Dog looks betrayed when he realizes he's at the Vet.

Feb 19, 2021
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  • "I've been dooped, bamboozle, and speclorbed."

    Lloyd PierreLloyd Pierre21 minute ago
  • That sign does not say 31 flavors...

    Wes DesiletsWes DesiletsHour ago
  • Sniff sniff what that smell (realizes), I TRUSTED you hooman !!!

    rupesh acharyarupesh acharyaHour ago
  • The dog was like : I knew it was you dad , you broke my heart, you broke heart !

    Lone WolfLone Wolf2 hours ago
  • Dog “ BUT I HAVE NO MORE BALLS TO TAKE ... why are we here“☹️

    Londeeto BandeetoLondeeto Bandeeto2 hours ago
  • Awe bless hims little heart!!! He was nervous!! 💔

    MANDY LongMANDY Long2 hours ago
  • "Dafuq this aint petco"

    James StewartJames Stewart3 hours ago
  • At this moment dog be like :"Aight,ain't being loyal to this one"

    Harshita DHarshita D3 hours ago
  • KING JESUS CHRIST is coming back. Change your ways, repent of your sins and seek JESUS. The time is short. Be prepared my brothers and sisters in Christ. Preserve!

    Treasure RobertsTreasure Roberts5 hours ago
  • The most human reaction I’ve ever seen 😭 Oh lord poor baby it’s gone be ok, now who’s a good boy??? 🦴😁

    DarkMagic WomanDarkMagic Woman6 hours ago
  • Can your dog read

  • They can smell the other animals.

    Eddie CastanerEddie Castaner8 hours ago
  • The dog: Hold on, this whole operation was your idea

    The Worst Of the WorstThe Worst Of the Worst8 hours ago
  • At that moment doggo realized, he f up.

    Salam MolekulumSalam Molekulum8 hours ago
  • He's looking like " well I'll be ".

    James BrownJames Brown10 hours ago
  • "Why did you stop here. I thought you said we were gonna drive PASS THE CLINIC"

    Lamoi BellLamoi Bell10 hours ago
  • 0:31 in the other car is another disappointed dog 😞

    Geri L.BGeri L.B12 hours ago
  • Smart man to have ford diesel

    J.L.SmithJ.L.Smith12 hours ago
  • Not very safe for the dog to sit like that. Especially on the front seat. I won't tolerate any "Karen" comments.

    SS13 hours ago
  • Dat framerate, tho. 👌Smooth...

    Jose SuarezJose Suarez13 hours ago
  • Dog sad 500k people hmmmm interesting

    wasuuop 1wasuuop 114 hours ago
  • I think I speak for most of us when I say we pick the career because we love animals but ironically, said animals don't want to be there. I hope I can convince pet guardians to come often so that their pet gets used to it... lol.

    7715 hours ago
  • He did a double take when you pulled in😂

    TrishaTrisha15 hours ago
  • Awww it's ok, it's for your health. That evil laugh though. 😂

    杰茜卡ジェシカ杰茜卡ジェシカ17 hours ago
  • Soap Trusted you, I tought I could too😪

    Seth VRSeth VR17 hours ago
  • That a good picture quality right there.

    Slasher744Slasher74418 hours ago
  • "Remember! No balls"

    Thiện DuyThiện Duy18 hours ago
  • When the dog looked at the sign and gave the look i died 😂😂

    Lim JackLim Jack19 hours ago
  • Me when I’m gonna have my wisdom teeth taken out in a few weeks:

    Johanna AppleforestJohanna Appleforest20 hours ago
  • "You fucking liar"

    Sam LezzoSam Lezzo20 hours ago
  • I wish for every stray animals to find home where they can feel safe and loved!

    Motchi TVMotchi TV20 hours ago
  • Dog-What the hell..? Hooman-I failed you,you trusted me

    The Task Force 141The Task Force 14121 hour ago
  • this diabolical laugh though...

    isi narkisi nark23 hours ago
  • If later that day your dog pisses on your carpet you only have yourself to blame.

