Dude Wars | OT 24

Feb 22, 2021
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DP Lightsaber action is BACK! Brand new segment, plus all your OT favs! Thanks Lords Mobile for sponsoring this video! Download to win BIG prizes here: igg.com/event/dudeperfect $50,000 CASH GIVEAWAY, AUTOGRAPHED BASKETBALLS and a $350 gift pack for everyone!
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Thanks for watching #Overtime24
Intro: 0:00
Cool Not Cool: 0:54
Fight Scene: 07:37
Halftime: 12:11
Judge Dudy: 13:20
Wheel Unfortunate: 18:45
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  • 298k People: I like this 3.6K People: I dislike this

    Jenna BrownJenna Brown3 hours ago
  • As a serious fan of star wars, that fight was hella sick

    TheHeavyBrothersTheHeavyBrothers3 hours ago
  • I am going all out

    Juicy TamatoesJuicy Tamatoes3 hours ago
  • Wow noice

    Gurjas SrawGurjas Sraw3 hours ago
  • Or a mixer

    Juicy TamatoesJuicy Tamatoes3 hours ago
  • You should use a blender

    Juicy TamatoesJuicy Tamatoes3 hours ago

    Caleb EllingtonCaleb Ellington3 hours ago
  • no it was the best

    Cloe CalvertCloe Calvert3 hours ago
  • there fight scenes are better than rey vs kylo ren

    MaxyJavaMaxyJava3 hours ago
  • 15:26 *tensions rise on DRAGON BALL Z*

    TheXboxIdiotTheXboxIdiot3 hours ago
  • Fight scene was pretty lame...

    Timothy WilliamsTimothy Williams3 hours ago

    ethan cethan c3 hours ago
  • ya love to see it

    Cooper YbarraCooper Ybarra3 hours ago
  • Is there actually first name

    J Boys24J Boys243 hours ago
  • Cant believe it's been six years since I started watching

    Juan Felipe Cada idJuan Felipe Cada id3 hours ago

    Caleb EllingtonCaleb Ellington3 hours ago
  • FIGHT SCENE! YESSSSS!!!! Marvel/avengers!

    Draconic ArtistDraconic Artist3 hours ago
  • poor chad

    Alex PiAlex Pi3 hours ago
  • Itโ€™s minus 10 wow itโ€™s so nice there

    Heidi CHeidi C3 hours ago
  • Laser: never ever shine the light in someoneโ€™s eyes. TT: Letโ€™s party!!!

    Sarah StricklandSarah Strickland3 hours ago
  • Hi

    Pump It UpPump It Up3 hours ago
  • They have 10 temperature and iowa is 36 degrees

    Max KearneyMax Kearney3 hours ago
  • the wheel segment should be a series

    cactis boy 25cactis boy 253 hours ago
  • Garretts โ€˜futuristic face shieldโ€™ makes him look like all for one from my Hera academia

    Eldin RadoncicEldin Radoncic3 hours ago
  • Can we get a POG champ

    OwFrostOwFrost3 hours ago
  • tape.

    Raptorgamer 11Raptorgamer 113 hours ago
  • Just me, or did that last "Overtimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeee" seem longer in the intro. More like "Overtimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

    TrippyTrippy3 hours ago
  • Lord of the Rings Fight Scene !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Koalaknight MIKoalaknight MI3 hours ago
  • I love cool not cool

    Camille RandallCamille Randall3 hours ago
  • Garret 2:34 lol

    RobertRobert3 hours ago
  • Tyler I live in Kentucky and I went camping in negative 18 weather

    Mckenzie MeyerMckenzie Meyer3 hours ago
  • All For One From BNH xD 3:29

    Gol D. RogerGol D. Roger3 hours ago
  • Cant belive almost all Americans watch this (this is awesome) this should be a tv show

    Angelo ArteagaAngelo Arteaga3 hours ago
  • The fight scene is really funny ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    Cool4ScienceCool4Science3 hours ago
  • Someday TT is going to be sued

    Buckyboy 20Buckyboy 203 hours ago
  • I really hope the editors had fun with Fight Scene. Because the end result was absolutely amazing! I am looking forward to the Harry Potter wand battle!

