Deshaun Watson Breaks Silence On Being Stuck In Houston (parody)

Feb 22, 2021
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  • He’s stuck in something else now

    Mobile Sports MachineMobile Sports Machine13 days ago
    • 0_0

      Lucas CelesteLucas Celeste11 days ago
  • every person who works has probs, don't like everything management does, that is life but you go to work. either sit out the next 4 years or play but quit whining, a bad look buddy.

    rick haydenrick haydenMonth ago
  • Just stfu & play cry baby!

    Russ Cron Sr.Russ Cron Sr.Month ago
  • Racist elitist.

    Ken WallKen WallMonth ago
  • Really you mention James Harden aww booohoo. Now they will have to fly their private jets to see each other. Man the struggle must be real for them.

    Winn SpiveyWinn SpiveyMonth ago
  • If Texans trade Watson to the jets I’ll take Wilson ( not Russell Wilson )

  • #crybabywatson

  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Darth YarxDarth YarxMonth ago
  • When the going gets tough just get going. That's the the way it's said right ?🥸

    drew44 FELIXdrew44 FELIXMonth ago
  • Well he's talking about going to the Jets which is the second worst team in the NFL. If the Texans are a JV squad I guess the Jets are a freshman squad 😂😂. Then you don't win over there and you'll be crying again.

    X RazorX RazorMonth ago
  • Is this EA's Kraelo?

    Rich RRich RMonth ago
  • “Shit sucks”... The MJ of football 2.0 🔥

    TheCardiacKidTheCardiacKidMonth ago
  • Called them a JV squad 😂😂😂

    Top DogTop DogMonth ago
  • he need a weapon like scary Terry or goladay or saqun barley

    Jean HowardJean HowardMonth ago
  • No will

    Vladimir StadnikVladimir StadnikMonth ago
  • Decent QB, but not enough tenure...consistency... to be placed in the upper tier of the throne just yet.

    Maverick 1957Maverick 1957Month ago
  • I like him

    Devan JonesDevan JonesMonth ago
  • I refuse to believe these are fake

    Tous Is da nameTous Is da nameMonth ago
  • Awwww..a filthy rich football player doesn't like Houston!! Well sorry bro..90% of the citizens living in America, living paycheck to paycheck...DONT LIKE WHERE THEY WORK EITHER! you spoiled, rich brat! Grow up! Life is good as a millionaire. Give me a break.

    will lenwill lenMonth ago
  • This some bull****- DW4

    Joe LaSpinaJoe LaSpinaMonth ago
  • I'm so over these premadonna bitches complaining. You signed a contract. Honor it. #millenial

    Blue Line Tactical SolutionsBlue Line Tactical SolutionsMonth ago
  • The owners should trade him for as many reasonable picks as possible. Reasonable being a relative term.But DON'T GET RIDICULOUS PLEASE ?

    michael marshallmichael marshallMonth ago
  • Why do all the houston-based teams either suck or are cheaters

    Goose PeckerGoose PeckerMonth ago
  • Yeah it sucks being a millionaire. I feel so bad for

    Stangedude 56Stangedude 56Month ago
  • I’m a Texans fan and I approve of this video 😂 WE SUCK AGAIN!!!

    Whatsup FooWhatsup FooMonth ago
  • Face reveal?

    JB ProductionsJB ProductionsMonth ago
    • In person skits coming 👀

      The CutbackThe CutbackMonth ago
  • They don’t follow the paper or the championships my guys chase those t***y tassels!!

    It’s blitzIt’s blitzMonth ago
  • Well DeScrub what happens when you go to another team and lose? You going to quit on them too? Yeah I don't feel sorry for someone making millions playing a kids game!!

    Gary CooperGary CooperMonth ago
    • @Keith Fisher lol...ok

      Gary CooperGary CooperMonth ago
    • Gary your an idiot. Deshaun balled out , he cant do it alone. I'm a texans fan and I hope he goes somewhere he can win. Jj as well. Money don't have shit to do with situation.

      Keith FisherKeith FisherMonth ago
  • Lol his poker face when the reporter mentioned hardens name 😂😂😂

    John ZubaJohn ZubaMonth ago
    • @772-FISHIN lol I actually didn’t know but I do now. Thats how interviews should go lol

      John ZubaJohn ZubaMonth ago
    • @John Zuba I was hoping you were joking lol.

      772-FISHIN772-FISHINMonth ago
    • @772-FISHIN ik but it was still funny

      John ZubaJohn ZubaMonth ago
    • This wasn't a real interview.

      772-FISHIN772-FISHINMonth ago
  • Release him, he don’t want to be here so why keep him

    Julio HrdzJulio HrdzMonth ago
    • You have to shop him. He's too elite not to atleast get some draft picks or players out the deal.

