Evolution of Highest Jump in Spider-Man Games! (2000-2020)

Sep 10, 2020
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Jumping From the Highest Points in Spider Man Games Gameplay 1080p 60FPS PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4 PS5 Compilation of Highest Builds Jumping Falling from Highest Points Buildings all Spiders Games
0:00 Spider-Man (2000)
0:15 Spider-Man Enter Electro (2001)
0:22 Spider-Man (2002)
0:45 Spider-Man 2 (2004)
1:23 Ultimate Spider-Man (2005)
2:05 Spider-Man 3 (2007)
2:50 Spider-Man Web of Shadows (2008)
3:15 The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)
3:45 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)
4:15 Spider-Man PS4 (2018)
4:50 Spider-Man Miles Morales (2020)
No Commentary Gameplay by Geração Power Up (2020)

  • That last one is just full of the exaggerated swagger of a black teen

    Prequel GangPrequel Gang3 hours ago
  • Does no one remember spiderman shattered dimensions? I loved that game

    Navneeth JaydevNavneeth Jaydev17 hours ago
  • the way he just leaps off

    VaperonVaperon20 hours ago
  • most of these didnt even have the exaggerated swagger of a black teen , 0/10

    Half Drunk Water BottleHalf Drunk Water BottleDay ago
  • Me al hyped for the end 😢

    Collin ShepherdCollin ShepherdDay ago
  • what’s with the shitty footage for miles morales

    PersonPersonDay ago
  • The amazing spider man one looked great I think it had the best swinging

  • 2014 spider man sounds a lil diff

    Donovan Omahedbo KemaniDonovan Omahedbo Kemani2 days ago
  • In Spider-Man 3 you get a different animation when you land on the ground with the black venom suit

    LemonLemon2 days ago
  • Magine how fast things go in just 20 years in development? I were 7 the first time I played the first Spiderman and I loved it. And now Miles Morales, one of the most beautiful games I've seen through a console. Absolutely astonishing.

    PunwantedPunwanted2 days ago
  • Evolution of the exaggerated swagger of a black teen

    Jack SurvanaJack Survana2 days ago
    • I was looking for this comment thank you

      A piece of cakeA piece of cakeDay ago

    Gavr_Bro TVGavr_Bro TV2 days ago
  • Just how he jumps off the building to face the camera is full of the exaggerated swagger of a black teen

    InsektenbruzzlerInsektenbruzzler2 days ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/iWdspqWUqJRkaGI

    lukasz marciniaklukasz marciniak2 days ago
  • アメイジング2も当時グラフィック凄かったけど今みるとなるほどなってなっちゃう

    はしゅう.はしゅう.2 days ago
  • 昔は落下死したんやね

    はしゅう.はしゅう.2 days ago
  • 0:20 Nobody: Spider-Man before dying: wOnDeRfUl

    Stanislav DanilochkinStanislav Danilochkin2 days ago
  • Evolution of the exaggerated swagger of a black teen

    Ogre DaddyOgre Daddy3 days ago
  • They just can't keep up with the exaggerated lagger of a black teen

    Lost my nameLost my name3 days ago
  • There are too many bad features that spiderman gets fall damage and you can not go in road in first 3 spiderman games but old is gold

  • City looked so big in the first Spiderman movie game. I loved it

    John DoeJohn Doe3 days ago
  • 4.5 milhões? Wow, parabéns Stark

    Cauã BritoCauã Brito4 days ago
  • The exaggerated swagger of a black teen

    So FyeSo Fye4 days ago
  • I'm not that into gaming but ultimate spider man on PS2 brings up so many memories and emotions I'm in physical pain.

    muscleandmathmuscleandmath4 days ago
  • É canal BR?

    Uchiha SasukeUchiha Sasuke4 days ago
    • Sim

      E. SilvérioE. Silvério4 days ago
  • the graphics gradually get better as the video progresses

    Mr. DwightyMr. Dwighty4 days ago
  • Unfortunately none of them has the exaggerated swagger of a black teen...

