Drive With Me + Mini Vlog

Feb 19, 2021
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Intro song Drop That Bag - Capalow
Camera I use is the canon G7X Mark I

  • For those saying they’ve already watched this video, I had accidentally posted it when it wasn’t suppose to go up 😅

    Sovida ResurreccionSovida Resurreccion15 days ago
    • where’s yo shirt frommmm

      melanie mmelanie m12 days ago
    • Omg sameee

      Addisyn YarboroughAddisyn Yarborough14 days ago
    • @DustyCarrot27 sameeee

      Emily RoqueEmily Roque15 days ago
    • I’ll still rewatch it😭❤️

      IfeIfe15 days ago
    • when the playlist vid coming plz reaply

      Daylee HolguinDaylee Holguin15 days ago
  • literally sovida is so gorgeous whatttt😻😻

    Isabella FieldsIsabella Fields11 hours ago
  • Playlist with alannnn in the carrrr omg yes

    Itzel wrld2Itzel wrld2Day ago
  • yessss vida with the consistency 💕

    Cheyenne SmithCheyenne SmithDay ago
  • grwm + playlist

    Ioniss WorldIoniss World2 days ago
  • Your nails look nice... thats the style & shape i like... all nail salons are closed at the minute where i am 😌🎀💗

    Aminah ShakoorahAminah Shakoorah3 days ago
  • Y’all need to start posting on your other channel 🥺I would watch y’all all the time when you was in middle school

    Nefti MorenoNefti Moreno3 days ago
  • drive with me playlisttttttt

    angieangie3 days ago
  • vida what’s the first song called that u played in the car😩 i need it baeee

    Kiele HickokKiele Hickok4 days ago
  • 😌😚drive with me plsss😍😍😍😍😍👑👑👑👑👑

    Leilani TiradoLeilani Tirado5 days ago
  • bruh the way he calls you baby 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩i can’t do this rn vida

    Diana GomezDiana Gomez6 days ago
  • Where is that black half zip top from?

    Nikki MenzoNikki Menzo6 days ago
  • Love the intro🥰

    Life wit MiyLife wit Miy7 days ago
  • You are literally like so gorgeous!!!!😌

    Lindy VelaLindy Vela7 days ago
  • Too from?

    Keke & AneayaKeke & Aneaya9 days ago
  • do a car

    Carroll ZegarraCarroll Zegarra9 days ago
  • i take it that alan lives far asl 😭😭

    Alicea ContrerasAlicea Contreras9 days ago
  • Like this vlog girl 🤎🤎🤎

    Asia ColesAsia Coles10 days ago
  • p.s I love you guys ❤️❤️

    Heidi GonzalezHeidi Gonzalez10 days ago
  • am I the only one that when I try to click on the notification bell, it says error,, like I’m trynna get notifs 😭😭

    Heidi GonzalezHeidi Gonzalez10 days ago
    • nvm she answered my question a few minutes into the video 😭😭

      Heidi GonzalezHeidi Gonzalez10 days ago
  • drive w me playlist lol

    alexa cuevasalexa cuevas10 days ago
  • car tour?

    Mariana ParraMariana Parra10 days ago
  • “It’s yo boy skinny d” lmao tooo funny 😂

    Angelica MendezAngelica Mendez10 days ago

    Amelia MorrisAmelia Morris10 days ago
  • Your so pretty and I hope u reply I know your not probably but can u do a room tour video when u can and have time💕

    mellyy _ 214mellyy _ 21410 days ago
  • Can you do a drive with me playlist video!

    Mahrya JimenezMahrya Jimenez11 days ago
  • What do u use for ur face like ur skincare??