    Chase MorrChase Morr23 hours ago
  • He doesn't look mad, just disappointed.

    Tärtar CondœrTärtar CondœrDay ago

    Aceiord FloresフローレスAceiord FloresフローレスDay ago
  • Why isn't the dog wearing a belt?

    Aswin VinodAswin VinodDay ago
  • The evil laugh

    KeiaBunKeiaBunDay ago
  • A scene from the DogFather. *Dog:* Could you get me off the hook, for all times sake? *Owner:* Can't do it pal.

    Jack DorsyJack DorsyDay ago
  • Dog:"This is why i bite people."

    JubelJubelDay ago
  • 973 jerseyyyy

    dubbdubbDay ago
  • Dog: conclusion inevitable, unless...

    Kevin Luv sleepKevin Luv sleepDay ago
  • I know it's cute to put them in the front seat but you really shouldn't. If you have to, drive slow.

    FeelsFeelsDay ago
  • Dog sees the sign and is like what the hell

    Nola ZieglerNola ZieglerDay ago
  • I don't understand how dogs can't read but they know signs and colors. My dog hates this one dog food but doesnt mind it when I put it in another bag. She always looks at the bag while I pour like "thats what I thought". I never knew how observant dogs were till I got one

    whodatboiwhodatboiDay ago
  • A dog is a man's best friend, but a man isn't always a dog's best friend :(

    Eman GamerEman GamerDay ago
  • He definitely knows where He Is!!!

    Michelle HarrisMichelle HarrisDay ago
  • That dog had the look of a kid that asked his mom to take him to McDonald’s and watched his mom drive straight by it

    Mr. DaruMr. DaruDay ago
  • Dad WHY!!!?!

    Cosmic Ali The ObserverCosmic Ali The ObserverDay ago
  • He looks like me around needles “Wtf is going on why are these here get it away from me take me home what have you done” Like a “wait a damn minute” moment

    Acid CappuccinöAcid CappuccinöDay ago
  • Cute doggo

    swagatika nandaswagatika nandaDay ago

    shizukagozen777shizukagozen777Day ago
  • Are dogs color blind?

    Etheral BroEtheral BroDay ago
  • "Ah hell Dad, I thought we were going to the park!"

    Zacks Random ProjectsZacks Random ProjectsDay ago
  • Et tu brute?

    Amit Kumar mundaAmit Kumar mundaDay ago
  • Dog: Oh man oh man! I cant believe you're taking me to the park! Such a nice day today. Dog reads sign: "You sonuvabish."

    Brain SerumBrain SerumDay ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂

    Gisele C.Gisele C.Day ago
  • Just so people know its best to not let your pet sit in the front seat and without any form of a seatbelt.

    Slushdog 101Slushdog 101Day ago
  • I am sorry doggy something need to be done

    sam yaosam yaoDay ago
  • Doggo recognizes the hell that mommy brought him to and I bet he now hates her

    SamSamDay ago
  • @0:07 -doggo says hey wait a minute!! , after passed that sign "ANIMAL CLINIC" 🤣🤣

    joel lastnamejoel lastnameDay ago
  • After 'reading' the sign post, the dog's every action showed he wanted to vanish from that car😂😂😂

    David Fosu-AsanteDavid Fosu-AsanteDay ago
  • Next day’s headline be like *Local dog owner found dead for trying to do a betrai.*

    Yiheng ZhouYiheng ZhouDay ago
  • Dog: ah shit here we go again

    M X L X V N I M EM X L X V N I M EDay ago
  • Doesn't look betrayed to me ,just looks pretty fine to me and confuded...I stg there youtubers will put anything in a title Mao to get views and likes and comments and its the dumb community like is that says fuck it and sucks into it anyways

    wildlifers 221wildlifers 221Day ago
  • it went from "aww yiss, where's my master bringing me to?" "wait. i think I have a bad feeling about this" "is that... oh bone lord of savage woofs !!!" "why u do dis to me" "😰"