    RemuryRemury4 days ago
  • Z

    Derek FrancoDerek Franco4 days ago
  • I love jocehen Spider-Man does he says wonderful

    Mr NolalifeMr Nolalife4 days ago
  • They just need the exaggerated swagger of a black teen

    Mr TortoiseMr Tortoise4 days ago
  • Lo bueno que lo pasamos al jugar los primeros spiderman, eran lo mejor

    DoDo ZDoDo Z4 days ago
  • “Evolution of butts”

    Miguel GrandonMiguel Grandon4 days ago
  • In 2040 he will be in real life 🤣

    Ghir / AMV'sGhir / AMV's4 days ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/aIVoln2anYOpg4s

    PabzPabz4 days ago
  • Spider-Man: *dies in the sidewalk* Citizens: "...and i took that, personally."

    Lazy brutalityLazy brutality4 days ago
  • I love how 2020 is the laggeist one

    Palwasha AlokozaiPalwasha Alokozai4 days ago
  • They need more exaggerated swagger then the new one

    bill doskbill dosk5 days ago
  • 2 fps

    LUCK芸術LUCK芸術5 days ago
  • Good video

    RecoZ 26RecoZ 265 days ago
  • these leaps have no exaggerated swagger of a black teen

    EvoctionEvoction5 days ago
    • And doesn’t have the exaggerated confidence of a white young man

      John MarstonJohn Marston4 days ago
  • The third photo looks like a big mutant from The Forest

    Andreas OskarAndreas Oskar5 days ago
    • 😅😅🤣

      Andreas OskarAndreas Oskar5 days ago
  • Yo Spider-Man 2 was crazy

    It’s KrocIt’s Kroc6 days ago
  • Ps4 we got spiderman xbox we had it first and still do

    NRG DemonicNRG Demonic6 days ago
  • Miles seems to have the exaggerated swagger of a black teen

    TGT 101TGT 1016 days ago
  • Spiderman Miles Morales 1,5fps

    Daniel GomesDaniel Gomes6 days ago
  • where’s the exaggerated swagger?

    Dropoff_NationDropoff_Nation6 days ago
  • I could just feel the *exaggerated swagger* off of the last one.

    DivideDivide6 days ago
  • Bro el primer epidermis man yo lo juge

    Atronó YTAtronó YT6 days ago
  • That’s not the highest point in the 2018 spider man

    Fishy gamer 9462Fishy gamer 94626 days ago
  • i have a game the amazing spiderman 2 i playing

    -Clash--Clash-6 days ago
  • Damn so much changed in 20 yrs

    Nina ChangNina Chang6 days ago
  • The main question is how this man got so many Spider-Man games

    Nina ChangNina Chang6 days ago
  • I honestly feel like Spider-Man doesn’t get enough momentum coming off those high dives like he should. Even in the newer Spider-Man games I feel like we should be able to get a little more feet per swing action going on. Like I think at the speeds these characters throw themselves, easily should at least clear a good block n a half off an Empire State dive. Or am I the only one bugged about that?

    BonzerMrTBonzerMrT6 days ago
  • Wow I cant bileved I owned one of these

    firesloth 59firesloth 596 days ago
  • Im a simple man, I see spiderman butts i click

    morning starmorning star6 days ago
  • 1/10 lacks exaggerated swagger

    Daniel ClineDaniel Cline6 days ago
  • This just tells us how ahead of the time rockstar games were!

    Harish RHarish R6 days ago
  • E vídeo português não e inglês

    Caio RogerCaio Roger7 days ago
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    Linton SmithLinton Smith7 days ago
  • The World Trade Center is higher in Spider-Man PS4

    Lucky MilkLucky Milk7 days ago
  • nobody's gonna talk about the last one?

    CoralCloudClanCoralCloudClan7 days ago
    • @TGT 101 yes

      CoralCloudClanCoralCloudClan5 days ago
    • You mean the one with the exaggerated swagger?

      TGT 101TGT 1016 days ago
  • Ps4 👍 la ps5 👎👎

    Rocchi RamovicRocchi Ramovic7 days ago
  • On Spider-man ps4 the avengers tower is the highest buillding

    Maria RaduMaria Radu7 days ago
  • The thumbnail basically: Here, check out how nice each spidey's buns are.

