Ella Mai - Not Another Love Song (Official Music Video)

Oct 20, 2020
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I don’t wanna mess this up
Could it be too much to say I’m in
Deep end
Swimming in my feelings
I been here before
But it feels like I’m drowning
In my overthinking
Tell me am I foolish to think you’d meet me here
Oh ah oh ha
I wanna do this again
Oh ah oh ha
Going down
‘Cause I know that it’s you
I see in my dreams
Going down
Let me drown
Over you
Living in my dream
(in my dreams)
I love the way you do it
Don’t stop, don’t wanna lose it
I love the way you do it to me
I love the way you do it
Don’t stop, don’t wanna lose it
I love the way you do it to me
I don’t wanna mess this up
Could it be too much
To say I’m in
I just wanna know wassup
Do you feel it
‘Cause I think I’m in
I’m finna take my time
My mind
My rules
This ain’t no crime
Making love to you
Though you ain’t said it’s mine
I have a hard time waiting for you babe
Like ooo boy
You boy
Got me where you want
Just gotta say and it’s on
It’s like
Oo boy
Do you know you got me like
Where do you go when you’re alone?
Oh haaa
Oh ah oh ha
I wanna do this again
Oh ah oh ha
Going down
‘Cause I know that it’s you
I see in my dreams
Going down
Let me drown
Over you
Living in my dream
(In my dreams)
I love the way you do it
Don’t stop, don’t wanna lose it
I love the way you do it to me
I love it
I love the way you do it
Don’t stop, don’t wanna lose it
I love the way you do it to me
I don’t wanna mess this up
Could it be too much
To say I’m in
I just wanna know wassup
Do you feel it
‘Cause I think I’m in
I guess it’s all in my head
Until you let my body know
‘Cause everyone ain’t you babe
Want nobody but you babe
So tell me whatcha gone do babe
Not another love song
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Music video by Ella Mai performing Not Another Love Song. © 2020 10 Summers Records, LLC

  • Can y'all please stop comparing her to Aaliyah she's her own person

    NKenga WarrenNKenga Warren2 hours ago
  • This is the shit very dope n sexy 90s in 2020

    2017 ean2017 ean2 hours ago
  • This it number one

    Stephen PilgrimStephen Pilgrim2 hours ago
  • I pledge my allegiance to Ella Mai . Don’t give mad y’all but I really think in years times she will replace or pass Beyoncé . She can genuinely sing and she is very sexy .

    Daria HorneDaria Horne3 hours ago
  • I don’t understand how people dislike like her

    Jasmine MitchellJasmine Mitchell4 hours ago
  • I love how she sings “going down cause I know that it’s you I see in my dreams” 🥺

    Eriquasia O'nealEriquasia O'neal5 hours ago
  • it would of been coo if Drake was on this song too

    Kenyon EdwardsKenyon Edwards8 hours ago
  • Yea, that's right!! Ella killed it!! You go girl!!

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  • Ok paying homage to Aaliyah. Aaliyah dance moves

    Mizz MoniMizz Moni20 hours ago
  • Since day one 🔥🔥🔥 10,000 hr

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  • ❤️ this song and the soul train performance was everything with this song! Killed it 🥰

    JMariemullatoJMariemullatoDay ago
  • “I guess it’s all in my head until you let my body knowwwww”.. that’s Scorpio stuffffff 🖤

    Kian EldridgeKian EldridgeDay ago
  • Ella Mai your music takes me on a love trip......I never wanna leave🥰

    Ciera WilcoxCiera WilcoxDay ago
  • She the goat

    indakutindakutDay ago
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    Alexx KingAlexx KingDay ago
  • JESUS!!!!!!!🤯 This makes me wanna get my wife pregnant again.

    Keith HillKeith HillDay ago
  • Reminds me of Aaliyah 4 Page Letter and One in A Million when she started dancing. Brings good music to mind.

    Trishanna GraysTrishanna GraysDay ago
  • She back and better!

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  • Not naked still number 1 in book all the way around.✊

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  • From Japan 🇯🇵

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  • Sounds like another love song to me!

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  • bryson tilller and ella mai

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  • This woman is supreme I love her music it's very easy to listen to her voice is beautiful like her that being said who are the losers to give a thumbs down smh wow some people must be jealous.

    Q. B. Inc.Q. B. Inc.3 days ago
  • My girl

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  • K I love this song....but can somebody tell me what the the voice in the back saying. Sounds like what do you have to say!!HELP

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  • New Undisputed R&B 🏆 champion

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  • Soultrain awards brought me here

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  • Ella Mai and H.E.R. can do no wrong in my eyes. I really love this song.

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  • this 😍

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  • Ella Mai,HER,Jhene, Kiana Lede',Sza,Teyana Taylor,Ari Lennox,Kehlani!! How dare people say R&B is dead?!

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    • @Devin Wright it's sad.. no one knows how underrated they all are.

      Tekoah JohnsonTekoah Johnson4 days ago
    • @Tekoah Johnson exactly they always be like "be more original" or "we need more R&B".

      Devin WrightDevin Wright4 days ago
    • @Devin Wright all this beautiful music that these women give us and people wanna say that about a whole genre of music being held down by these women! Burns me up,lol😂

      Tekoah JohnsonTekoah Johnson4 days ago
    • There just blind and dont pay attention

      Devin WrightDevin Wright4 days ago
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