Demi Lovato - Commander In Chief

Oct 14, 2020
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Music video by Demi Lovato performing Commander In Chief. © 2020 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • I love it!!!! So much!!!!thanks demi you are my favourite singer!!!!

    Theodora ThomTheodora Thom5 hours ago
  • This is my new favorite song

    Marit KnevelMarit Knevel5 hours ago
  • Hermosa te ano

    Juan Esteban MJuan Esteban M5 hours ago
  • vommit now..

    kae loompikae loompi5 hours ago
  • Make a song calling out the chinese communist party because you care so much about people dying.

    Michael KorheczMichael Korhecz5 hours ago
  • Sorry life is not going good for you Demi, dont blame others for your reality

    No ViewNo View5 hours ago
  • So true 😘

    yvette Spiekermanyvette Spiekerman5 hours ago
  • We are in a crisis, while you and your lefty millionaire buddies whinge and complain from your mansions👍about everything donald trump does

    Michael KorheczMichael Korhecz5 hours ago
  • She’s so brave! Fighting for the billionaires that ruin our country. Wall Street endoresed Biden.

    KateLady13KateLady135 hours ago
  • Notice you failed to mention a single thing he has supposedly done wrong 😂 Hollywood is truly pathetic

    K RK R5 hours ago

    Marylee WithamMarylee Witham5 hours ago
  • Actually not a bad song except for the fact that you put so much effort into hating everything one man does.. vilifying everything. Pls make a song about how you and your lefty celeb millionaire buddies should grow up and act mature. Call it actors and singers🤣

    Michael KorheczMichael Korhecz5 hours ago
  • Goebbels shedding tears of joy to this piece of propaganda

    Ken KKen K5 hours ago
  • Based on historical data, you are confused but definitely nailed the entire Democratic Party in this song. Better wake-up Demi!!!!!

    newyearnewthoughtnewyearnewthought5 hours ago
  • What a shame and a disgrace

    Tonya MorrisTonya Morris6 hours ago
  • Trump 2020

    Lee CollinsLee Collins6 hours ago
  • Ben Shapiro: *purposefully misses the message of the video and ignores everything* All his fans: HA! ROASTED! DEMI IS ENDED!1 LEFTIES DIE

    Marylee WithamMarylee Witham6 hours ago
  • Idk for americans, but so true in india. Trust in me on this. Can feel it in the air.

    Albina AbrahamAlbina Abraham6 hours ago
  • He lines his pocket cuz he’s a business man he donates his presidential check that’s why you got that stimulus check hun

    Danielle AlessandraDanielle Alessandra6 hours ago
  • I will make this into fingerstyle guitar

    Sammy HutapeaSammy Hutapea6 hours ago
  • Back the blue

    Riaan AfrikanerRiaan Afrikaner6 hours ago
  • i love demi but not what she supports TRUMP 2020

    Rana JacobsRana Jacobs6 hours ago
  • PS.....I knew she was gonna get fat....

    usermcgeeusermcgee6 hours ago
  • Wow wow wow 👏

    SwaGGie MusicSwaGGie Music6 hours ago
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Tchea Babi MatsinheTchea Babi Matsinhe6 hours ago
  • Biden has been lining his pockets for 47 years..... Trumps actually lost money being president......You do know he doesnt take a pay check right? This is soooo LIBTARDED

    usermcgeeusermcgee6 hours ago
  • Her luciferian god has bound her and those who are slaves to the Beast system. Lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.

    NSNS6 hours ago
  • Neat. A crack head is a role model now.

    Nikkole S. MolinaNikkole S. Molina6 hours ago
  • OMG Demi, why do you do this to us? So clever lyrics.

