Does this Lambo owner know how to park?

Mar 28, 2021
5 379 149 Views

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  • Real question is if he can get out of the parking space without breaking the Lamborghini’s mirror

    FoxyQuin07FoxyQuin072 minutes ago
  • bruh just get in from the passenger side and climb over

    DOORDOOR4 minutes ago
  • You forgot to flex the Rolex in the mirror of your driver window

    Onur jiOnur ji4 minutes ago
  • This is fake.

    Shylow StricklandShylow Strickland6 minutes ago
  • Fake

    #somelivesdontmatter sldm#somelivesdontmatter sldm8 minutes ago
  • “This idiot” your house is in the background smartass everyone can tell your trying to show off daddy’s new paycheck.

    A discord ShitposterA discord Shitposter8 minutes ago
  • Not staged at all...

    Sean RamzanSean Ramzan11 minutes ago
  • He can enter his truck from the other door why he have to be a a$$hole

    U3zmmU3zmm13 minutes ago
  • Probably his rich punks friends car Doing this for views!!

    MIKE Z.GMIKE Z.G18 minutes ago
  • Beautiful ram

    Maximo VidalMaximo Vidal19 minutes ago
  • Dude your an idiot imagine coming back to your 1 mil car and having a dent in it, instead of jumping on his car be responsible be the mature one.

    tOILet CrushERtOILet CrushER21 minute ago
  • But why do you have such a big fucking pickup truck..

    alien manalien man23 minutes ago
  • Did Jake Paul make this video?

    Liam CreevyLiam Creevy24 minutes ago
  • Oh my God....You are an asshole.😒..I feel sorry for that guy you don't know how much hard they have worked for that....That's why they give us another door on the opposite side.

    Yashrajsingh PariharYashrajsingh Parihar26 minutes ago
  • Must be from California

    khiry muhammadkhiry muhammad29 minutes ago
  • I'd so the same thing

    Mark MirandaMark Miranda30 minutes ago
  • How do you even get in your truck

    Casey BushCasey Bush31 minute ago
  • The battle of the douches

    Cesar CCesar C32 minutes ago
  • Oh look at me climbing over someone's car that I know 🥱

    Bradey HaslamBradey Haslam34 minutes ago
  • He could pull the passenger side door

    JamesJames36 minutes ago
  • That truck is kinda THICC

    Lynx The GopnikLynx The Gopnik37 minutes ago
  • Wouldn't he rip the mirror of the lambo, if he drives away like that

    Cobrin AricatoCobrin Aricato43 minutes ago
  • Lambo driver purposely parked close to his truck ive seen people put a hook on the car and drag the car around the parking lot if i was that truck owner i would have done that

    Major MajorMajor Major46 minutes ago
  • Definitely owns both cars

    Lucas MLucas M48 minutes ago
  • Plot twist the owner has been saving up for that lambo for 20+ years and just got it and made a simple mistake and this piece of crap didn't have the brain cells to get in on the other side

    SeriouslynotgoodSeriouslynotgood49 minutes ago
  • Fugazi

    BigJonStuddaBigJonStudda53 minutes ago
  • Yeah baby step on it , eat the rich

    komugikomugi54 minutes ago
  • Omfg imagine trying to drive off without hitting a 800,000 car

    Digi ScapeDigi ScapeHour ago
  • Btw u could have just opened the door and got in in u didn't have to disrespect him by doing that

    Snakebite144Snakebite144Hour ago
  • This is why you buy a vehicle that you don't have to climb like a tree to get in or have to jump 4 feet down to get out lol

    Dave LoDave LoHour ago
  • I understand he parked hella close to you. But you didn’t need to step on his car, man. Utter disrespect

    J_.R32 R2J_.R32 R2Hour ago
  • Why do you need a 'truck' that big?

