DUSTY LOCANE - INTRO 2 ME, PT. 1 (Official Music Video)

Feb 16, 2021
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DUSTY LOCANE - INTRO 2 ME, PT. 1 (Official Music Video)
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  • Dusty finna blow up big time‼️‼️💫💫💫💫

    Gotti 187Gotti 187Hour ago
  • Me waiting for the beat to drop

    MonkEyo 0MonkEyo 03 hours ago
  • 👊🏼

    isyourboysinboy Officialisyourboysinboy Official3 hours ago
  • an RIP song to Pop Smoke

    Nwaokike FrancklinNwaokike Francklin5 hours ago
  • why niggas always hating on new artists but when they die they wanna listen to them now and say stuff like “I miss dusty “ like that personally pisses me off I understand how people wouldn’t like artists but when they die they always come back being a fake fan.

    Faststar 3kFaststar 3k6 hours ago
  • Do he speak any of his native languages?

    Keanu GordonKeanu Gordon9 hours ago
  • So we gonna ignore the fact that this is the same beat from drill tonight by young ap haha both songs fye tho

    AapekAapek14 hours ago
  • Dusty stop copying pop smoke lol he’s the real woo

    Subhan NissarSubhan Nissar15 hours ago
  • Put it to 1.25x speed your welcome (;

    Marcos MudMarcos Mud17 hours ago
  • Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Low KeyLow Key17 hours ago
  • 🎉🎉

    Greffin RenandaGreffin Renanda17 hours ago
  • Y'all acting like pop smoke the only person who got deep voice like damn let this boy rap

    Mackella McCalpinMackella McCalpin19 hours ago
  • the beat that never dropped

    yasin ひyasin ひ20 hours ago
  • he sound like his own person now

    yasin ひyasin ひ20 hours ago
  • 0:12 ur telling that wasn’t pop smoke saying woo

    yasin ひyasin ひ20 hours ago
  • 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹💪🏾

    Berlando Da JosephBerlando Da Joseph20 hours ago
  • I hope people stop seeing you as pops smoke brother but as Dusty Locane

    TypicalUnknown 1TypicalUnknown 1Day ago
  • Fire

    Plugbekillink TVPlugbekillink TVDay ago
  • Yeah okay 100% secured a place in the rap game

    ChiccenChiccenDay ago
  • Pop is proud of you 💫💫

    Lil BptLil BptDay ago
  • Dusty loccy from 5th

    Antwon McneillAntwon McneillDay ago
  • 2099 here reporting the beat still hasn’t dropped

  • future pop smock respect

    game playgame playDay ago
  • Pop smoke2🤲🏻

    Asad UllahAsad UllahDay ago
  • not much of a fan, but the young king makin money for his people, respect, hope u make millions young bull!!!! the only way is up

    KayKayDay ago
  • nobody: nothing me: whens the beat gonna drop ;-; (the song is still good tho)

    jamie hooperjamie hooperDay ago
  • where is that guy with the lyrics xD

    panos lgkpanos lgkDay ago
  • Pop smoke

    young Cripyoung Crip2 days ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Nicola BorinNicola Borin2 days ago

    Modified M3diaModified M3dia2 days ago
  • the puppy was so clueless but he was so cuteeee

    Hailey SmithHailey Smith2 days ago
  • One of Hardest thing out now no capp

  • you stole the fuckin beat from rich kalash 101barz!!! you trash babyboy

    rudi schaaaprudi schaaap2 days ago
  • The dust after the smoke. cold🥶🥶🥶😈😈😈💫💫💫

    TSM ToasterTSM Toaster2 days ago
  • nah this nigga fye

    sunny fritzsunny fritz2 days ago
  • It's trash music, all about showing off and promoting negga negga negga, wtf is wrong with this stupid people

  • He’s improving every track learning how to use that voice

    Brilliant Mindz RecordingsBrilliant Mindz Recordings2 days ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Brilliant Mindz RecordingsBrilliant Mindz Recordings2 days ago
  • "They prayin on my downfall to the wrong priest" that hits different

    Over HeavenOver Heaven2 days ago
  • Man Pop Smoke was the shit. But I can’t say I’m not fucking with dusty tho. He putting some heat out 🔥😤

    Childish LuckChildish Luck2 days ago
  • You are pop smok

    kokobthe111 herkokobthe111 her2 days ago
  • This is fire🔫🇾🇹

    Mando On The TrackMando On The Track2 days ago
  • Ignorant is bliss ...but I see what I need

    Antwon McneillAntwon Mcneill3 days ago
  • No drop

    Antwon McneillAntwon Mcneill3 days ago
  • Every time I’m listening dusty locan I feel like listening pop smoke 💨 well done 👍 bro keep it going

    Ali SayedAli Sayed3 days ago
  • Let’s just say the Woo got more in store

    Sinhonest WilliamsSinhonest Williams3 days ago
  • Let’s work my G 🇨🇦🔥🔥

    Troy GatezTroy Gatez3 days ago
  • DROP ????????????????????????????????

    maniinjamaniinja3 days ago
  • I like how he switched the style of the song like no beat drop not like other songs

    Anray FineAnray Fine3 days ago
  • Here before Dusty getting famous af

    CluECluE3 days ago
  • XXL please 🙏

    Pan PawełPan Paweł3 days ago
  • respect to this brudda stay safe and put us on a drill beat

    Matthew MullerMatthew Muller3 days ago
  • Look stop saying pops & this mans name he he's own ,pop is a legend facts, he just looking 4a way out there's o million niggas wiff a deep voice Ao stop

    K-9 BEASTK-9 BEAST3 days ago
  • When Dusty dives into water, the water comes up for air

    A&EA&E3 days ago
  • Dust always come after Smoke

    Tricks _Tricks _3 days ago
  • if u hear closely u will hear the beat drop at 2:13

  • Wooo big up bro from Ethiopian 🇪🇹🇪🇹✌️

    Shames KingShames King3 days ago
  • This songs been out that’s how ik y’all fake lmao

    Jedidiah JohnsonJedidiah Johnson3 days ago
  • I respect how he doesn’t put guns in his videos💯

    ArsenaflyArsenafly3 days ago
  • I love it 💙💙💙♿

    mgfunny boboymgfunny boboy3 days ago
  • lol not me thinking Pop Smoke was featuring. Are we copying his vibe or whaaaat nigga?