    A LA L6 hours ago
  • The Greatest President Ever !!! Donald Trump

    Jason YoungJason Young6 hours ago
  • TRUMP 2020

    Jason YoungJason Young6 hours ago
  • Orange Man Bad !! Lmao

    Jason YoungJason Young6 hours ago
  • Her lyrics pretty much say *Orange Man Bad* lmao

    jester manjester man6 hours ago
    • Exactly

      Jason YoungJason Young6 hours ago

    Tania Santos da SilvaTania Santos da Silva6 hours ago

    Megan LovaticMegan Lovatic7 hours ago
  • Really masterpiece 💞it is really nice of u to defend people's rights 👌

    Leyla SönmezLeyla Sönmez7 hours ago
  • I don't take political advice from mentally ill suicidal heroine junkies.

    chris jacksochris jackso7 hours ago
  • Great now write a song about the Clintons, Biden, Bush, Pelosi, etc.

    serdy ximiserdy ximi7 hours ago
  • Love you Demi Lovato sister😫

    Sowmi HarishSowmi Harish7 hours ago
  • Steve will do it says hi

    andrew rogersandrew rogers7 hours ago
  • I love this song because it's from the same girl that heats crack spoons at her house wanting us to take her seriously.

    the rebelthe rebel7 hours ago
  • Strong message comes with a great song. Love also the video version of the Lincoln Project. Dear Americans, please vote him out! Greetings from Switzerland!

    M. B.M. B.7 hours ago
    • God Bless President Donald John Trump

      serdy ximiserdy ximi7 hours ago
  • it's crazy that we can relate while we're from different countries because of corrupted governments and institutions. NEW ANTHEM.

    feriel oueslatiferiel oueslati7 hours ago
  • Crackhead

    D DD D7 hours ago
    • No u

      GamerGrl90GamerGrl906 hours ago
  • LOL

    D DD D7 hours ago
  • Wow stunning and brave!

    Supreme God Emperor Donald TrumpSupreme God Emperor Donald Trump7 hours ago
  • I must be a masochist but please tell me why you think trump would be better at dealing with Covid-19 than biden as far as I'm aware he plans on doing what he has done so far which is let the states fend for themselves I'm speaking strictly epidemiologicly not about economy

    Gwen PageGwen Page7 hours ago
  • This Shit Was HORRIBLE

    Jason YoungJason Young8 hours ago
    • @Jason Young make your own🙄

      GamerGrl90GamerGrl906 hours ago
    • @GamerGrl90 This Song And Video SUCKS

      Jason YoungJason Young6 hours ago
    • Do better

      GamerGrl90GamerGrl906 hours ago
  • Just came to read comments

    Spencer CoxSpencer Cox8 hours ago
  • Why? Just whyy? Why do music and songs and anything entertaining have to be political?

    King DouchbagKing Douchbag8 hours ago
  • just listen until it explodes,you'll love it..

    Roger WilsonRoger Wilson8 hours ago

    Jason YoungJason Young8 hours ago
    • No you're not

      GamerGrl90GamerGrl906 hours ago
  • Trump Derangement Syndrome At Its Finest

    Jason YoungJason Young8 hours ago
    • Wut

      GamerGrl90GamerGrl906 hours ago

    Jason YoungJason Young8 hours ago
    • Make your own

      GamerGrl90GamerGrl906 hours ago
  • God Bless President Donald John Trump

    Jason YoungJason Young8 hours ago
    • No

      GamerGrl90GamerGrl906 hours ago
  • The Greatest President Ever !!! Donald J Trump

    Jason YoungJason Young8 hours ago
    • Nope

      GamerGrl90GamerGrl906 hours ago
  • TRUMP 2020

    Jason YoungJason Young8 hours ago
    • No

      GamerGrl90GamerGrl906 hours ago
  • Amazing!!! I love this song❤️❤️❤️💔💔

    Theresa WrightTheresa Wright8 hours ago
  • Cada vez más orgullosa de la mujer que eres ❤️

    yamileth manzo Lyamileth manzo L8 hours ago
  • What did Trump do wrong???