    ITZ SAMIITZ SAMI11 days ago
  • In the car playlist

    Maya GarciaMaya Garcia11 days ago
  • what was the name of the first song tho😫

    Alexis EspinozaAlexis Espinoza11 days ago
  • not royal in the intro 😭😖

    Monás RoyaltyMonás Royalty11 days ago
  • Girl I love your channel and i wanna let you know do not get a Mercedes because they break down a lot and the parts are expensive.

    triniti browntriniti brown12 days ago
  • what’s that first song you played called @15:54

    Jordan MuaJordan Mua12 days ago
  • The puppy 🥺🥺🎀

    Alazaé AAliyahAlazaé AAliyah12 days ago
  • Y u talking like that lol

    Tiara SavageTiara Savage12 days ago
  • Where did she get her shirt, it’s so cute 🥺

    Jackie HernandezJackie Hernandez12 days ago
  • Drive with me playlist. The music will hit harder😭LMAO

    Thalia ChavarriaThalia Chavarria12 days ago
  • Okay miss sovida listening to Brent as you should😩😩

    destiny Pricedestiny Price12 days ago
  • How far do they live from each other ?

    Maiden I don't knowMaiden I don't know12 days ago
  • You should make a day in life video,Grwm,Redoing my room,24 hr glow up,Facetiming ppl and saying can i call you back im busy that would be good video ideas love you

    Jazelle RamirezJazelle Ramirez12 days ago
  • If you want to whiten your teeth you can get a little charcoal thing at Dollar tree and it works

    Ekiveya VorakEkiveya Vorak12 days ago
  • yesss, i’ve been waiting on a vlog with alan

    s.tephaaniies.tephaaniie12 days ago
  • you should try noxzema and put it on your pimples it makes the redness go away and makes your pimples go away sm faster

    mybbaemybbae12 days ago
  • can u please tell me what buttons do u get like put the name or link bc i bought these bf jeans n i really need the buttonsss

    Heily AlfaroHeily Alfaro12 days ago

      Sovida ResurreccionSovida Resurreccion12 days ago
  • 4:19

    Alyssandra ContrerasAlyssandra Contreras12 days ago
  • i recommend the Lumineux teeth whitening strips, those have honestly whitened my teeth the most the quickest out of all the whitening strips i've used, there super good

    Aaliyah VazquezAaliyah Vazquez12 days ago
  • The beginning has me rolling rnn "hey it's yo boy skinny D"😭😭

    Angelica MorenoAngelica Moreno12 days ago
  • You should just vlog you day 🙃

    Malaika SMalaika S13 days ago
  • Drive with you playlist. And yes that my dream car too with red interior also its so crazy you live not to far from me

    Brianna RedickBrianna Redick13 days ago
  • cutest couple ever 🥺🥰

    Giselle VillarrealGiselle Villarreal13 days ago
  • I thought I clicked the wrong video at first 😂😂

    theyluvv Ryrytheyluvv Ryry13 days ago
  • Are you and Alan going to start posting on y’all couple channel again ❤️

    Woaah nishaaWoaah nishaa13 days ago
  • The kid tho😂😂😂😂😂

    bella sosabella sosa13 days ago
  • yall are just goals 😫

    dhaneka huerbana adhaneka huerbana a13 days ago
  • Waittt me and him have the same car !! So happy for him! Love y’all together

    Mia JMia J13 days ago
  • their back together now ?!!! im late

    mrsweaslymrsweasly13 days ago
  • Hold up what car he got?

    The_Lofi_SamuraiThe_Lofi_Samurai13 days ago
    • @Sovida Resurreccion what kind? 😭

      The_Lofi_SamuraiThe_Lofi_Samurai12 days ago
    • Mazda

      Sovida ResurreccionSovida Resurreccion12 days ago
  • why does he give me straight rio vibes from good girls

    Arianna NdamoArianna Ndamo13 days ago
  • “Vida baby” STOP this isnt fair 😩🥲 I love you guys though 😭

    Jimena MontesJimena Montes13 days ago
  • Sovida and Alan be so cute together and sovida is so freaking beautiful ❤️😊

    Blanca BerazaBlanca Beraza13 days ago
  • Does anyone know where she got the shelves next to her vanity from?

    alaina ,alaina ,13 days ago
    • ikea

      Sovida ResurreccionSovida Resurreccion12 days ago
  • room tour ?

    Zoe JasmineZoe Jasmine13 days ago
  • Okay but we gon need the names to them songs you was playin in the car lmao😭

    Monique ZepedaMonique Zepeda13 days ago
  • a drive with you playlisttt!

    naiyahh palaciossnaiyahh palacioss13 days ago
  • Alan is getting uglier while Sovida getting prettier 😌

    Josselyn RamosJosselyn Ramos13 days ago
  • his little brother reminds me of ashtray from euphoria

    Zamora BerryZamora Berry13 days ago
  • Song @ 15:53 ?

