Detective SMii7Y is on the case! (Hitman 3)

Feb 19, 2021
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I become the best detective in the world of Hitman 3
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  • this is the best video of SMii7Y I laughed my ass off

    Jay BijveldsJay Bijvelds10 hours ago
  • Feel bad for the eulogy guy

    An AccountAn Account12 hours ago
  • Smi7y how can u suck so mutch at puzzles bro

    leoleo20 hours ago
  • 17:35 a lot of that was tomahawk steaks but theres also top round, chuck roast, and what i guess is brisket in that fridge on the top

    Jamez TorezJamez Torez21 hour ago
  • 2:59 If it were only that easy 😂

    ZynergXZynergX23 hours ago
  • Dude tbh this video was the first I really got annoyed with you. Way too much shittalking

    xxx838playerxxx838playerDay ago

    PotatoPotatoDay ago
  • My dad was born in 1975

    Wilfred Jr EwenWilfred Jr EwenDay ago
  • You’re the best editing youtuber I know

    PotatoPotatoDay ago
  • *walks into important meeting* *opens briefcase* ...."Sorry gentlemen it appears I brought my snowball suitcase"

    Fully torqued WeebFully torqued Weeb2 days ago
  • "The fish"

    JoshuaPlayzeratJoshuaPlayzerat2 days ago
  • 4:57 i am so inexplicably happy

    Braindead BootsBraindead Boots2 days ago
  • You should do a kille everyone challenge where u gotta kill every NPC on the map they're funny asf

    Nick MirisolaNick Mirisola2 days ago
  • Smitty u can drown people in the overflowing sinks

    Nick MirisolaNick Mirisola2 days ago
  • 5:51 "I'm doing pretty good, just doing some light *briefing* "

    Coy PhishCoy Phish2 days ago
  • I bought this game just for this mission alone

    Ban The G.O.A.TBan The G.O.A.T2 days ago
  • lmao

    Trent EriksenTrent Eriksen2 days ago
  • 14:10 she doin the wap

    Saucynuggz831Saucynuggz8312 days ago
  • Great video don’t let youtube tell you its bad

    PandarZantaPandarZanta2 days ago
  • Can u play Friday night funkin week three is one of my favorite weeks

    Freddyjr CosFreddyjr Cos2 days ago
  • 2:58 ok that caught me very off guard😂😂 you are awesome smitty. Keep on making funny content😁😁

    Grizzly RamsGrizzly Rams3 days ago
  • woulda been a lot funnier if at 9:26, instead of saying, "here look at this." shoulda said, "here's my clearance."

    PyryTheUnlawfulPyryTheUnlawful3 days ago
  • Do moreeeeeee

    Rowanne MillwardRowanne Millward3 days ago
  • £9.99 used to be £10 lmao, britain in 1 word

    C.Walker-endsorC.Walker-endsor3 days ago
  • Ah yes pounds arent real money ok and the canadians money is real

    Aiden WilsonAiden Wilson3 days ago
  • Euros? Pounds? Not real currency..says the guy who pays with Loonie Toonies

    Stig O.Stig O.3 days ago
  • the part where smi77y just couldnt kill the guy who was on the phone had me dying after he said he couldn't kill him then

    Swamp DogSwamp Dog3 days ago
  • this was fun dude!

    ser z.ser z.3 days ago
  • murder, if they would've killed themselfs they wouldnt have still bought shoes, plus there is a ladder to climb up to his room EZ kill

    LegendaryplayzzLegendaryplayzz3 days ago
  • just try playing the game right

    Noah WordenNoah Worden3 days ago
  • i like how he didnt even try to stealth kill the detective

    Noah WordenNoah Worden3 days ago
  • When you said “man there’s a lot of cheese. Jesus” I was like haha “cheesus” and it was like we were on the same wavelength cause you then said “cheesus” and we both laughed at the same time😂

    Allison MuncyAllison Muncy3 days ago
  • What if you put everyone on the map in the secret room?

    Anthony PonvelleAnthony Ponvelle3 days ago
  • Smii7y's editing is the best perfect cut coomedic timing and "story" drivin' i've seen. Who says u need and editor

    EquinoxEquinox3 days ago
  • Okay but like 17:22 🤣 idk why this was so funny

    Bleach BathBleach Bath3 days ago
  • Does any one know what video " let me see your smi77ies" is in?

    gage123 Kleingage123 Klein3 days ago
  • You know you don't have to drop the fiberwire right

    weeaboo kamiweeaboo kami3 days ago
  • More hitman 😂

    Ali CatAli Cat3 days ago
  • So thats why water bills got higher recently....

    HiddenusHiddenus4 days ago
  • Lmaoo "no" 😂😂😂

    biggest_botッbiggest_botッ4 days ago
  • “Results and discretion are my speciality” *immediately uppercuts her with the briefcase*

    ffandrewdffandrewd4 days ago
  • 4:30 huh, didn’t know I was watching *this* video again

    I’m a seal!I’m a seal!4 days ago
  • SMii7Y never fails to bring my mood up with a video

    yeetgaming346yeetgaming3464 days ago
  • The best and the most complicated hitman ever

    MonacTium H.MonacTium H.4 days ago
  • keep uploading this please

    Jack CraigJack Craig4 days ago
  • more hitman 3 please smii7y

    Benjamin FordhamBenjamin Fordham4 days ago
  • i find it really funny that i got a treadmill ad the irony

    Bunny94719Bunny947194 days ago
  • detective bottom left smii7y confirms what we all thought ame bottom left