    Art AizenArt AizenDay ago
  • Just like Fritz after having his teeth cleaned. Check it out on youtube...(Bret Mortimer)

    Alan SenzakiAlan SenzakiDay ago
  • Dog:you betrayed me hooman!!

    anime loveranime loverDay ago
  • The reaction at that laugh tho xd

    A FlamingoA FlamingoDay ago
  • All dogs hate the vet

    Rob CortesRob Cortes2 days ago
  • Dog: omg omg omg. This can't be. Owner: with evil laugh, do you where you are?

    Dsch DschDsch Dsch2 days ago
  • Imma take my dog to the park via clinic So that he gonna have huge surprise

    FarGo 123FarGo 1232 days ago
  • The dislikes are from the doggo family. Lol!!!....

    no_its_not_nived ukno_its_not_nived uk2 days ago
  • He's searching for his bitch !!

    KuldeepKuldeep2 days ago
  • Poor scared little doggie you better stop and buy him a cheeseburger on the way home to make him feel better!!! Which is what I always did for my dog when we came home from the vet when she was a good girl!!!

    Ryan KempRyan Kemp2 days ago
  • Dog: *sees sign* Dog: “oh no, oh no no no no”

    Chief BogoChief Bogo2 days ago
  • "JUDAS!!! You sold my HIDE!" - Tuco

    Andreas MaceyraAndreas Maceyra2 days ago
  • Omg he really said “I can’t believe I trusted you the audacity!!!”

    GeorgiaT VlogsGeorgiaT Vlogs2 days ago
  • This is not the dog park. You lied.

    Zach DavisZach Davis2 days ago
  • Poor little guy I’m sure Dad gave u some treats afterwards though👍

    TT 4TT 42 days ago
  • The betrayal of your owner....

    Random dogRandom dog2 days ago
  • lol they should put a dog park beside the vet, so you can always reward your good boi from going to the vet 😂

    BoonBoon2 days ago
  • How could you

    SmartyPantsSmartyPants2 days ago
  • Dr. John is the best!

    Kat FinamoreKat Finamore2 days ago
  • Don't laugh

    Jorge CuraJorge Cura2 days ago

    Dr. Bejk MatDr. Bejk Mat2 days ago
  • Are they smart enough to know that some animals get killed in there? I know weird question but i like to know😅

    Max MützeMax Mütze2 days ago
  • His face tho😂😂😂

    Zain AhmedZain Ahmed2 days ago
  • What the heck......

    Linda FunicelloLinda Funicello2 days ago
  • **starts pulling up to the vet** G- GET ME OUTTT HELP *I trusted you father...*

    Hannah NHannah N2 days ago
  • Plot twist : The dog has ability to read the sign That is why, he knew he at the vet

    Rizal PambudiRizal Pambudi2 days ago
  • I think they just arrived at the vet.

    The Harder KickzThe Harder Kickz2 days ago
  • What can I do???? Like and laugh¡¡¡ I´m soooooo sorry buddy¡¡¡¡

    JTGJTG2 days ago
  • Good shit

    Your boy ZzzYour boy Zzz2 days ago
  • He's like, wait a minute, I didn't sign up for this!!!

    Sofie the Randomness MasterSofie the Randomness Master2 days ago
  • ah sh1t ! here we go again

    Sherin FunmesSherin Funmes2 days ago
  • t

    Pog DotPog Dot2 days ago
  • Poor lovely animal

    dharmendra dhamidharmendra dhami2 days ago
  • 'You said we were going walkies, dickhead'

    Mark JeffersMark Jeffers2 days ago
  • Your own human betraying you..!!!😑

    Chedumbaram ParamasivumChedumbaram Paramasivum2 days ago