Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil | Official Trailer

Feb 17, 2021
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Featuring the exclusive first listen to Demi Lovato’s title song to the powerful four-part documentary event, “Dancing With the Devil.”
Premiering March 23, Demi Lovato holds nothing back in this powerful four part documentary series exploring every aspect that led to her nearly fatal overdose in 2018, and her awakenings in the aftermath. Director Michael D. Ratner is granted unprecedented access to the superstar’s personal and musical journey during the most trying time of her life as she unearths her prior traumas and discovers the importance of her physical, emotional, and mental health. Far deeper than an inside look beyond the celebrity surface, this is an intimate portrait of addiction, and the process of healing and empowerment.

  • I BEEN waiting!

    Simply SookieSimply Sookie21 minute ago
  • Sinta falta de ter amigos lovatics 🥺 na verdade não tenho nenhum .. E ruim pq ninguém ao meu redor entendi meu amor por ela 💔🇧🇷🧡

    Ranielly DevonneRanielly DevonneHour ago
  • 2:21 is this a music video???

    Huawei Smart P 2019Huawei Smart P 2019Hour ago
    • @Nischal Dahal seems promising

      Huawei Smart P 2019Huawei Smart P 201948 minutes ago
    • That’s what I think!!

      Nischal DahalNischal DahalHour ago
  • I can’t wait

    Devon RobertsDevon RobertsHour ago
  • why do people dislike this?

    danielle cushingdanielle cushing2 hours ago
  • Demi deserve so much better ngl I don't care what no one tells me

    Journae BakerJournae Baker2 hours ago
  • Cannot wait to watch it... so much love for this girl & her testimony 💜🛐 love that she’s choosing to use her platform and truly bring awareness to mental illness & the stigmas around it as well as drug addictions. People who struggle with these diseases are looked at so differently than a patient with heart disease or any other kind of disease... and because of that judgement and overlooking ( AND EVEN LACK OF CARE FROM THEIR VERY OWN DOCTORS THAT ARE “THERE” TO TREAT THEM) they usually end up dead 🥺😭

    Sarah LeeSarah Lee2 hours ago
  • The sad part about child superstars is that they never had a chance to be children, forced into careers that they are not ready for! CHILD EXPLOITATION/LABOR at its finest! the industry shouldn’t allow this! Let them make that choice when they are older when they ACTUALLY NEED A CAREER!!!! 💔💔💔

    Ady sAdy s2 hours ago
  • ♥️♥️♥️♥️🥰🥰🥰🌈🌈❤❤

    Jaime AttenboroughJaime Attenborough2 hours ago
  • You are so inspirational 😘 Also, we need Dancing with the Devil to be a real song! It is so incredible how you are so kind, funny and inspirational. Love from Canada 😘

    PolinaPolina3 hours ago
    • I think it is a real song from the upcoming album

      Huawei Smart P 2019Huawei Smart P 2019Hour ago
  • I can feel your aura from half way around the world, your ready I’m glad your finally ready to be true to who you really are because the real you is FUCKEN AWESOME TALANTED and a HUGGGGGE !! Inspiration to so many of us dealing with similar experiences.

    chelyn Wolfsbauerchelyn Wolfsbauer3 hours ago
  • she's my idol since 2008 gosh i would love to hug her

    lili te qierolili te qiero3 hours ago
  • My life is so similar my heart aches for you. Respect to the Queen of Dismay and Disguises. We are soul sisters in music. Demi~ I'd love to be your friend and sing with you. But I bet you get that all the time.... ❤@beercakejenny

    Jennifer AkselrodJennifer Akselrod4 hours ago
  • 💪💪❤❤

    riri sdgriri sdg4 hours ago
  • thats is why you use autotune and i don't

    Izuku MidoriyaIzuku Midoriya4 hours ago
  • Omg I'm in love. Definitely gonna see.