    Pádráig CollinsPádráig CollinsHour ago
  • Plot twist: he owns the lambo and the truck

    Griffin MusyimiGriffin MusyimiHour ago
  • How he could able to get out of the lamborghini, if he parks his Lamborghini that close to the truck???? Not even by Lamborghini doors.... 1) truck is the one which was parked next to the lamborghini which was parked before 2) both Lamborghini and truck belongs to this guy

    memeHour ago
  • I'm more concerned that you took his mirror when you left. Or that's your car given that truck has the papers in it still something says you just got money and are blowing it and I see what color and things you like from the truck🤣

    Damian BrownDamian BrownHour ago
  • More fake tik tok bullshit

  • Y'all ever heard of daddys' money

    Landon tuckerLandon tuckerHour ago
  • So basically he's the idiot with parents money, walking on his lambo making us believe its someone else.....😑

    Simon SaysSimon SaysHour ago
  • Plot twist... it's his lambo lol

    Mike LawrenceMike LawrenceHour ago
  • Just go in other side... You incriminated yourself standing on someone's possession They could lie&say you damaged it...unless THTS you're Lambo or your buddies

    Sqetch HSqetch HHour ago
  • I smell cap

    E10 CatE10 CatHour ago
  • The real question is how did the other get out?

    LuckyClampLuckyClampHour ago
  • They're both driving daddy's vehicles. That's why neither one cares !!!!

    Bryant GBryant GHour ago
  • Mmm the voice of one with only one testicle descended. Overcomp alright.

    TheGrandexenoTheGrandexenoHour ago
  • In an empty-ass parking lot? Sure its real.

    David GilchristDavid GilchristHour ago
  • Maybe the owner will notice the nice foot prints on his hood... Well done!!

    Standing Goats RescueStanding Goats RescueHour ago
  • Didn't mud up your shoes to let him know you were there smh

    Richard PereaRichard PereaHour ago
  • You could just get in the other side apart from risk a lawsuit

    Tomas flathartaTomas flathartaHour ago
  • So you couldn't enter the truck on the passenger side 🤔

    ScuffiiScuffiiHour ago
  • Plot Twist: The guy who’s filming know the guy with the Lamborghini and they’ve had together understood for filming this video for more TikTok views.

    John DeanJohn DeanHour ago
  • Both cars scream fragile egos

    Rube Tube ReviewRube Tube ReviewHour ago
  • Both the vehicles are his

    Manu JohnManu JohnHour ago
  • He a bitch for that could just go on the other side

    Christian BChristian BHour ago
  • You are also an idiot for having those Weals

    CreamyCat ZCreamyCat Z2 hours ago
  • Hey idiot both are ur cars

    Elin TrinidadElin Trinidad2 hours ago
  • Mordecai?

    EquilibriumEquilibrium2 hours ago
  • 2 Dickheads don't make a pu$$y

  • I'll take shit that never happened for 500 alex

    Ryan GwynnRyan Gwynn2 hours ago
  • Lmao i wish i had that lifted of a truck!! (Jk my diq is bigger than 6 inches)

    Nick ZaleskiNick Zaleski2 hours ago
  • The lambo owner didn’t park correctly but the truck owner should’ve been more respectful to the guys car

    Fa DaffieyFa Daffiey2 hours ago
  • Ploy twist of a twist: The guy who owns the truck, also owns the Lambo seeking clout from media.

    Mr. MannyMr. Manny2 hours ago
  • That’s actually his friends... fake videos

    TheAvrgJoeTheAvrgJoe2 hours ago
  • I can't tell whether to be mad or not at this

    SAUSAGE 7SAUSAGE 72 hours ago
  • Plot twist: it was this guy‘s Lamborghini and he stole the other guys truck

    JellyMellYJellyMellY2 hours ago
  • Trucks lifted like that are so unpractical

    mica beanmica bean2 hours ago
  • GG bro next time make sure to wipe the dirt off your feet before you get in

    KrrombopulosKrrombopulos2 hours ago
  • Attorney Tom where you at

    CherroBerroCherroBerro2 hours ago
  • I bet this dude is below average in everything to have such a lifted fuckin truck

