Dirt ringers and dustups at Bristol: NASCAR in 15 minutes | Race Rewind

Mar 30, 2021
60 921 Views

Relive NASCAR's first Cup Series race on dirt in over 50 years as the top stock-car drivers take to the Tennessee clay at Bristol Motor Speedway.
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  • This is dope

    Jose UrenaJose Urena8 days ago
  • Did Joe. "little dirty" Dirt Win? Even his Hemi has a Mullet! 😆😎

    Red Bug3Red Bug39 days ago
  • Now that’s an enjoyable race to watch! They need more of these.

    benjamin reynoldsbenjamin reynolds9 days ago
  • More of this, short tracks, and road courses please

    Travis DockeryTravis Dockery10 days ago
  • this is dangerous

    PokePlayzYTPokePlayzYT10 days ago
  • Would be interesting to see an addittional category with "stock" cars like Challenger, Mustang etc.. like in the old days.

    Mr BMr B10 days ago
  • This should have been done when they had real racing 20 years ago

    Randy DietsRandy Diets11 days ago
  • You take asphalt boys and put them on dirt, they forget how to race😂 damn I wish we still had #3

    Dylan HicksDylan Hicks12 days ago
  • Cool..... now put dirt at talladega

    Michael BakerMichael Baker12 days ago
  • Awesome. Finally getting creative

    Aaron BAaron B12 days ago
  • I would watch nascar more often if they did more events like this on dirt. Add more excitement in my opinion.

    Uptonogood AsheUptonogood Ashe12 days ago
  • Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t they have a chassis for oval and a chassis for road course tracks if so would be nice if they had a 3rd chassis for dirt

    J89C _J89C _12 days ago
  • Byfar the most most expensive demolition derby.

    Bobby StaffordBobby Stafford12 days ago
  • 9/10 It would've been a 10/10 if Joey Slowgano didn't win

    Uke KidUke Kid12 days ago
  • If only Dale was able to race in it. He would have been having fun.

    OFF ROADOFF ROAD12 days ago
  • This is the most fun race I've watched in 10 years!

    AfroMyrdalAfroMyrdal13 days ago
  • I don't normally watch Nascar, I do enjoy dirt racing. I really looked forward to watching this race!

    cody claxtoncody claxton13 days ago
  • This is actually pretty sick.

    Vincente DearmoreVincente Dearmore13 days ago
  • Maybe mix more water in the dirt next time. Poor guys probably can’t see much.

    Chris WattsChris Watts14 days ago
    • they are thinking of adding a roof so the moisture will stay better.

      ggsLiamggsLiam13 days ago
  • This is the ONLY type of ovals that should be used, tar tracks and dirt ovals ftw!

    jjn xyzjjn xyz14 days ago
  • Happy 31st Anniversary this year for passing my flight physical....!!!

    James Christopher OdenJames Christopher Oden14 days ago
  • I am so glad this season , it appears that Danica has made it to The Administration Levels of NASCAR. So proud of her and the PACE Crews.

    James Christopher OdenJames Christopher Oden14 days ago
  • The cars are so dirty

    Juan Juan GarciaJuan Juan Garcia15 days ago
  • Best race of the year!

    A AuswegerA Ausweger15 days ago
  • really cool!

    Adam SchreiberAdam Schreiber15 days ago
  • Next year;; A bigger right rear tire.

    Aired down and disconnectedAired down and disconnected15 days ago
  • I think it cool they should change the grill so there is a less chance of over heating

    Jarryd RamosJarryd Ramos15 days ago
  • Get 'er done!

    DoxYDox DeLamancaDoxYDox DeLamanca16 days ago
  • Best Nascar racing is in dirt👍. Not rooting for any driver , just fun to watch.

    Jay MyerlyJay Myerly16 days ago
  • Ive never cared for Ricky stenhouse. And I’m sure he’s no fan of me. But give the boy credit. He keep his nose clean, none of that crazy moves, making enemies crap from2017/18/19. Comes home second. Good for him.

    Harvey DentHarvey Dent16 days ago
  • Not watch NASCAR for so long..

