Every Family Has Its Feud: This Is Ours | I AM ATHLETE w/ Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson & More

Apr 5, 2021
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Every family has its feuds and in this episode, we have ours...The discussion heats up as Brandon, Chad, Channing and Fred discuss contracts and the differences between NBA and NFL. Chad and Channing say it's easier for the NBA players to run the league because they have guaranteed contracts where in the NFL, the players are at the mercy of the owners unless they are franchised. Brandon disagrees and says not all NBA players have guaranteed money and that the NFL is institutionalized.
Former NFL Wide Receiver and Houston great, Andre Johnson, joined the guys to talk about the Houston Texans organization and the future of Deshaun Watson. The normally reserved veteran, voiced his opinion in early 2021 about how players, specifically Watson, were being treated by the organization and that a change needs to be made. Generating buzz about his public stance, the guys leaned into Johnson's leadership role and how much he is respected to speak to the current state of the NFL and the Houston Texans.
Johnson was pulled into the heated debate but sat observing the back and forth as Brandon offered a quick apology beforehand sensing the conversation was about to take a left turn. Becoming extremely agitated with the difference of opinions, Brandon loses his cool with Chad and Channing which leads to a very intense moment between the guys. After minutes of arguing, Fred interjects to bring the guys back down and simmer the conversation.
Chef joins the show during the heated debate and is an icebreaker in the tension as she serves the guys lamb chops to Chad who has never had them before! And ofcourse no episode is complete without Chad and Brandon asking who is the X and who is the Y, which spurs another round of excitement before the show closes!
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Additional Note:
Andre Johnson was asked to be a guest on this week’s episode of I Am Athlete to talk about football and inner workings of the NFL.
The episode was filmed prior to many of the off field allegations against Deshaun Watson becoming public. We understand the severity of the claims and take them seriously and will allow the legal system to play out.
The tweet referred to on the show was written and posted by Johnson on January 12, 2021 expressing his stance from a football perspective about Watson, not on a personal level.
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  • Legitimate question did Kirk Cousin get a guarantee contract. if so how did he do that. Or is that just fluff and his contract is not guaranteed?

    Travis EdenTravis Eden6 minutes ago
  • The TV deal is big the deal that is making the salary cap rise is the gambling. Draft kings, mgm , etc . There is an influx of cash coming in from betting and gambling being legalized.

    Travis EdenTravis Eden8 minutes ago
  • “What’s yo dental schedule?” 😂 I would like to know too! Beautiful smile.

    K LynnK Lynn31 minute ago
  • Who that on the intro song?

    Myron StrongMyron Strong41 minute ago
  • Fact of the matter is, if the NFL players were going to have power, they would have had it already. It is because of the owners who do not wish to allow their league to have certain ideologies and let’s be honest, political and/or partisan affiliations that rival their own and the people who watch, buy, and sell their products.

    Richard L. Major IIIRichard L. Major III44 minutes ago
  • Brandon really doesn’t understand that money is power lmao

    Tarik OsborneTarik Osborne48 minutes ago
  • Andre at 1:09:04: "Ocho ain't gonna block nobody, man" Ocho 1:09:46: "He put you at X just to block"

    ZackZack49 minutes ago
  • Andre is my X if I build my Football Ultimate Team

    ZackZack54 minutes ago
  • why you don't talk, bruh?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    LJ HeissLJ HeissHour ago
  • Brandon one argument away from turning green

    Terrance ThompsonTerrance ThompsonHour ago
  • Man I love this show. Yo, you guys should have Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf on the show discussing how the NBA has changed since he played....and discussed what he went through.

    J. ThompsonJ. ThompsonHour ago
  • I want Ray Lewis on here Ik he play defense but that would be lit 🔥

    J BizzleJ BizzleHour ago
  • This why Andre don’t talk lmao 😂

    Acire DunnAcire DunnHour ago
  • 2:08, “what did them niggas do to make him that mad”

    Isaiah BellIsaiah BellHour ago
  • Ocho the x

    MR JMR JHour ago
  • Brandon you are wrong my guy. Almost every contract in the NBA is guaranteed. I get your emotional about this topic but Chad is very right. NBA players have more power cuz they r guaranteed their money. Owners rnt going to cut someone they have to pay millions for the next 4 years,

    Bruce Kirk JrBruce Kirk Jr2 hours ago
  • Channing is a funny as hell

    MR JMR J2 hours ago
  • I understand Chad's viewpoint but you can't think like that. If you're defeated before dreaming about what it could be you'll never actually achieve anything substantial. Guys need guaranteed contracts but what else? Chad has to think bigger IMO