    Andrew WunrowAndrew Wunrow3 hours ago
  • I-

    Chloe ChapmanChloe Chapman3 hours ago
  • โ€œI dont even know why we work out,shooting practice would be way smarterโ€๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    John StamosJohn Stamos3 hours ago
  • The camera man feeling this tho ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜ rip

    Charles CroxallCharles Croxall3 hours ago
  • Bro where did you get those lightsabers

    Noah GreenNoah Green3 hours ago
  • Cody's a hater poor ty

    PristinePristine3 hours ago
  • Thats wack

    The Banana GodThe Banana God3 hours ago

    goosegoose3 hours ago
  • I got stung by a jellyfish as well, I was about to be pushed by dolphins, and I had to be pied on as well๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ!!

    TheKnuckleballPodcastTheKnuckleballPodcast3 hours ago

    Xander DavisXander Davis3 hours ago
  • please dont do judge dudy

    ParkiepooParkiepoo3 hours ago
  • Tyler should stay out there for a full week. ๐Ÿคฃ

    NEW Affiliate Program Launched in Oct20. Join Now!NEW Affiliate Program Launched in Oct20. Join Now!3 hours ago
  • Honestly. Better than force awakened no cap

    Joe BJoe B3 hours ago
  • Cool not cool is the best one out of everyone in my opinion if anybody seeing this what is your favourite thing is it wheel unfortunate or something else ? Please tell me whatโ€™s your favourite

    John P. KocjanJohn P. Kocjan3 hours ago

    PenguinBoiPenguinBoi3 hours ago
  • *u know how hard it is to edit lasers*

    Carrot topCarrot top3 hours ago
  • The fact that they aren't actors stunt men and yet they can produce such enticing and amazing scenery, well done dudes

    Ryan Van DiemanRyan Van Dieman3 hours ago
  • The fight scene is the best choreographed bit Iโ€™ve ever seen better than any of the Star Wars movies

    Steven MelteSteven Melte3 hours ago
  • Short guy, normal triplets, green hoser, normal girlsโ€™ in undertime, short guy, normal triplets, green hoser, now we arenโ€™t heading on to undertiiiiiimmmmmeeeee

    EveryoneEveryone3 hours ago
  • that starwars shen so dope

    Emma DaviesEmma Davies3 hours ago
  • I nearly barfed.....

    Colten UdeenColten Udeen3 hours ago
  • Fight Scene is job security for the editors. I love it.

    RMD CadeRMD Cade3 hours ago
  • Did anyone else see the DONโ€™T STAND IN FRONT OF THE LASER!!! LOL

    Fire360X GamingFire360X Gaming3 hours ago
  • Doobdoob woobrs

    Josiah SealyJosiah Sealy3 hours ago
  • Hey Ty! I would of greened it.

    NoShDKNoShDK3 hours ago
  • pogggggg

    Nicholas MoranNicholas Moran3 hours ago
  • Itโ€™s over ani I have the high ground

    Dragoncam 222Dragoncam 2223 hours ago
  • That fight was crazy๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ!

    aarya ratnakaraarya ratnakar3 hours ago
  • so fake tho

    Noah NealNoah Neal3 hours ago
  • 4 degrees is swimming weather for me in Wisconsin. It was like -30 F to -40 F for the last 2 weeks here.

    HandlesHandles3 hours ago
  • Fight scene would be a fun segment.โค๏ธ

    Mr ChavezMr Chavez3 hours ago
  • Garrett should have just used gorilla glue to get the mustache to stay ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

    Keelan-DerekKeelan-Derek3 hours ago
  • Anyone else realize that whole fight was over waffles

    Ayden MarshAyden Marsh3 hours ago
  • Fax

    Darth VaderDarth Vader3 hours ago
  • Where do u guys get those light sabers?