      Under DogUnder DogMonth ago
    • Out of spite.

      Blue OakBlue OakMonth ago
  • Who gives a shit about this millionaire crybaby. You signed the contract, honor it. Boo freaking hoo. 🤑🤢🤮🤧🥶🥴😵

    Lawrence HoldenLawrence HoldenMonth ago
  • Being a housten fan harden and jj watt are a sad loss but I fell real bad for Watson hopefully we’ll have a good draft and free agencu

    Bye ByeBye ByeMonth ago
  • Real news these days

    JohnJohnMonth ago
  • You deserve a SUPERBOWL

    Caden DodsonCaden DodsonMonth ago
    • Hes a spoiled, entitled, overrated bitch. He does not deserve a Tom Brady Invitational.

      Blue Line Tactical SolutionsBlue Line Tactical SolutionsMonth ago
  • Did he really have to bring the strip club into the conversation? The damn president raw dogged a pornstar. I'm sure the reporter voted for him though.

    C TC TMonth ago
    • And to assume who he voted for based on a question really shows your level of intelligence isn't that high learn to think a lil deeper than your first assumption and even after that don't jump to conclusions free game of pussy

      Tjay DTjay DMonth ago
    • Why you care who trump was fucking goofy

      Tjay DTjay DMonth ago
  • He's gonna end up unemployed like Kaepernick. Oh you make millions, you must have it so hard, boo hoo. Talk about privileged.

    RyanRyanMonth ago
    • Spot on.

      Methodical cutsMethodical cutsMonth ago
  • This can't be real

    Deshun RichardsonDeshun RichardsonMonth ago
  • This dude doesn’t deserve this. I remember when he got drafted I said get the fuck outta there now LOL

    Karan PhullKaran PhullMonth ago
  • Can you please do a raiders player

    rocky Grocky GMonth ago
  • Deshaun deserves better then what he’s getting.... Wish the Steelers could have him as their QB 😒

    Robert GarciaRobert GarciaMonth ago
  • He changed .

  • How do you get intverviews with all these guys?

    Reaglbeagl CurtisReaglbeagl CurtisMonth ago
    • ur an idiot lol

      Willy WonkerWilly WonkerMonth ago
  • Crybaby needs to be traded

    Maile McDevittMaile McDevittMonth ago
  • This wasn't funny tho

    Jack KennyJack KennyMonth ago
  • If Deshaun is leaving a JV squad, Carson Wentz left a peewee squad

    Garrett CarrGarrett CarrMonth ago
    • Eagles defense is way better than Houston, so nah cant agree

      FMF-BHRIS 3FMF-BHRIS 3Month ago
    • Carson wentz is leaving the team of the blind

      No ThanksNo ThanksMonth ago
  • Oh man

    Logan padillaLogan padillaMonth ago
  • 😂😂😂

    Hugh WooleverHugh WooleverMonth ago
  • Broooo lol

    GabeGabeMonth ago
  • *but he is not now*

    RadiicalRadiicalMonth ago
  • He is obviously gonna stay with the Oilers

    JHS 79JHS 79Month ago
    • Btw the oilers became the titans even tho they were Houston

      Liam BenzLiam BenzMonth ago
  • This channel gonna blow up 🔥

    Edvin SEdvin SMonth ago
  • Jv nfl team

    DLTDLTMonth ago
  • This sounds like a real interview except for the strip club part lmao

    Connell KobaConnell KobaMonth ago
    • That’s the most real part of the interview

      Wut WhyWut WhyMonth ago
  • This is a regular interview 😂😂

    Jordan PooleJordan PooleMonth ago
  • Do what I did in San Antonio and fake an injury

    Kawhi LeonardKawhi LeonardMonth ago
    • "Insert Kawhi laugh here"

      MikhaelMikhaelMonth ago
    • @Nathan Reyes same

      Eddie HerreraEddie HerreraMonth ago
    • @Casethegreat 21 Ik I was saying I live in San Antonio lol

      Nathan ReyesNathan ReyesMonth ago
    • @Eddie Herrera Ik I live in San Antonio also bro in the 210 area🤟🏼

      Nathan ReyesNathan ReyesMonth ago
    • @Nathan Reyes San Antonio is the best Dawg 👌🏿it's dope out here

      Eddie HerreraEddie HerreraMonth ago
  • Lol I think JV squad is the most accurate description of the Texans yet and pry will be for a few years