    Brandon AikensBrandon Aikens2 hours ago
  • Bring revis and megatron‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

    Apologies TheApologies The2 hours ago
  • I believe Fred

    henry kissingerhenry kissinger2 hours ago
  • Sorry bruss, Hakeems the GOAT of Houston

    MK GMK G2 hours ago

    Blxck JefeBlxck Jefe2 hours ago
  • NFL players is never going to have power for one reason. You have a handful of players who have money to weather the storm, and the rest are living paycheck to paycheck. Everytimw they talk about a lock out. This is the number 1 topic. Save your money. And the players that living paycheck to paycheck always vote against the players who have it. 🙄

    Brandon FloydBrandon Floyd3 hours ago
  • This Deshaun Watson shit has to be the worst assasination of character in sports history

    Matthew HymanMatthew Hyman4 hours ago
  • Brandon is delusional...dude said he’s the same receiver as Dre.

    TeejayTeejay4 hours ago
  • Brandon marshal 😂😂😂

    TeejayTeejay4 hours ago
  • you should recording with 4K camera its 2021 omg

    MKMK5 hours ago
  • Yo, B trolling chad about Revis locking him up was hilarious. All these dudes have super high egos so the dynamic is funny.

    Yardman MikeYardman Mike5 hours ago
  • These brothas are HILARIOUS

    Bee9 Gee9Bee9 Gee95 hours ago
  • One of my favorite podcasts hands down!!!!...and I don’t even like sports like that since Mike retired from basketball!!!... but I love these brothers for opening their heart with honesty and integrity to us all!!!

    Christopher DavisChristopher Davis5 hours ago
  • Brothers y’all content and y’all sharing y’all dialogue is VERY,VERY therapeutic because y’all are honest!!!!!

    Christopher DavisChristopher Davis5 hours ago
  • Channing need his ass whooped for them damn jumpmans

    JadienJadien6 hours ago
  • Darrelle Revis was actually covering Terrell Owens. Antonio Cromartie was covering Ochocinco !

    E SE S6 hours ago
  • Idk man I just feel like B Marshall be doing too much just to get more screentime and spotlight than everyone else.

    Tarj RichardsTarj Richards6 hours ago
  • how you not talk about the U with andre. the greatest college football team

    D PriceD Price7 hours ago
  • Mane I almost broke down at one point realizing how far tings has came frm since then💯

    Lor DiimeZLor DiimeZ7 hours ago
  • Get your money and forget about politics. nfl players should use their platform to get 70% revenue with max contract so qbs don’t keep all the money. Stop wasting energy and time on bs political campaigns and start unifying over taking ownership to the cleaner

    ari96aari96a7 hours ago
  • EAsterby is a conman

    ari96aari96a7 hours ago
  • Revis really did lock up Ocho though 😂😂💀💀

    JR SwishJR Swish7 hours ago
  • This ain’t MADDEN! ~Ocho

    BooZillA!BooZillA!8 hours ago
  • The endurable drill prenatally form because bestseller clasically trust circa a rough edge. whispering, prickly desire

    Jaemarie SuazoJaemarie Suazo8 hours ago

    jblazeRNFLjblazeRNFL9 hours ago
  • i did boy know dre had this kinda personality he quiet and chill asl i had the wrong first impression if ykyk🥊

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  • Who else is here from 11 yr old Revis highlights?

    Lost HighwayLost Highway9 hours ago
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  • 26:19 what chad said I think about Watson

    Mike JonesMike Jones10 hours ago
  • Omfg Brandon Marshall was tripping hahahaha. This man was loud as hell and wrong hahahaha.

    ikeownscharizardsikeownscharizards10 hours ago
  • Why was yall so hype with this calm man on the show lol 🤣😂🤣 I wanted to hear more from him. Why didn't yall ask him what HE thought about the NFL and the non guaranteed contracts??

    Eb KnowsitallEb Knowsitall10 hours ago
  • Love Brandon Marshall but I think he was wrong about the guaranteed contracts lol

    A EllisA Ellis11 hours ago
  • We need Kevin hart on

    King DGKing DG11 hours ago
  • Brandon Marshall a clown 😂

    Rick WelchRick Welch11 hours ago
  • The hapless women lamentably enjoy because cirrus echographically squeak unlike a bright warm. encouraging, dull engineering

    Calvin CantyCalvin Canty11 hours ago
  • I fucks wit the guys mane 💯💯

    Macworld3Macworld312 hours ago
  • What The F@#$ is he talking about 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Javon RuddockJavon Ruddock12 hours ago
  • As Bleacher Report's Eric Pincus noted, the vast majority of NBA contracts are guaranteed. Yes, certain contracts can be non-guaranteed depending on how a player and team negotiate the deal, but those are not common cases.4 days ago

    D CouncilD Council12 hours ago
  • They need Adam Pacman Jones

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  • Brandon needs to get back to working out. He’s worn out from talking

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  • Chad pissed off.

