Dog Jumps Into Stranger’s Car And Refuses To Get Out

Apr 2, 2021
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This woman was very confused when a cute dog jumped into her car and wouldn’t get out 😂

  • i think the dog adapted you. sweet

    Matthau SanMatthau San7 minutes ago
  • Beautiful. Lovely dog & lady.

    Roger HargreavesRoger Hargreaves7 minutes ago
  • Idk I think I’ll just take it home with me lol

    Ice APIce AP9 minutes ago
  • You are such a kind and bright soul. The dog saw that. Now, you have new friends you never might have had if it hadn't been for the dog. It's no coincidence that dog spelled backwards is God!! Divine intervention, I'd say!!! Have a great life!!

    Tatianna ZutaniaTatianna Zutania11 minutes ago
  • Lol lol lol thst is toooooo funny

    Mo MinorMo Minor12 minutes ago
  • What a happy story. You are so dog!

    Donita ForrestDonita Forrest14 minutes ago
  • Maybe he was missing someone who passed away.

    Deannajoy SabourinDeannajoy Sabourin16 minutes ago
    • Ok so I was wrong, thank goodness.

      Deannajoy SabourinDeannajoy Sabourin14 minutes ago
  • Awe, you must be a really good person, and he could sense that, he is an old dog. I'd take him.

    Deannajoy SabourinDeannajoy Sabourin17 minutes ago
  • Fuck you lady. U r trying to get it out of ur car while it is raining. 🖕

    HelloHello17 minutes ago
  • The old boi wanted a ride

    UNITmonkeyUNITmonkey23 minutes ago
  • Same thing happened to me but it was A Bedbug and now he and his family they all are happily living in my bed making my life hell😭

    Sidra KashifSidra Kashif29 minutes ago
  • It’s like a horror movie where the escapee finally escaped and then the potential rescuer brings escapee back to terrorizers believing they did a good thing. Lol.

    H VH V32 minutes ago
  • what a sweatheart of a lady!:)

    Nick HagenNick Hagen36 minutes ago
  • But wait! How did the dog jump in her car initially? Did it jump through the window? Or did she let it in......🤔🤨

    Dom JDom J42 minutes ago
  • Wonderful!

    Barbara BrinkmeyerBarbara Brinkmeyer45 minutes ago
  • "Who doesn't like dogs" - has cat ears 💀

    Daniel Lara weebDaniel Lara weeb45 minutes ago
  • A dog has a uber

    DreDre Kennedy2OO3DreDre Kennedy2OO346 minutes ago
  • She got a free pet

    DreDre Kennedy2OO3DreDre Kennedy2OO347 minutes ago
  • Awe.

    Ms TMs T51 minute ago
  • The dog is cold!

    peter anesupeter anesu51 minute ago
  • This is the best thing ive seen all year

    Louise SilverwandLouise SilverwandHour ago
  • Evidently, it’s fleeing it’s abusive owners

    Free ReignFree ReignHour ago
  • The dog just wanted a ride to his door❤

    Stacey JonesStacey JonesHour ago
  • The dog just made a friendship between the owner and stranger, that’s amazing

    Manny OommenManny OommenHour ago
  • You're a kind and sweet lady.

    Bent NickelBent NickelHour ago
  • looks like a blackador/hellhound mx - be careful

    Oliver WOliver WHour ago
  • Everything about this is so beautiful 💙

    Rhea Of SunshineRhea Of SunshineHour ago
  • Unresposible owners, I wouldn’t want a random dog making my car dirty..nasty

    JJHour ago
  • Thank you for some not just good but great news, my soul just loved this.....awesome story of the year!

    UnConditionalLove BerniUnConditionalLove BerniHour ago
  • My dog, a very gentle beagle has gotten lost 3 times while rabbit hunting with me. She has learned to stop cars on the highway by getting in the middle of the road well ahead of them. When they slow down she gets close enough so that they can't see her and they then stop. Worried that she may be in front of the car, the driver will usually open his door to get out, at which point she jumps in. She acts pretty much the same as the lab does here. She has a large brass tag on her collar with my name and phone number, so each time I've got a call and gone to pick her up. I worry that somebody will not call me, but it's better than if she was timid of people and just kept going, because she might travel a very long way.

    peter baxterpeter baxterHour ago
  • OMG....i would have a new doggie for sure, Im such a sucker!!! After the vet😁

    Aletta McAletta McHour ago
  • AwwWwWwWw!!!!!!! 😍😍😍

    Num WonNum WonHour ago
  • Black labs are a very docile dog.

    macker33macker33Hour ago
  • It’s awesome when dogs get freedom to run around they always seems nicer too not all but most

    Mobile gaming OpMobile gaming OpHour ago
  • Done it before old labs don’t like to walk far in the rain ❤️

    Mutt LeeMutt LeeHour ago
  • Wow Your inside beauty came out that's what Cole saw.