    5va Productionz5va Productionz8 hours ago
  • trump 2020

    Kubu loheKubu lohe8 hours ago
  • Demi, you are lucky to have a platform to express views. Hopefully they really are yours and not someone else’s that are just using you as a puppet as unfortunately happens. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and mine is that this song should have been directed at Obama and Clinton just to name two. Just look at the things that finally are being exposed about those that have been “Commander in Chief” and their associates. I honestly do not understand why people choose to fool themselves and remain in denial. I don’t think Trump is a moral person, and certainly Clinton and Obama are not, but I do think what Trump has been doing for America is very helpful at keeping it strong. None of us know what is in another persons heart, it is what we do that counts in life. No country could survive the deception, murder and treason etc. that some U.S. “leaders” have committed whether through their own instruction or through someone else. Until there is a person who really cares more for others than him/herself, there will be no true “Commander In Chief”.

    My MomMy Mom8 hours ago
  • Did Demi go to Epstein island 😂 she’s trying so hard to make Trump seem bad. Honestly if I was the Governors that killed nursing home patients (peoples grandparents) by putting COVID patients in there then I couldn’t sleep. If I was a city that defunded the police and the crime killed families in the area I couldn’t sleep. If I was a liberal that supported babies in dumpsters outside planned parenthood I couldn’t sleep. If I voted against gay marriage in 2006 (Biden) I couldn’t sleep. If I supported the 1994 crime bill that authorized the death penalty for 60 new federal offenses, imposed mandatory life sentences for individuals with 3 or more felony convictions, and levied harsh new penalties for justice-involved youth, (Biden voted for) I sure couldn’t sleep.... is Demi uneducated? Or is she just a mindless puppet for the rich and wealthy? Fuck this video 👎 it’s going to age like milk 🥛 MAGA WWG1WGA

    CamCam8 hours ago
  • This song has a deep message 😌

    Sara On DemandSara On Demand8 hours ago
  • Demi what about Biden? Been on public money for 47 years of his life. Get woke go broke haha that still stands. Ur fake virtual signaling is so easy to see. Ohhjj we are dying the virus will wipe out the human race oooh help help we terrified. At this pace the virus will end us at the turn of the 4th millennia and above. Eitherways. This clip is so stupid bullshit wow trying to pick from every group always. It always needs to have high diversity lol smart people understand that is clearly propaganda. Freedom of the media is a thing only retards believe in anyways.

    Plamen StoevPlamen Stoev8 hours ago
  • This applies to Malaysian politicians as well. #MuhyiddinOut #BackDoorGovernment #NotMyPM

    Kah Vern ChiangKah Vern Chiang8 hours ago
  • she looks like eat all of commander in chief

    Naranbaatar NyamdorjNaranbaatar Nyamdorj8 hours ago
  • *She actually loves Trump* Go watch her released videos. This is just a publicity stunt and she did a good job. I mean she got your view :) and the money for it too didn’t she?🤣

    Oakley FisherOakley Fisher8 hours ago
  • Well, is been a while since I heard trash music..I got my 30 second fix and I can safely say "I have suffered enough" lol...

    Alexander CaineAlexander Caine8 hours ago
  • Bravo demi !!!!👏👏👏 le monde regarde ton pays avec inquiétude 😟😟😟 tu aurais du sortir ce titre plus tôt !!!

    jérome le flochjérome le floch8 hours ago
  • Yesssss!!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜

    Amber WadsworthAmber Wadsworth8 hours ago
  • trying sooooo hard to increase wokeness, she needs singing lessons as well such a shame

  • This cocaine addict has TDS...... Do another line ya junkie

    KaebleKaeble8 hours ago
    • What

      GamerGrl90GamerGrl906 hours ago
  • Vote blue get that clown out of the white house.

    Brian Z3Brian Z38 hours ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Aleyna NurrAleyna Nurr8 hours ago
  • It would be amazing to see this entire song signed

    WhaliumWhalium8 hours ago
  • This song gives me "Dear Mr President" vibes by Pink. ❤

    Taylor L.Taylor L.8 hours ago
  • Women for Trump💗🇺🇸 don’t let this hate get to you. We are the UNITED States of America, not the divided.