    C GC G4 hours ago
  • This is whack

    Adrian VacaAdrian Vaca5 hours ago
  • Seriously girl I don't know you I don't care who you think you are you need to stop you bullied me and used me for money purposes and girl I don't feel sorry for you bye bye

    Iris RamosIris Ramos5 hours ago
    • Huh?

      Nischal DahalNischal DahalHour ago
  • She didn’t take enough

    Parker MillerParker Miller5 hours ago
    • Shut up. What is the point of your comment? like seriously give it a rest

      Megan BakkerMegan Bakker2 hours ago
  • Malu AlvesMalu Alves7 hours ago
  • 💪🏻❤👑

    Shantol GayleShantol Gayle8 hours ago
  • I love you Demi, whoever you are.

    Tuyền TrầnTuyền Trần8 hours ago

    Cheri's ArchiveCheri's Archive8 hours ago

    Bianca SouzaBianca Souza8 hours ago
  • hitou mamãe vc viu

    Isabelly Vitória Santos NascimentoIsabelly Vitória Santos Nascimento8 hours ago
  • Whoever introduced her to heroin did not love her

    Mimi MMimi M8 hours ago
  • Te amo

    cobra 2.0 2.0cobra 2.0 2.08 hours ago
  • I'm feeling that d7 is gonna be her biggest era

    Raphael CardosoRaphael Cardoso10 hours ago
  • I love Demi, and will definitely watch this, but we've heard her story so many times. She is more than her addiction. Would be nice to see a new side or part to Demi in the future.

    Sally El-BoraeiSally El-Boraei10 hours ago
  • Demi, read about overexcitability (Dabrowski's theory of positive disintegration) I think you can find answers there...I wish you the best.

    Katarzyna MKatarzyna M10 hours ago
  • Is this only available with youtube premium?

    Marta DinisMarta Dinis10 hours ago
    • No

      Huawei Smart P 2019Huawei Smart P 2019Hour ago
  • Ansiosa 😍😢❤

    Gessyca SousawGessyca Sousaw11 hours ago
  • respect

    lindsy hautekeetelindsy hautekeete11 hours ago
  • Wait and see how many dumb idiots are gonna apologize to her after this comes out.... Not because of regret or remorse but because the dont wanna be a part of a scandal... I love her so much she is such an inspiration to me And this just proves no matter how strong she is everyone has a breaking point....

    Muniza ShahMuniza Shah11 hours ago
  • Thats why you use autotune and i dont

    Young SYoung S11 hours ago
  • Bro i want to watch this documentary, do i have to have youtube premium :/

    No oneNo one11 hours ago
    • It’s free!

      Nischal DahalNischal DahalHour ago
  • Thats brutal, she is just another example of how stupid and bullshit hollywood and LAs business model are . :/ You are doll that can be used for anything,thats hollywood expectation.

    melodic symphosmelodic symphos12 hours ago
  • She may not be afraid to be vulnerable but is she willing to live? I hope so. She deserves to be free and to move mountains.

    Sarah FriendSarah Friend12 hours ago
  • She is showing the world the problem that everyone has.

    nat yehnat yeh13 hours ago
  • The only problem in my life is that I m not rich like her but if richness is this than I don't want it.

    shimmerycornersshimmerycorners13 hours ago
  • This got more views than her new music video

    Oliver HeyOliver Hey13 hours ago
  • Nos vale verga yo solo vine a ver porque dicen que se puso gordota

  • This is absolutely something we are not prepared for... but something we all need.

    Samantha LebaronSamantha Lebaron14 hours ago
  • She's a hypocrite and a shameless woman.Body shaming Taylor, creating a hate page for Selena gomez and shading other successful women.I hate this toxic woman.😑😑😑😑

    muggle lifemuggle life15 hours ago
    • stay pressed lol seltuna racist flop tanked

      Carl LangenscheidCarl Langenscheid14 hours ago
  • I’m glad she is alive and up and never Giving up 😢

    Princess EstradaPrincess Estrada15 hours ago
  • She's going to make soo much money with her own disgrace. She's a genious!