    Loving Life MissionsLoving Life Missions3 hours ago
  • I might be an idiot but is judge duty have them actually sue each other?

    Owen Popkowski-smithOwen Popkowski-smith3 hours ago
    • Sue as in owe them money

      Owen Popkowski-smithOwen Popkowski-smith3 hours ago
  • 5:07 we need to change the theme song to this

    Carli OlsenCarli Olsen3 hours ago
  • He is kind of a pro on his first day on academy!

    Jorge ZavalaJorge Zavala3 hours ago
  • bro. the airpod just totally made me hate coby.

    Dylan KatzDylan Katz3 hours ago
  • Coby: brings an autotune karaoke *Quackity has entered the chat*

    The Duck From The Duck SongThe Duck From The Duck Song3 hours ago
  • Respect to the editors for that fighting scene. Editing in those lightsabers must have taken DAYS

    Matt โ€”-Matt โ€”-3 hours ago
  • โ€œitโ€™s really durable.โ€ โ€œthrow your button at me.โ€ *shield cracks*

    Carli OlsenCarli Olsen3 hours ago

    Swordside AnimationsSwordside Animations3 hours ago
  • I am just like Cody... I haven't been able to breathe through my nose since I was 4

    Mr_BuBBle_Mr_BuBBle_3 hours ago
  • Williams should have ran

    Dylan2goodDylan2good3 hours ago
  • PLEASE do a fight scene with Harry Potter wands!

    Aubree FluhartyAubree Fluharty3 hours ago
    • Follow my channel BeckyTeeFam

      BeckyTeeFamBeckyTeeFam3 hours ago
  • I have been waiting for a new OT for ages thanks guysโค

    jason staatsjason staats3 hours ago

    Ivan TorresIvan Torres3 hours ago
  • I like how they donโ€™t pin their own comment to self promote.

    FlamestyFlamesty3 hours ago
  • HEY DUDE PERFECT! I have no idea if you are going to respond to this but me and my family love your channel! We had a stereotypes video idea. Soccer stereotypes! I hope you see this and make it happen!

    Aurora HonsAurora Hons3 hours ago
  • This is my favorite episode by farrrrr:D:D

    Sparky_DabossSparky_Daboss4 hours ago
  • I love how ty literally holds the freaking lightsaber like it's a baseball bat!! XD XD XD

    Jill MobleyJill Mobley4 hours ago
    • Follow my channel BeckyTeeFam

      BeckyTeeFamBeckyTeeFam3 hours ago
    • Follow my channel BeckyTeeFam

      BeckyTeeFamBeckyTeeFam3 hours ago
  • I have a jelly fish

    reshy stevenreshy steven4 hours ago
  • Overtime is one of the best shows on YT.

    Steve BennettSteve Bennett4 hours ago
  • Garrett looks like Predator from the movie

    Max GraffMax Graff4 hours ago
  • I love jelly fish

    reshy stevenreshy steven4 hours ago
  • Like the comment if you like cool not cool, share if you like wheel unfortunate.

    Roman.G_16Roman.G_164 hours ago
  • Hi

    Jessica HannonJessica Hannon4 hours ago
  • Any one hear Cody or jerry say h word

    Nikki MacmillanNikki Macmillan4 hours ago
  • How can you even top that fight scene holy fck

    LionelLionel4 hours ago

    Yannick PaasYannick Paas4 hours ago
  • Is Rey a skywalker NO

    Dragoncam 222Dragoncam 2224 hours ago
  • 5:41 live footage of Travis Scottโ€™s next concert

    Cris ZavalaCris Zavala4 hours ago
  • Fair enough this was well made

    LordSeth1000LordSeth10004 hours ago
  • Plastic golf club battle 2

    Eyestone AbrahamEyestone Abraham4 hours ago