Feb 15, 2021
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Drama at the lot again today...
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  • End of the day.. a disagreement isn't worth fighting for.. Stay safe out there!

    MotoBrooMotoBroo19 days ago
    • @Anonymous Prepper hahahahahaha sure kiddo

      ben doverben dover3 hours ago
    • @ben dover pull up

      Anonymous PrepperAnonymous Prepper3 hours ago
    • @ben dover An old saying fits you perfectly...You better be tough if you're gonna be dumb.

      BBNFFBBNBBNFFBBN4 hours ago
    • @Rasul exactly

      P KP K4 hours ago
    • @Anonymous Prepper ahhahahahaha sure keybord warrior lol

      ben doverben dover7 hours ago
  • 🍒 party

    Ultimate WarriorUltimate Warrior35 minutes ago
  • Should’ve socked home boy with the tats I would’ve made his ass famous

    KinGTeraTinoKinGTeraTinoHour ago
  • Honestly fuck those guys. The kid stops clearly in front of them and didn’t know the kids were there. Then he just tries to get through to the other pavement. Stubborn toxic behavior. All of the guys in the group he rolled up on seem like they wanted to be tough guys and solve everything with fighting or something along those lines. Someone needs to tell them we’re out of the hunter and gatherer faze of society

    jacob farnsworthjacob farnsworth2 hours ago
  • Boy went get da squad

    Joshua OffordJoshua Offord2 hours ago
  • Take your kids to a safer place not right on the side of the road.

    Steve BoganSteve Bogan2 hours ago
  • Everyone is at fault here, a lot of chest bumping,

    lidd69lidd692 hours ago
  • Mofos act like they own shit im goin right thru 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

    RichAkaMrGxpRichAkaMrGxp3 hours ago
  • Ruining the sport for all of us. Just have to be defiant.

    Ronald TartagliaRonald Tartaglia3 hours ago
  • Leave them kids at home and you won’t have to worry about it. Also drinking around your kids and who knows what else then driving home like that with them in the vehicles. What a good example. You can clearly see them boys are racists AF ! And the dude with the white shirt and tats on his neck. Said one on one. Yeah! Bet he wouldn’t be talking that smack I f you caught him alone! Unreeeel!

    JC MendozaJC Mendoza3 hours ago
  • Bunch of weirdos .

    M CM C3 hours ago
  • Just get the fuck out of there man for the safe of everyone. Keep in mind that there are little kids riding their bikes and your riding at high speed be smart guys!!!!

    TeoricosConspiratorianosTeoricosConspiratorianos3 hours ago
  • This video is just full of squids

    wes buildswes builds3 hours ago
  • Theses dudes are typical local yocals at the local ridden spot. .. haha...

    Sean BasileSean Basile4 hours ago
  • Put the kids in the truck dummy while you're all intoxicated

    Lee LeethalLee Leethal5 hours ago
  • Bro let me help you real quick Share the road you see people down away from you just move over no need to go near or into any kind of confrontation they we all here to share God's green 🌎 be safe 🙏😉🙌👌 and ride for the slide

    Bryan MortensenBryan Mortensen5 hours ago
  • Ummm, aren't you on a dirt bike, make your own trails

    Jonathan PrendergastJonathan Prendergast5 hours ago
  • Lol where this stunt lot at bro so I can pull up wit my goons and see if they wanna talk that gangsta shit

    Javier NievesJavier Nieves5 hours ago
  • Wish I was there they know what tree to climb once you get aggressive they wanna call police

    Javier NievesJavier Nieves5 hours ago
  • These people love drama! Oh" we got kids out here"! Take them home ,if your so concerned about those kids!

    Gsup MGsup M6 hours ago
  • Wheelies dey wanna show offf looking cool and shit godddd wheelies hahahahahahaahha

    Adrian311 TorrelizaAdrian311 Torreliza6 hours ago
  • They told u clearly bro we got kids..u being arrogant and ur ego is aint good..one day u gonna be on their place and only then u gonna realize.

    PratykPratyk7 hours ago
  • If it’s so dangers why tf are your kids there ?!

    Free CrackFree Crack8 hours ago
  • Whats the point of having soldiers if you can't use them B...........

    G STARR3000G STARR30008 hours ago
  • Simple take care of your damm kids

    KingJackersvg VarelaKingJackersvg Varela9 hours ago
  • I bet those guys miss prison so much that they talk about prison all the time. One day I hope to be that cool.

    KickinKickin9 hours ago
  • After he goes bitching to others....hes like "it aint worth it bro" lol....

    WW9 hours ago
  • Leave kids at home your there to ride

    Amber GandyAmber Gandy11 hours ago
  • Darwin

    mguarin912mguarin91211 hours ago
  • I Salute you!

    one HE sentone HE sent11 hours ago
  • Nothing, but TRUMPTERD'S, not listening to reason.