    Bárbara SulBárbara Sul15 hours ago
  • I thought it was Feb 23rd and was literally searching for the video for 5 days, thinking the algorithm was hiding it from me.. Welp

    Min Young KooMin Young Koo16 hours ago
    • Oh noo hahahah, i also can't wait to see this

      Huawei Smart P 2019Huawei Smart P 2019Hour ago
  • My fiancé’s died of a fentanyl (he thought he was doing heroin) overdose 6 months and 5 days ago. She’s lucky she got out alive... this made me cry so hard for her.

    Rae JRae J16 hours ago
  • Dude, that voice she has, always impress me.

    Martin MeramdzhievMartin Meramdzhiev16 hours ago
  • Carl LangenscheidCarl Langenscheid16 hours ago
  • Alguien sabe si la película estará con subtítulos?

    Jessica VelezJessica Velez17 hours ago
    • Si tendrá

      Rodrigo ParottiRodrigo Parotti11 hours ago
  • I might just get the trial for USworlds to watch this but I'm not paying for it, its way out of my price range.

    Samantha ClarkSamantha Clark17 hours ago
  • That's why you use auto tune and I don't

    It's_apereIt's_apere17 hours ago
  • To much money🙄...will ruin You

    CarmenCarmen17 hours ago
  • Dang you snapped

    Gianna LewisGianna Lewis18 hours ago
  • demons and/or addictions. That not only ppl with less are suffering, ppl like her that have more go through it too. Can't wait to see her side of the story

    mikin liroumikin lirou18 hours ago
  • what.... is .... that..... thing..... called.... demi

    Ninef SargisNinef Sargis18 hours ago
  • You're a monster 😡

    Brielle JohnsonBrielle Johnson19 hours ago
  • a rich celebrity struggled with drugs now she's a powerful WAHMEN YAH!!!

    YiYi LikeItYiYi LikeIt20 hours ago
  • Go demi, your amazing

    Nai RodriguezNai Rodriguez20 hours ago
    • Va a estar cañón 😳

      mikin liroumikin lirou18 hours ago
  • I just need this song to drop!!!

    Alexandria MuldrewAlexandria Muldrew20 hours ago
  • 🤗🥰🤗

    Sunnygirlrai RaiSunnygirlrai Rai20 hours ago
  • I love you Demi!

    Ingrid FahningIngrid Fahning21 hour ago
  • I struggled with it addiction and this made me feel strong

    Lia RoseLia Rose21 hour ago
  • Who tf cares about this chick.

    BMPBMP21 hour ago
    • @Alejandro Bro, this broad doesn’t even know you exist lol 😂

      BMPBMP18 hours ago
    • Me

      AlejandroAlejandro18 hours ago
  • This is a heartbreaking, emotion, inspiring roller coaster of emotions. Demi is truly a Queen going through all of this 👑

    Olivia HinesOlivia Hines22 hours ago
  • woah

    Nicole VelasquezNicole Velasquez23 hours ago
  • I need it to be March 23rd already :) like now...

    Carla Perez RiveraCarla Perez Rivera23 hours ago
  • Se nota el auto-tune

    RoplexRoplex23 hours ago
  • I think Demi is so strong.

    Jamari ArmsteadJamari Armstead23 hours ago
  • OMG

    Beatriz CarolinaBeatriz CarolinaDay ago
  • Thats why you use autotune and i dont

    Angela CasconeAngela CasconeDay ago

    ManmohanManmohanDay ago
  • Va a estar cañón 😳

    Anvy de TourAnvy de TourDay ago
  • demi...🥺

    hannah bananahannah bananaDay ago

  • Auto toune

    Yuki JajajYuki JajajDay ago
  • No way this was 2:30 minutes long

    Lucas YepesLucas YepesDay ago
  • Damn I have feelings for her 😞

    T RexT RexDay ago
  • It’s sad what drugs do to people. Please government don’t legalize narcotic use. Some people are never the same after drug abuse.