    ParisBtwParisBtw4 days ago
  • 20:21 bruh with how he slammed into the wall, I fucking doubt he's alive

    AnymAnym4 days ago

    Peter FrølichPeter Frølich4 days ago
  • What a sale on the boots

    0rangeCat “Innovative”0rangeCat “Innovative”4 days ago
  • Bro those boots are $12.11

    Kelvin HenriquezKelvin Henriquez4 days ago
  • 20:20 Oh my goddd. I'm dead

    John KarachaliosJohn Karachalios4 days ago
  • He pulled a logan pual at 4:28 lmaoo

    jesus alcalajesus alcala4 days ago
  • you know being a hitman means stealth not murder everything in sight

    CrimsonKnightLICrimsonKnightLI4 days ago
  • He slap the shit out of that dude with the fish

    Eduardo JuarezEduardo Juarez4 days ago
  • MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sosa gangSosa gang4 days ago
  • Play more Rocket league

    EpicGamer 420EpicGamer 4204 days ago
  • I love it when Smii7y and Rtgame plays Hitman like it's payday.

    AlienAlien4 days ago
  • If you leave without the case files isn't it a mission failed kinda thing? One would think so.

    tukamoton1312tukamoton13124 days ago
  • You left the file in the briefcase lmao

    Gabriel TellezGabriel Tellez4 days ago
  • 20:18 Actually cried so hard from laughter when he slapped him with the fish 😂😂 No one but SMii7Y could do that to me

    Nicholas FasciglioneNicholas Fasciglione4 days ago
  • You don't do enough teardown 😤

    Toothless 555Toothless 5554 days ago

    TisThyLoonyTisThyLoony4 days ago
  • Mans aim was goated in the beginning

    Mastifmonster23 SMastifmonster23 S4 days ago
  • but who actually killed/poisoned the one old guy???

    Nixon LindellNixon Lindell4 days ago
  • Good stuff!

    Kristian ThimKristian Thim4 days ago
  • Smithy really gonna call the Great British Pounds symbol the Euro symbol, bro love the this channel but I’m hurting bad smh. And the Cognac is LOUIS XIII, there’s one called Jeroboam that’s £24,000

    Motion HDMotion HD4 days ago
  • Smiity, usually all blunt weapon only knocks out people, that includes the fish and the suitcase. To kill them you usually need something that can cut or shoot out of a gun, your wire for strangling is considered lethal.

    GreenSpyroGreenSpyro4 days ago
  • Perfect example of ‘stealth is an option for this mission’ and how we completely ignore that

    Skittles SSkittles S4 days ago
  • This is lowkey what actual hitmen do when they have a target

    Odin ReidOdin Reid5 days ago
  • What annoys me is he knocks them out and doesn’t kill them he’s to nice STOP

    Łøgåñ MōöręŁøgåñ Mōörę5 days ago
  • this is briliant

    Савелий КолодийСавелий Колодий5 days ago
  • i swear the timing and editing in these videos are always perfect.

    Big SkrimpBig Skrimp5 days ago
  • He spent like 5+ minutes next to the dead body just making content with it🤣10/10 content this is what I am here for

    PreFloridaPreFlorida5 days ago
  • 17:21 general sam has entered the chat

    itsurboyalixitsurboyalix5 days ago
  • Not gonna lie almost peed when I seen his Channel pop up

    Nate JohnsonNate Johnson5 days ago
  • You are a terrible hitman. LUL

    Horatio ArkasHoratio Arkas5 days ago
  • all imma say is if we ever go to another world war i aint want a gun i want that fish.

    Lewis HopleyLewis Hopley5 days ago

    Oliver KinghamOliver Kingham5 days ago
  • It’s 10 pounds for wellies

    Ur Mum gamingUr Mum gaming5 days ago
  • Sry I meant 30 mins of content

    John WickJohn Wick5 days ago
  • Thanks for the 20 mins of content

    John WickJohn Wick5 days ago
  • The egg has been compromised, 47.

    Normantas PivoriūnasNormantas Pivoriūnas5 days ago
  • Who else love how he cares so much about the small stuff 😂😂💙

    TayyarTayyar5 days ago
  • Plz act like I wrote somthing interesting

    professorprofessor5 days ago
  • Would love to see this unedited or streamed.

    MLGivensMLGivens5 days ago
  • Hell yeah 😄

    Steve DivSteve Div5 days ago
  • I love smitty but I don’t like when he plays this

    Ryker SmithRyker Smith5 days ago
  • Pls new teardown

    Kriipsu-UkuKriipsu-Uku5 days ago
  • Please keep playing Hitman 3

    BlackUnicornBlackUnicorn5 days ago
  • The way the objects get thrown is either at 0 or 100 %

    Gameplayer AbeGameplayer Abe5 days ago
  • One of your best ever videos. Great work

    John WoodwardJohn Woodward5 days ago
  • I love how fucking chaotic this is

    ScallywagKirbyScallywagKirby5 days ago
  • That bottle of alcohol is actually $2,500 at my liquor store

    Braedon JonesBraedon Jones5 days ago
  • 2:58 HE DID IT I was hoping he would that's why he's the best.

    Burned HoundBurned Hound5 days ago
  • the king is back

    fu3kb0y 69fu3kb0y 695 days ago
  • My friend: Hey whats your favorite hentai??? Me: 17:40

    I Am KillerI Am Killer5 days ago
  • I'm so excited for this

    Hypocritical CriticHypocritical Critic5 days ago
  • Smitty people live in this shit yes its a house

    playsplays5 days ago