    Maribel GarciaMaribel Garcia13 days ago
  • I’m 17 trying to learn and I’m really scared to turn bc I don’t want to hit the curb☹️

    Rae1129Rae112913 days ago
  • I recommend using the hello toothpaste the charcoal one!!! Bomb for white teeth

    Daniela BautistaDaniela Bautista13 days ago
  • You should do a drive with me playlist and get ready with me playlist ‼️

    Princess JanJanPrincess JanJan14 days ago
  • you should do a drive with me playlist

    Jannelle GlenisterJannelle Glenister14 days ago
  • I’m in luvvv with the green jeans, they look so bomb on u girl

    Peyton MartinezPeyton Martinez14 days ago
  • His brother He’s so funny

    NovaNova14 days ago
  • I knew something was different about you 😭 you don’t have braces anymore

    Charly SophiaCharly Sophia14 days ago
  • Gurl omg I got that same charcoal toothbrush 2 weeks ago😭

    autumn hidalgoautumn hidalgo14 days ago
  • “damn i never realized how fat thoses houses were 😭”

    Daisy SkyDaisy Sky14 days ago
  • Where’s your A Square Necklace from???

    Giselle ColvinGiselle Colvin14 days ago
  • If you need videos ideas I really really recommend doing a shoe collection update since it’s been a while !

    Naidelyn PenaNaidelyn Pena14 days ago
  • Apparently charcoal is actually really bad for your teeth, i was going to get some of the stuff for teeth whitening and my friend told me about it being really bad for your teeth

    lorena musiellolorena musiello14 days ago
  • yurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    DC NationDC Nation14 days ago
  • we’ve been waiting for alan omgg

    justyss lanejustyss lane14 days ago
  • New introoo😍

    Life with SimoneLife with Simone14 days ago
  • omgg she’s so pretty with & without makeup😻🥺

    Brandy BBrandy B14 days ago
  • you and alan are so cute !

    andrea gonzalesandrea gonzales14 days ago
  • Hello. 👋🏼 Jesus is coming back soon, 🕊I wanted to tell you to find God, 🙏🏼 before it’s too late. 😇 Have a blessed day

    Andrea OzunaAndrea Ozuna14 days ago
  • They are literally the best couple on USworlds

    It's AyOnAhIt's AyOnAh14 days ago
  • do a at home playlist and like get ready!!!

    Sofia GomezSofia Gomez14 days ago
  • we been waiting for been waiting for this one 😝 . TURN IT UPPP

    Life wit LayyyLife wit Layyy14 days ago
  • I hope she responds but we’re did you get your long mirror from

    Ariel GarciaAriel Garcia14 days ago
    • @Sovida Resurreccion what’s it called

      Ariel GarciaAriel Garcia13 days ago
    • IKEA

      Sovida ResurreccionSovida Resurreccion13 days ago

    Mikaela NievesMikaela Nieves14 days ago
  • I swear I heard her get a lil country accent!! lol its cute though

    m.arriee bbym.arriee bby14 days ago
  • The way he says baby 😭

    rii’swrld ._rii’swrld ._14 days ago
  • You should do a drive with me playlist tbh

    Jessica BakerJessica Baker14 days ago
  • Vida, you be talking funny ever since your braces removed, what's hatnin?

    Leonie FynnLeonie Fynn14 days ago

    Layla RamirezLayla Ramirez14 days ago
  • I’m glad we finally got to see Alan in one of her videos

    DesDes14 days ago
  • Sovida is on her grinddd !!! We luv it

    Aaliyah AcevedoAaliyah Acevedo14 days ago
  • She just put me on a Jean website cause I’m small and it be so hard to find good jeans that fit !!!💅🏾💅🏾

    India ReignIndia Reign14 days ago
  • A car playlist

    Briceida PerezBriceida Perez14 days ago
  • She was so happy to see Alan

    Briceida PerezBriceida Perez14 days ago
  • ❤️❤️

    Briceida PerezBriceida Perez14 days ago