Eating McDonald's Happy Meals until I get EVERY POKEMON CARD!!

Feb 16, 2021
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Pokemon is Back!!
I couldn't resist, I had to make an attempt to collect all the cards. But of course, we can't let food go to waste, so we're eating every McDonalds Happy Meal on the way!
Will I make it? Will I collect them all?!
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  • Sorry guys... I ran out of packs.... Still, whos your favorite pokemon!

    Matt StonieMatt Stonie20 days ago
    • Lol I got Chimchar my first pack

      ALEX EATSALEX EATS4 days ago
    • 500th

      Sayf RahmanSayf Rahman19 days ago
    • Snivy

      The TruthThe Truth20 days ago
    • Pikachu

      Mackinley J. RatteyMackinley J. Rattey20 days ago
    • Squirtele

      Elizeth MendezElizeth Mendez20 days ago
  • Charizard

    dra Jyothidra Jyothi19 minutes ago
  • Picacho

    Hasnain HaiderHasnain HaiderHour ago
  • If u guys are teenagers or adults and u watch this u got something wrong with u this guys fan base has to be between 5 and 10 with a pokemon video 🤣

    Jake ShortingJake ShortingHour ago
  • How does he enjoy food eating like that 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Jake ShortingJake ShortingHour ago
  • Yes he is ready for the 1,000 double cheeseburger mcdonald's challenge

    pirate covepirate cove3 hours ago
  • Does anyone else notice that Matt has heterochromia in his eyes?

    coldcold3 hours ago
  • Stomach dummy thick digestive system dummy thick body slim jim

    KillerDymonz ZKillerDymonz Z4 hours ago
  • He should be apart of a eating completion I've never seen any on eats 25 happy meals LOL

    Isaiah JurkiewiczIsaiah Jurkiewicz4 hours ago
  • And you should try the times two Korean ramen

    ModernM SavageModernM Savage5 hours ago
  • how is he still fit after all that?

    aesthetic _deluxe _peachyaesthetic _deluxe _peachy5 hours ago
  • This is so sad...meals

    Mayster MubmraMayster Mubmra5 hours ago
  • Oh man I really when d one of them😭😭😭😭

  • Alakazam

  • My favorite Pokémon is Pikachu

    Jeremiah Vargas-ReyesJeremiah Vargas-Reyes6 hours ago
  • How dose he eat these and still looks in shape BUT IM FAT I BARLEY EAT MCDONALDS AND WEIGH 110 IM LITRALLY 10 and u can make fun of me in the comments

    Jack_ MgJack_ Mg6 hours ago
  • I have so many questions. I was born without an esophagus so eating anything is a challenge. Do u swallow while biting, how does it not get stuck, whats it like when you've eaten that much cause 12 Begal bits make me want to puke. Do u crash and sleep after u eat so much cause I want to pass out after a sandwich. Does food ever get stuck in your esophagus cause thats some of the worst pain I've ever felt with pressure on my lungs. Being unable to eat even a 5fth of a percent like this the ability to eat like this fascinates me.

    Jake FrmStateFarmJake FrmStateFarm6 hours ago
  • Do one chid challenge 10 chips

    Sk8ter KingSk8ter King6 hours ago
  • Pikachu

    Diana SalinasDiana Salinas7 hours ago

    Thea GiquintoThea Giquinto7 hours ago
  • Bro u gotta get Alvin Zohu to make u a giant food

    Alex MaskeAlex Maske8 hours ago
  • Pikachu

    Sara TorreSara Torre8 hours ago
  • Ahem Pikachu UnU

    mochi ???mochi ???8 hours ago
  • John batman

    Hunter XHunterHunter XHunter9 hours ago
  • cut ur hair bruh...

