Doug TenNapel in Exile LIVE!

Feb 17, 2021
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Doug TenNapel in Exile LIVE!
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  • Are you aware that the vaccines have fetal cell lines in them. I'm English and I am hoping the vaccine is not made mandatory as I don't want to have murdered babies cells/tissues injected into my body. If we keep accepting vaccines that have these contents we are never going to stop the murder of babies in the womb up to and after the 9th month of pregnancy. We have to start by stopping the need of big pharmaceutical companies buying these murdered babies for spare parts. it is a truly demonic process where the babies are torn apart during the abortion

    Jill GilsonJill Gilson5 days ago
  • Materialism = survival of fittest, good = effort beyond one’s own benefit contrary to survival

    Doug OlveyDoug Olvey6 days ago
  • voice is disturbance of inert air print is adding ink to paper, the meaning and power of perception is produced by the perceiver in their own mind therefore a person can only offend one’s self.

    Doug OlveyDoug Olvey6 days ago
  • He is toying with pharmaceuticals ingestion via food gene modification.

    Doug OlveyDoug Olvey6 days ago
  • Science cannot exist if God doesn’t as science has never created anything. It can only assemble what already exist, observe the outcome and the outcome is predetermined simple never seen before by scientists. There is no law of thermal dynamics if there was a big bang.

    Doug OlveyDoug Olvey6 days ago
  • The left thinks nothing of making burgers of babies. These beast are not vegetarians! They are cannibals!

    w96725w967258 days ago
  • Great video and great conversation! Loved the video!

    William X. KWilliam X. K9 days ago
  • My son at the age of 4 very excitedly told me about hearing the story of Shadrack, Meshack and a "Bagofrolls"!!

    Cat Morrison-GrahamCat Morrison-Graham9 days ago
  • Sen. Toomey with the lefts help put up a bill board in Erie, pa saying how the PA senator made a real good constitutional supported decision when he voted to impeach President tRUMP

    Gene GroenendaalGene Groenendaal10 days ago
  • There is a word for the compliance. Its called cultism with the god of this world at the helm.

    Tkrbguy messengerTkrbguy messenger11 days ago
  • Soilent

    steve blanchardsteve blanchard11 days ago
  • Silent green

    steve blanchardsteve blanchard11 days ago
  • Maricopa County here

    steve blanchardsteve blanchard11 days ago
  • Love your show.

    Veralyn GuilloryVeralyn Guillory11 days ago
    • Thanks for this information and equipping people w/the truth

      Veralyn GuilloryVeralyn Guillory11 days ago
  • I know Rumble might sound frightening. But, it's better than insinuating what you are talking about, but, can't for fear of expulsion. Think about it. Watch Donald Trump Jr on Rumble... as an example.

    John 2nd of 7 WhalenJohn 2nd of 7 Whalen12 days ago
  • Gates has vaccine to prevent death ! So covit vaccines useless

    Ken LeishmanKen Leishman12 days ago
  • Soylent green is people. Gatesteak.

    Sandy HSandy H12 days ago
  • Don't take the vaccine

  • You should stop da cartoons and run for public office

    Charles BarkerCharles Barker12 days ago
  • 1

    Joyce ThJoyce Th12 days ago
  • AMEN! I luv piggies! Synthetic beef?! 🤢 thank you God for providing tasty animals!

    Tiffany HargreavesTiffany Hargreaves12 days ago
  • i'm 59 & my gluten troubles started with those school vaccines... my daughter inherited my constitution & is also gluten sensitive so no more vaccines of any kind for either of us. "they" have done quite enough...

    Mona BaleMona Bale13 days ago
  • When they limit monetization it violates fiduciar responsibilities to shareholders right?

    rocknrothrocknroth13 days ago
    • y

      rocknrothrocknroth13 days ago
  • Life without pork ain't worth livin' and a third jab means they screwe up something. And he might be litering with solar junk. (Sorry, I'm typing on a remote!)

    rocknrothrocknroth13 days ago
    • solar farmgate

      rocknrothrocknroth13 days ago
  • Would have been nice to see this live but, I haven't been getting notifications on either of you two lately.

    Jennifer SuttonJennifer Sutton13 days ago
  • I had my lense in my eye replaced after cateract removal. I can guarantee you a injection it is extrodinary painfull and you need more than God to help with the pain. I think you may rethink your demand It will be simpler to refuse it....

    hermanus hulsenhermanus hulsen13 days ago
  • 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏

    Deborah BuchtelDeborah Buchtel14 days ago
  • Tom MacDonald is great, and def a conservative rapper.

