Dream Job

Apr 7, 2021
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Fresh of off finding love on Match, Satan finds his dream job. Guy is on a hot streak!

  • I love this character 😂

    GlaxiiッGlaxiiッ11 minutes ago
  • Wow, USworlds has gotten so shitty that their recommended videos are ads now. I have to question the intelligence and sanity of whoever sat through this whole thing.

    Dick ChimneyDick Chimney11 minutes ago
  • Wow, shitting on your supplier takes some balls!

    cobberbrimocobberbrimoHour ago
  • 1:14 Are those prices supposed to be jokes? Because in Belgium we paye twice the unlimited price ...

    Cedric PireCedric PireHour ago
  • That moment when you're not sure you just watched an ad.

    Grumpy CatGrumpy Cat2 hours ago
  • After work, he'll go to Montero for a lap dance from a cowboy.

    Deliciousn'tDeliciousn't2 hours ago
  • Bring this to Australia and trust I'll switch over to mint within an instant

    Lifes AlrightLifes Alright2 hours ago
  • I work for a big mobile provider and .... 😂😂😂😂😂😂 yes

    haris000000haris0000003 hours ago
  • For the Gen Z kids here: Costume and make-up were obviously inspired by Tim Curry's Lord of Darkness (Legend, 1985)

    art_illeriesart_illeries3 hours ago
  • Strongly reminded me of this Big Train sketch usworlds.info/slow/video/jYKccHioh4Gcdpk

    James ThomsonJames Thomson3 hours ago
  • Is nice to know that the devil from The Pick of Destiny recover himself

    jeSUS AGElvisjeSUS AGElvis3 hours ago
  • He is not the same after lil nas x r#$@% him

    maggi romaniamaggi romania4 hours ago
  • har har har (In Pirate)

    Zayne Van DayZayne Van Day4 hours ago
  • Big Wireless. Hell on earth

    S AS A4 hours ago
  • Yoo sitting on the same table with the devil, laughing & AGREEING with him, yʼall doing it but without knowing it . :(

    JESUS1st my Law is LoveJESUS1st my Law is Love5 hours ago
  • not funny.i can see it,i can feel it

    johnny cash0009johnny cash00096 hours ago
  • Why so much satanic imagery uden?

    TJ BeaujonTJ Beaujon7 hours ago
  • People talk about lil nas x but not about this 😑 i like ryan reynold but if you can troll lil nas x because he was grinding on satan then these types of videos should be talked about aswell

    LyonLyon8 hours ago
  • On 28 th May he is going to have a great colluege named Lucifer Morningstar

  • God bless you

    Aiyana castro lopezAiyana castro lopez8 hours ago
  • I think this is Francis

    Zoiky 21Zoiky 218 hours ago
  • he is the embodiment of Rogers, Telus and Bell here in Canada, he'd fit right in

    Osama Al-HumaimidiOsama Al-Humaimidi8 hours ago
  • so this was an ad

    raffpants618raffpants6189 hours ago

    Nick CraciunNick Craciun9 hours ago
  • I can't believe I saw a full ad to watch another full ad

    Jazzido AlvarezJazzido Alvarez10 hours ago
  • This is a next-level Advertisement. this is really creative. I would love to hire someone like Ryan Reynolds to be in my marketing department!

    Karl Edward CasareoKarl Edward Casareo10 hours ago

    7710 hours ago
  • this makes me miss Tenacious D

    jumbohotdogs100jumbohotdogs10011 hours ago
  • One common complaint I see from mint mobile users is they have hidden fees

    Chase OakleyChase Oakley11 hours ago

    illstplaya84illstplaya8411 hours ago
  • Satan sounds like Ethan Suplee

    reikun86reikun8611 hours ago
  • I thought it'd would be tim cury

    shon gilesshon giles12 hours ago
  • What is the classical music piece playing in the background?

