Exclusive | Blac Chyna's SECRETS EXPOSED by Former Friend Treasure!

Feb 16, 2021
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  • Chile I'm in my car in Texas with no power during this snow mess we got going tuned in... Its keeping me from going nuts right now😞😩

    whiwhi 2xwhiwhi 2x8 days ago
    • @Yolanda Lowe qqiq

      Clydine MillerClydine Miller2 hours ago
    • i feel you hun hope your water and power back i was blessed enough to stay with family with power and water

      Brittany JessieBrittany Jessie4 hours ago
    • I’m praying for y’all

      Adonna RoweAdonna Rowe5 hours ago
    • 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

      Lesha GayleLesha Gayle16 hours ago
    • Praying for you. God will make away for you.

      Tatiana DorcemusTatiana Dorcemus17 hours ago
  • TeamChyna

    Jessica MorganJessica Morgan23 seconds ago
  • idk why she even answering the questions if u are not gonna answer the questions.....so she should have just said naww im not speaking on that or ask her i wasnt there

    vonnii1013vonnii101324 minutes ago
  • Tasha best interview so far!

    L.S.DL.S.D29 minutes ago
  • I felt everything she said to the tea, friendships really hurt when they go bad. but toward the end the end when she said " Ima write a book......I CAN WRITE" I felt that because that just put the battery in my back to get on my sh*t and start my project..and you know that sh*t gonna be good because shes so articulate. I never watched a FULL interview of anything !

    Ebony P.Ebony P.33 minutes ago
  • I believe u treasure

    kayla dobbinskayla dobbins34 minutes ago
  • libras are sweet until otherwise provoked 10/02!!

    Raihannah BarrowRaihannah Barrow36 minutes ago
  • That’s not a real friend i would talk about her stuff know that u not friends

    Yolanda RodriguezYolanda Rodriguez46 minutes ago
  • I watched this to the end never have I ever watched a interview to the end. Treasure is a genuine person I respect her so much!!!!

    Khadijah Plus FiveKhadijah Plus FiveHour ago
  • The show garbage it just shows hw crazy she is an damn hw can u b n a relationship with her smhhhh help is needed!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kay LKay LHour ago
  • Chyna saw she was competition at the club and she wanted her close to her so she didn’t outshine her...which is why she never felt obligated to teach her friend how to level up and she would just throw her a bone every now and then.

    The Beauty BrujaThe Beauty Bruja2 hours ago
  • Some friends don't know ur use until it's too late. I also think it jealousy.

    lady kisilady kisi2 hours ago
  • Lol how you guna say you never met Kim then say you took the picture of Chyna and Kim??? I’m confusion 😳🤔😒

    Anubis ThaCutestAnubis ThaCutest2 hours ago
  • Why is this show just now airing on WeTV?

    Anubis ThaCutestAnubis ThaCutest2 hours ago
  • I don’t think chyna is boring. It’s also weird to come do some hour long interview about her. For what?? Idk in the show treasure seemed like a genuine friend but you never know....

    Anubis ThaCutestAnubis ThaCutest2 hours ago
  • Im sorry Treasure is so wack for this interview. Friends or not friends, she is foul for speaking on what happen when they were friends. She is a CLOWN!

    Queen_Honor_Blossom GQueen_Honor_Blossom G3 hours ago
  • I don’t care how hurt she is or what happened between them, you tell YOUR truth not Chyna’s business. Cause if you listen to the story you can tell that Chyna had a traumatic childhood and that’s probably why she keep’s people away. Imagine feeling like EVERYBODY in the world is picking with you or constantly searching for love and attention. Constantly getting surgery to not look like your toxic abusive mother. This interview should’ve been a friend expressing her hurt not spilling tea.

    iyeshia fellsiyeshia fells4 hours ago
  • I’m team treasure I wanna see her win

    Adonna RoweAdonna Rowe4 hours ago
  • Treasure is a great combination of TAMI and SKY!!!! Boss ♥️

    ivan bokwanaivan bokwana4 hours ago
  • I love treasure & I’m a Libra too ♎️❤️

    Ebony JohnsonEbony Johnson4 hours ago
  • Treasure I will be there!!! Whatever u doin is checking when it’s done and she isn’t bitter she’s hurt she lost her best friend

    Adonna RoweAdonna Rowe4 hours ago
  • She weird ASF. Who tf sits up there and spill mfs so call business. You can tell she hating tryna say Chyna did drugs but then go say I did if you put it in this way

    Chloe FrisonChloe Frison4 hours ago
  • Libra gang

    Adonna RoweAdonna Rowe4 hours ago
  • I need a treasure show!!

