ESPN Fires Paul Pierce After Wild Instagram Live Video

Apr 6, 2021
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  • Lmaooo you in here with a full dyed beard, calling someone old ⚰⚰

    Jerome HendersonJerome HendersonHour ago
  • He didn't care the media is dum

    Kelly WhitfeildKelly WhitfeildHour ago
  • He wanted to get fired. Watch him come out with a podcast or something new.

    Eddie EEddie E2 hours ago
  • To hell with ESPN, paul can do his own thing own platform and make more money. Obviously he was trying to get out of this damn contract!

    Kadallah BrandyKadallah Brandy2 hours ago
  • Times are changing, whats funny is gays are fighting for their rights in these times...weed is gettin legalization in these times. I be watching shows niggas be kissin 'EXPLICITELY' giving each other head and shit, these are regular normal tv shows. SO we got weed becoming legal nation wide, so you mean to tell me that we can watch gay tv but not weed tv, c'mon those strippers not prostitutes last time I checked those were legal 🤔🤷‍♂️.

    rinnotstimpy1rinnotstimpy12 hours ago
  • Just like Fred Sanford always tell Lamont....”Yooooou Big Dummy!!!!”

    Rodney ThomasRodney Thomas2 hours ago
  • He has the right to give a party, but "stupid" to put it on Instagram live.

    george talley IIgeorge talley II2 hours ago
  • Bro his Disney check was the least he been paid in 20 yrs

    Asafo RiderAsafo Rider3 hours ago
  • SOoooo! WEED’s legal now Wah bout all these rich crack heads running around and posting all sorts of b sh****ts wat about those? Smfh!

  • That social media be getting niggas!🤦🏼‍♂️💯

    Marvo GMarvo G4 hours ago
  • That’s bullshit Cause Captain Jack Smoke everyday on Live and he smoke on his way to ESPN to work smh

    Nyere WadeNyere Wade5 hours ago
  • His net worth is 70 million he’s fine

  • I thought the only organizations that can revoke your American rights and freedoms were Judges? How does Disney have the right to dictate your personal life. Have you seen their Disney star fails and their psychological trauma. They have NO RIGHT to dictate anyone's life after work. It is Your personal responsibility to make sure you meet their "at work" criteria, after that it becomes an invasion of privacy and the basic human rights and freedoms violations. There is a huge difference between your life and your career< you are no ones slave.

    TJsGotBeatz RawTJsGotBeatz Raw7 hours ago
  • I expect niccas to nicc😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣

    Juanita FranklinJuanita Franklin7 hours ago
  • He got F-U money....

    Sammy GutierrezSammy Gutierrez7 hours ago
  • Paul had to get fired in order to get that unemployment + $300 Plus Up! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Hyman BjornHyman Bjorn8 hours ago
  • I don't see the violation unless he had a morality clause in his contract.

    vo idvo id8 hours ago
  • I need that WU Hoodie Son

    joe chrisjoe chris9 hours ago
  • Walt Disney’s go to you know what my man you rich screw Walt disney

    Ezell McgruderEzell Mcgruder9 hours ago
  • Being over 40 🙄 that Donkey of the Day hit different lol. Great commentary because I think we need to be reminded when we start mimicking this generation. We never broadcasted our sh**. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Uncle Charla

    Nicky WNicky W9 hours ago
  • Why is it okay for Corporations to dictate what a person legally does on there own private time? I hope he sues them.

    GodIsMyStrength!GodIsMyStrength!9 hours ago
  • When Disney it’s self has a lot of issues with how they do end up using their young entertainers on the Disney Channel and everything else so Disney are you going to clean up your house first before you try cleaning up others.

    De De Lewis-OrtizDe De Lewis-Ortiz9 hours ago
  • 🥴 he was at home And is legal and if the women want to shake their behind with a string up there that’s on them now was this in his contract OK then but if not he should not have been fired which let you know were they looking to fire him because of something else dig deeper

    De De Lewis-OrtizDe De Lewis-Ortiz9 hours ago
  • And he's being sued for sexual harassment on the wait staff at his restaurant

    Jeffrey MoscardelliJeffrey Moscardelli10 hours ago
  • A man gets fired for having some good clean fun smh. Americans ain't shit. He's a retired basketball player man. We're talking about ESPN!!!! Not the National Christian Alliance or some shit. ESPN has shown homosexual athletes kiss each other and everybody applauds it. People are ass backwards these days. Childish as hell. Hopefully Pierce gets a job with NBAtv or TNT because ESPN has the wackest basketball shows anyway

    SilverBlackGuerrillaSilverBlackGuerrilla10 hours ago
  • He only made 1.5 million a year... Not enough for him to care

    Michael BartonMichael Barton10 hours ago
  • I don't believe he needs ESPN after all them years in the NBA. CTG said he's a multimillionaire. He made his money he's enjoying it the way he wants to.

    xx crumpxx crump11 hours ago
  • 10 women ..lovr ur life

    Andrew OldacreAndrew Oldacre11 hours ago
  • It's on video so he won't get me tooed he did the right thing....because if he didn't someone will or a bunch of people would come out and say he raped up or sexually assaulted someone asscheeks its best he put out the video now and get let go from espn and find another gig then to be shut down career wise completely by lies and no video evidence man

    Ri MiRi Mi12 hours ago
  • How you get fired on your day off lmfao 🤣😂💀

    SWITCH GODSWITCH GOD12 hours ago
  • That's a stupid reason to fire someone that man has the right to do what he want, social media is social media

    Cryst'EL YAHCryst'EL YAH12 hours ago
  • Damn I saw the video he was having a good time I thought he said something negative or did something really stupid...hell he just smoke some weed and was chapping it up. I’m a little mad because I wish was there to have a drink or two because I don’t smoke but the party was lit!