    Mr. D.Mr. D.11 hours ago
  • All that dirt and he wanna ride on the road where the kids at lol

    King HoweKing Howe11 hours ago
  • Veterans, been in prison ? But using the kids as an excuse what a bunch of wannabes probably beat their wives

    Joe Joe AZJoe Joe AZ12 hours ago
  • Keep your kids out the road

    Joe Joe AZJoe Joe AZ12 hours ago
  • I would've blasted them foos

    Joe Joe AZJoe Joe AZ12 hours ago
  • Guys like that, that wanna be badasses is the reason i carry. If its a road, maybe your kids shouldnt be playing in it. Secondly, the guy with the black shirt ans beard, along with the guy with the neck tattoos kept wanting a fight. Fkn wannabes need to meet a bullet!

    Big GuyBig Guy12 hours ago
  • Moto broo you being a dick dirt bikes are for dirt they had there familes there on the road parked up go round them like any good bugger would do. You dont need to ride fast and show off close to people

    Matt buttersMatt butters12 hours ago
  • I would a hopped off my bike and threw down . Should have rooster the shit out of them to

    Brandon SchottBrandon Schott13 hours ago
  • How about you keep your kids off the road. Those ass clowns don't own the road. He understands you with the helmet on, pulled a shovel and then threw a beer, because he had his crew. Just because he was in the military don't mean shit. Just because he was in prison dont make you tough. All they do is try to intimidate with their cockholsters.

    Gator NationGator Nation14 hours ago
  • Long story short words vs words is one thing but a throwing a beer can at someones back is assault and a cowards move. Glad it wasnt my crowd they aint about resolutions once disrespect is shown. Great job man.

    Jason RainwaterJason Rainwater15 hours ago
  • It's about the kids. I guess the dirt road behind is unsafe. For that group... Drink up John nny

    Judy CorbridgeJudy Corbridge15 hours ago
  • “I’m tryinna have a civil convo” Grabs rake

    Richard DerrickRichard Derrick15 hours ago
  • I’m a military vet ?? What difference does that make

    fastest eaton lightning in socalfastest eaton lightning in socal16 hours ago

    Justin HowardJustin Howard17 hours ago
  • Hey he right in all but he threatened you bro if I was there I would kill them with my hands cuz of the golden gloves and mma hahaha they dumb bro

    Lil KobeLil Kobe17 hours ago
  • Also they wanna talk about legal, they are literally drinking on "public roads" with their children playing on that same road. PRIME ROLEMODELS

    SteverStever17 hours ago
  • They all drunk and had guns, no point to fight them they’ll loose the fight but then one of them pulls a gun

    David KushniryukDavid Kushniryuk17 hours ago
  • Move your kids in a safe zone

    Aisha JohnsonAisha Johnson18 hours ago
  • Man seriously they ass holes

    Aisha JohnsonAisha Johnson18 hours ago
  • 9:44 one pac, two pac, 3 pac ...4

    HungarianHungarian18 hours ago
  • U got punked

    Thomas ArangoThomas Arango19 hours ago
  • Karen’s so many at once ha ha

    Chase YuchnoChase Yuchno19 hours ago
  • Looks like the area by titty Lake in North Port Florida

    TJ aka Green monster baierTJ aka Green monster baier20 hours ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • These kinds of people are our countries problem. Bullies.

    Rr RrRr Rr21 hour ago
  • You can never be to protective of your Kids when dirt bikes, cars involved.

    Shane CochraneShane Cochrane21 hour ago
  • All ima say is CHAI VANG!!!!

    Killafornia KaidenKillafornia Kaiden21 hour ago
  • Yea they are miserable drunk dick heads just looking to start shit. The one guy said I'll fight everyone of you guys 1 at a time lol I was hoping you'd hop off the bike n take him up on his offer cuz he would of gassed out in 30 secs lol

    Rick WalshRick Walsh21 hour ago
  • Typical Conservatives

    Abner The bassetAbner The basset22 hours ago
  • Alcohol number one instigator

    Hugo CachuaHugo Cachua23 hours ago
  • At the end of the day you did the right thing

    Fabian SedanoFabian Sedano23 hours ago
  • This is what it comes down to and your veterans lol shame on you guys blame it on about. The kids when you're drinking alcohol

    Fabian SedanoFabian Sedano23 hours ago
  • Well handled

    Fight MilkFight Milk23 hours ago
  • Why is every one of them tough guys wearing crocs?

    DaleyDaley23 hours ago
  • Truck parked half on the road is legal?

    DaleyDaley23 hours ago
  • Kill every last one of them crackers

    MrNasty TimeMrNasty TimeDay ago
  • Lot of checks that couldn't be cashed out there.