    CJ HendricksCJ HendricksMonth ago
  • Well I’m glad he’s staying positive

    Ryan MixRyan MixMonth ago
  • He can go to the club with Deandre Ho- oh shit

    Owen WestonOwen WestonMonth ago
    • @Lebelt James L

      DeeJayDeeJayMonth ago
    • @Lebelt James you ruined it

      you really think i give afyou really think i give afMonth ago
    • You underestimate the chiefs

      Lebelt JamesLebelt JamesMonth ago
    • @Owen Weston ikr they would never ever blow a 24 point lead

      Saucy GodSaucy GodMonth ago
    • @The Cutback yeah and Will Fuller. And Laremy Tunsil! They definitely beating the chiefs or someone in the playoffs

      Owen WestonOwen WestonMonth ago
  • Release him

    C JC JMonth ago
    • Hell no. You got to get some drafts pics or players for him. He's too elite not to shop around.

      Under DogUnder DogMonth ago
  • We don’t need him on the chiefs lol we got Patrick Mahomes 💪🏻

    Katelyn ChismKatelyn ChismMonth ago
    • @Adam Kopasz U know how dumb u sound rn

      Saucy GodSaucy GodMonth ago
    • who got his ass smacked so badly in the Super Bowl that it still hurts him

      Adam KopaszAdam KopaszMonth ago
  • I hope he comes to my chargers

    animal infoanimal infoMonth ago
    • @Just a Floridian Philly has some salary cap issues. They will probably just groom Hurts into a quality QB, especially while he is on that cheap rookie contract.

      Under DogUnder DogMonth ago
    • I'm not an Eagles fan but my bet is on Philadelphia now that Wentz is gone

      Just a FloridianJust a FloridianMonth ago
  • “JV squad” 😂😂😂

    The Neutral ZoneThe Neutral ZoneMonth ago
  • This is just a real interview

    Katze FickerKatze FickerMonth ago
    • @No Limits even if you retire. His team would have the rights if he returned. This happend a cpl times already.

      Ryno Art 88Ryno Art 88Month ago
    • Ikr "jk I'm not dum"

      Steffen CopenhaverSteffen CopenhaverMonth ago
    • @xSausie because if you retire before the end of your contract, the team that owns your contract still has rights to you if you decide to come out of retirement and the contract picks up where it left off. This prevents people from false retiring to go to a different organisation.

      the missile skudthe missile skudMonth ago
    • @the missile skud why thoe

      xSausiexSausieMonth ago
    • @No Limits that is not how it works, at all.

      the missile skudthe missile skudMonth ago
  • Who is this USworldsr? Is this guy a sports journalist or analyst? Or what?

    ErikErikMonth ago
    • No a comedian

      chrischrisMonth ago
  • He can always go to the strip club with John Wall

    Dragon FireDragon FireMonth ago
    • @Alan Biggers this is fake

      Giants4lifeGiants4lifeMonth ago
    • Thought this guy was class. Obviously turned in to trash

      Alan BiggersAlan BiggersMonth ago
    • Haskins is always available

      Giants4lifeGiants4lifeMonth ago
    • @Edgar The Conqueror boogie is gone

      Barclay Pierre élèveBarclay Pierre élèveMonth ago
    • Don’t forget Demarcus cousins too

      Edgar The ConquerorEdgar The ConquerorMonth ago
  • 🌭

    Florida ManFlorida ManMonth ago
    • 🌮

      Eddie HernandezEddie HernandezMonth ago
    • 🌯

      The CutbackThe CutbackMonth ago
  • We need you with the Vikings bro!!! If DeShaun goes to the vikings.. Thats instant playoffs if not a superbow

    ordered Moreordered MoreMonth ago
    • @The Cutback if he comes to Vikings... It will no longer be a run firsr offense. I'd definitely rather put the game n in Cooks hands over Cousins. I had high expectations for Cousins.

      ordered Moreordered MoreMonth ago
    • @ordered More it was a rumor so not 100% sure it’s true, but it sounded like he didn’t want to get traded into a run first offense. Sadly, I can’t blame him 😞

      The CutbackThe CutbackMonth ago
    • @The Cutback noooo 😭😭😤... but whyyyy??? Thanks for the info. I can relax my expectations now lol

      ordered Moreordered MoreMonth ago
    • In my dreams bro 😭 I read a report that deshaun wouldn’t waive his no trade clause for the Vikings. 😞

      The CutbackThe CutbackMonth ago

    EthanielEthanielMonth ago
  • You should do nascar???

    Vishal SetaramVishal SetaramMonth ago
    • People still watch nascar? Why?

      Vince2012Vince2012Month ago
    • @Jimbo 03 Any askers??