    Brian LazoBrian LazoDay ago
  • I got goosebumps all over my body when she said she had 2 strokes

    Andrea DuganAndrea DuganDay ago

    matmatDay ago
  • I'm trying to find this luck. Well, I hope the best for her, it would be a waste to just ignore the issues and not fight, especially when you have the chance and opportunity to move forward onto a better path.

    Brittani MelBrittani MelDay ago
    • The song isn’t out yet. It is from her new album which probably comes out this summer

      Aparna TripathiAparna Tripathi23 hours ago
  • hitou viu meus amores

    Fátima MoreiraFátima MoreiraDay ago
  • you are a true warrior ❤️

    Leo JuárezLeo JuárezDay ago
  • No sé si sabes español pero la verdad eres una chica que se cree que es el centro del mundo pero usas autotune en todas tus canciones eres una pésima cantante

    Lautaro AstorgaLautaro AstorgaDay ago
    • Que diceeee

      Rocío UlrichRocío UlrichDay ago
    • Chau, fuera de acaaa

      Hernan MoralesHernan MoralesDay ago
  • I can't wait until this documentary comes out! Demi, you are a strong woman ❤️ and you're a warrior.

    Sustaga ProductionsSustaga ProductionsDay ago
  • When she said “More” it gave me the chills

    Yuh KeenanYuh KeenanDay ago
  • Always Demi ❤️

    Pablo Ruslan Condado LisbonaPablo Ruslan Condado LisbonaDay ago
  • Oi gente, eu fiz um canal no USworlds recentemente e postei alguns vídeos, se vc puder dá olhada em um me ajuda bastante, tenha um bom dia

    Taís RossiTaís RossiDay ago
  • Maravilhosa

    Igor PereiraIgor PereiraDay ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Igor PereiraIgor PereiraDay ago
  • This girl is amazing

    Jean RodriguezJean RodriguezDay ago
  • I Love You My Queen

    Jean RodriguezJean RodriguezDay ago
  • I'm wondering what made her feel the need to come.out with a four part documentary after her previous one "simply complicated"

    J LibJ LibDay ago
    • Dollar dollar bills for her needles dawg

      Darth VaderDarth Vader9 hours ago
  • It’s only the trailer and I’m bawling

    Demi’s Catch MeDemi’s Catch MeDay ago
  • HORRIBLE ROLE MODEL, she's straight garbage

    big deezlebig deezleDay ago
    • @Michelle Lovato so u let ur daughter idolize a junkie dnt be surprised when she becomes 1 lol

      YiYi LikeItYiYi LikeIt20 hours ago
    • @Jean Rodriguez I done seen it all a junkie is a role model she the QUEEN of needles

      YiYi LikeItYiYi LikeIt20 hours ago
    • Who are you to judge 🤔 look at yourself in the mirror before commenting my daughter loves Demi and calls her a role model

      Michelle LovatoMichelle LovatoDay ago
    • Incredible Role Model My Queen ¿Who are you?

      Jean RodriguezJean RodriguezDay ago
  • 😳😳😳❤️❤️❤️❤️

    A d r e s t i aA d r e s t i aDay ago
  • love u xxx

    Debbie BrooksDebbie BrooksDay ago
  • Se hace la víctima. Duh

    wero werowero weroDay ago
    • @Jean Rodriguez de hecho no, si me pasas tu número podría explicarte todo pero se ve que no querés :/

      Hernan MoralesHernan Morales18 hours ago
    • @Jean Rodriguez (no quiero q suene de mala manera el comentario realmente cerré mi instagram JAJAJ)

      Hernan MoralesHernan Morales20 hours ago
    • @Jean Rodriguez cerré me instagram, y no creo que quieras pasar tu número así que no te preocupes

      Hernan MoralesHernan Morales20 hours ago
    • @Jean Rodriguez pásalo xd

      Hernan MoralesHernan MoralesDay ago
    • @Jean Rodriguezhahahaha. Thanx utube.

      wero werowero weroDay ago