    Adonna RoweAdonna Rowe4 hours ago
  • i want to see her win

    nohatenohate4 hours ago
  • Treasure I'm so sorry for passing judgment on you, a short time ago. I judged the book by its cover and I was completely wrong about you. So now I understand better , and I'm jus asking to please forgive me. We don't know each other at all ,but that doesn't mean that I'm not supposed to apologize to you . From 1 libra to another I UNDERSTAND you and HEART...

    Shonne ArkansasShonne Arkansas6 hours ago
  • Shes way more likeable than Chyna

    Jennifer GarciaJennifer Garcia6 hours ago
  • Wait. She said she never met Kim in person. Then 2 minutes later she said she took the picture of Chyna and Kim. Hmm, or am I not understanding? Was the picture Kim and Chyna or just Chyna. She lying now? I was honestly sitting here believing everything she was saying too

    T. CampbellT. Campbell7 hours ago
  • So chyna pulled a Ronnie mmhmmm

    Shalia WhiteShalia White7 hours ago
  • As a black woman, I’m always rooting for Angela to win. However, too many people have come out saying the same kinds things about her. I really pray she gets some sort of help. Treasure will be just fine.

    ChampagneJayeTVChampagneJayeTV7 hours ago
  • Can we talk bout Tasha for a sec she gorgeous love the make up outfit and hair so beautiful

    feisty nailsfeisty nails8 hours ago
  • Treasure is a real friend B.C fucked up, real friends are hard to find.

    Christina7oveChristina7ove8 hours ago
  • This makes me not wanna have a best friend smh !

    Vaneza RamirezVaneza Ramirez8 hours ago
  • I didn't see the show but I believe her

    Jewel FrazierJewel Frazier8 hours ago
  • My mom acts the same way to me and she’s a Libra has well sigh🥺 that mother and daughter thing I know it trust me😞

    It's Yuh Girl ShanIt's Yuh Girl Shan8 hours ago
  • I would enjoy a USworlds channel from treasure or even a podcast 💯

    Lushes LiyahLushes Liyah9 hours ago
  • 🍷❤️

    alexusmcqueen69alexusmcqueen699 hours ago
  • Once you see the fall out its never the same

    Ayana NestorAyana Nestor9 hours ago
  • I had a friend just like this

    Ayana NestorAyana Nestor9 hours ago
  • It is crazy how people get a lil FAME an forget were the come from an who had their back when they had nothing

    Alfreda BarrowsAlfreda Barrows9 hours ago
  • So why are you on here talking now stop it

    Chris BlackChris Black9 hours ago
  • You a good friend I would love to have you in my corner ❤❤

    Ayana NestorAyana Nestor9 hours ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Interview !!!

    dunbarsexymo27dunbarsexymo2710 hours ago
  • Get a lawyer to get your back wages

    magda sanonmagda sanon10 hours ago
  • Never met chyna a day in my life, but I see the person Treasure is describing just off the show. Never was friends.

    Ayanni SmithAyanni Smith10 hours ago
  • This was an awesome interview

    Katie CanterKatie Canter10 hours ago
  • Tasha tryna sneak in questions real smooth as if she watched a how to do a interview video

    Criss KCriss K10 hours ago
  • Chyna is lost, her mother is lost. They should both get lost together. Dysfunctional, bleached out women. Vacuous, both of them.

    Culture AfricaCulture Africa10 hours ago
  • I thought amber rose was the best friend

    Jehsuam TVJehsuam TV11 hours ago
  • Chyna’s team/friends when she and Rob had the show went and got tattoos of her name. I remember seeing it on Snapchat one night. Not soon after that they weren’t around her anymore. Her makeup artist at the time was Julisa or however you spell it. She got the tattoo as well. I was hoping Treasure mentioned that because I always wondered who idea that was.

