ESPN Fires Paul Pierce For Party on His Instagram Live!

Apr 5, 2021
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    TheFlightMikeTheFlightMike8 days ago
    • Ok so which one of the 350 viewers was the snitch?

      TheBrotasticBroTheBrotasticBro6 days ago
    • *1:05** What company did Paul Pierce work for that is Under ESPN's Umbrella??? He worked for ESPN.*

      T. DuncanT. Duncan7 days ago
    • Do you think he would be fired if they were men twerking?

      Deandre FuentesDeandre Fuentes7 days ago
    • Duck espn go Paul

      Gaza Strip MadGaza Strip Mad7 days ago
    • @Frederick Kendrick don't think he can do that with others beats

      Richard DenarisRichard Denaris7 days ago
  • Paul wasnt a good analyst! Chris Boushard should be next!🤣🤣

    Cindy CarterCindy Carter7 hours ago
  • What every grown up man likes to do a time to time i dont see a problem here those girls getting paid for the services every one happy everything legal here no issue at all

    luis stanziolaluis stanziolaDay ago
  • Yes P.P. now you can smoke you're life away..🥴

    Edwin RiveraEdwin RiveraDay ago
  • When you work for Disney, you can even look at someone wrong. Soft af.

    Mitch NelsonMitch Nelson2 days ago
  • That's why I left social media he to old for that

    BlakeBlake3 days ago
  • Dummy boy. Clown 🤡

    Franco YauriFranco Yauri3 days ago
  • Fucks sports, I mean fox sports will take him.

    Pinoy TrollPinoy Troll3 days ago
  • I hope he has mortgage money put away! 😏

    Carlos P. JrCarlos P. Jr3 days ago
  • Wait, Paul got Fired on his Day Off, 😂😂😂😂 You can't make this Shit Up

    Detroit State Of MindDetroit State Of Mind4 days ago
  • Damn they act like he was doing the R Kelly on IG Live

    Father StrengthFather Strength4 days ago
  • What’s with the chicken heads bro?

    setmedicsetmedic4 days ago
  • I'm sorry I mess up with my spelling I miss words some of this stuff makes me so mad I actually even lose my eyesight because I'll be in tears . They always worried about the wrong thing's

    Donald ReidDonald Reid4 days ago
  • I mean Shannon Keep a bottle of Hennessy on the table... Go to Fox Sports Paul!!!!

    Chevez LoydChevez Loyd4 days ago
  • I always hate this humongous stupid man

    hokuto shinkenhokuto shinken4 days ago
  • I wish this was Kendrick Perkins instead....

    Marquin WhiteMarquin White4 days ago
  • "FIRED"! Does he look like he even gives a DAMN? Not at all. Hes good, he's very wealthy so... And Disney with all of their subliminal messages in cartoons is NOT innocent at all! By the way, what's wrong woth getting a message by pretty women? He wasn't even doing anything but chill'n and relaxing. He'll be just fine.

    Dane TurnerDane Turner5 days ago
  • Good riddance!

    Island Rhythms ProductionIsland Rhythms Production5 days ago
  • I forget the young lady day 5 but that used to run this show with Mike they fired Mike and her also you know when is this going to stop Stephen A Smith better watch yourself and the rest of the people even evil Perkins perk perk Perkins and the rest of them black commentators better watch their self that work there cuz you're telling me you can't even party you know that's a damn shame the man got responsibilities and you're fine and he's a legend Pierce's a legend for Boston and you do one little thing and get fired come on everybody smoke weed and drink and party now and some of them there smoke weed but they behind they they do that thing's behind the closet they closet party is

    Og StuartOg Stuart5 days ago
  • I don't think Paul Spears did anything wrong what you mean these guys can't party cuz they work come on

    Og StuartOg Stuart5 days ago
  • Espn is bullshit. Favorite guests are snoop Nelly and dmx. Well known for weed, hoes. But with the truth they make double standards. Let that man enjoy himself. F*** em