    Akot GarangAkot Garang3 days ago
  • This shit straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    George SanchezGeorge Sanchez4 days ago
  • U can tell he's real 🔥🔥🔥. Respect from Costa Rica.

    Edu LasprillaEdu Lasprilla4 days ago
  • Imma have a feature with this guy soon as them racks up I live inna floss too🧘🏾

    Fresh PrinceFresh Prince4 days ago
    • Mark my words 🧘🏾

      Fresh PrinceFresh Prince4 days ago
  • Fireee

    Jelani BennettJelani Bennett4 days ago
  • Girl with the Afro IG @Curlsfrolife 🥰🙏🏾✨

    Ceecee ValezCeecee Valez4 days ago
  • He really bouta blow up n all the haters then gon switch up 😭

    Jennnyyy LAJennnyyy LA4 days ago
  • waiting for the new hit boy

    Χάρης ΚυρκάκηςΧάρης Κυρκάκης4 days ago
  • the G.O.A.T (dusty) the type of dude to deliver his own packages

    CdoftCdoft4 days ago
  • Geciszar mis meg manuel sokalta job ja meg berkes oliver nem volt szep💖💖👍👍❤😍🌹💋😘✌🤞🐱‍👤✔😃🐱‍🏍🐱‍🏍

    Tárkányi KristófTárkányi Kristóf4 days ago
    • jol mon do d tes tyá

      Tárkányi KristófTárkányi Kristóf4 days ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/l4Z-kabPm2CJf6U

    Kenny SmithKenny Smith4 days ago
  • Get this to 3M please 💓💓😔

    BlackTiktok_1 BlackTiktok_1BlackTiktok_1 BlackTiktok_14 days ago
  • And they praying on my down fall to the wrong priest 💯

    moises hernandezmoises hernandez5 days ago
  • NEXT UP!!!

    Jack HanauJack Hanau5 days ago
  • Listen to Drill Tonight by sheff g, same melody

    Dahlia ItaliaDahlia Italia5 days ago
  • I was really 10 fucking blocks away to meet this nigga

    King songs SudanKing songs Sudan5 days ago
  • Imagine if we didn't hate each other so much and fit the curses of Deuteronomy 28. Hate for our own brother, killing each other like animals for and over bs? In only a few months time we could have had Dusty and Pop at the same time.. Pause. smfh! Ya'll gonna miss this message tho.

    KennyCobbShow 23KennyCobbShow 235 days ago
  • Smh this man is rip off pop smoke ngl

    Mary TomlinsonMary Tomlinson5 days ago
  • Its funny how they talk down on him in the comments but I bet if it was in person you would be laid tf out

    SMHyourBad YtتSMHyourBad Ytت5 days ago
  • Pop smoke blew up now it is dusty turn RIP POP SMOKE 100 TIMES

    raagulan yoloraagulan yolo5 days ago
  • jadort

    quentin biwaghe etoughequentin biwaghe etoughe5 days ago
  • he has pops voice but he raps different

    EAV reactsEAV reacts5 days ago
  • Dusty finna blow up and im here for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yungcalebyungcaleb5 days ago
  • Dusty Locane Is Up Next

    PassivPassiv5 days ago
  • Name that sample kids

    Juice BoyJuice Boy5 days ago
  • He need to drop hella music because his shit fire I think he better then pop smoke

    Deairius SmithDeairius Smith5 days ago

    Tanner SmithTanner Smith5 days ago
  • Ik y’all see that “ring” on his finger 🤦🏾‍♂️ I hope he stays safe 🙏🏾

    NFG MarcoNFG Marco6 days ago
  • The new goat 🐐

    YNKTreyvonXSolidTikTokYNKTreyvonXSolidTikTok6 days ago
  • this dusty not pop

    yur meyur me6 days ago
  • Not because they both have deep voice i hear the total difference

    Tiriha RaymondTiriha Raymond6 days ago
  • I hear the difference between them

    Tiriha RaymondTiriha Raymond6 days ago
  • W

    ꧁꧂꧁꧂6 days ago
  • more I listen, the more his voice sounds different to pop smoke.

    BbronBbron6 days ago
    • More of a rasp

      Cloudlyfe Views&VlogsCloudlyfe Views&Vlogs2 days ago
  • He up next 🔥🔥🔥

    Alim BrouetAlim Brouet6 days ago
  • Was anyone else waiting for him to fall from the window?

    Azide AzidoazideAzide Azidoazide6 days ago
  • 🔥 fire!

    Dante BetheaDante Bethea6 days ago

    Gdup KwinGdup Kwin6 days ago
  • He is going to be a legend🤞

    Chasaro ChasyChasaro Chasy6 days ago
  • This makes me sick to my stomach

    NBANBA6 days ago