    Tabaitha ElleTabaitha Elle11 hours ago
  • Just say it" She For Da Streets"

    Seductively SentVSeductively SentV11 hours ago
  • She should have had a contract with Angela and she would have gotten paid

    Shola DollShola Doll11 hours ago
  • Only thing I don't like about this I know she feel betrayed but to meet up sit down spill all the beans is just too much of my time

    Locs StylistLocs Stylist11 hours ago
  • 🤔 Why would you Assume she " had your back ? " Seems to me firstly you hoped that you would benefit from a friendship instead of prioritizing and handling your own business. That part is your fault if she didn't tell you that. Working for her ? Get your coins and keep it moving.

    janiemaebeautyjaniemaebeauty11 hours ago
  • Don’t let other ppl hold you from your opportunity’s !!! It’s the negative energy blocking your own blessing

    giggles101ablegiggles101able12 hours ago
  • The coochie commercial takes me out every time!! 🤣🤣🤣 Get them coinTs Tasha!!! ♥️♥️♥️

    Sayuri SlimSayuri Slim12 hours ago
  • I felt as though I FINALLY got the REALLLL BLAC CHYNA story

    Kaylan HopeKaylan Hope12 hours ago
  • Wow she can play aaliyah!

    Ricky OrtizRicky Ortiz13 hours ago
  • “Everything I’m doing EVERYTHING my Pr is working things...I did a small film, I have a spa coming out” Sis lit tf up speaking on her business ventures!! I wish her nothing but success ✨✨✨

    Nilla babyNilla baby13 hours ago
  • Tarsha K is shady, write a book, ghost writers are not that expensive. lol

    Doris GDoris G13 hours ago
  • Treasure was a good friend! One day China will regret throwing away their friendship for fame! Karma always comes back! China you need to make it right!

    Jenny ColemanJenny Coleman13 hours ago
  • Everyone Needs A Friend Like Her. I Believe Her 100000%

    Melony Carter-PeeteMelony Carter-Peete13 hours ago
  • Dang hearing this make me feel bad for chyna she never was properly loved

    Ness NessNess Ness14 hours ago
  • Chyna tugs and Kylie 3sum lol lmao 😂

    JC StarJC Star14 hours ago
  • Lmao now Tasha shading Treasure on the gram after she got her to spill the tea 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. No wonder Treasure retracting this crap.

    Mo Mo TaylorMo Mo Taylor14 hours ago
  • Chyna, She ain't nice. Now, Treasure is nice. 😊 Good Luck in all you do! Us Lubra Empatha always getting ripped off by Triflin Narcicist.

    Kathleen BarrowKathleen Barrow14 hours ago
  • Treasure seem cool af. Like a genuine friend. I hope she gets the apology she needs, from chyna Friendship break ups hit like relationship breakups in some cases.

    Nilla babyNilla baby14 hours ago
  • I loved this interview! Treasure keep working on you, forsure the blessing you deserve will come. Watch how it all plays out in the end. 💞

    Yesenia FloresYesenia Flores15 hours ago
  • I can believe it

    sharee4787sharee478715 hours ago
  • ion care how many years past by & me & my bestie stop talkin i ain’t neva gon sit up & do no interview exposing ha..... y’all folks built diff.... 👎🏾👎🏾

    Maserati HollyMaserati Holly15 hours ago
  • She's a great interviewer she asked all the questions im sure everyone would of asked👏 👏

    Alma PadillaAlma Padilla15 hours ago
  • I forgot about this story

    M LeezyM Leezy15 hours ago
  • Chyna is a weirdo, fasho.

    Keaongela DuffieKeaongela Duffie15 hours ago
  • Treasure is gorgeous!

    Staycee JStaycee J15 hours ago
  • Take a pause and put you in treasure situation and just think and say what would i do if it was me ?!

    Shermiah RobinShermiah Robin15 hours ago
  • Dang honestly this got me thinking of Chyna daughter, like is dream in good hands what about when she gets older🥺

    Oni ColeOni Cole15 hours ago
  • Treasure is very smart and well spoken. Very nice ...

    kadeedra mooringkadeedra mooring15 hours ago
  • She should try to be a public relations manager.... seems like she has a the knowledge to do so.

