Feb 18, 2021
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just moving in :)

  • Everyone knows you don’t put tomatoes in the fridge..🤪🤪🤪

    Cristina OteroCristina OteroHour ago
  • Outta breath going up one flight of stairs....I give that guy another 4 mos & he’s outta therez

    Cristina OteroCristina OteroHour ago
  • milkshake

    apu pachecoapu pacheco3 hours ago
  • This lady is trash. .SHe needs help. I don't know why people watch her. She has no job. I feel sorry for her. She has issues.

    Otto PerezOtto Perez5 hours ago
  • beautiful house trish! congrats!

    melanie chandlermelanie chandler5 hours ago
  • I thought she was going to lose weight after Nash broke up with her.

    Luis VezoLuis Vezo6 hours ago
  • Did britney spears live here at one point?

    SAM MendozaSAM Mendoza7 hours ago
  • this makes me kinda emosh 🥺 what a journey... I hope she stays this happy forever

    K NTK NT8 hours ago
  • im so happy for her ❤❤❤❤❤

    teampristinteampristin8 hours ago
  • So happy for you!!

    Jessa Day VlogsJessa Day Vlogs9 hours ago
  • I got really high before watching this and almost died unintentionally matching her breathing.

    tired cactustired cactus9 hours ago
  • Love you Trish. So happy for you babe❤️

    Alia WesleyAlia Wesley10 hours ago
  • Yay! Trisha I'm so happy for you! You deserve this! And I have to say what an incredible upgrade you made with your man! You went from zero to sexy hero! Keep shining bright beautiful!

    Celina MckenzieCelina Mckenzie11 hours ago
  • Owns a couple million dollar house, sleep in a tent.

    Salem GravesSalem Graves12 hours ago
  • Good for her to finally get to where she mentally wanted to be! And good for her for having better friends and people who actually care! Congrats!!

    Leilie GarciaLeilie Garcia12 hours ago
  • Water piks are awful for your teeth and gums. Tell him to stop!!!

    Tiffany BruessTiffany Bruess13 hours ago
  • Get those Cherub tomatoes out of the fridge they hate being cold! lol. I love those tomatoes but suddenly no store I go to has them this week. Cute house, love it!

    Just ZophieJust Zophie14 hours ago
  • Truly so HAPPY for you!!!! I am not a die hard watcher but I watch here and there and this is EVERYTHING 💖. Your home is GORGEOUSSSSS in all the ways for all the things. I’m happy you are embracing all of who you are and honoring change when it’s called to order. You have a beautiful light /energy and always remember the “haters” deep down would switch places ( to be you) in a nano second if it was an option. 👩🏽‍🦱💖

    Sound Elixir ASMR Mar RaMaSound Elixir ASMR Mar RaMa15 hours ago
  • Where is that track suit from I LOVE IT !

    Sammy FrancoSammy Franco15 hours ago
  • Why do I feel like this is not hers.....

    iPoopiPoop15 hours ago
  • I’m Asian.

    Callianna SorianoCallianna Soriano15 hours ago
  • Full house tour!!!!

    K MK M16 hours ago
  • Mad to see you go from such a small apartment to such a beautiful large home and to be happy!🥰

    K MK M16 hours ago
  • Yay!!!!!!! Happy for you!!!!

    K MpK Mp18 hours ago
  • Good for you..it's beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

    Jason SchatzJason Schatz18 hours ago
  • Trishy i am so happy for you 💖💖💖

    hakuna matatahakuna matata18 hours ago
  • All that money and THE worst hair extensions I’ve ever seen !

    Loolah GumLoolah Gum19 hours ago
    • Plenty of money to buy more. You're jealous.

      Jason SchatzJason Schatz18 hours ago
  • Love how she casually says “ima do a nakey house tour too” 🤣❤️

    Merve C.Merve C.19 hours ago
  • I’m so happy for you Trish, you look like you’re glowing 😇

    tori severntori severn21 hour ago
  • Daaaamn good job Trisha! You deserve that shit! And congrats on the house and engagement!

    Dave Be BearDave Be BearDay ago
  • + Romans 10:9-10 "That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved."

    Jasmin RodriguezJasmin RodriguezDay ago
  • So happy for you!

