying you shouldn't be cooking waygu anything but medwell

    Kameron CubicKameron CubicDay ago
  • Well at least you killed it when you bit into it.......the humane way you know 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    Zackary ScolesZackary ScolesDay ago
  • It’s not raw grow up The meat: 🐮

    J.SJ.SDay ago
  • Fuck your salter and pepper shakers

    alex rossalex rossDay ago
  • Nope ill pass i rather my food well done and cooked i know medium rare is sorta cooked but most restaurants say medium rare is undercooked and ion like seeing the pink inside i rather eat my food cooked ITS MY PREFERENCE

    ííí ám XP3ŘŤííí ám XP3ŘŤDay ago
  • "Cost" iron skillet

    IshavedmymohawkIshavedmymohawkDay ago
  • The cow doesn’t even need to be slaughtered for this just blow its nose and wipe its backside

    MR MMR MDay ago
  • i hope u keep eating this raw ass food

    William SchaefferWilliam SchaefferDay ago
  • I salivate when I see a live cow on the field so this was right up my street 😋

    MrFookayuMrFookayuDay ago
  • Definitely would try his meat raw. Just looks so darn juicy and tender

    Jaime RodriguezJaime RodriguezDay ago
  • I'd still rather this than well done

    SilverSilverDay ago