Diamond Tester ICE!! Tiktok Meme

Mar 6, 2021
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  • I saw u scroll the tester faker

    Satesh GaneshSatesh Ganesh8 minutes ago
  • your finger move so its fake plastic

    SushuSushu16 minutes ago
  • Fake its plastick

    Cherry RompiesCherry Rompies17 minutes ago
  • Fake Because he clicked the thing

    Im_Not_Alice BG GamerIm_Not_Alice BG Gamer20 minutes ago
  • That tester beeps when it detects an insulator

    Jacob!Jacob!29 minutes ago
  • Is not on and den he klipt it on 1

    Jason KrasniqiJason Krasniqi30 minutes ago
  • i saw the fake thing you're such a clown

    Daniel Hristozov 130Daniel Hristozov 13034 minutes ago
  • I saw him twisted the wheel

    Matthew studiosMatthew studios35 minutes ago
  • Bodo ah

    Zulfikar DewataZulfikar Dewata36 minutes ago
  • Childish

    DarkGaming PlaysDarkGaming Plays38 minutes ago
  • bruh wadr its annoying now

    Vidul AbeywickramaVidul Abeywickrama41 minute ago
  • Fake!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ariadi SetiabudiartoAriadi SetiabudiartoHour ago
  • Fake

    Dana KultánováDana KultánováHour ago
  • Him:watch watch real Me:scrolling amazon

    Kate RedmanKate RedmanHour ago
  • It's fake your finger

    Mitkodivaka1Mitkodivaka1Hour ago
  • You are extremely fake

    Pradeep’s BiologyPradeep’s BiologyHour ago
  • We want the whole tester in view

    AfiqLongGoneAfiqLongGoneHour ago
  • Hhhhhhhh you stupid ?

    Holmartua SihotangHolmartua SihotangHour ago
  • Ur a total fake ur just sliding the thing to make it look like it’s saying it’s real when it’s really not

    Dance For LifeDance For LifeHour ago
  • Real fake

    Skyler DoctorcornSkyler DoctorcornHour ago
  • Stop pleaee

    Syabila ZuraSyabila ZuraHour ago
  • If you are rich and you bought those jewelry then whats your job Your just stole from the bank player

    Darwin jr MahoyDarwin jr Mahoy2 hours ago
  • Fake

    Norie GibanNorie Giban2 hours ago
  • Fack meshon

  • It is fake

    Midhila SunderMidhila Sunder2 hours ago
  • Plastic

    Parvatiben SolankiParvatiben Solanki2 hours ago
  • If you have so money than proof it by a jwellary man

  • Ur so poor

    Dana Dani77Dana Dani772 hours ago
  • Fake

    Pamela GohPamela Goh2 hours ago
  • Who this guy bragging about how rich he is

    EJ DusabanEJ Dusaban2 hours ago
  • Fake you poor want to get subs then go to subway

    Honey HasanHoney Hasan2 hours ago
  • Fake his hand is scrolling in the back of the diamond tester

    Reem SasanReem Sasan2 hours ago
  • So he waists all of his money on things like that why?

    Ramdom GuyRamdom Guy2 hours ago
  • He is scrolling the thing

    Khadija AltobiKhadija Altobi2 hours ago
  • Ur not uncle gang gang Ur uncle gonggong

    brent Zubiribrent Zubiri2 hours ago
  • God ... hv been seeing his videos for the 49th time

    SaNs SR803SaNs SR8032 hours ago
  • Relt bapakkau

    Ros FauzanRos Fauzan3 hours ago
  • You now that we know that u r moving the wheel on the tester

    Tekkz boyTekkz boy3 hours ago
  • This guy is hilarious

    Usukhbayar LkhagvadorjUsukhbayar Lkhagvadorj3 hours ago
  • LOL fake

    Anita ThkurAnita Thkur3 hours ago
  • He is. Fake we can see him scroll the wheel lol time waste

    keyaan bansalkeyaan bansal4 hours ago
  • 1|)10†

    Shinano ReiShinano Rei4 hours ago
  • Its a platisk tester

    DogtergamerDogtergamer4 hours ago
  • Why do I love this so much?

    Ronald McDonaldRonald McDonald4 hours ago
  • Fake, total fake

    Sandhya TanejaSandhya Taneja4 hours ago
  • This is not real you are doing on and off in side of diamond tester

    GAMING with NarutoGAMING with Naruto4 hours ago
  • The amount of people who always says: the amount of ppl who actually think he is serious....it's so sad :>

    Mariq AleksandraMariq Aleksandra4 hours ago
  • Real plastic

    Julek CeJulek Ce4 hours ago
  • He scrolling it

    edit gabutttedit gabuttt5 hours ago
  • He rolled the thingy or something

    Zane__R0bloxZane__R0blox5 hours ago
  • Yooo u can see u touching the on m off we ain’t stupid😂😂

