ENA - Temptation Stairway

Feb 15, 2021
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Evan Nave (Mrpalland)....Technical Director + 3D Animator
Utu-Nui..................3D Character Modeler/Animator
Alan Flandez.............3D Character Animator
John Fraser..............3D Backgrounds
Brian Zavala.............Post-Production
Abby F...................Script Revisionist

ENA by Gabe V. and Lizzie Freeman
Moony by Lizzie Freeman
Brick Frog by Alejandro "Ace" Fletes
Merchant by Sr Pelo
Ulysses by Edwyn Tiong
The Shepherd by Emma Breezy
MARIYA by Santou Kei
GABO by Hanai Chihaya
PhinDoll by Sam Meza

-Oliver Buckland


Audio Design by John Fraser
Directed by Joel Guerra
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    Joel GJoel G8 days ago
    • Hi

      Jimmeh RulezJimmeh Rulez59 minutes ago
    • Turon Thoron Ron ron

      Sadist Fake Bootleg TikiSadist Fake Bootleg Tiki2 hours ago
    • TOEI MOVIES?!?

      JacobJacob5 hours ago
    • 19

      Javier OlmedoJavier Olmedo7 hours ago
    • Something weird I found is ENA watch u with a No signal (Black N White) its like a anti piracy screen!

      isaac caceres nuñezisaac caceres nuñez13 hours ago

    Tubbie HackerTubbie HackerMinute ago
  • I'm sorry what in the fuck have i stumbled a goddamn well upon

    nickie Burkenickie Burke3 minutes ago
  • Im super confused can i have some context???

    Deadly DemonDeadly Demon5 minutes ago
  • 5:29 Why is nobody talking about this guy? I'd could listen to him talk all day.

    Mmangaliso MasingaMmangaliso Masinga6 minutes ago
  • I so badly want to explore this universe, everytime I watch this I cream at ENA to turn left, go the other way so that we may see what other madness awaits us there.

    MultiMasterworldMultiMasterworld9 minutes ago
    • Like a point and click game?

      O.A.K. AdventuresO.A.K. Adventures3 minutes ago
  • Ok I think I have a Theory: so remember when ENA made it to the Great Runas, and her blue side started to turn yellow? Well what if her wish was to get rid of her sad side. Idk I may be wrong

    Runaway ToysRunaway Toys9 minutes ago
  • I will find my way to the subscribe button :D

    Sluggish SlothSluggish Sloth11 minutes ago
  • 5:07 looks like the hall of tortured souls from windows 95

    O.A.K. AdventuresO.A.K. Adventures11 minutes ago
  • Quieres turrón?

    Ok capoOk capo13 minutes ago
  • Today I made a Turrón and shared it with two friends. That is all. Turrón! Turrón! Turrón! Turrón!

    RowdyRetro MooseRowdyRetro Moose15 minutes ago
  • Who else came from Charles J. Thomas?

    Jeremiah WarrenJeremiah Warren15 minutes ago
  • T U R R O N

    Hannie _Hannie _17 minutes ago
  • My theory is that ena has multiple lives, like a videogame character. that would explain the "another ena troublemaker" line. plus it would make alot of sense since alot of the ENA world already works on videogame logic.

    euducationatoreuducationator17 minutes ago
  • Русский голос звучания, хм...я удивлён и благодарен автору за это.

    Egor гEgor г18 minutes ago
  • Okay but why was Moony being such an asshole? Like not only did you get ENA’s name wrong you also act annoyed when she’s literally having a huge breakdown

    Monika LudenbergMonika Ludenberg22 minutes ago
  • That YMO Simoon at the end was a nice touch!

    supersaxyguysupersaxyguy23 minutes ago
  • ENA: Dearest chum, could i inquire how your physical form was able to reach this place in such a short duration of time? Moony: To answer that, we need to talk about *P A R A L L E L U N I V E R S E S*

    tales.tales.24 minutes ago
  • i don't know what this is, but i like it

    a slight conjurationa slight conjuration33 minutes ago
  • “*YOUR ALL LIVING A LIE*” “Oh, alright”

    Vibe AnimationsVibe Animations39 minutes ago
  • 16:10 same reaction ENA

    the Bombing sodathe Bombing soda42 minutes ago
  • why does the winner have to pay the debts of the loser....?

    ferrumferrum47 minutes ago
  • This is a true masterpiece

    MM50 minutes ago
  • Turrrron

    Yael MurtensYael Murtens53 minutes ago
  • CAN YOU PLS DO IT A GAME (free pls)

    pama 349pama 34956 minutes ago
  • In a weird way, this series make me feel like im inside a brain.