    ANDHIKA Xperiential Racing Esports TVANDHIKA Xperiential Racing Esports TV16 days ago
  • Fantastic! They should leave it for the night race. It'd sell out.

    Rick EckartRick Eckart16 days ago
  • I can definitely see this race becoming one of the biggest races of the year every year if they continue

    Brady HillBrady Hill16 days ago
  • Lightning McQueen got a lesson from old Doc Hudson about dirt tracks. Disney.

    keith wukmirkeith wukmir16 days ago

    Anthony SoriaAnthony Soria16 days ago
  • It really gave anybody a shot. They need to move back to their own roots. More dirt.

    Jerry GlenJerry Glen16 days ago
    • After the demise of Chicago & Chicagoland, DuQuoin & Springfield should get a serious look. ARCA's already there, let's see if Trucks go next. If it draws, they've proven they'll throw Cup right in. This race was fantastic & everyone knows it.

      Rick EckartRick Eckart16 days ago
  • “I’ve never raced dirt” then “you ain’t ever really raced”- Dale

    Bill ClintonBill Clinton17 days ago
  • Kool race. Congratulations to Joey Logano. Sorry that I could not get two tickets as I wanted to be there.

    Ray KellyRay Kelly17 days ago
  • Cool gimmick. Got me interested. I got an idea to get more viewers. A race with all right turns. Think about it 🤔

    Mr nippy nelsonMr nippy nelson17 days ago
    • Reverse Oval?

      Marvin LinnarzMarvin Linnarz15 days ago
  • The foamy leaf accordingly form because dock accordingly whirl afore a careless pear. melodic, conscious check

    Ashley MassaroAshley Massaro17 days ago
  • Vamos D ..Suárez. ...

    Héctor PiñaHéctor Piña17 days ago
  • Turn all the short NASCSR tracks into dirt. Way more exciting!!!

    Anthony MechlingAnthony Mechling17 days ago
    • Bristol and Martinsville are still great tracks, Richmond Dirt does sound appealing

      Nicholas ChanaNicholas Chana16 days ago
  • Please continue with this dirt event for many years to come. I think it’s going to get better each year.

    Charlene MarcksCharlene Marcks17 days ago
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    Julio CesarJulio Cesar17 days ago
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      Brett TrevinoBrett Trevino17 days ago
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      Alex SantiagoAlex Santiago17 days ago
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      wilson hobbswilson hobbs17 days ago
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      Lavinia SchowalterLavinia Schowalter17 days ago
    • @Lavinia Schowalter How do I reach him please, I'm interested

      wilson hobbswilson hobbs17 days ago
  • Dirtdemoritionderby

    Mark KalittaMark Kalitta17 days ago
  • Denny Hamlin looked salty. Really salty. Logano is a great driver. Not my favorite but he is talented.

    Eugene WeeksEugene Weeks17 days ago
    • I thought the same thing!

      Josh HuffineJosh Huffine17 days ago
  • Thought it sucked

    Ron BurleyRon Burley17 days ago
    • Enough with the understatements

      rayism 24brayism 24b16 days ago
  • wow! not a gimmick at all! this was awesome!

    12345 6789012345 6789017 days ago
  • Watching these cars slide around on dirt is awesome

    Brent FoxBrent Fox17 days ago
  • I spent time as a kid at Riverside Speedway in W. Memphis. Wimp Gatlin, Hooker Hood, and yes Sammy Swindell. I love dirt racing.

    Terry LomaxTerry Lomax17 days ago
  • Race of the season so far, and the best race since 2017 Martinsville, by far.

    v2_v2_17 days ago
    • You don’t watch a lot of races then, there has been many races better than either 2017 Martinsville races

      Nicholas ChanaNicholas Chana16 days ago
  • Loved it!!!

