Eddsworld - The Beaster Bunny

Apr 1, 2021
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You paid for the whole seat, but you'll only need the egg.
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Animated by Jon Lopez (twitter.com/JonMastu / usworlds.info)
Franchesca Pun (twitter.com/FranPun)
David Kalev-Roy (twitter.com/DavidToonsYT / usworlds.info)
Mike Picone (twitter.com/worldsbestmikey / usworlds.info)
Collin Bogert (twitter.com/PieLordCollin / usworlds.info)
Vincent Vintdoo (twitter.com/vintdoo / usworlds.info)
Pippin Kelly (twitter.com/PiPtoons / usworlds.info)
Wayne Degen (twitter.com/fliglaba / usworlds.info)
& Matt Hargreaves (twitter.com/mattlobster / usworlds.info)

Directed by Matt Hargreaves
Written by Matt Hargreaves &
Jamie Spicer-Lewis
Produced & Edited by Christopher Bingham (twitter.com/helloiambing / usworlds.info)
Foley by David Head (dhfilms.net)
Original Music by Daniel Dobbs (twitter.com/Daniel_Dobbs)
George Gould
Matt Hargreaves
Ed Templer (twitter.com/GameHogGames / www.twitch.tv/gamehoggames)
Brock Baker (usworlds.info)
Vivienne Medrano (usworlds.info)
Stefan Johnson (twitter.com/S_johnson_voice)
Arin Hanson (twitter.com/egoraptor)
Dan Avidan (twitter.com/ninjasexparty)
David Kalev-Roy
Pippin Kelly
Wayne Degen
Jon Lopez
Jamie Spicer-Lewis
Christopher Bingham
Brian Firenzi (twitter.com/mrbrianfirenzi)
Maria Firenzi
Mandy Celine (twitter.com/mandyceline)
Benjamin Rudman (twitter.com/Benjamoose)

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Eddsworld follows the brave adventures of Edd and his troubling group of friends as they tackle zombies, demons, clones and everyday life.
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    EddsworldEddsworld9 days ago
    • Hi

      Tohki BrockTohki BrockDay ago
    • HorseHorse7 days ago
    • Took sort of long to give a vid :/

      XBLOXETHAN ytXBLOXETHAN yt7 days ago
    • @Sharkboy 9231 bye man :(

      The POOPsterThe POOPster7 days ago
    • @Lemon Boy RoyGET IT RIGHT IT'S EDDisode

      Alyssa Pent :3Alyssa Pent :37 days ago
  • Big ol’ buni

    MLAcrickeyMLAcrickey51 minute ago
  • Big ol’ buni

    MLAcrickeyMLAcrickey51 minute ago
  • Big ol’ buni

    MLAcrickeyMLAcrickey51 minute ago
  • Big ol’ buni

    MLAcrickeyMLAcrickey51 minute ago
  • me when sees an eddsworld video : *gets popcorn, something to drink and watches like its in the cinema* is anyone doing the same as me? XD

    CRUSHER PLCRUSHER PL53 minutes ago
  • yOu fOuNd mY rEaL pArEnTs?

    elelHour ago
  • Ah yes...the amazing, kid friendly easter bunny Uuuhh I mean Beaster Bunny

    Gaming BrosGaming BrosHour ago
  • Burrito Bison Reference?

    Life of brother 5000Life of brother 5000Hour ago
  • imma miss tord lol

    JLzplayz -w-JLzplayz -w-Hour ago
  • Eddsworld at its best! Back to the original format!

    MaxieanamatesMaxieanamatesHour ago
  • I so happy for you back

    Ada Arat SevgiliAda Arat SevgiliHour ago
  • Im gonna miss the old voicers.

    FinlandBallFinlandBallHour ago
  • matt wont give on eddsworld matt promise that he wont give up on edds world (by CHACHAN)

    CHAN CHANCHAN CHAN2 hours ago
  • 7:18 in the left the grave says: SANDWICH

    Maria RendonMaria Rendon2 hours ago
  • Me me me me *M E*

    Rhys TRhys T2 hours ago
  • 7:56 when it tears us limb from limb we wont feel a thing i love it

    Brosman Josh TesonBrosman Josh Teson2 hours ago
  • But it didn't rain chocolate and nog from the sky 😭

    SeverinsenSeverinsen2 hours ago
  • What's happened with tord

    gaming Iuliusgaming Iulius3 hours ago
  • Happy easter day😂

    Ziandra HidayatZiandra Hidayat3 hours ago
  • “I’m gonna miss Tom’s car” - I’m gonna miss Tomska :(((