    Fée de SylvestreFée de Sylvestre7 days ago
  • Clickbait

    Recon BakuRecon Baku7 days ago
  • Half of these look like roblox lmao

    charliedoesrandomstuffcharliedoesrandomstuff7 days ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/hZeDnJ6dsIphfXs

    PewDie PiePewDie Pie7 days ago
  • that last one definitely has the exaggerated swagger of a black teen

    Joshua 2 AtkinsJoshua 2 Atkins7 days ago
  • The way he leaps off of rooftops is full of the exaggerated swagger of a black teen, it gives me goosebumps everytime he does it

    Z. T.Z. T.7 days ago
    • @Gerald Brooks III Same 😂

      DATHICCBOI 789DATHICCBOI 78920 hours ago
    • I was waiting to see a comment like this lmao

      Gerald Brooks IIIGerald Brooks III4 days ago
  • The way Miles Morales jumps off that building is FULL of the exaggerated swagger of a black teen!!

    LonkLonk7 days ago
  • Spiderman fall from the buildings* Spiderman: Wonderful..

    Timothy salazarTimothy salazar7 days ago
  • This was a great idea for a video.

    Benin BadyalBenin Badyal8 days ago
  • The ones that didn’t die from fall damage achieved the exaggerated swagger of a black teen

    N00DL3KINGN00DL3KING8 days ago
  • 0:06 me when as a kid jumping of the bunk

    baby Oliver Treebaby Oliver Tree8 days ago
  • One World Trade Center is the tallest building in NYC. Should have done the high jump from there

    PeeGee ThirteenPeeGee Thirteen8 days ago
  • So is this what exaggerated swagger looks like?

    HAZZA_2002HAZZA_20028 days ago
  • Caralho mano só tem gringo aqui véi Tá famoso ein stark

    シ B I E Lシ B I E L8 days ago
  • Как говорил мой тренер главное правильно и вовремя сгрупироватьсЯ

    _e_337__e_337_8 days ago
  • Hola

    Luis Jose Flores RosaLuis Jose Flores Rosa8 days ago
  • video games have come a long way in 20 years

    AvexAvex8 days ago
  • 腹がソワソワする

    神崎升神崎升8 days ago
  • Highest jump? Or highest fall

    John MatthewJohn Matthew8 days ago
  • Last game was full with the exaggerated swagger of a black teen

    exploringBGexploringBG8 days ago
  • PS4 Gameplay usworlds.info/slow/video/d6Zpp6vToYSKfZk

    UrAvgGamingChapsUrAvgGamingChaps8 days ago
  • the spider swing are slow

    Angela Samantha GayondatoAngela Samantha Gayondato8 days ago
  • The ps4 spiderman is legit the world trade center bro, same with miles morales.

    Spyder AnimsSpyder Anims8 days ago
  • Spider-Man 3 on ps2 will go down as one of my favorite games of all time and one of the first games I grinded at 7 years old

    Connor LewisConnor Lewis8 days ago
  • Тот самый руский комент

    SPEAK1NGSPEAK1NG8 days ago
  • Imma do what I call a Exaggerated swag move

    The Chicago gamerThe Chicago gamer8 days ago
  • Pizza time

    the jokerthe joker8 days ago
  • I thought it was who had the best buns 😳

    kelvin antoniokelvin antonio9 days ago
  • 4:11 spiderman you'll become sonic

    RCDN200RCDN2009 days ago
  • The Amazing Hedgehog-Man

    Jake KaydenJake Kayden9 days ago
  • In the first few games it just shocked me that they looked at the graphics and went ye that looks great

    LeonLeon9 days ago
  • Exaggerated swagger

    Rehux _Rehux _9 days ago
  • Pq kralhos só tem gringo aqui vey '-'

    miranhazin ;3miranhazin ;39 days ago
  • Lol spider man ps5 was lagging

    atharva Maneatharva Mane9 days ago
  • *N entendo pq tem esse russos em vídeo Br;-;*

    Toxic†‡Toxic†‡9 days ago
    • Tbm não entendo ksksksks

      Pokeplayer HypnosPokeplayer Hypnos9 days ago
  • 4:20 thats not the highest

    BreadloaferBreadloafer9 days ago
  • esse do web of shadows ta errado esse nao e o mais alto

    Guto DiasGuto Dias9 days ago