    Hey hey ningen SUCKER ah ningen ningen FUCKERHey hey ningen SUCKER ah ningen ningen FUCKERHour ago
  • I litterally don't know what I just watched but...I liked it ? Also the way characters talk look like that Zelda CDI game x)

    PingouiinPingouiinHour ago
  • Is this a fever dream? Feels like one

    Diaspore LegassiDiaspore LegassiHour ago
  • 7:52 wait Russian? Well I didn't expect that

    anton-the common cannibalanton-the common cannibalHour ago
  • 7:52 крутА

    LarikLarikHour ago
  • 7:52 ухтышки, это же Украинский вроде, да? :>

    LarikLarikHour ago
  • Damn who has such a powerful pc to make this animation?

    olha elaolha elaHour ago
  • The ending credits music pretty nice

    Rey EvanzRey EvanzHour ago

    KunoSicKunoSicHour ago
  • I know this is cool and i know this is REALLY hard to make BUT its weird as FUCK and idk how this videos got so much like, maybe beacuse the animation o-or the 3d animation i dont know man.

    Marvel JayaMarvel JayaHour ago
  • I can't find the credits song at all, can someone help. It's not in the description i know only that

    VEEMOVEEMOHour ago
  • nobody: 3NA: *T U R R O N.*

    •mila••mila•Hour ago
  • Is this what an acid trip feels like

    Joelis VyšniauskasJoelis VyšniauskasHour ago
  • The frog reminds me of Slippy from Star Fox a bit

    SaxazanforkSaxazanforkHour ago
  • 14:40 this looks undertalr :/

    FloweyFloweyHour ago
  • Phantom link?

    BananagamerBananagamerHour ago
  • 5:37 is this a morshu

    vadiks2003vadiks2003Hour ago
  • 0:13-0:21 Its basically me

    Haru _ ChanHaru _ Chan2 hours ago
  • Ena theory: She has two voices and three faces: the normal one is blue and yellow, and it seems two faces in one, the blue and white one marks her sad personality, and the black and yellow one marks her Playfulness. And when she's yellow and blue she's both, in fact when he says "you're all living a lie!" the blue part talks instead of the usual yellow part

    KirbKirb2 hours ago
  • im zoning out

    s0utas0uta2 hours ago
  • Слава Украине!

    GencGenc2 hours ago
  • timestamp fo me: 1:23 - 1:29 - 15:28 - 8:21 - 3:38 - 4:12 - 2:10 - 5:31 - 10:04 tbh i liked ena screaming-

    xea cortezxea cortez2 hours ago
  • music 1:00 - METAROOM - GOD RACE

    kRIPer_2010kRIPer_20102 hours ago
  • Боже я так удевленна что сдесь есть русский персонаж^^

    Дашка здохлаДашка здохла2 hours ago
  • eye of ender 13:38

    Toby the third 569Toby the third 5692 hours ago
  • Sr Pelo is everywhere now! I love it!

    Mr.LazyCrazyMr.LazyCrazy2 hours ago
  • Heres how many times they said TURRON | \/

    Wither StormWither Storm2 hours ago
  • the orb thing that spits out findol looks like a biblically accurate version of an angle and if it is the Findol is a god or a god-like figure

    Party PineappleParty Pineapple2 hours ago
  • Было очень приятно услышать русскую речь

    Nakienaw LaneNakienaw Lane2 hours ago
  • moon lady at the end be like “hai hai hai huh-HAH hoo hoo hoo hoo hm hah hm hah hai”

    SuperstarSnivkinsSuperstarSnivkins2 hours ago
  • I really tried to find this video and called it "Ascension Staircase" cause i forgot the title 🤦‍♂️

    David .G.David .G.2 hours ago
  • why is there a Jagdtiger that shoots mouths that spit shepherds

    Green GearGreen Gear2 hours ago
  • I want a ena plushie.

    Ian the FreddIan the Fredd2 hours ago
  • This isnsome good anime.