    Phil TPhil T17 days ago
  • i was at this race and there was dust flying up about 30 rows up into the stands lol

    Jackson MainesJackson Maines17 days ago
  • They should have allowed for more steering angle for more sliding action and speed

    GR1M RACERGR1M RACER17 days ago
  • I get the complaints, but can we just enjoy the first dirt race in 71 years for a moment? I’m sure they’ll listen to the fans and improve it for next year. It was a fun time! Happy for the 47 and 99 cars

    Julian _Julian _17 days ago
    • *51

      Cameron OlejnikCameron Olejnik16 days ago
  • Need to change something. Ok so NASCAR goes left almost every race but the road races. So I propose the following. 1 Stage one normal left turn run. 2 Stage drive the cars going right.. 3 Stage direction will be determined by a coin flip before the race starts. Oh and they can’t change cars.

    lonny Wlonny W17 days ago
  • Definitely would be cool to see more races like this.

    A TeamA Team17 days ago
  • So cars that are so sensitive to air flow that a piece of tape can affect how they handle and drive and then you load the front end and air inlets up with mud and what happens? Wow, who would have thought that the closed off front end would end up with overheating?

    John StantonJohn Stanton17 days ago
  • Bro, I'm so glad that the race got confirmed to be done again next year. This was hella fun to watch and the battle between Hamlin and Logano was adrenaline inducing. Definitely the best.

    Christian VidauriChristian Vidauri17 days ago
  • yeeeeeeeees logano 💛

    ツabud ツツabud ツ17 days ago
  • yeeeeeee

    ツabud ツツabud ツ17 days ago
  • I let the naysayers sway my opinion at the beginning. Then as we got closer I became more excited. In the end I am super pleased, happy and so thankful that we have smarter people in the sport than those that sit on the outside. Awesome job by all those that worked so, so hard to make it happen. 😁

    Anita GarrisonAnita Garrison17 days ago
  • which track should remade?i think michigan or new hampshire or pocono

    garry wgarry w17 days ago
    • @crystaljon but more dirt tracks would better right

      garry wgarry w17 days ago
    • We already have one. It's called Auto Club.

      crystaljoncrystaljon17 days ago
  • Who else is mad that Logano won?

    Uke KidUke Kid17 days ago
    • @THE BRANES AND THE BRONS What? Bell taking out Larson earned him that win. LagoonO didn't earn shit

      rayism 24brayism 24b12 days ago
    • But he earned that win

    • I was. Still am.

      rayism 24brayism 24b16 days ago
  • My man Suarez had a strong race 💪

    Diego FerreyraDiego Ferreyra17 days ago
    • Yes

      Juan Juan GarciaJuan Juan Garcia15 days ago
  • Bristol Dirt. Race

    brandon jodreybrandon jodrey17 days ago
  • Damn this was fun to watch. I called in sick to be able to watch live LOL!!

    Lucky-RoweLucky-Rowe17 days ago
    • 😂 I hope your employer doesn't know who you are on USworlds 😜.

      Anita GarrisonAnita Garrison17 days ago
  • This track conversion turned out to be far more than just a gimmick.

    Tim VolkTim Volk17 days ago
    • @M Perry kashton and randall are bots. i see them on tons of racing vids

      Nick PhilkillNick Philkill7 hours ago
    • @Kashton Alexander Sounds healthy

      M PerryM Perry13 days ago
    • Yeah

      Juan Juan GarciaJuan Juan Garcia15 days ago
    • @Kashton Alexander I will try it out right now. Looks promising.

      Randall BrianRandall Brian16 days ago
    • I dont know if anyone gives a shit but yesterday I hacked my gfs Instagram password using Instapwn. You can find it by Googling for InstaPwn account hack if you wanna try it yourself

      Kashton AlexanderKashton Alexander16 days ago
  • Show O esporte na sua essência...

    Trader5Trader517 days ago
  • Hey you just got me to watch 15 minutes of Nascar probably first time in last 20 years. Some people complaining. I thought it was pretty cool!!

    Tyler LumleyTyler Lumley17 days ago
    • @fin screenname - I didn't mention but I was talking about ALL the glass in the car. No windshield and no windows at all.

      Dan ArnetsDan Arnets6 days ago
    • @Dan Arnets You would have to take the back window out also or the car would be a sail.

      fin screennamefin screenname6 days ago
    • 😀Yeah this was fun to watch

      Juan Juan GarciaJuan Juan Garcia15 days ago
    • @WolfsMoonlight - I would've started by changing all windshields into meshes

      Dan ArnetsDan Arnets15 days ago
    • @Dan Arnets Go prep it yourself and try to make a better job .