    Van DammeVan Damme5 days ago
  • Skrew ESPN! Nothing but shape shifting reptilians over there, trying to control people's lives! That's why I Luv when Kyrie say the earth is flat and then disappear from the league for days. Shout out to the truth and everyone else who don't worship and OBEY the ESPN reptilians. ❌❌❌

    Sticky LinxSticky Linx5 days ago
  • good riddance - he was the worst analyst on ESPN

    Mohammad AhmedMohammad Ahmed5 days ago
  • But he didn’t do nothing

    Nicolas ZYXNicolas ZYX5 days ago
  • ESPN need to get rid of Brandon Marshall...js

    Jorge BarajasJorge Barajas5 days ago
  • I Bet Paul Pierce Wish He Was Lebron James Now..

    Decarles ZacheryDecarles Zachery5 days ago
  • thank god...

    NavidNavid5 days ago
  • Soft ass nba & ESPN Agenda. Hatin on The truth cuz he an Alpha🔥🔥🔥

    Van DammeVan Damme5 days ago
  • So what was the official reason he was fired for? This should terrify each one of us. He’s a adult who can drink alcohol, who was in his home with other adults. If this could happen to him imagine what bullshit an average person could get fired for. If he was there getting a message from male "exotic dancers" he’d be getting an award.

    NtheKnife318NtheKnife3185 days ago
  • shady paul, wasn't that great of a player any dam way. l feel sorry for him. he not that good on tv anyway. don't think he should have been fired. he looks like he was high or something. paul can l have a joint my back hurts man

    Ricky ReedRicky Reed6 days ago
  • The new Lamar Odom

    Big DaddyBig Daddy6 days ago
  • Well Paul PIERCE just earn a lakers fan respect

    rrboss33rrboss336 days ago
  • Don't these men know how to go through a mid-life crisis and private.smfh😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Chiquita ValdezChiquita Valdez6 days ago
  • Well he's fammous that's for sure. Just not for th best reason

    Dark QwartzsytalDark Qwartzsytal6 days ago
  • They gotta get paid too!! Corona got people buggin!

    Anthony McfarlaneAnthony Mcfarlane6 days ago
  • Just like KD, too much social media will kill you anytime!!

    John RedJohn Red6 days ago
  • Soft ass nba & ESPN Agenda. Hatin on The truth cuz he an Alpha🔥🔥🔥

    Van DammeVan Damme6 days ago
  • Retire your repeat video is sad!

    Jesse J GarciaJesse J Garcia6 days ago
  • Paul pierce is cut from that cloth in his voice on ru

    Byron beltByron belt6 days ago
  • Lmaooo if we being honest he doesn’t need ESPN it was like a fun gig dude is a retired millionaire who’s most probably set for his life living in LA he doesn’t live off thier wages it’s not like Stephen a or max who worked thier way up and that’s their checks of living plus Paul tbh probably can hop on many different podcasts or shows like even all the smoke or maybe even transition to guest appearances on fox ESPN just wanted him gone if they can’t control u they don’t want u

    carl kashcarl kash6 days ago
  • stupid

    RonRon6 days ago
  • Paul Pierce, had gone crazy.

    Juelz CalebJuelz Caleb6 days ago
  • #TogetherEvery1AchievesMore TEAM!

    Together Every1 Achieves More #TEAMTogether Every1 Achieves More #TEAM6 days ago
  • Pat McAfee should pick him up or Barstool

    Jeffrey HerrinJeffrey Herrin6 days ago
  • He sucks as an analyst anyway

    EJ RizalEJ Rizal6 days ago
  • Fingers crossed that screaming a smith is next...that guy is a clown.

    Rene ValdezRene Valdez6 days ago
  • Espn is owned by Disney. And Disney definitely don't play that sht!!!

    Peter MolinaPeter Molina6 days ago
  • Paul Pierce is a grown ass man! ESPN stop riding him!

    Dexter GillDexter Gill6 days ago
  • Those were my thoughts exactly. Is Paul Pierce okay? My son has a travel ball teammate who plays for his AAU team, as well.