    Sherri BSherri B14 days ago
  • Solylent green...

    Kerry AggenKerry Aggen14 days ago
  • 1

    D ZD Z14 days ago
  • Pick a platform and make a backup, stay on yt until they kick you off, just have somewhere people can follow you to.~:>

    Pauline AckermannPauline Ackermann14 days ago
  • I didn't know that they approached Lin Wood, wow, makes me love him more.~:>

    Pauline AckermannPauline Ackermann14 days ago
  • Never

    Lora WeathermanLora Weatherman14 days ago
  • Why don't they just make us all drink a bottle of mercury!!

    Lora WeathermanLora Weatherman14 days ago
  • Nothing to say, go figure

    Robert AicheleRobert Aichele14 days ago
  • Where’s Hunter the big guy wants his 10%

    Robert AicheleRobert Aichele14 days ago
  • Out of the Darkness and Doug are telling it like it is!

    Jane HartJane Hart14 days ago
  • Human DNA that comes from abortion clinics possibly.....?

    Delores LantripDelores Lantrip14 days ago
  • Hi IN EXILE love your video's.... love from South Africa

    Margi Van ZylMargi Van Zyl14 days ago
  • 1.

    Deborah WilsonDeborah Wilson14 days ago
  • I loveeee Q!! He is soo brilliant and smart

    שרית אופריכטרשרית אופריכטר14 days ago
  • Bill gates wants to starve us then we will cave the government should stop gates from buying more land it's a monopoly

    Chris BaskeyChris Baskey14 days ago
  • Starbucks gives me the shits I mean the shits say no to Starbucks

    Debbie NavarroDebbie Navarro14 days ago
  • Hate Starbucks coffee. Give me 7-11 coffee.

    Jeannie I. LedfordJeannie I. Ledford14 days ago
  • they blocked mike

    fed upfed up14 days ago
  • I will not take the shot

    Terri HamiltonTerri Hamilton15 days ago
  • Doug, just shut up and let Q answer when you bring up a question.

    Sarah LloydSarah Lloyd15 days ago
  • I’m with you, Q! Love m6 veggies....but, I want meat occasionally.

    Sarah LloydSarah Lloyd15 days ago
  • I believe cannibalism is a left thing

    Kathy StephensKathy Stephens15 days ago
  • Real meat is much better than chemical vegan garbage! Farmer here!

    Kathy BorthwickKathy Borthwick15 days ago
  • Cancel culture means to “ disappear ‘ folks!🕊✝️🕊 - Zuckerberg admitted on Project Veritas modifying our Mitochondria..... etc.....! 🔥🙏🏽🔥

    Kathy BorthwickKathy Borthwick15 days ago
  • Well fellows, you both need to run for office!!! Love your shows.

    Carolyn LewisCarolyn Lewis15 days ago
  • More Beer!!!!

    Frank WhippleFrank Whipple15 days ago
  • Sounds like soilent Green eating people.

    Lou CasasLou Casas15 days ago
  • Who would have thought that The Revolution would be spear-headed by Comic Book Artists???

    Holly PerrinHolly Perrin15 days ago
  • Live in Alaska . Hunt moose,and caribou. And eat them! And eat salmon and halibut .

    Mc WhartonMc Wharton15 days ago
  • How do I find odyssey?

    Dana CarpenterDana Carpenter15 days ago
  • And you won't be able to get out! Just sayin!!!

    T OT O15 days ago
  • If Elon decides to sell all of his Bitcoin it will go to $10 overnight! Be carefull!!

    T OT O15 days ago
  • Do you guys realize it's a bunch of 20 year old's who kill your channels?

    T OT O15 days ago

    Nii ArmahNii Armah15 days ago
  • Democrats talk about inclusive and unity YET they create DIVISION and HATE and they have a lot of obedient sheep in colleges and universities who cannot think critically for themselves

    Nii ArmahNii Armah15 days ago
  • B.Gates father was one of the major instigators of the Abortion Clinics! Are we surprised then that B.Gates loves killing also!

    wild Flowerswild Flowers15 days ago
  • They trying to challenge God with their generic bulk rap but they will fail

    Nii ArmahNii Armah15 days ago
  • What about that old movie soilant green there is some food for thought.

    Tom SawyerTom Sawyer15 days ago
  • Book 'POLIO AN AMERICAN DISEASE' ( Cows, pigs are a split hoof animal, against the bibical books Leviticus instructions! So eat Bison, Sheep, Deer!)

    wild Flowerswild Flowers15 days ago
  • How about a big tofurkey at thanksgiving

    Tom SawyerTom Sawyer15 days ago
  • You have veterians and you have humanitarians, Id rather eat veggies..