    Rose Belle314Rose Belle31412 hours ago
    • La Danse Macabre, Camille Saint-Saens

      Jt FJt F12 hours ago
  • Marvel Theorists: Why wasn’t Mephisto in WandaVision? Mephisto:

    Prince ArtemisPrince Artemis12 hours ago
  • If only Tim Curry could have reprised this role.

    won doyouwantwon doyouwant13 hours ago
  • 🤣 I got here from watching a trailer for the 1985 Legend movie with Tom Cruise. I feel like I’m heading into another Bacon loop.

    Amanda CAmanda C13 hours ago
  • Im a bet that satan is going to find a way to be CEO because he rebelled against god

    indoraptor 1038indoraptor 103813 hours ago
  • Were gonna see a lot more of him

    joseph gamblejoseph gamble13 hours ago
  • "Could get a job anywhere he wants, DMV, IRS, Congress!" The last one proves Ryan Reynolds knows what's up.

    Luke WennlundLuke Wennlund14 hours ago
  • Lil nas twerked on you

    Magaly BarillasMagaly Barillas14 hours ago
  • Did someone curse a spell on Deadpool

    Adrian CorbettAdrian Corbett14 hours ago
  • everytime i see this...i think of the lil nas x video of him lap dancing on satan's lap.....now this...so the bible is true about lucifer being famous in the end times....wow

    Lex LutherLex Luther14 hours ago
  • when ryan reynolds makes a double ad, i'm watching it.

    ronkolikeronkolike14 hours ago
  • Extra points for dumping on woke capitalism.

    Danny ArcherDanny Archer14 hours ago
  • Hilarious! Good stuff!

    G4LMG4LM15 hours ago
  • Yall this this bs yall so amused by this devil shit!the truths in yo face!

    Rg TimeZ 3Rg TimeZ 315 hours ago
  • "im learning so much" ... wat

    Skullface ProductionsSkullface Productions16 hours ago
  • I love me some Satan.

    Marcvs GatticusMarcvs Gatticus16 hours ago
  • Are y’all even paying attention to the details of this fuckery lol ? Right in front of y’all and y’all can’t see the what the elite are doing? No wonder why they think of us as they do and do with us as they please .

    Send KiteSend Kite17 hours ago
  • If this was a show I would watch it

    Johnathan JannengaJohnathan Jannenga17 hours ago
  • You know what would’ve made this so much funnier? If Ryan got Hugh to play him

    yuoop nokeyuoop noke17 hours ago
  • The face coloring on this guy is so much better than the old star wars death maul was. It looks real.

    Gary WheelerGary Wheeler17 hours ago
  • Did you see Tom Cruise there?

    Sai V.Sai V.18 hours ago
  • Satan - hell of a boss

    Michael CurtisMichael Curtis18 hours ago

    BillyMoonBillyMoon18 hours ago
  • Where's lil nas x though?

    paul lubangapaul lubanga18 hours ago
  • I like the tines on the building, like Sauron's Tower or Darth Vader's Mustafar Castle.

    Amanda HarringtonAmanda Harrington19 hours ago
  • Satan sounds like he is doing a wwe promo when he gets loud

    L TL T19 hours ago
  • Was it The Rock?

    Nertea AlenuathNertea Alenuath19 hours ago
  • Will we see him doing a "legend" remake?

    Nidhogg vom WaldeNidhogg vom Walde20 hours ago
  • This video is so awesome. Loved your Deadpool movies.

    Walkerman 2020Walkerman 202020 hours ago
  • key word (there torturing people on another level )

    Lil JayLil Jay20 hours ago
  • My 3 year old sister was watching USworlds and came across this ad 😭 she still ain’t touching the phone

    Day6atemywalletDay6atemywallet20 hours ago
  • What a Legend!

    PlaystatementPlaystatement20 hours ago
  • Lil nas hiding in the corner

    Alan JohnsonAlan Johnson21 hour ago
  • I was sorta expecting Tim curry's voice.

    Sergeant ShultzSergeant Shultz21 hour ago
  • Who is the guy playing Satan? I recognise the voice.

    Owain HaleOwain Hale21 hour ago
  • Love truth Ads

    I Am Real EyesI Am Real Eyes23 hours ago
  • These are the best fucken videos ever........! Thanks Ryan

    A RamirezA RamirezDay ago
  • This actually made me want to go for Mint mobile instead. Way to go.

