Apr 5, 2021
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Cutting board - bit.ly/2R7zqt8
Lemon squeezer - bit.ly/3ukKXnd
Garlic Press - bit.ly/3fFrVE1
Microplane (cheese shredder) - bit.ly/39LeIFL

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  • Which recipe looks best!?

    Jaclyn HillJaclyn Hill10 days ago
    • I have been making the shrimp salad since ahhahaha

      Elon And Fun ToysElon And Fun Toys9 hours ago
    • the corn dip followed by ceviche but they all look bombbbbb

      Kaitee LancasterKaitee LancasterDay ago

      Melanie PilonMelanie Pilon2 days ago
    • @Sophie Vasquez the editing is perfect

      TeamSerenaTeamSerena2 days ago
    • Ceviche YUMM

      Justine MiesowiczJustine Miesowicz3 days ago
  • So is her jumper wet and dirty, or is it meant to be like that

    fc kcfc kc4 hours ago
  • Ahhhhh I need more snacks jac!! ❤️🤪 lovvvvvee thisssss soooo mucchhh

    Summer JonesSummer Jones6 hours ago
  • Yuuummmmmm

    Gayle MullenGayle Mullen8 hours ago
  • I love this type of video so much .

    Elon And Fun ToysElon And Fun Toys9 hours ago
  • When makeup tutorials are no longer relevant on USworlds...

    Autum GreenAutum Green11 hours ago
  • But I just want to have Jaclyn’s vibes all the time. I’m usually like that when I’m with people I know lol

    qjessica90qjessica9013 hours ago
  • Jordan aays “make sure you blow on the weiner” I’m dying 😂😂😂😂

    Abbie SandersonAbbie Sanderson13 hours ago
  • Trying the wieners, bacon 🥓 & brown sugar tonight for my family & I ♥️ 15 minutes left👀

    Alexis AgbiAlexis Agbi14 hours ago
  • I don't know why i'm watching this fasting and dying

    New2makeupNew2makeup16 hours ago
  • I watched your makeup haul. I wanted to share, your hairstyle reminds me of Cardi B. I did watch the grilled cheese. Lynn

    my.brooklyn.flora.forest Brooklynmy.brooklyn.flora.forest Brooklyn16 hours ago
  • Alguém pelo canal do Jean?

    Gleicy HevillinGleicy Hevillin16 hours ago
  • Hi, can you please also add the temperature in Celcius for your foreign viewers in the next video? (I'm too lazy to look it up😅) I'm so gonna try the wieners and the corn dip!😋🤤

    Rick KoelewijnRick Koelewijn16 hours ago
  • Okay that corn dip tho!!

    Kensie GoffKensie Goff17 hours ago
  • These all look so great! Fun video for sure, loved it! Really happy you're uploading more🤗

    Britzel 1Britzel 118 hours ago
  • NOOO! THE STEMS!! My favorite part of cilantro! 😋

    Elisa GElisa G18 hours ago
  • I think my favourite part about this video is how genuinely happy you are filming this video!

    Darian PDarian P19 hours ago
  • Omg I’m definitely gonna try the little weenies with the brown sugar and bacon and the corn dip. These look amazing!!!!

    Ashley MessineoAshley Messineo19 hours ago
  • Awww when he says cause you are my honey 🍯 😍🥰🥰🥰

    Keishla centenoKeishla centeno21 hour ago
  • We need more of these vids

    Monica MaroneyMonica Maroney21 hour ago
  • They all look awesome and I will be making all of them! ❤

    Lori CheckumLori Checkum22 hours ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/f52FfnzZspeYnKk

    Cassandra OgBorn LilibabyspicegirlCassCassandra OgBorn LilibabyspicegirlCass23 hours ago
  • Yum 😋

    City Girl NYC CuisineCity Girl NYC CuisineDay ago
  • All of these recipes were amazing! Made all of them last night for my son and his gf for “game night” instead of an actual meal. Everyone was a fan! Even my hubby helped prep, they were so easy. Thanks and please make more of these videos, we love you!

    gina millergina millerDay ago
  • I always calling them mini weens

    More Lemon PledgeMore Lemon PledgeDay ago
  • Wow this just made me hungry at 3:40 am yummy 🤤 😂 I’m going to try all of these thanks for sharing love pls make more of these🙏🏼❤️

    shirley roxanneshirley roxanneDay ago
  • Okay so I have watched this video like 3 times since you uploaded it.....I need to make the weenies and the corn cheese. But I’m eating healthy so I’m eating through your eyes lol

    Denisse MunguiaDenisse MunguiaDay ago
  • Am the snack master this was good! Always down for new idea’s

    Kya Simons LifeKya Simons LifeDay ago
  • These look so delicious 💚

    Rebecca EvansRebecca EvansDay ago

    blackstarrmublackstarrmuDay ago
  • Loved this!!! 💜

    Andrea MartinAndrea MartinDay ago
  • I'm going to try all of them! They all look fantastic! Great video! 😀

    Erin SchnitzerErin SchnitzerDay ago
  • Girl your shirt is the way my husbands looks after a day of welding... LOL

    Destin SansburyDestin SansburyDay ago
  • I’m the exact same way about certain textures and sounds!!!😂😂😂 I felt all of the same things watching this video 💀

    Leah PitkaLeah PitkaDay ago
  • Why does Jordan give me John cena vibes!?!!