    JustWatchingJustWatching9 hours ago
  • He’s wearing isekai shirt.. i wonder which isekai he’s watching 😁😁

    camisokacamisoka10 hours ago
  • Arch, fvhbjbhvc, GCB,😍😘

    احب اشياء قديمهاحب اشياء قديمه10 hours ago

    MartinLaKrabbMartinLaKrabb10 hours ago
  • My favourite Pokémon is Charizard

    Logan HellmannLogan Hellmann11 hours ago
  • I feel bad for his girlfriend because she prolly be having to cook a Thanksgiving meal everyday.

    Tarrance SullivanTarrance Sullivan11 hours ago
  • Are u fat now

    mzh Euvmzh Euv11 hours ago
  • Charizard is my favorite Pokemon

    london gordonlondon gordon11 hours ago
  • Do the Blues Brothers menu challenge. 4 whole chickens, a soda and a piece of white bread. In BB costume, for giggles

    mEgomEgo11 hours ago
  • You got all of the cards congratulations Matt

    Angel’s LifeAngel’s Life11 hours ago
  • Can you do a Mukbang? If you did that it would be amazing

    Cheese curlCheese curl12 hours ago
  • My fav Pokémon would be the Matt stonie Pokémon with his EEEEEEEEEEAT ability

    Optimus PrimeOptimus Prime12 hours ago
  • Can you do a reaction video of people watching you eat at the restaurant with big platter of food?

    Ruthok ChoegyalRuthok Choegyal12 hours ago
  • Bruh I got chimchar in my first happy meal

    Keny HernandezKeny Hernandez12 hours ago
  • I give credit to his parents for telling him to always finish his food

    Aaron AthwalAaron Athwal12 hours ago
    • 🤣🤣👏🏾👏🏾

      Cam NationCam Nation10 hours ago
  • @ 3:55 🤔.....Dogecoin?

    strongtowerconstructstrongtowerconstruct12 hours ago
  • Matt stonie Please do a translation in Arabic to understand

    TALATALA14 hours ago
  • My favorite Pokémon is Peter Griffen

    banana manbanana man15 hours ago
  • Stop talking.

    clayton christoclayton christo15 hours ago
    • ?

      ojf.ojf.13 hours ago
  • I have a theory on how he is not getting fat: He is not uploading often because Until he uploads the next video he is exercising to burn the calories he got :)

    Fred Το ΨάριFred Το Ψάρι16 hours ago
  • Everyone's running out of content nowadays and that that was the only thing that we could do

    Kristin AmatoKristin Amato17 hours ago
  • I dont think you have to balls to eat 5 packs of big red at once

    Angel CabreraAngel Cabrera17 hours ago
  • Mc Donald’s and Pokémon cards don’t go well together lmao

    Carter KlassenCarter Klassen17 hours ago
  • The way he says the names T-T

    Ruggy RugRuggy Rug17 hours ago
  • Man said sivyy😂😂😂

    RTA RRTA R17 hours ago
  • You should do x3 McDonald’s bundle boxes, aka 6 Big Macs, 6 cheeseburgers, 30 McNuggets, and 6 medium fries

    ismellpennies theysmellgoodismellpennies theysmellgood17 hours ago
  • my pokemon favorite is picachou

    Tony McTony Mc17 hours ago
  • Mine is Pikachu

    Cjawsum 1Cjawsum 117 hours ago
  • am I the only person who eats when he eats?

    Jakethebear5Jakethebear517 hours ago
  • Pika

    xDlmaofree_guy1251xDlmaofree_guy125118 hours ago
  • The chimchar was a paid actor XD

    Param ChauhanParam Chauhan18 hours ago
  • Eat 5kg of sweet corn

    Canary CrystallineCanary Crystalline19 hours ago
  • i feel for his toilet

    op_Hokageop_Hokage19 hours ago
  • Well done 👍👍👌

    Elke AhokasElke Ahokas20 hours ago
  • Probably like mcmillion$ where it’s not available 🤣🤣

    Elke AhokasElke Ahokas20 hours ago
  • Stop eating you'll solve world wide hunger

    Adam EssabiriAdam Essabiri21 hour ago
  • Pikachu

    Aahan WitAahan Wit21 hour ago
  • Tu comentario En español Que buscabas🌚

    Harman BSHarman BS22 hours ago
  • Pika Pika Chuuuuuuuu!!!