    Abraham HorowitzAbraham Horowitz6 days ago
  • Dremond: "chasing that farewell tour. They dont love you like that. Espn: farewell pierce. We dont love you like that. Chase those strippers.

    George AruinoGeorge Aruino6 days ago
  • Thank god he was a horrible analyst

    Nick AlmanzaNick Almanza6 days ago
  • shaq twerks all the time on air

    dev angdev ang6 days ago
  • That's not the problem, COVID is this out there and no mask. That's a bad look

    Lloyd EppsLloyd Epps6 days ago
  • Can we see the fuckin Paul pierce video damn u jus talkin runnin yo damn mouth

  • Yessirr‼️‼️‼️

    A l f r e d 0A l f r e d 06 days ago
  • Ayeee‼️‼️‼️‼️

    A l f r e d 0A l f r e d 06 days ago
  • Fuck yeahh‼️‼️‼️‼️

    A l f r e d 0A l f r e d 06 days ago
  • 😂😂😂

    A l f r e d 0A l f r e d 06 days ago
  • ESPN is owned by Disney, a family oriented company. So ya, no surprise they would fire him for this.

    Color BlindColor Blind6 days ago
  • Espn needs to bring back the truth

    HomerHomer6 days ago
  • Oh paul pierce

    Earth HumanEarth Human6 days ago
  • Imagine getting fired on your day off and for living your best life

    SeizedM0ney264SeizedM0ney2646 days ago
  • Your 'intro' was halfway through your video... lol

    tedjhtedjh6 days ago
  • Repent.and turn to God

    David AmukaDavid Amuka6 days ago
  • is It is what it is. No nipples or Tittys was shown. Ya haft to quit punishing grown peeople for wha they do on their own private time. They, ESPN BROUGHT MORE ATTENTION TO THE SITUATION BY THEIIR REACTION!!!🤣🤣😂

    Joseph BRICKSONJoseph BRICKSON6 days ago
  • On the other hand D Wade is probably shopping for dresses for his “son” with Gabrielle

    Mark 2909Mark 29096 days ago
  • ESPN's Body Issue , Plus the NBA is 1 of the most generous contributor's to Strip club's united. NBA Player ? Come on Man. LOL THAT CANT BE ALL ,,,,,I've got an eerie feeling there are some Allegatios and/or Charges being hidden from this story. ie Tell It & Plastic Woman .

  • This social media stuff is a new drug addiction

    E zyE zy6 days ago
  • Paul has always been a head case, getting stabbed in a pool 🎱 hall, spitting at LeBron, saying crazy 😳 sht on ,TV. He is bitter that he never got the accolades or endorsements deals like LeBron and other NBA stars. I was shocked ESPN hired him in the first place 😳. Dude has some serious character issues

    Gregory HayesGregory Hayes6 days ago
  • I can't stand youtubers Darius Morris out here beating his wife up but u make a whole video about Paul having girls dancing for him 🤦

    SippyjuiceSippyjuice6 days ago
  • Those girls are paid entertainers, not fully naked. ESPN has a problem with female strippers? If they were Male strippers ESPN would have fired him?

    mark greenmark green6 days ago
  • Xbox-x

    kingofkings8612 xboxkingofkings8612 xbox6 days ago
  • I was wondering how long it was going to take to get rid of this dude. To me, he's not even a HOF'er. He just happened to be the best player on a very bad team. They lost by 50 a lot. They didn't become good until Ray Allen and K.G. came. And Doc. Rivers started coaching. So he's just living off of padded stats. Dude really sucks. In my opinion.

    Shon HolmesShon Holmes6 days ago
  • He made enough money in his career to hire himself. What is he doing?

    kelcat34kelcat346 days ago
  • Sad he thought this would make him relevant. Only 300 people tuned in. SMH sorry way to lose a job at his age!