    Morgan KMorgan K3 hours ago
  • Yay new eddsworld video im soo happy

    Friday_ FunkerFriday_ Funker4 hours ago
  • A

    fabio ounofabio ouno4 hours ago
  • 2:47 imp😂🤣 (heluwa boos)🤣😂😅

    Teodor DobiasTeodor Dobias5 hours ago
  • Egg = Edd

    Sylvia OsarchSylvia Osarch5 hours ago
  • Hey eddsworld Kann you Guys make an Eddisode With tord

    Lukas MeisterDreiLukas MeisterDrei5 hours ago
  • Uh huh...b u n n y

    Cutiewolf Rae :3Cutiewolf Rae :35 hours ago
  • EDD'Sworld alive? wow...:з

    Настенька НовохатскаяНастенька Новохатская5 hours ago
  • Это лунтик?

    Ирис FoxИрис Fox6 hours ago
  • Yyyayayyayayayayyaa

    Daniel GonzalezDaniel Gonzalez6 hours ago
  • Oh no

    Johanne EsporlasJohanne Esporlas6 hours ago
  • OMG

    Johanne EsporlasJohanne Esporlas6 hours ago
  • 😷😷😷😷 corona

    Johanne EsporlasJohanne Esporlas6 hours ago
  • Oh no thats worst😱

    Johanne EsporlasJohanne Esporlas6 hours ago
  • 2:42 I alone found a reference to Vivienne !?

    Тоука ЧанТоука Чан7 hours ago
  • 2:10 when the edd is sus

    Jonathon ramirezJonathon ramirez8 hours ago
  • Wait.. but Edd is.. what *CONFUSION AND RELIEF 100*

    Purple PhoenixPurple Phoenix8 hours ago
  • Big ol bunny

    FRANKFRANK8 hours ago
  • The bunny sounds a lot like man-bat from Batman’s the animated series

    Bad V1b3sBad V1b3s8 hours ago
  • the face painting scene had imp aka blitzo from helluva boss. if you dont know him ill ask WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nuvus FinnNuvus Finn8 hours ago
  • Why couldn’t tomska voice tom?

    Bad V1b3sBad V1b3s8 hours ago
  • Awww it’s easters equivalent of zanta

    Bad V1b3sBad V1b3s8 hours ago
  • It`s just so cool

    Anna LuukkonenAnna Luukkonen9 hours ago
  • 6:23

    NightShield OfficialNightShield Official9 hours ago
  • thx to youtube recomendations y can see again eddswoldrs again again

    elias jose rodriguezelias jose rodriguez9 hours ago

    Eric StinksEric Stinks9 hours ago
  • i thought it was the end when i used to watch it but *no*

    A_random_ TF2_playerA_random_ TF2_player9 hours ago
  • YO EDSWORLD IS CONTINUING!? omg I'm gonna binge watch this so hard

    W.D GasterW.D Gaster10 hours ago
  • I haven't seen Eddsworld since The End in 2016... And today i've see a new Eddisode... i don't cry, it's a rain. George's voice just like Edd's

    ZergTPSZergTPS10 hours ago
  • easter never ends...

    drw jmsdrw jms10 hours ago
  • Q saudades disso

    Daka AlvesDaka Alves10 hours ago
  • Im only a minute in and, well... THATS NOT TOM

    Roger TimonyRoger Timony11 hours ago
  • look the data

    Ronil Miranda dos SantosRonil Miranda dos Santos12 hours ago
  • It was pretty cool seeing Vivziepop as a Camio

    Antonio AraizaAntonio Araiza12 hours ago
  • Y E S

    mr. anonimmr. anonim12 hours ago
  • The voice are different

    Dave Judiel HerastaDave Judiel Herasta12 hours ago
  • You know, it makes me happy to see Matt is still working on eddsworld.

    Ghost-king-01Ghost-king-0112 hours ago
  • 7:15 ngl that rabbit looking thick

    TacticalTactical12 hours ago
  • pansexual colors 🤨

    Kvng BlakeKvng Blake12 hours ago
  • tom is different and edd is different but I'm happy that matt is fine but its just not the same...

    jellenheimerjellenheimer12 hours ago
  • NOTICED VIV IMMEDIATELY LMAO that made me happy I love eddsworld so much hh

    Ramen ScooterRamen Scooter12 hours ago
  • Ainda consigo rir mesmo sem me lembra dessa serie por que tem tantos momentos bons que meu deus kkkk

    Mega Obit Br GamesMega Obit Br Games13 hours ago
  • Eggsworld

    Lidin YTLidin YT13 hours ago
  • I want tord to come back

    AllanAllan14 hours ago
  • Like and share ! It helps a lot. 👍🆙 👇

    Musicalm RelaxationMusicalm Relaxation14 hours ago
  • *B.u.n.n.y*

    Getshota Sin imaginacionGetshota Sin imaginacion14 hours ago
  • I love the other version of edds word which is really cool

    Quinn ONeilQuinn ONeil14 hours ago
  • How haven't you got verified

    Epik cat thingEpik cat thing14 hours ago
  • 6:07 i swear due to those legs i thought it was big chungus i was about to dislike lol

    D CookD Cook14 hours ago
  • who else misses tord

    super luigicatsuper luigicat14 hours ago
  • What happened to edds world archive?