  • This is why people get blasted .

    Chris TacoChris TacoDay ago
  • Stolen valor

    Ballistic MonkBallistic MonkDay ago
  • The black dudes will fucked them up lol 😂

    skullslife36skullslife36Day ago
  • This is absolutely squidrific ! Enough of the pow pow power wheelies ! You will save alot of fuel at BP !! It maybee the skinny jeans ? I dunno ? No stuntin or offroad edicate ! No follow through by locals so no lesson learned !

    noel catanzaronoel catanzaroDay ago
  • Subbed

    BVTVBVTVDay ago
  • You are wreckless around people and their families...you are an ignorant piece of.

    Jimmy DusaultJimmy DusaultDay ago
    • You're a f.....

      Jimmy DusaultJimmy DusaultDay ago
    • Just stay away from others why do you need to make them move?can I walk right were you are standing?🤪

      Jimmy DusaultJimmy DusaultDay ago
  • Dude .... You just wanted to annoy them. Yes you in the Bike 😐 The hillbillies just wanted to make sure nobody ran the kids over .

    Ruben B RamirezRuben B RamirezDay ago
  • Kids playing between 2 cars ain't safe neither what if another car hits the truck in the back.....God forbid.

  • Those guys were making vets look like fucking tools. No way they were all vets. Don't take your kids to a spot like that. If you cant watch them. Idiots.

    Abe SnaykeAbe SnaykeDay ago
  • Half the people over here have been in prison😂 who tf cares dude lmao

    Jacob PoseyJacob PoseyDay ago
  • Their bitching at these kids for dirtbiking and having fun but it’s okay for them to drink and drive their side by sides and quads lol

    Brandon TylerBrandon TylerDay ago
  • Bro fk that im shootin everyone yall try to hit me with a Shuvel i was in fear of my life your honor

    Joe ShmoeJoe ShmoeDay ago
  • 🤔🤔🤔🤔Getting drunk in the middle of the road aint legal

    Joe ShmoeJoe ShmoeDay ago
  • I respect military but come on dont pull that fkn card when you're being dicks

    Joe ShmoeJoe ShmoeDay ago
  • Process to put kids in the road. Once they talk it out amongst each other the kids are by the tree. OUT OF THE WAY. Then they started off with a negative demeanor and proceed to provoke a fight in front of there kids. Just because you go to prison doesn’t mean you have to act like a prisoner. You’re suppose to get better as a person when your out.

    Pœco xPœco xDay ago
  • Haha those characters look the part, losers

    CodyCodyDay ago
  • Play here while we get drunk af lil kids

    James AndersonJames AndersonDay ago
  • Where is that place? I wanna go!

    Derrick WhiteDerrick WhiteDay ago
  • I'm fighting..🤷🏾‍♂️

    Derrick WhiteDerrick WhiteDay ago
  • How bout get the kids out the damn street? 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    SHAWN BrintonSHAWN BrintonDay ago
  • they sounds like smart but did'nt

    MAIMAIDay ago
  • If “the lot” is full of this crap, why go? Doesn’t look fun.

    J GJ GDay ago
  • The whole family wearing Crocs.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Fitness1 AgelessFitness1 AgelessDay ago
  • Why do they have kids where grown people are playing hard. Let the kids play in the woods but they want to have them playing on dirt roads lol stupid people

    Jackie DeeJackie DeeDay ago
  • I think it’s more how they see the situation maybe there is a spot to ride all crazy just probably not next to people. On a side note you did seem like you were instigated and then tried to make it seem like it wasn’t a big deal.

    Alejandro CabreraAlejandro CabreraDay ago

    Gill GitshamGill GitshamDay ago
  • Bro. My experience don't allow these military people intimidate you guy's, were all human, we all bleed the same.

    Che GuevarraChe GuevarraDay ago
  • This is a bullshit ass video no cap on my momma with the dead homies added to it

    Martin JuarezMartin JuarezDay ago
  • Cada uno ahace lo que quiere Asi que atente alas consecuencias

    Ruben Pasten EscobarRuben Pasten EscobarDay ago
  • 😂😂😂now he scared but he was the main one tryna fight i swear this is how their mind works with everything they start it then flip it like they did nothing wrong

    G SpizzoG SpizzoDay ago
  • Nice rolemodels these parents . being drunk riding vehicles , threatning other people with Physiqual harm , being aggressive trying to start fights and using rakes as weapon all infront of their own childten . .

    Johan SJohan SDay ago
  • They don't own the road and at the same time they being disrespectful fuck em

    teon gordonsrteon gordonsrDay ago
  • Dont care if you been to prison or not. To the vets thanx for your service but come at me I will drop you

    Skylar RussellSkylar RussellDay ago