    Journey GJourney G7 days ago
  • He's high😝😂

    Cardo LigaligCardo Ligalig7 days ago
  • So we live in the world today where you can throw a party, have a good time, hurt nobody and get fired for it. Wonderful world we live in today.

    Raymon KravagnaRaymon Kravagna7 days ago
    • You don't see the hurt because it's insidious.

      Man ApeMan Ape3 days ago
    • What are you talking about? It’s always been this way. In fact it used to be much worse. Bro network television would fire you for having the wrong hair cut 40 years ago. You couldn’t have tattoos. If you got caught even going to a strip club you’d be fired.

      The Bronx BogleheadThe Bronx Boglehead5 days ago
  • You think the strippers .. going to sue him...🤷‍♂️

    Keino SmithKeino Smith7 days ago
  • Dude Paul Pierce is worth 70 million dollars

    Jeff MeihsJeff Meihs7 days ago
  • He was messed up on something and it's obvious to tell

    plalazlo_ -plalazlo_ -7 days ago
  • He not stupid 😂 he just off that gas ⛽️

    MjGrind HardTVMjGrind HardTV7 days ago
  • It’s his life

    Native2458Native24587 days ago
  • Man how you going to get fired on your day off

    TyrellTyrell7 days ago
  • What do Paul Pierce and former Tex Governor Rick Perry have in common? The book wear glasses to try and look smart... Another commonality? They're both buffoons!!!!

    barry grantbarry grant7 days ago
  • does anyone know who the girl on the left of the thumbnail is? lmao

    Lost BoyLost Boy7 days ago
  • For those who think Paul Pierce got fired because of his race, watch this video and educate yourself.

    FlashComboFlashCombo7 days ago
  • Paul Pierce was laughing in his apology because he was thinking in his head "they just jealous"🍑😎

    Bird DoeBird Doe7 days ago
    • Lol

      AYEE! BACKDOOR!!AYEE! BACKDOOR!!6 days ago
  • Paul Pierce ain't no Generation X no more he is a millennial now 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂.

    neal6473neal64737 days ago
  • Go to T.N.T big bro🔥🔥🔥💯

    Desmond FergusonDesmond Ferguson7 days ago
  • He who is without sin cast the first stone. Ill wait. Five tbat man his job back. These kids who should be the only concern have been exposed to players lik D wayde who support boys in dresses and all that comes woth amd wayyy worse. Paul you should have done better and allowes sarisfaction to remain in the walls of the room you were in. Youre too old to express such simple mimded behavior. Apologize and get your spot back okay. Kevin hart and thousands of others apologize for dumber things. bang my gavel. It is so ordered

    Dayonlynn BellDayonlynn Bell7 days ago
  • his IG live was Fun 🤩

    TyrellTyrell7 days ago
  • I think he is going through a hard time at home and this is the only way he has to vent out.... Goodluck to him, hopefully he sees the beast that is cancel culture!

    Ujiri UkiriUjiri Ukiri7 days ago
  • Please get straight to the point, 75% of this video is extra unneeded bullshit, pls n ty.

    Yupp_BuddyYupp_Buddy7 days ago
  • I remember seeing this on snoop dogg instagram post

    zachary_651zachary_6517 days ago
  • *1:05** What company does Paul Pierce work for that is Under ESPN's Umbrella??? He worked for ESPN.*

    T. DuncanT. Duncan7 days ago
  • Now mfrs gonna be saying "I'm smoking that Paul pierce" "Smokin' on that head band call that shit that Paul Pierce"-lil wayne

    P𓁿RAd𓂀XP𓁿RAd𓂀X7 days ago
  • What Paul Pierce does in his personal life has nothing to do with ESPN. Firing him was ridiculous.

    MrCancer1965MrCancer19657 days ago
  • This dude Paul Pierce stay doing some clown shit.... SMH

    steveloweesesteveloweese7 days ago
  • 365 Viewers #FOH

    Owen DavionOwen Davion7 days ago
  • What’s wrong with having people over at his house like I don’t get it

    Llsodjdj JfjjffLlsodjdj Jfjjff7 days ago