    Norris BrownNorris Brown12 hours ago
  • I just don't get why he's on live with it...makes no sense 🤷🏾‍♀️

    blahblahblahblahblahblah13 hours ago
  • Stop ✋ putting the business on social media

    GG HGG H13 hours ago
  • 💯💯💯💯👍

    GG HGG H13 hours ago
  • He knew what he was doing. He wanted OUT!!!!

    So D'VineSo D'Vine14 hours ago
  • _Obviously ESPN doesn't approve of the normal everyday activities of grown, heterosexual black men. Go figure..._

    The Quiet RevolutionThe Quiet Revolution14 hours ago
  • It’s that weed

  • Hope TNT pick him up

    Blue 40Blue 4015 hours ago
  • The real problem just might be that Disney appears to have a goal of promoting homosexuality, IDK

    MichaelMichael15 hours ago
  • Well he has a lot of time to think about his actions.

    Rob D67Rob D6715 hours ago
  • Damn unc charla

    Trench HxnDxSTrench HxnDxS15 hours ago
  • Why do Disney own half espn & wat they have to do wit espn cray

    Rocko DineroRocko Dinero15 hours ago
  • You have to factor in his wife. His wife can potentially use this as leverage in divorce cases. Lack of commitment, infidelity and conflict, irreconcilable differences are the top three. Not a good look for Paul Pierce. According to ESPN analytics, the divorce rate among all professional athletes is estimated at between 60 and 80 percent.

    silas232003silas23200315 hours ago
  • But in the full video he say he was fired in that video so he had to be fired before the video

    justriding newtub3justriding newtub316 hours ago
  • So why was it ok for meg the stallion to shake her ass on the American music awards which is owned by abc/disney?

    burnthrustburnthrust16 hours ago
  • Yes he should because he was stupid for putting it on social media. To damn old for that! And it's not just a job with Disney, if he goes to get another job they may consider that too.

    Rashida DuncanRashida Duncan16 hours ago
  • Let's not forget Walt Disney was a racist man so they're not Saints either but I do agree cuz I'm also 43 we come from a generation where we did not broadcast everything we did cuz either the stickup man was watching or the feds was watching

    Newboy StyleNewboy Style16 hours ago
  • So if he pretended that these videos were leaked then he'd still have his contract his job nothing would have been said but because he posted them into credit for posting them he's a bad boy

    Albany lifeAlbany life16 hours ago
  • This but it's all right for many of many of sports legends sports players to assault women to assault men to murder people to get arrested for other things to get called out for gambling to do all this other stuff and it's a scandal because he was having a good old time people are really greedy and really really mad when they can't do things that they want to do so they probably just jealous and that's what got him to that point as far as Disney goes most of their cartoons are full on sex shows with adult content so come on now

    Albany lifeAlbany life17 hours ago
  • Disney is literally the most Demonic company in the world if you understand programming and symbolism, hypocritical firing

    Ronnie Nelson JrRonnie Nelson Jr17 hours ago
  • Since Disney is taking over these companies everybody has to be on there P&Q s You can't even post something that you do on your day off without getting fired 🤔

    chill6789chill678917 hours ago
  • That is weakest video I have ever seen used to get rid of someone besides Paul Pierce is not stupid ESPN is bullshit sounds like Paul is on to bigger things we shall see...

    Real OneReal One17 hours ago
  • So he can't have fun smh ft

    Nxt WweNxt Wwe17 hours ago
  • so basically he getting donkey of day for LIVING HIS LIFE AND MINDING HIS BUSINESS.... Sad Days.... THIS IS WHAT YOU PEOPLE WANT When its You DONT CRY. Sad days, everyone thinks they own or can tell people how to live, FK ya'll and anyone that thinks they can control another individual FK outta here "goofys" (Disney reference + insult for the slow ones)

    RON JONESRON JONES17 hours ago
  • And what was Mrs. Pierce doing that night?

    Brian JacksonBrian Jackson17 hours ago
  • ESPN is way too soft. Look how Stephen A be acting

    J VJ V17 hours ago
  • Pp was tiered by espn but Charles Barkley, crickets? WTF

    ido shapiraido shapira17 hours ago
  • That is not Chris Bousard and Rob Parker lol

    Norek The DestroyerNorek The Destroyer18 hours ago
  • He wanted to get fired, he's not a dummy, he knew exactly what he was doing, he probably set the party up for that exact reason

    MindofDrayblockMindofDrayblock18 hours ago
  • Nah

    pure shotpure shot18 hours ago
  • “I got a rep to protect.” We would be wise to think this thought before we do anything.