      Vishal SetaramVishal SetaramMonth ago
    • please never do nascar it’s a joke of a sport

      Jimbo 03Jimbo 03Month ago
    • @The Cutback I'm excited also great content

      Vishal SetaramVishal SetaramMonth ago
    • Don’t know anything about nascar, but finally got my studio set up for recording so have new content on the way with new skits

      The CutbackThe CutbackMonth ago
  • I hope he comes to my panthers 😭

    DrlwblDrlwblMonth ago
    • Watson already said he wouldnt play there, only Bears, my boys, Saints, or Raiders

      CrashthezombiesCrashthezombiesMonth ago
    • i dont give a fuck I call him C mac bitch

      Saucy GodSaucy GodMonth ago
    • @Saucy God who tf is C Mac his name is spelt McCaffrey not MacCaffrey it’s CMC, but ok the Texans would prolly take Burns and Jackson and two first and 2 second and some later picks

      Wut WhyWut WhyMonth ago
    • @Saucy God yeah it is stat wise it is

      Wut WhyWut WhyMonth ago
    • perfect fit for watson would be on the dolphins or saints

      Saucy GodSaucy GodMonth ago
  • Not first

    Just A Duck With SwagJust A Duck With SwagMonth ago
  • this man the goat best vids ever

    100% savage100% savageMonth ago
    • @The Cutback If you comment on this next year, with your progress I will 100 percent agree you are the best youtuber.

      Byron VigilByron VigilMonth ago
    • @100% savage thanks for the tips homie, I’ll let you know how it goes

      The CutbackThe CutbackMonth ago
    • One more thing your life has to revolve around sports if it doesn't you ain't savage

      100% savage100% savageMonth ago
    • Man I don't know I guess you just be like me and don't really look at girls because they make you nervous

      100% savage100% savageMonth ago
    • How did you get to be at 100% savage, my girlfriend says I’m 100% simp and I’m trying to transform into a savage. Any tips would be great

      The CutbackThe CutbackMonth ago
  • Also hi

    Casey DCasey DMonth ago
    • Hello

      Casey DCasey DMonth ago
    • What’s good Casey

      The CutbackThe CutbackMonth ago
  • Who is he going to the strip club with now?

    Ravens 2021Ravens 2021Month ago
    • DHop... oh wait 😂

      CrashthezombiesCrashthezombiesMonth ago
    • Slim thug most likely

      Dragxn RyderDragxn RyderMonth ago
    • My boi Dwayne askins and Johnny football

      the real gamer vthe real gamer vMonth ago
    • David Johnson lol.

      Triggered SoyboyTriggered SoyboyMonth ago
    • Im a Texans fan and the team is fucking dog water

      Ya boypoplar PoppingYa boypoplar PoppingMonth ago
  • Poor Deshaun...

    Danny WDanny WMonth ago
  • Third

    SupersonicSandshrewSupersonicSandshrewMonth ago
  • You sure this wasn't the real interview?

    Coasters UnitedCoasters UnitedMonth ago
  • 😂😂

    KRISKING _1219KRISKING _1219Month ago
  • Deshaun has been demanding release for a long time

    Casey DCasey DMonth ago
    • He sucks anyway

      frank ackleyfrank ackleyMonth ago
    • @Dr. Phill oh

      Brayden LouqueBrayden LouqueMonth ago
    • @Brayden Louque - You don’t release valuable assets, that’s basic business. He will be traded or kept. And, he will not want to damage his brand, want to pay fines, have to return any of that bonus. Both sides are in a bind but neither will damage themselves when they have one option: wait on the best deal.

      Dr. PhillDr. PhillMonth ago
    • @Dr. Phill idk the team is going end up cutting him anyway. If he doesn’t get traded he not gonna practice with the team.

      Brayden LouqueBrayden LouqueMonth ago
    • @Brayden Louque - Why? So the team can demand a large portion of the sign-on bonus in return or so the team can get nothing for him?!😂🤣

      Dr. PhillDr. PhillMonth ago
  • Very sad

    SHERM ProductionsSHERM ProductionsMonth ago
  • First?

    Prodigy PheonixProdigy PheonixMonth ago
    • One-thousand-five-hundred-and-nineteenth

      David RavehDavid RavehMonth ago
    • *second

      SupersonicSandshrewSupersonicSandshrewMonth ago
  • first

    Juan CecenaJuan CecenaMonth ago
    • Well you won

      Prodigy PheonixProdigy PheonixMonth ago
    • @Prodigy Pheonix nah actually Juan is first

      Just A Duck With SwagJust A Duck With SwagMonth ago
    • I already did

      Prodigy PheonixProdigy PheonixMonth ago
    • @Prodigy Pheonix cry about it

      Juan CecenaJuan CecenaMonth ago
    • I was first

      Prodigy PheonixProdigy PheonixMonth ago