    Kecia BrownKecia Brown2 hours ago

    •Pølīšh Čøw••Pølīšh Čøw•2 hours ago
  • Such a KIND KIND ❤ GOD BLESS u SWEETIE n many more BLESSINGS to come ur WAY that's how we do PPL who CARE n have a big HEART like URSELF

    Michelle RuizMichelle Ruiz2 hours ago
  • daveh57daveh572 hours ago
  • You, my dear friend are AMAZING!! Not too many people wld take the time you did! It makes me so happy to know there are folks like you out there!!

    Cristin HopkinsCristin Hopkins2 hours ago
  • That dog left the dog pound club and told the red lab "im switching up to a red bone if she takes me home"

    andre wallaceandre wallace2 hours ago
  • Labs simply have the absolute knowingness that humans were created for the sole purpose of petting them and/or otherwise adoring them. Obviously!

    Iam GabrielIam Gabriel2 hours ago
  • You are chosen

    Smae DuavisSmae Duavis2 hours ago
  • Aw that was so adorable and funny 😁🤣😂

    Liana PerryLiana Perry2 hours ago
  • You guys are all so cheezy.. the way y’all talk about dogs is so cringe

    Lg3Lg33 hours ago
  • plot twist: the dog just robbed a bank and your the getaway driver

    luchiouslyluchiously3 hours ago
  • Please take me home

    james depughjames depugh3 hours ago
  • Somebody drove their dog out into this rural area to dump their unwanted dog.

    Vincent AnonymousVincent Anonymous3 hours ago
  • The dog is like...’my new mommy’. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    DL JonesDL Jones3 hours ago
  • What a lovely young lady! Cole is a good boy too!

    Sapio PhileSapio Phile3 hours ago
  • Animals can sense good Energies he probably knew you would take care of him

    Danielle please save the humansDanielle please save the humans3 hours ago
  • The dog just can't be bothered walking back home no cell phone to call Uber

    tolatemitolatemi3 hours ago
  • As soon as she petted the dog the dog was like okay I'm yours now

    Plinio SilvaPlinio Silva3 hours ago
  • We out

    Mantecka YayMantecka Yay3 hours ago
  • This is exactly the plot to the movie "Because of Winn-Dixie"

    Don WhiteDon White3 hours ago
  • Lovely sweet video of this kind young lady.

    Ilcia VargasIlcia Vargas3 hours ago
  • One of the most heartwarming videos that the USworlds algorithm recommended to me

    Alex GAlex G3 hours ago
  • There was a dog in my neighborhood who did this. I knew where she lived. She just liked going for car rides.

    journeyLynnjourneyLynn4 hours ago
  • Your video just made me so happy. You're great, as is Cole (Chunkin McStuffers - good nickname for him)

    axelbob1axelbob14 hours ago
  • Old dog dumped at roadside? If so, blighters.

    Geoffrey LeeGeoffrey Lee4 hours ago
  • Tell the owner to put a tag with dog name, owner name and phone on it.

    bman342abman342a4 hours ago
  • "But it's raining out, and I'm old. _And_ I'm cuuute!"

    Pe SPe S4 hours ago
  • Lmfao he lookin like "Girl, please. It's raining I'm not getting out."

    Kiara K.Kiara K.4 hours ago
  • Never pick up hitchhikers! This may be the exception.

    Jesse LockeJesse Locke4 hours ago
  • You pet the dog, now it’s your dog

    Dick RichardDick Richard4 hours ago
  • This is like a Disney film

    Dick RichardDick Richard4 hours ago
  • Thanks for sharing, gave me a smile all day

    Craig HallCraig Hall4 hours ago
  • in the rain Cole didn`t want to walk home - and you was his taxidriver! lucky lady! many greetings from Vienna/Europe!

    nero buanero bua4 hours ago
  • Isn’t that the same chick from that stupid ad that always pops up in snapchat?