    Miss CMiss C19 hours ago
  • Imagine being 43 years old and still having people (other than the IRS) telling you what you can and can't do.

    FellowDan BarberFellowDan Barber19 hours ago
  • Looks to me like he knew what he was doing as in,, f** it, I don't care or maybe he was already drunk n didn't realize he was live. I choose the option 1.

    Mikki ShakurMikki Shakur19 hours ago
  • What he do wrong ?

    Bill Nigh IIBill Nigh II19 hours ago
  • The video was not that WILD.

    Mr. C73Mr. C7319 hours ago
  • He must be separated cause google says he married to someone named Julie Pierce since 2010. Yes I just googled it lol

    Lynn JosephLynn Joseph19 hours ago
  • I seen this coming as soon as he posted the video

    Living HaitiLiving Haiti19 hours ago
  • i wouldnt give it to him

    TyBrezzy11TyBrezzy1120 hours ago
  • I don’t understand why he would get fired for that and get donkey of the day

    Alonzo ?Alonzo ?20 hours ago
  • They are mad because he likes women and not boys. “ WOW” A certain part of Society today wants all BLACK men to be gay.

    Shaughna BlackShaughna Black20 hours ago
  • One of the best donkeys of the day.

    JoshJosh22 hours ago
  • You know the controversial part of what he did was all about the half naked WHITE women. This is STILL America and no matter how much money Paul Pierce has, he's STILL BLACK!! I know, THAT'S RACIST but it is what it is!

    Mae Bnot42Mae Bnot4222 hours ago
  • ESPN on bull shit ah man can't even live like ah man anymore wtf is this world coming to smfh.

    kevon daviskevon davis22 hours ago
  • I don't think he cared he did it on purpose he knew the consequences. He wanted to be fired he wanted those problems he's a grown man but I think he's going to get more than what he bargained for

    Nora RamerizNora Rameriz23 hours ago

    Jermaine PayneJermaine PayneDay ago
  • Godz

    Godlikenova UniverseGodlikenova UniverseDay ago
  • This is why you don't hire ppl who don't need a job he is rich asf...he don't care

    Jazz AdamsJazz AdamsDay ago
  • But then they have this all on TV they be doing it all on TV they do it everywhere around you know and the kids could see this 08 do not let nobody else then do

    Og StuartOg StuartDay ago
  • I look at it like this everybody have their opinion about the situation I don't think he did anything wrong he didn't kill nobody ain't had no did no crime he didn't Rob nobody he never been in trouble when he was in the NBA so you mean to tell me they saying people can't party no more cuz they work for ESPN you know they took me down all day USworlds because I made my opinion you know just like they fight Mike and that young chick that chick I forget her name five her her and him the ones that did that show on it as I mean ESPN I mean everybody had their own opinion I don't think he did anything wrong but they took me down off that site

    Og StuartOg StuartDay ago
  • 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    William Richardson SrWilliam Richardson SrDay ago
  • Disney owns fucking “PORNHUB”....DA FUK!!!

    G KabG KabDay ago
  • YO= You Old 😂

    michael Lmichael LDay ago
  • “In the LeBron James version of the Bible!” 😭

    Jason WhitneyJason WhitneyDay ago
  • Be consistent, don't be an apologist. Did he participate in some streamed, donkey behavior that cost him his job?

    Marco CastilloMarco CastilloDay ago
  • Wall Street guys can do it why can't Paul Pierce enjoy himself

    Dj Madnass ScrewedDj Madnass ScrewedDay ago
  • Nigga what the he'll you airing the real you .& post it oooo you want out that contact with they ass well that did it

    vena theusvena theusDay ago
  • Black man shaming ritual

    Cam - GCam - GDay ago
  • 🤣 you funny. Fruitymange

    7th Vigilante7th VigilanteDay ago
  • What a fool!!. 🤣🤣

    Rodney FeldmanRodney FeldmanDay ago
  • It’s sad that these guys caint be free he’s not hurting no one

    K JK JDay ago
  • If Paul was in the room with half nalked men I bet he wouldn't have gotten fired lol the man didn't do anything wrong

    Wdvsjsu GshsysWdvsjsu GshsysDay ago
  • All the evil Disney has done and made,tsk tsk

    Wraith GhostWraith GhostDay ago
  • Paul Wanted to get fired. Trust me...

    Man TalkMan TalkDay ago
  • a grown ass man should know must have been some strong weed

    Laben BrittenumLaben BrittenumDay ago
  • He living his best life espn be hating

    Soxside_047 FrmdaHollowSoxside_047 FrmdaHollowDay ago
  • “Don’t be a Donkey” Too late

    2ez4meechie2ez4meechieDay ago
  • PP has millions upon millions, maybe he wanted an extended vacation?

    King Vortex GamingKing Vortex GamingDay ago