    Helen KavourisHelen KavourisDay ago
  • not really ceviche- shrimp is cooked already... so it’s a salad. longer it sits in lemon, tougher shrimp gets

    Lisa WilliamsLisa WilliamsDay ago
  • Ok but how sweet is it that Jordan buys at least one thing from every launch even tho he doesn’t wear makeup just to support her.. honestly every woman needs a supportive man like that🥲

    Emily WardEmily WardDay ago
  • You need a kitchen scraper. It makes it so much easier to scoop up all of the ingredients that you chop up and it saves time.

    Grunge KittenGrunge KittenDay ago
  • Trying all of these😍

    Emily WardEmily WardDay ago
  • I am so excited to try this looks soooo bomb 🥰

    Queen WingsQueen WingsDay ago
  • Does any one know if you can buy them sausages in the UK please?

    Emily KilpatrickEmily KilpatrickDay ago
  • What do you call snacks with people you like? Friend chips.

    randoff32randoff32Day ago
  • okay hear me out: grape jelly, brown sugar, and bbq sauce for the mini dogs

    MeagKenzie MakeupMeagKenzie MakeupDay ago
  • So the recipe with the smokies and bacon, my mom used to make at Xmas time with water chestnut instead of the smokie. It’s called ramaki. Try it! 😋

  • What kind of trees can you find snacks in? Pantries.

    randoff32randoff32Day ago
  • The giggle after he called you “honey” was so cute 🥺

    River AndersonRiver AndersonDay ago
  • I love how happy you are now! 🤍

    Vivian SolorzanoVivian SolorzanoDay ago
  • Instead of weeners we use sugared cherries and grill them on the bbq. It's the best snack

    Is Debbie Fit YetIs Debbie Fit YetDay ago
  • Omgggg the way he cut the Spanish onion... my ocd can’t 😂

    Erin FarrellErin FarrellDay ago
  • I'm loving the lifestyle videos Jac! You and Jordan should do a head to head cooking challenge and see who wins haha

    Kaitee LancasterKaitee LancasterDay ago
  • I'm late to the game but I love how genuinely happy she is ❤️☺️

    JenalynJenalynDay ago
  • Ugh the nails 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Aimee BatesAimee BatesDay ago
  • These life style videos have become my fave. Don’t get me wrong I’m still here for the beauty vids but these just really get me. ☺️

    Savanah QuintanillaSavanah QuintanillaDay ago
  • Making the bacon smokies this weekend for my friends! Can’t wait🤟🏼

    Avianna EstradaAvianna EstradaDay ago
  • Waiting for new video with all your new makeup purchases!!! 😉👏🏻👏🏻

    ErinErinDay ago
  • I can't wait to try them all

    Aurora SierraAurora SierraDay ago
  • I’m making these ALL for whenever I can get people together!! Definitely the shrimp one whenever I go to the beach 🤤

    Erica OndashErica OndashDay ago
  • Ahhhh your happiness is radiating!!! Makes my heart swell for youuuu! Yummy recipes!

    Blake LeggettBlake LeggettDay ago
  • White Trump supporter ... taking Latin recipes and not given credit. Can we not watch her QVC already?

    LizLizDay ago
  • You can make the bruschetta mix a salad during the week by just adding some arugula and lemon! It looks delicious!

    Kelly SKelly SDay ago
  • Cut your onion the same way you cut the tomatoes!!!! It made it so much easier! I used to hate cutting onions.

    Manda GlennManda GlennDay ago
  • Dont touch that salsa 😝

    Priscilla NarvaezPriscilla Narvaez2 days ago
  • Little salad

    Priscilla NarvaezPriscilla Narvaez2 days ago
  • Salsa

    Priscilla NarvaezPriscilla Narvaez2 days ago
  • I love that your changing your content 🦋 I feel like lifestyle video or videos like this will be great !

    Melanie ReyMelanie Rey2 days ago
  • Well he cannot cut onion either...geezo

    lenka simekovalenka simekova2 days ago
  • lol my Mexican ass.. we cook our shrimp in lemon.

    fernanda lepefernanda lepe2 days ago
  • Okay why does she sound like Rachel Ray??!