    Bro GamersBro Gamers22 hours ago
  • The meal is not happy anymore 🙂

    Raj KundraRaj Kundra22 hours ago
  • Everytime he does this, his jaw got sharper and sharper.

    yasio boloyasio bolo23 hours ago
  • I made you fool two times Read more

    • anyone remember buritozilla 😌

      yasio boloyasio bolo23 hours ago
  • Why he doesnt answer the comments

    δημοσθενησ μπατσακρινοσδημοσθενησ μπατσακρινοσDay ago
  • As a McDonald’s employee... I respectfully hate you.

    Minerva LozoyaMinerva LozoyaDay ago
  • Does anybody else watch these videos while fasting just to live vicariously

    Elderly NarwhalElderly NarwhalDay ago
  • down a whole container off altoids in a min

    IM TheliquidfishIM TheliquidfishDay ago
  • Can we please get a video of you enjoying your food😭😭👍

    Michael Ramos_Michael Ramos_Day ago
  • Whenever i have nothing to eat i watch your vids

    CLEeZzY MLCLEeZzY MLDay ago
  • Love content, been a big fan for years but I dont know if it's just me but I feel like the fast forward seems a little too excessive. I cant even see you actually eat it lol.

    Jose LemusJose LemusDay ago
  • charizord

    Adam yo gameZzAdam yo gameZzDay ago
  • snorlax

    Brodie WhiteBrodie WhiteDay ago
  • You should do a 100 crab rangoon challenge.

    mattdenson1999mattdenson1999Day ago
  • Imagine he is your date and you pay the dinner

    laiza gasquelaiza gasqueDay ago
  • I challenge you to eat durian if you do I will subscribe to your channel

  • Everyone: How Is He Not Fat? Me: You Should Be Wondering How He’s Not Dead.

    TheBoredDevTheBoredDevDay ago
    • Ong 🤣💯💯😭

      Cam NationCam Nation10 hours ago
    • Fax

      Mikey BeaumontMikey Beaumont11 hours ago
  • Favourite pokemon Geodude

    aayush jhaaayush jhaDay ago
  • I wonder if an entire pizza is a snack

    Tofuu Gang MasterTofuu Gang MasterDay ago
  • anyone remember buritozilla 😌

    cammycammyDay ago
  • You should do "the fastest happy meal ever eaten" again and see if you can beat your record

    cod mobilecod mobileDay ago
  • This was fun

    a-wanderingcloud 0-0a-wanderingcloud 0-0Day ago
  • Charmander

    Zhen yangZhen yangDay ago
  • Squrtil

    Dawson WoodDawson WoodDay ago
  • Great job Matt

    Roc PileRoc PileDay ago
  • Scorbunny

    Karah ClarkeKarah ClarkeDay ago
  • I love Charmander he's my favorite he looks so cool when he evolves to a Charizard

    ghostRiderghostRiderDay ago
  • Happyend!

    w1zardw1zardDay ago
  • 99th card

    w1zardw1zardDay ago
  • This makes me want a happy meal

    Tsunami RookieloketTsunami RookieloketDay ago
  • ur mom

    David MortonsonDavid MortonsonDay ago
  • I wish i was with matt i would have everlasting memories of that day

    King EliKing EliDay ago
  • My favorite pokemon is pichu

    Tony SmithTony SmithDay ago
  • My sis got chimchar lol first try

    Eddy MEddy MDay ago
  • The "pika" 😭😭😭😭🤚🏻

    Eddy MEddy MDay ago
  • How old are you?

    momomomoDay ago
  • Hey matt you should try a spicy tender challenge for golden chick

    Miguel AcostaMiguel AcostaDay ago
  • Charmander

    E&B BoysE&B BoysDay ago