    Sadist Fake Bootleg TikiSadist Fake Bootleg Tiki2 hours ago
  • I how you inserted the Toei logo in this

    Victor MolinaVictor Molina2 hours ago
  • It is just me or did they edit the video and make it longer

    Mr. Nobody.Mr. Nobody.2 hours ago

    mr pringlesmr pringles2 hours ago
  • 7:52 i never though i will hear Russian in ENA

    Justice, the high prosecutorJustice, the high prosecutor3 hours ago
  • Imagine this but in VR

    HaSTaxHaXHaSTaxHaX3 hours ago
  • "CHEESE AND RICE, MOONEY" The most coherent statement in this whole video.

    SpencerSpencer3 hours ago
  • what the fuck did i just watch

    itamar The Dolphin Kingitamar The Dolphin King3 hours ago
  • I don't know what I just watched

    Marshal MarshallMarshal Marshall3 hours ago
  • Wow, only three videos about this 3NA person and I already have more questions than I thought I would've.

    filthy memerfilthy memer3 hours ago
  • Кто озвучивал русского монстра?

    ОтшельникОтшельник3 hours ago
  • 6:10 211261861936 Years for the door to open again

    Joao Eduardo Soares e SilvaJoao Eduardo Soares e Silva3 hours ago
  • i have NO idea what i just watched but it was BRILLIANT

    jake ʕ·ᴥ·ʔjake ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ3 hours ago
  • Did anyone notice that what phindoll turned into looks very similar to an onaphim (a type of angel that looks exactly like that)

    ThatNewYorker FromAlbanyThatNewYorker FromAlbany3 hours ago
  • where is dora the teenager?! it was your most popular video! (last i checked, it had 6.3 million views)

    Lukas’ Awesome ContentLukas’ Awesome Content3 hours ago

  • 2RON

    Arjun the Rage GuyArjun the Rage Guy3 hours ago
  • dude wtf I feel so bad for ENA in this one :(((

    BlueMaskGuyBlueMaskGuy3 hours ago
  • Что за прекрасный кривой русский я слышал...

    • Kukaracila215 •• Kukaracila215 •4 hours ago
  • ура русский

    TailznicTailznic4 hours ago
  • I has seed the russian language

    The MaskThe Mask4 hours ago
  • This stuff is more surreal then those biblically accurate angles videos

    The Council of Spooky boisThe Council of Spooky bois4 hours ago
  • Merchant/Sr.Pelo: **TURRÓN**

    Francisca Araya PachecoFrancisca Araya Pacheco4 hours ago
  • this is so damn weird that i love it.

    John ParkerJohn Parker4 hours ago

    Лиэль ЗикЛиэль Зик4 hours ago
  • ah yes, *simps*

    Valentino MissiValentino Missi4 hours ago

    Jacob SmithJacob Smith4 hours ago
    • turron*

      Valentino MissiValentino Missi4 hours ago
  • vibri reference vibri reference

    QuartzOfficial !QuartzOfficial !4 hours ago
  • Wtf is this. Its like A forgotten 90's CD-rom adventure game you'd find in a ollies discount store bin.

    No connectionNo connection4 hours ago
  • 9:10 just really focus on this image

    Evička StaňkováEvička Staňková4 hours ago
  • This music is a bop

    That Sleepy SenpaiThat Sleepy Senpai5 hours ago
  • hey, you're pretty cool.

    NatheriaNatheria5 hours ago
  • this is godly!! I cant imagine how long it took to make this

    • Typhiee •• Typhiee •5 hours ago

    Noob_GuardianHDNoob_GuardianHD5 hours ago
  • 07:54 she is speaking on russian! (yup im from Russia)

    GamenGamen5 hours ago
  • 8:00 it’s Russian Monster?

    Soft CookieSoft Cookie5 hours ago
  • 1:29

    •K̶e̺͆N̸I҈A҉••K̶e̺͆N̸I҈A҉•5 hours ago
  • This is just art

    Yherz TVYherz TV5 hours ago

    Sakuya IzayoiSakuya Izayoi5 hours ago
  • The last music is Simoon from Yellow Magic Orchestra.

    Albin BlankaAlbin Blanka6 hours ago
  • The bedroom of the great Runas? But the song specified for it is called “ The Dead God Graveyard”

    G R O O S EG R O O S E6 hours ago

    Sammy plays some MinecraftSammy plays some Minecraft6 hours ago