    BellicIVBellicIV4 hours ago
  • Listen, you lucky that wasn't me, I want a dog too, I would of kept him, he was freaking gorgeous

    Larry HortonLarry Horton4 hours ago
  • What a great soul you must have. Dogs are the best. They just know how to give you exactly what you need when you don't even know you need it yourself! I want Cole to jump into my truck too. Go for a little cruise together!

    T TT T4 hours ago
  • On top of that she is wearing cat ears☠️

    Kamikaze HoundKamikaze Hound4 hours ago
  • Thats genuine love at 1st sight

    Joshua BrownJoshua Brown4 hours ago
  • To cute

    Paulo MilanPaulo Milan4 hours ago
  • How much is the doggy in the window/car. Hi Cole

    Donna TaylorDonna Taylor4 hours ago
  • that's one *fat* dog

    Buttery PotatoButtery Potato4 hours ago
  • Great story!!!!💖💖💖💖 Animals know when humans have a kind, and good spirit. Animals have been coming up to me, since I was a child. The strays in the street come up to me. The humans who belong to the dogs are shocked by this behavior. I consider it a blessing, because I love Gods animals!!!!💖💖💖💖

    Guadalupe CosmeGuadalupe Cosme4 hours ago
  • Doggy doesn't have a collar. Yeah, but you're at a farm. And the dog got in because you're wearing cat ears.

    Proto RhinoceratorProto Rhinocerator4 hours ago
  • So cute

    Gin ThomasGin Thomas4 hours ago
  • Cole is an old soul. Who knows who he was before he was a dog..

    Ralph LongRalph Long4 hours ago
  • Cole was out trying to find him a new found friend that is really and awesome moment .

    Arvella HarrisArvella Harris5 hours ago
  • you are a wonderfull lady ..i wish you all the good things in life

    allan churmallan churm5 hours ago
  • That is soooo cute. This just warmed my heart ❤🐶

    Summer BabySummer Baby5 hours ago
  • She: Hello Sir I'm Sorry, I can't come to work today because on the way a dog hopped into my car and he refuses to get out. Her Boss: Okay. Understandable.

    CheemzDogeCheemzDoge5 hours ago
  • LOVE IT!

    RoRoRoRo5 hours ago
  • Damn shame the owners to keep track of him. He could have been hit or snatched. Sad.

    Nicky NaimeNicky Naime5 hours ago
  • Cole is just laying and rolling on the wet muddy ground with no shame whatsoever. I couldn't deal with such a dirty dog. I hope its an outdoor dog with a dog house. I feel sorry for the owner having to clean up after him. He's a funny character though that's for sure.

    TRU MANTRU MAN5 hours ago
  • This happened to me one day. It was a local farmers dog. It was a magical day! Even the police came & took him home. He said here Ben- I said how did you know his name. He said we do this a couple times a month. The dog escaped & left his collar stuck to the fence

    Amy PetersonAmy Peterson5 hours ago
  • Congratulations you won a free doggo!

    Brian T.Brian T.5 hours ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂

    MarcyMarcy5 hours ago
  • fool, the dog was trying to hijack the car

    Zayne BeharieZayne Beharie5 hours ago
  • People like you give me faith back in humanity as I hear and read about so much cruelty in the world being an animal advocate thank you for looking after this dog he knew you were kind that’s why he went to you what you give out comes back you’ll be blessed

    tasiawful1tasiawful15 hours ago
  • I understand what the dog is trying to do. Kidnapping a car obviously 😁

    Bojan PetrovićBojan Petrović6 hours ago
  • You.....were adopted by a dog

    Dick RichardDick Richard6 hours ago
  • Her nose piercings look so gross, if I was that dog I would have bit her ugly nose.

    Bibarel !!!!!!!!Bibarel !!!!!!!!6 hours ago
  • You are the best. It's nice to see someone care about pets like that. You must have a good heart. I don't know who was cuter you or that pup. Awww. #MadeMeSmile

    Angel ReneeAngel Renee6 hours ago
  • “ I’m not getting out of this car lady so just pretend you had me since I was a pup. Let’s go! home. “

    Angela MAngela M6 hours ago
  • Dog: hello new mama :3

  • Idk what issues in ur life you gotta be having to gove this video a thumbs down

    ZiZi6 hours ago
  • Lol!

    Serria RegoSerria Rego6 hours ago