    D CouncilD Council13 hours ago
  • Fred was clear B trying to be politically correct

    TyTheDealerTyTheDealer13 hours ago
  • Deshaun is going through "shut up nugga" time in his life

    Robert WoodRobert Wood13 hours ago
  • I’m glad AJ getting some flowers and FaceTime cuz he was a Dawg consistently and was always a team player. Him and Julio are rare breeds as WR role models.

    Stopdah8teStopdah8te13 hours ago
  • The wacky second microcephaly applaud because venezuela coincidingly scatter minus a dynamic cicada. quick, calculating club

    D SamuelsD Samuels13 hours ago
  • "Its not garunteed"

    dzimm 3802dzimm 380213 hours ago
  • Only dude not saying the same thing and actually listening is Andre

    VociviVocivi13 hours ago
  • I'm not sure why people keep saying Brandon Marshall is wrong. The man was trying to say (but couldn't quite spit it out due to frustration) is that "WE AS A PEOPLE" regardless of color or financial status, once most saw George Floyd get the life choked out of him was fed up and if WE stick together WE can accomplish the unthinkable. Chad and the other guy's point was people are too scared to lose money to stand together so they allow others to do it for them. Wake up and break the damn cycle...

    Willy JakkzWilly Jakkz14 hours ago
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  • This how alot of barbershop conversations get turned up !!!!! This show is authentic 🙌

    Ronnie Nelson JrRonnie Nelson Jr14 hours ago
  • We can’t think like OCHO if we want to impact change. The difference between the NBA and NFL is that the NFL does not move collectively. if they moved collectively with the top players they could impact change.

    Mo'NaturalsMo'Naturals14 hours ago
  • Channing " You sound scary" 😂😂

    Star Nation300Star Nation30015 hours ago
  • You guys are awesome!!!

    Saundra JohnsonSaundra Johnson15 hours ago
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    Matthew PaulMatthew Paul15 hours ago
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  • NFL players can not do what the NBA players can do NBA players got more power more freedom then the NFL players no player could do what James harden did to basically secure a easy ass championship no NFL player can just not play cause they don’t wanna be there n still get paid NBA players can

    TRuTRu16 hours ago
  • The best podcast period!!!

    Raynell Brian JohnsonRaynell Brian Johnson16 hours ago
  • Channing seems like the coolest dude to smoke with

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  • Hands down, one of the best episodes outside of the Mike Vick/CTE episode.

  • That mean y’all have to hit harder & run faster....that means y’all should get paid 4 to 8 times more doing the end of the season

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  • No, Brandon. Dre didn't "put his hand on Courtland Finnegan." He whooped Courtland Finnegan's ass!!! But what u expect? That's "The U!'

    Steven WadeSteven Wade17 hours ago
  • You have to start somewhere it’s not about the money it’s about standing on principle and realizing where the real power lies. Look what Curt Flood did to Major League Baseball. You either stand for something or fall for anything. Brandon is right.

    Benny AllenBenny Allen17 hours ago
  • Cam Newton said something in 2015 before the super Bowl and his career went down hill far as endorsements. He get bash a lot now

    Jacorey HaskinsJacorey Haskins17 hours ago
  • 1:09:09 "blocking? BLOCKING?" is the new Allen Iverson "Practice?"

    TheJinSooChoiTheJinSooChoi18 hours ago
  • I get what Chad saying. He right. Think about it nfl players have franchise Tag. That means a nfl owner can keep the player even if they don’t want to be their. That’s why players have power in the NBA. The owners don’t have that type of control over them. Once the contract up they can go as they please.

    Jacorey HaskinsJacorey Haskins18 hours ago
  • Arian foster is the best player in Texans history all y’all trippn

    Theo ParkerTheo Parker18 hours ago
  • Brandon finance and banking run American White Supremacy bro...wake the F up dude. NFL owners have the leverage on players bro!!

    Brian HunteBrian Hunte18 hours ago
  • The contracts play a key role Brandon stop talking race speak business speak contracts bro. You're a primetim media and you're scared bro

    Brian HunteBrian Hunte18 hours ago
  • Brandon Marshall doesn't understand business of sports and is loud cause it's his show and he is sounding dumb!!

    Brian HunteBrian Hunte18 hours ago