    Spade691Spade69114 hours ago
  • My childhood is back

    EX1RUSEX1RUS15 hours ago
  • Little girl just went ham on Edd while he was hunting for eggs and little girl's mind thought her moves were EGGcellent.

    Krishna VashishtKrishna Vashisht16 hours ago
  • I've never watched eddsworld before so this is a whole new thing for me

    NeonPlushProNeonPlushPro16 hours ago
    • Wow you have missed a lot.

      Iदीъёત સaन्दwиચIदीъёત સaन्दwиચ14 hours ago
  • Oy gan isieron un mod del wey rojo en fnf beyan ajugarlo para pc i android

    valentin123 el chemms el mjorvalentin123 el chemms el mjor16 hours ago
    • Porque escribes así ._.XD?

      Galactic WillowdoGalactic Willowdo10 hours ago
  • The team rocket Easter egg XD

    Mauricio CotaMauricio Cota16 hours ago
  • 9:18 nobody is talking about how Tom’s bear is just taped to the truck?

    NekoPlayzzXNekoPlayzzX16 hours ago
  • I first watched u guys 14 years ago when I was 10, I'm actually happy Ur making videos ago

    Banter FcBanter Fc16 hours ago
  • I like how one of the options for face paint is "IMP"

    LeafyMar XDLeafyMar XD17 hours ago
  • When the tom is sus

    KEKLYAKEKLYA17 hours ago
  • Nobody thinking about when Tord will return though...

    Water JuiceWater Juice17 hours ago
  • Ehhhh what happened to tord Five years!Five!

    F.L.GF.L.G17 hours ago
  • Tom just isn’t Tom anymore I might as well be Edwardo because I also miss John

  • The Face Painter Is Vivziepop I Can’t Believe My 👀

    Lenny GoogleLenny Google18 hours ago
  • Wait was that a team rocket reference at 6:02 - I’m proud :,)

    amanda pleitezamanda pleitez18 hours ago
  • Meteoro assusto vey

    funtime bonnie animation dc2funtime bonnie animation dc218 hours ago
  • Imp facepaint 👀👀

    SavkoodlesSavkoodles18 hours ago
  • The mutant rabbit actually looks cute lol 6:53

    Fr0stFr0st18 hours ago
  • Man Tom is way deferent here then crash zoom

    Jacob AcornJacob Acorn18 hours ago
  • Agh yes A Fake Easter Eddsworld only look at this Looks like he Made And Nighster LOL TBH I looked at ur vids since ur first video came out!

    Sven NuxollSven Nuxoll18 hours ago
  • guys did anyone notice the imp from helluva boss? 2:47

    Liamsstuff 7Liamsstuff 718 hours ago
    • YESSS

      SavkoodlesSavkoodles18 hours ago
  • Same old edd's world by vibes

    Mr.beepboop JrMr.beepboop Jr18 hours ago
  • 1:53 I just realized this is a joke about when Tom ran Eddsworld and Matt taking the reigns after him XD

    NR_ProductionsNR_Productions19 hours ago

    Vicious BeeVicious Bee19 hours ago
    • I also noticed there's blitzo in the background 2:48

      Vicious BeeVicious Bee19 hours ago
  • I thought it meant like Beastars and I was very concerned

    Yeetus FetusYeetus Fetus19 hours ago
  • gringos

    Sofia CarreroSofia Carrero19 hours ago
  • 8:55

    wifliiwiflii20 hours ago
    • No kids were hurt upon the making of this episode

      sokin jonsokin jon19 hours ago
  • The imp is at the face painting

    Vincent Van vossenVincent Van vossen20 hours ago
    • contrast -Color palette looks a little muddy -More dynamic camera angles

      sokin jonsokin jon19 hours ago
  • I haven’t seen these guys in the last 2 years

    Bolty FastBolty Fast20 hours ago
  • Does anyone else see the the helluva boss reference at 2:41 left 4th one

    pickle lukpickle luk20 hours ago