    Love 21Love 2116 hours ago
  • I really wanna know why this interview is not on the blogs! Are they actually censoring what Treasure has to say? Did Chyna pay the blogs not to post this tea? Did TI and Tiny pay not to have this posted due to the allegations? I need answers.

    Trienia WilliamsTrienia Williams16 hours ago
    • @Trienia Williams yup lol

      Julia DennisJulia Dennis13 hours ago
    • @Julia Dennis I didn’t know that 😅

      Trienia WilliamsTrienia Williams14 hours ago
    • @Courtney Coleman lmao 🖕🏾

      Trienia WilliamsTrienia Williams14 hours ago
    • @Courtney Coleman yes, she also said this interview was “strategic” 🤔.

      Julia DennisJulia Dennis14 hours ago
    • @Julia Dennis I did not forget about her fake apology. You heard when she said she would be friends with Chyna again? After all this BS, absolutely not.

      Courtney ColemanCourtney Coleman15 hours ago
  • Can someone tell me whats the tea

    BellaBella16 hours ago
  • Chyna went Hollywood smh she wrong for doing her like that

    Christina Jackson BuchananChristina Jackson Buchanan16 hours ago
  • That's the problem u made sure u got the bag so she could stop urs.u can never make no one great before u are great.this was a lesson well learned.

    Regina AndersonRegina Anderson17 hours ago
  • A true friend when take secrets to their grave even when you part ways. That goes for both her and chyna it’s sad really

    Cheryl MayoCheryl Mayo17 hours ago
  • Treasure is definitely a libra I see so much of myself in her! Libra gang!! But we not gone act like relationships ain’t beneficial boff ways honeyyyyyy.... u not gone act like u was her friend just cuz u loved her so much! Loved this interview tho cuz it shows how lame these ppl r that we think we aspire to be

    Raylan BaxterRaylan Baxter17 hours ago
  • This interview 🔥 🔥 never have I ever seen an interview this good, so much info, so much details

    Jusceline FernandesJusceline Fernandes18 hours ago
  • Her mom was right . Treasure is fake 😂 on tv talking about her “ best friend” for clout to someone nobody even knows 😂... I wish the best for chyna

    Mo ShawdayMo Shawday18 hours ago
  • Dayuum shes like real pretty. I've never noticed how pretty she is

    Alma PadillaAlma Padilla19 hours ago
  • I can't stand friends like her 😫 fake asl

    thekeep itonehundredthekeep itonehundred19 hours ago
  • 🤔 sounds like Tiga and Chyna was messing with Kylie....

    TeJuana HaynesTeJuana Haynes19 hours ago
  • Treasure come on. You were on two shows and did not get paid. That's YOUR fault, not Chyna. I will always sideye any friend, former or not who puts their ex friend on blast by doing these things.....

    Mrs CheekMrs Cheek19 hours ago
  • I like her... she knows how LA works .. it’s sad .. keep it real

    Bonnie GuizarBonnie Guizar19 hours ago
  • Is she getting paid for this interview? Since your channel is monetized I’m sure

    Tay RenaeTay Renae20 hours ago
  • Tasha i agree I don’t care to here her speak at all,

    CasingADream W.NueCasesCasingADream W.NueCases20 hours ago
  • I Know Chyna was wrong but treasure she was your friend

    Jessica BimpongJessica Bimpong20 hours ago
    • and she claim herself to be “the realest” “so real”.. if she was THAT real & aligned with them crystals she wouldn’t been putting her ex friend on blast like that, move on let karma take care of it.

      MCMC17 hours ago
  • Treasure so beautiful!

    Green GreenGreen Green20 hours ago
  • Damn! This was so insightful. Treasure seems real. Chyna been through a lot and i think that numbed her from having any empathy.

    NomadNomad20 hours ago
  • Treasure is legit gold , everything she said was real n raw .

    Paul LozadaPaul Lozada20 hours ago
  • Damn...........this was a GREAT Interview! I'm definitely Team Mz Treasure!!! xoxo

    frankelijah1frankelijah120 hours ago

    Nena LovelaceNena Lovelace20 hours ago
  • Tasha looks beautiful love the hair and makeup work it gurllll...

    Monae TMonae T20 hours ago