      WolfsMoonlightWolfsMoonlight15 days ago
  • Are u training for Brazilan roads ??

    Canal do CuboCanal do Cubo17 days ago

    anandguruji83anandguruji8317 days ago
    • Where are your parents?

      Devin CDevin C17 days ago

      Ultimate ReverseUltimate Reverse17 days ago

      anandguruji83anandguruji8317 days ago
  • definitely the most crazy race of the season

    What In Carnation?What In Carnation?17 days ago
    • Crazy amounts of dust too

      Ultimate ReverseUltimate Reverse17 days ago

    DUMOŞ BademciDUMOŞ Bademci17 days ago
  • This race certainly blew away my expectations as I was skeptical about the whole 'Bristol Dirt' idea but it turned out amazing. I loved almost everything about the race, the underdogs running up front was surprising and fun to watch, and just the on track battles throughout, the single file restarts I wasn't really a big fan of but other than that, this race was great, 9/10!

    Ultimate ReverseUltimate Reverse17 days ago
    • check out world of outlaws highlights on youtube

      Nick PhilkillNick Philkill7 hours ago
  • should have kept the double file restart took the fun out of single file restarts!

    garry wgarry w17 days ago
  • 12:25 What would you do If you were Denny Hamlin?

    Drayden MaeneDrayden Maene17 days ago
    • Slit my wrists, then refuse to get in the ambulance.

      rayism 24brayism 24b16 days ago
    • @Ultimate Reverse I am a logano fan so I kinda knew that denny was gonna sent him and win

      Drayden MaeneDrayden Maene17 days ago
    • Not run the outside since it obviously wasn't working the first few times he tried it, if I were him I would've tried to stay with Logano and then give him the bump and run

      Ultimate ReverseUltimate Reverse17 days ago

    • @Jeanne Fitez for starters....I wasn't there....I did say I WATCHED IT ON TELEVISION.....and as for getting out....where I am...I get out every day....the whole province does....lol

    • You think people would just be happy to be out of the houses should have brought a face mask could have kept the dust away from your face

      Jeanne FitezJeanne Fitez17 days ago
    • Bruh i watched on tv it was clear as water for me. You’re just over exaggerating.

      MystixoMystixo17 days ago
    • you have to clean your TV if it's dusty man, not nascar's fault

      LucasBELucasBE17 days ago
  • As someone from Hungary I am just insanely hyped to see the entire race once NASCAR Releases it on the channel! I love this sport! And I Love the idea that they made this race! It looks insanely fun from the highlights we got thus far.

    xXE4GLEyEXxxXE4GLEyEXx17 days ago
    • check out world of outlaws sprint car highlights on youtube. most popular dirt series in America. very entertaining.

      Nick PhilkillNick Philkill7 hours ago
    • Magyarok mindenhol

      Speter 004Speter 00417 days ago
  • 😳

    • yeeeeeees

      ツabud ツツabud ツ17 days ago
  • High power, low grip -> best racing. Take note, NASCAR!

    UnderbirdUnderbird17 days ago
    • Nascar : pretends not to see this

      Brantz NascarBrantz Nascar17 days ago
    • I agree 100%

      Ultimate ReverseUltimate Reverse17 days ago
  • It was so awesome to be there!

    Bob SpauldingBob Spaulding17 days ago
  • They shoulda been doing this all along.

    Donald FullerDonald Fuller17 days ago
  • Great race

    Douglas McLeodDouglas McLeod17 days ago
  • It was cool to see this much tire wear

    NASCAR Stop Motion and MoreNASCAR Stop Motion and More17 days ago
  • Dirt in Nascar??

    Andres Felipe López SuárezAndres Felipe López Suárez17 days ago
    • go back old days racing nascar days

      garry wgarry w17 days ago
    • Yes always had it

      Karol ZawislakKarol Zawislak17 days ago
  • nice 🏁

    Matteo AndrewMatteo Andrew17 days ago