    Jack YilmazJack Yilmaz5 hours ago
  • Don't belief guys is fake

    Mary PunMary Pun5 hours ago
  • Dude stop you know it its fake

    YTBR DayıYTBR Dayı5 hours ago
  • I know hi How to use t

    Raj SinghRaj Singh5 hours ago
  • He do be hiding the wheel tho look at hes hand

    Aine Nicole EsmaquilanAine Nicole Esmaquilan5 hours ago
  • Nope is fake

    Raj SinghRaj Singh5 hours ago
  • Not ice, more like rice

    Caster Troy MadridCaster Troy Madrid6 hours ago
  • Fake

    Yasso experimentsYasso experiments6 hours ago
  • Calm down kids he know its fake he just troll everyone here, you are the dumb here

    ZƎLIOTTZƎLIOTT6 hours ago
  • Diamond is made of carbon and this thing react to carbon.how it's possible that thing is reacting to metal?the mentals are not made out of carbon

    Ramy SoormiriRamy Soormiri6 hours ago
  • You are totally fake and a big lier and also that machine is fake too.

  • Hey you maid all things are fake

    Mythpat no.2Mythpat no.26 hours ago
  • Fake

    Rekha sharmaRekha sharma6 hours ago
  • He clearly scrolls from off to on

    M. MageshM. Magesh6 hours ago
  • These are the people I hate

    Haile FryHaile Fry6 hours ago
  • U r just sad as fk

    shom Acharyashom Acharya7 hours ago
  • If it was a metal tester it would have changed

    Dockboy 2007Dockboy 20077 hours ago
  • You just roll the..?

    Jun VillarJun Villar7 hours ago
  • He's using a diamond tester on copper Bruh

    Lemon DropsLemon Drops7 hours ago
  • 0:15 he is just scrolling it bro lol

    ArteficArtefic7 hours ago
  • You can literally buy all of those necklace s on eBay for under 100 dollars

    Croatia Games TVCroatia Games TV8 hours ago
  • 🙄🙄yeah it’s totally real...sike I lied it’s fake🙄🙄

    •Freaky_freak••Freaky_freak•8 hours ago
  • Fake

    Esinzafer CakirEsinzafer Cakir8 hours ago
  • Your videos are fake

    Shakuntala damorShakuntala damor9 hours ago
  • It's fake lol you can't make us believe you lol

    smileeesmileee9 hours ago
  • Yeah right I know how you did it you scrolled the thing

    Izael RuizIzael Ruiz9 hours ago
  • Can anyone plz tell me how can i block him from my short

    Nishanta DasNishanta Das9 hours ago
  • This time he isn't showing the scroll and he just turns it on when he's trying it on his necklace why he's hiding the scroll thingy

    Nurul QaisaraNurul Qaisara9 hours ago
  • Bruh its a metal tester and why you doing this just to flex on the internet c'mon man all of this just for what

    Maria AguinagaMaria Aguinaga10 hours ago
  • not vril

    eleniko eleneeleniko elene10 hours ago
  • This guy I'd stupid

    Juicy GamingJuicy Gaming10 hours ago
  • bro this dude is so fake, we can see you moving the little rolling button. ✌

    Jenson HargittJenson Hargitt10 hours ago
  • More like uber FACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    David TillerDavid Tiller11 hours ago
  • CAp not the kind of metal it works on. I have one of those I know how it works

    Mr. GamerMr. Gamer11 hours ago
  • It's fake, he's just scrolling the thing.

    MikoMiko11 hours ago
  • Y am I still getting this in my recommended and I didn’t even sub bruh in tired of here “real”

    LONERx FFLONERx FF12 hours ago
  • He just role it hahaa lier hahahaha

    Martin Zhaayed YañezMartin Zhaayed Yañez12 hours ago
  • Its fake he is holding the switch and it looks like real well...ITS FAKE

    Alicia ReyesAlicia Reyes12 hours ago
  • Fake

    Jimmy FajarJimmy Fajar12 hours ago
  • Lies👆

    Ryan KalonjiRyan Kalonji12 hours ago
  • Fake

    Arthur LaroseArthur Larose12 hours ago
  • 🙈🙈🙈

    Alec RomagninoAlec Romagnino12 hours ago
  • He’s turning the tester up so it makes it seem like it’s real

    Shayden IsnanaShayden Isnana12 hours ago
  • if your so rich by me a ps5 with a game let's see who so rich now and if your so rich why don't you live in a mansion

    Jaime VazquezJaime Vazquez12 hours ago
  • He scrolls it up so we people would think he is rich

    christy allenchristy allen12 hours ago
  • This guy gonna go in debt

    seth oliverseth oliver12 hours ago
  • Is not metal

    Tea wolf avocado lemonTea wolf avocado lemon13 hours ago
  • It is so funny how he lives in an appartment and a dirty looking shirt and he claims he has 1mil on his neck

    Karl Matthew A. RAYMANKarl Matthew A. RAYMAN13 hours ago
  • Everyting is fake

    Maria VazquezMaria Vazquez13 hours ago
  • He is scrolling the circle thing of his diamond tester and also he is hitting the metal of his accesory so it will turn red

    ninjaplaysninjaplays13 hours ago