    Short ShytShort Shyt15 days ago
  • We can see Pelosi losing all her $25,000 freezers with gourmet icecream as she accompanies her evil cohorts to prison.

    Jeanette YorkJeanette York15 days ago
  • Speaking of Gates buying up land & him being a mass depopulation component, have you haeatd the prophecies where God has said He will take Gates wealth & the wealth of the wicked & give it to the Righteous. Yeah! Praise God in all His Wisdom, Justness, and Goodness.

    Jeanette YorkJeanette York15 days ago
  • I love panels , I’m so glad you’re starting to do these !

    Cheryl GentillonCheryl Gentillon15 days ago
  • Thank you guys, love to hear from you Awesome❤🇺🇸

    Sunny CrockerSunny Crocker15 days ago
  • Human DNA in “meatless” meat? SOLYENT GREEN “It’s People”

    Leon DouglasLeon Douglas15 days ago
  • Good Day Doug, like watching your channel, question : How come Mike Millers channel link isn't working ? I found Q's Out of the darkness but, just tried Mike's and it is not working.

    Leisa BriggsLeisa Briggs15 days ago
  • I liked this comment from your chat, "Do not despise the days of small beginnings. It can take time to grow strong roots to grow a large plant."

    Bee CeeBee Cee15 days ago
  • Pflugerville Texas here!

    Texas Patriot Girl 8842Texas Patriot Girl 884215 days ago
  • WTFORK our Country is smoking crack🤬 Unbelievable BS that WE HAVE TO TAKE A STAND TO ELIMINATE & PRAY THAT GOD ALMIGHTY WILL DO THIS FOR US & WE FOLLOW HIS LEAD. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🌍🌍🌍🦾🦾🦾

    Rhea DiSantiRhea DiSanti15 days ago
  • Been watching Q for a good month, Great channel.

    Steve KrickSteve Krick15 days ago
  • I guess it's okay to kill children through abortion but don't kill the cattle

    david hendersondavid henderson15 days ago
  • Why do they have to try to make these things look and taste like meat???

    LenLen15 days ago
  • Amen to what Mike said on how the public school teaches our children to disregard their parents and values. It was a huge struggle to get our 3 through public school with a decent level of respect and discipline. BUT THE STRUGGLE WAS WORTH IT. We have 3 young adults who are great citizens ... AND Christians.💖

    Pilarski FamilyPilarski Family15 days ago
  • 1

    John SmithJohn Smith15 days ago
  • I believe that glyphosate causes non-hodgkinsons lymphoma and I was wondering if vegans suffer more from this as a very good friend of mine recently died of this

    Steve ParkerSteve Parker15 days ago
  • The Windows drones that monitor Gate's Great Fallowing will be captured and rooted in Linux.

    Michael HanchinMichael Hanchin15 days ago
  • You should set up a rumble account, this place is canceling everyone.

    Stacey FernandezStacey Fernandez15 days ago
  • These meat free foods are full of GLUE .Look it up

    joan fitzsimonsjoan fitzsimons15 days ago

  • TRUMP 2024


  • Is gates engineering a food shortage?

    Denise GaryDenise Gary15 days ago
  • Leftist don’t mind killing babies but cry over killing animals,,,,,,,

    Margaret LilleyMargaret Lilley15 days ago
  • Saw a vegan diner, a diner without greasy food. Come on.

    Becky Juett MillerBecky Juett Miller16 days ago
  • Doesn’t Billy boy own thousands of farms

    Becky Juett MillerBecky Juett Miller16 days ago
  • *Poor TenNapel continues his descent from professional cartoonist to political pundit joke.*

    Doctor MorbiusDoctor Morbius16 days ago
  • 👍🖐🤣 Red meat! Hhhmmm yum. Let’s grill’em

    Jeff CromwellJeff Cromwell16 days ago
  • They don’t mind killing babies.

    judy thornburgjudy thornburg16 days ago
  • Life without bacon is no life at all.

    Lydia FlattLydia Flatt16 days ago
  • THE ANSWER IS EDUCATION ***** School choice with vouchers, charter schools and traditonal values oriented home school options ... if we can get only 10% of the current public school children in these school environments, we can begin to reverse this Diabolic mess in public schools! ERIC THE RED

  • I cannot find Mike Millers site... appears to be terminated

    TerryannplineTerryannpline16 days ago
  • Great program!!

    Mary LyonsMary Lyons16 days ago