    Mallory KMallory K2 days ago
  • love this but omg, as an Australian, I had no idea how many things we call differently to Americans. In Australia, and I believe all over Europe, an appetiser and an entrée are the same thing! What you call entree is our 'main course'. Also grape tomatoes?? we call them cherry tomatoes in Australia, green onion is spring onion, cilantro is coriander. I'm not saying one is right over the other, just so funny hearing another English speaking country being soooo different! PS love you Jaclyn so happy to see you being happy

    Pippa CastonPippa Caston2 days ago
  • Loved this video 😘

    Ananais Aden-SwoopeAnanais Aden-Swoope2 days ago
  • But can we get the makeup look ?

    keeping up with chinkykeeping up with chinky2 days ago
  • girl wtf..i am here for this!🙌🏼 these are great!

    Tay HoopsTay Hoops2 days ago
  • You are wrong shrimp are very unhealthy they are the cockroach of the ocean they eat nothing but garbage and bacteria them and fish and meats are number one to cause stomach cancer.

    tulip flowertulip flower2 days ago
  • Jaclyn...Ive also made mine with bacon wrapped around a green bean....xoxoxoc. these dishes are fire!

    Melicious GMelicious G2 days ago
  • I love this series and your videos with your boyfriend you’re so in your element and seem so happy

    BoredOnYouTubeBoredOnYouTube2 days ago

    Brenda GodfreyBrenda Godfrey2 days ago
  • Jordan measuring the 9x9 pan did it for me LOL.

    Madison BurkeMadison Burke2 days ago
  • Omg Jaclyn add some cucumbers to your ceviche!! Soooo good!!

    acporthacporth2 days ago
  • I just love that you talk like you’re doing makeup 😂😂 “I’m gonna go in with basil”

    Emmie SchmidtEmmie Schmidt2 days ago
  • You look at home in the kitchen, it's nice to watch. Thanks for sharing 🥂

    4themotherload4themotherload2 days ago
  • this was a very good video. all food channels need to take notes.

    Kesha St_ LouisKesha St_ Louis2 days ago
  • Yeassss!!!!! My Sons Father is from 🇵🇪 Peru! & my son has literally ate civeche since he was like 8 months old he would literally drink all the lemon ( limes) juice ! Also , can u & ur Man please make a Peruvian Dish on his channel called Lomo Saladato ..... it’s their take on Stir-Fry - w purple onions , tomatoes, steak, , red wine vinegar , cumin , soy sauce ! It I so bomb i promise u will want to cook it 2x a week ! And it’s between the next day cause the sauce all in the bottom of whatever I store it in ! Also I serve it over white rice 🍚 w fresh garlic which that the staple in Peruvian food they don’t eat Tortillas. And then w the 2 of y’all u prolly meeed 3/5 potatoes cut up chunk French fries and fry in oil them immediately salt also cut up a whole avocado and place on side of plate Jack I will love it 🥰

    Lovely LalaLovely Lala2 days ago
  • I made your Ceviche and I forgot to take a pic to tag you because it was so good I ate the entire bowl with my grandma! I’m going to try the corn dip next, thanks for the recipe keep these videos coming please!!

    Ashley Irizarry-DiazAshley Irizarry-Diaz2 days ago
  • food doesn’t ‘slap’ jaclyn, it’s SMACK get it right.

    Eliana CEliana C2 days ago
  • Add balsamic to that mozzarella and basil dish!

    chanda ciacciochanda ciaccio2 days ago
  • Can't wait to have an appetizer night! HUGE fan! Thanks for sharing!

    vangogh9512vangogh95122 days ago
  • Every single one of these Look incredible and I’m going to trying them all

    cynjim88cynjim882 days ago
  • i thought Ceviche was made with raw fish and it cooked in the citric juices?

    Jennifer TriolaJennifer Triola2 days ago
  • Mmm yes delish! So you going to show me how you make your drinks with that fancy espresso machine back there 🤷🏼‍♀️👀☕️

    Megan donooeMegan donooe2 days ago
  • Loves the recipe. Is she pregnant?

    Heoni SheiHeoni Shei2 days ago
  • Omg looks delicious 😋 definitely trying this

    Yvette RamirezYvette Ramirez2 days ago
  • Never stop doing these kind of videos thx Queen

    kiaraarbizukiaraarbizu2 days ago

    amandaamanda2 days ago
  • Welll I’m making everything

    Alicia TerryAlicia Terry2 days ago

    Ashlee TobeyAshlee Tobey3 days ago
  • Could you include some vegan options next time? ??❤️ 🌱 ✨

    TT3 days ago
  • I love ur snack videos. I could literally watch them for hours!! I actually have ur bacon wrapped lil smokies recipe in the oven as I type this ❤️ I can’t wait to try them they smell so good 😋

    Briana ChaconBriana Chacon3 days ago
  • please make this series more often

    emery michelemery michel3 days ago
  • Why is his name Faurman but his name is Jordan?

    Melissa MorelliMelissa Morelli3 days ago
  • Another banger! Jaclyn, I’ve been watching you since the beginning and I’ve never seen you this happy. You radiate positivity. Make more of these!

    Liana BevyrageLiana Bevyrage3 days ago