    Trippie ChrisTrippie Chris2 hours ago
  • This is why I hate trucks

    TommyTube YTTommyTube YT2 hours ago
  • Plot twist: he is the owner of the lambo also, and parked like that just so he could record this video and get internet cookies

    BAKANIMBAKANIM2 hours ago
  • You could’ve just gotten on the passenger side it was not that serious to climb on top of the car just to get in your truck.

    mary jane’s babymary jane’s baby2 hours ago
  • This guy: Damn dude I wanna show off my lambo and my new truck how can I do it!?!

    bequiet im listening to the radiobequiet im listening to the radio2 hours ago
  • Wäre das mein Wagen Auf das du gestanden hättest, hätte ich dich gesucht und gefunden

    krüger Marckrüger Marc2 hours ago
  • In other words my truck's not as cool as your Lamborghini I'm jealous

    831 blacksheep831 blacksheep2 hours ago
  • I'll find you punk

    NoCovidNoCovid2 hours ago
  • You little punk.

    NoCovidNoCovid2 hours ago
  • I bet you after this video was posted he accidentally broke the passenger side mirror off the Lambo with his back wheel

    Big Dogg GamingBig Dogg Gaming2 hours ago
  • Fake as his eyebrows.

    ryeBOMB gamingryeBOMB gaming2 hours ago
  • Plot twist there was another car being a dick taking up space and the lambo driver is actually incredibly skilled to park it just between them

    SkippyTrxSkippyTrx2 hours ago
  • Look at this idiot with a lifted truck that doesn’t even fit in a parking spot anymore.

    Matthew ClarkMatthew Clark2 hours ago
  • This comment section really shows how jealous people are damn

    Suliman AhmadSuliman Ahmad2 hours ago
  • Kind of your fault you that you got that big truck

    Treyvon PrestonTreyvon Preston2 hours ago
  • I love how he got into his truck ,I would have done the same thing without any Hesitation!!! But I would have left a Note telling the driver of the car to go back to driving school.

    Neo Blackjack thee enragedNeo Blackjack thee enraged2 hours ago
  • Or you could’ve entered through the passenger side 🤔🤷🏾‍♂️

    Anthony PollackAnthony Pollack2 hours ago
  • His And hes walking on it .... wow what a ostrich brain 😏

    Catalin 2611Catalin 26112 hours ago
  • Fake ass video

    Malcolm MayMalcolm May2 hours ago
  • and you can only get in the car through the driver's door? The idiot is you stepping on the car of others Kkkkkkskskkkskkksksksk

    Victor HugoVictor Hugo2 hours ago
  • Y would you need such a large vehicle tho

    Rajesh kurichiopalliRajesh kurichiopalli2 hours ago
  • When your just trying to show off your cars

    kainoakainoa2 hours ago
  • We in fortnite now

    NicolasツNicolasツ3 hours ago
  • You could've went through the other side dipshit

    Sherlock HolmesSherlock Holmes3 hours ago
  • You can use that lambo as a ramp for you truck

    Industrial InsanityIndustrial Insanity3 hours ago
  • If i Owned that Aventador and i saw him be on my car , you best believe im whoopin his ass and flattin his tires

    ß ѧ Ԁ Ԁ ı є Đ ȏ ʟ ʟß ѧ Ԁ Ԁ ı є Đ ȏ ʟ ʟ3 hours ago
    • He can also go on the OTHER SIDE

      ß ѧ Ԁ Ԁ ı є Đ ȏ ʟ ʟß ѧ Ԁ Ԁ ı є Đ ȏ ʟ ʟ3 hours ago
  • Huge truck to compensate for something small

    hpluisbhpluisb3 hours ago
  • Go thru the other side u idiot

    Paul CPaul C3 hours ago
  • He could’ve used the passenger js

    Crispy BanditCrispy Bandit3 hours ago
  • How to go broke in a instant

    3 strikes strider 1 Trigger3 strikes strider 1 Trigger3 hours ago
  • Note also the empty parking space on the other side of his jacked up truck. Dumb.

    Liam OnaitisLiam Onaitis3 hours ago