    Yadwigha Le VaillantYadwigha Le VaillantDay ago
  • I wish everyone would stop comparing her house to Jeffrey’s house! There both beautiful and people need to stop with the negativity! PLEASE

    Mary FrailMary FrailDay ago
  • lilbaby

    josh walkerjosh walkerDay ago
  • No ones gonna talk about when Trish says “hopefully the future baby room”🥺

    Abigail MadsenAbigail MadsenDay ago
  • i want this house so bad

    maya dunnmaya dunnDay ago
  • why are you out of breath the whole time....

    stygsftp93stygsftp93Day ago
  • congratulations its beautiful

    MelanieMelanieDay ago
  • much love, trisha!!! happy for u

    Maxine MaciaszekMaxine MaciaszekDay ago
  • $3 million dollar house, $10 extensions. The back of your head looks weird AF LOL, but congrats on your house. Hopefully you'll only go up from here. You're on w good path, don't sabotage it. You've come a long way, keep it up.

    Anastasia TambouriniAnastasia TambouriniDay ago
  • It's crazy because I haven't watched wrist in a while just because of all the crazy s*** she used to do but now that I've seen this and saw her new fiance I can't believe how much more calm and relaxed she seems Seems like she's in a much better mindset I'm very happy for her and her husband well fiance LOL

    Morgan SkyMorgan SkyDay ago
  • Dang you blew up like a tick! What happened to you Trish? 😕

    Chantell CChantell CDay ago
  • You talk so fast and fail to enunciate properly, so I can't understand a word you're saying in any of your videos. Just sayin'

    Liz ErnstLiz ErnstDay ago
  • She is adorable but why does she talk so fast? Serious question, no shade.

    T CareyT CareyDay ago
  • She’s so beautiful

    Annéliese WilliamsAnnéliese WilliamsDay ago
  • Trish running up the stairs saying ‘look how fast I can run’ is now my favourite saying 😂😂

    Kayla DornanKayla DornanDay ago
  • beautiful house, congrats trish and moses

    axelaxelDay ago
  • Congrats babe!

    Isaac LedesmaIsaac LedesmaDay ago
  • THAT mirror as you first come in, id ask were from and how much but its probably worth more than my life lol xx

    Jemma FarrarJemma FarrarDay ago
  • Ive never liked trish BUT im so so happy for the girl, she is a pain in the arse, a narcissist and drama queen BUT i think alot of her behaviour is from the way shes been treated, Im just so unbeleivably happy for her, its way overdue , I hope she dosent act crazy though as moses is chill.........KIDS NEXT and i think she may be able to conceive when she least expects it...if not other options are available and shell be a great mum......JUST SO so happy for them both xxxx

    Jemma FarrarJemma FarrarDay ago
  • OMG, I loved the house so much! It's beautiful, so zen and natural, its beautiful, congratulations Trisha, for everything you have, new life, new you

    Lucas RomanoLucas RomanoDay ago
  • Love you girl I'm so happy for you!!!

    Amanda LampronAmanda LampronDay ago
  • Your house is beautiful😍

    missrosethingsmissrosethingsDay ago
  • Love empty house tours.... Can't wait to see it decorated!

    Sandra8675 l Second Life lifestyle videosSandra8675 l Second Life lifestyle videosDay ago
  • @2:48 very relatable lol

    Udo Loves BobaUdo Loves BobaDay ago
  • Build a recording studio in their miss T, let’s record the new song I’m writing there .....you sing it of course, you sound lots better than me babe! .... lol

    Yanks & Brits.Yanks & Brits.Day ago
  • "The magic carpet ride" Lol.

    Rulya Mórrigan Ard MhachaRulya Mórrigan Ard MhachaDay ago
  • I love this im so happy for Trish! Finally it feels like the guy is as invested in the relationship as she is!

    lunachick613 88lunachick613 88Day ago
  • Love u trish , but you couldnt even take care of a dog. Do not have a baby even though you have the money to support it. The mentality of that child growing up will be fucked

    Shannon KathleenShannon KathleenDay ago
  • I feel out of breath watching this lol

    iBorn2rockoutiBorn2rockoutDay ago
  • why TF is she so out of breath just walking?????

    modechickmodechickDay ago
  • Jason nash was a stable man

    BennieChupesBennieChupesDay ago
  • It's beautiful good luck Trish love the hair ❤️

    gratitudegratitude2 days ago
  • I know your over the Jefrey drama but you house is soooo much cooler than his. It also feels more homey.