    Le PotatoLe PotatoDay ago
  • well.. after all the big tv cable companies went under, he had to work somewhere else .... seems like a good fit !

    bobo caterpillarbobo caterpillarDay ago
  • This is the result of Dave Grohl and Tim Curry having an offspring. ^^

    Arthur PendragonArthur PendragonDay ago
  • Did Ryan Reynolds just start a commercial based shared universe??

    Levi's WranglersLevi's WranglersDay ago
  • An advertisement that is entertaining enough that people will watch it voluntarily so they don't have to pay for placement? Win win!

    GarrettGarrettDay ago
  • Who is the guy play him

  • Sooooo.... Telstra?

    Nathan HobdayNathan HobdayDay ago
  • Can you please do one from the bad guys from the beast master . especially the leader of the JUNS..

  • *"Your pretty boy Ryan Reynolds is going to Hell"*

    The Way Thing's HappenThe Way Thing's HappenDay ago
  • Holy s*** it's the super devil from Family Guy

    big willybig willyDay ago
  • Tim Curry, dont worry, he"s still alive

    Felipe CardosoFelipe CardosoDay ago
  • @Jason Nash

    Aashish EapenAashish EapenDay ago
  • The subtitles went through google translate.

    Rainbow HuskyRainbow HuskyDay ago
  • You have to have some really big balls to go into the stall Satin just came out of. That or your really stupid.

    02091992able02091992ableDay ago
  • Does this mean we're going to get another legend movie directed by Del Toro

    Secret CodeSecret CodeDay ago
  • Hey the Devil is played by Flex from Doom Patrol. Awesome

    Vasun05Vasun05Day ago
  • he is not only one happy with a job...look at me..i am very happy with working with electricity and sat communications

  • When is free guy coming out

    Brody BrownBrody BrownDay ago
  • I'm having flashbacks of my last experience with AT&T (hopefully this time my post won't disappear as soon as I write it...)

    Wes DarlingWes DarlingDay ago
  • Humor about satan is now acceptable and made funny. Advertising satan makes you satan later without knowing it. So disgusting!

    Marie Lou MontenegroMarie Lou MontenegroDay ago
  • What's this movie called

    Gabriel McIntyreGabriel McIntyreDay ago
  • This is accurate. One of my first jobs out into the workforce was for a major mobile company and the things they asked us to do was criminal! Of course they covered their tracks by never telling you to do crooked things directly, but they used what I call "grey" language. You know what they're saying without actually saying it, and those who comply are rewarded why those who stay honest are eventually fired.

    Isaac SpartanIsaac SpartanDay ago
  • “ literally, I bought all their souls”, lol 😂

    Canadian PatriotCanadian PatriotDay ago
  • Gordon ramsey is that u??

    Spark FrostSpark FrostDay ago
  • Too bad this was a commercial, replace big wireless with Comcast and it becomes a documentary.

    DyslexicAnabokoDyslexicAnabokoDay ago
  • I was just looking over my parents' Big Wireless bill yesterday to find out they are paying more in fees than in service on a monthly basis, along with SHARING 3G of data between them! Their monthly bill ranges from $165-500 depending on data overages. I have been a happy Mint customer for years, paying just a portion of that per year, and with 10G of data all to myself! Trying to get them to switch. Thanks Mint & Ryan for consistently having the best options. I truly appreciate your service.

    Holly MasonHolly MasonDay ago
  • This is gonna go way over the head of some god loving douche as they feel offended when the guy they always blame for anything bad is being used for fun ....

    Carol PulmaCarol PulmaDay ago
  • We need this guy to fix USworlds up next

  • I just noticed his horns are so big they push his ears down, out of the way.

    Loves PuppiesLoves PuppiesDay ago
  • "Is this customer service? Bwahahahahahahhaha!" evil sons of bitches. 😂

    Dan Onil GalangDan Onil GalangDay ago
  • Fucking Classic

    Racer XRacer XDay ago