    Lisa LisaLisa Lisa2 days ago
  • 0:25 yesss girl!!

    SaraSara2 days ago
  • with all the money you have whyyyy you let someone do your extensions so terribly? like you're awesome but your hair....gurlllll

    Julez LynchJulez Lynch2 days ago
  • i couldn’t stop staring at how her extensions don’t match her real hair 😭

    MelphoxMelphox2 days ago
  • You work hard Trisha! You deserve it!

    classique46classique462 days ago
  • 4:24:What the hell did she just said

    Strawberry AngelStrawberry Angel2 days ago
  • Take brakes in between rooms geeez 🥴

    Danii IzamarDanii Izamar2 days ago
  • Looking forward to seeing all the updated rooms once they’re fully furnished and decorated!

    Fae WinterFae Winter2 days ago
  • Your Home is Beautiful!!! How exciting!!! Its magical!!! I wish I had a house like yours. : )

    Shannon ShannonShannon Shannon2 days ago
  • Love your house Trish! Congrats

    spyduhgirlspyduhgirl2 days ago
  • Good for you Trish. Love looks good on you!

    Valeria CervantezValeria Cervantez2 days ago
  • i love how trish is just outta breath for the majority of the video 😭🤚

    Jack MazurJack Mazur2 days ago
  • Trish can you please pay for my college tuition

    Alexia HarrisonAlexia Harrison2 days ago
  • I adore you and his home how beautiful!! Very tasteful and not too over the top

    kaus wife vlogskaus wife vlogs2 days ago
  • Where did she say the pink couch was from?

    LunaEatingShowLunaEatingShow2 days ago
  • *opens up see-through fridge door*

    fortuneokayfortuneokay2 days ago
  • bye cuz trish is really out there livin the life 😭😭

    slingshotslingshot2 days ago
  • I am going to laugh when they brake up and he takes this house from her.

    okaydawnmarieokaydawnmarie2 days ago
  • A green orb came across the screen in the beginning. Green is the color of the heart chakra. You are clearly in love & so happy Trish💚

    GarynJanetGarynJanet2 days ago
    • its the sun reflection...

      1 11 12 days ago
  • So so so happy for you!! Beautiful house! Loving the kitchen! 💕

    cristal gonzalezcristal gonzalez2 days ago
  • I’m so proud of you sis 💕💕💕

    Maddy Gonner2012Maddy Gonner20122 days ago
  • Congrats, Trish! You've come so far and I'm happy for you

    Irene AIrene A2 days ago
  • and honey those extensions!!! wtf you doing

    Leah StrahleyLeah Strahley2 days ago
  • I Love those pans , they are the best !

    Buckle BunnyBuckle Bunny2 days ago
  • Trisha becomes so codependent when she’s in a relationship... just an observation

    Alexandra RodriguezAlexandra Rodriguez2 days ago
  • my dad says money cant buy class but god damn this is classy

    CJ DavisCJ Davis2 days ago
  • this house is so beautiful

    Avery LAvery L2 days ago
  • This is goals

    Luu LuuLuu Luu2 days ago
  • The fact that Trish can afford a house like this on her own and Ryland Adams has to piggyback off of Shane's financial success 😭😭😭😭

    mysticqueenmysticqueen2 days ago
  • I'm actually like so happy for her and him

    Samantha SalcedoSamantha Salcedo2 days ago
  • I love you Trish!! So happy for you and Moses and congrats on the new house. Also it’s “you don’t have to go home, but you gotta get the hell up outta here” ❤️

    stephanie lynnstephanie lynn2 days ago
  • I think it’s time to start watching Trish again. You are absolutely shining!

    Briar LynneBriar Lynne2 days ago
  • She says shes mentally stable then you watch her tik toks???

    Katie-Rose MclarnonKatie-Rose Mclarnon2 days ago
  • Does trisha even speak english ??

    mira khatibmira khatib2 days ago
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    Dimuna.K.Dimuna.K.2 days ago
  • 🤣🤣"you don't have to leave but you have to get the hell up out of my house" ....Trish its "you don't have to go home but you have to get the hell out of here" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    F4Y ForeverF4Y Forever2 days ago
  • Trisha and James Charles are thriving and Shane and jeffrees careers are over, karma is realllll honey

    Anna MaybinAnna Maybin2 days ago