    Julia WalkerJulia Walker8 hours ago
  • Slow clap for this idiot 👏 .... your ignorance is amaizing and the nerve to say he's lining his pockets ( he actually donates his government salary) when your the one who is trying to jump on the everyone hates trump bandwagon 🙄... Well done liberals u won the argument 👏 👍 🙄 👌

    Josue MoreiraJosue Moreira8 hours ago
  • George Floyd’s Criminal Past George Floyd moved to Minneapolis in 2014 after being released from prison in Houston, Texas following an arrest for aggravated robbery On May 25, 2020, Floyd was arrested for passing a counterfeit $20 bill at a grocery store in Minneapolis He was under the influence of fentanyl and methamphetamine at the time of arrest Floyd has more than a decade-old criminal history at the time of the arrest and went to jail for atleast 5 times George Floyd was the ringleader of a violent home invasion He plead guilty to entering a woman’s home, pointing a gun at her stomach and searching the home for drugs and money, according to court records Floyd was sentenced to 10 months in state jail for possession of cocaine in a December 2005 arrest He had previously been sentenced to eight months for the same offense, stemming from an October 2002 arrest Floyd was arrested in 2002 for criminal trespassing and served 30 days in jail He had another stint for a theft in August 1998

    Walther G.Walther G.9 hours ago
    • Ok?

      PugPartyPugParty8 hours ago
  • Soon this nightmare president will be gone . guys pls vote . It’s time for America to restore its standing throughout the world . Vote Biden/Harries ✊🏾✊🏾

    Zama 001Zama 0019 hours ago
    • Vote Trump/Pence 2020

      Jason YoungJason Young6 hours ago
  • Demi is such a powerful slept on woman. Like wow.

    Martha NilaMartha Nila9 hours ago
  • Was expecting exactly this. Let’s not forget Demi is your typical textbook liberal. Pushing the liberal narrative. Democrats are the ones that want to keep everything locked down. Democrats are the ones using the virus as a political tool. In February trump put a ban on travel from china and other countries to prevent the spread of the virus and democrats like joe biden called him racist and wrong for it. Now they’re saying he didn’t do anything to stop the virus. Trump has done more for the black community in 4 years than Obama ever did in his 8years. Stop following these braindead celebrities and do your own research people, all if this information is at the tip of your fingers!!! Also, Trump has donated all of his presidential salary. He himself hasn’t pocketed any money from being president Mexicans4Trump! 🇺🇸 🇲🇽

    Say10Say109 hours ago
  • Stop worshipping idols, people. This life is like a candle, whose light will go out. None of this stuff matters in this age or the age to come. Focus on God, friends, family, and your neighbors. #JesusChrist2020

    John RamboJohn Rambo9 hours ago
  • Wow! So brave..I hope you aren’t cancelled after releasing such a masterpiece of stunning braveness that really fights against the current narrative. I’m not sure who said it but I remember a quote that said “To serve one’s self is the greatest height a person can satisfy one’s desires of self is the pinnacle of achievement.” Bravo 👏🏻

    Bo DanglesBo Dangles9 hours ago
  • ...Herione is a Helluva Drug.

    Mr. TheKiddMr. TheKidd9 hours ago
  • Honestly, a voice from outside the USA, you guys have lost your marbles. Your blind hatred for the incumbent president is crazy.

    AKAK9 hours ago
  • If there's is a song about Joe biden memory loss, it won't be on USworlds for an hour. USA is in deep crisis.

    Donald Trump OfficialDonald Trump Official9 hours ago
  • Demi should stick to singing and not get political. She's not educated enough.

    FireStarFireStar9 hours ago
  • So the rest of us have to suffer because of what your mommy did to you give us a break what do you want Society to do for you show us on the teddy bear I could tell you stop eating sugar and cheese it causes government disease you're not thinking right you're overweight and mental exhausted give yourselves a break and live a life it's not Revolution to grow your nails long and color your hair and scratch people

    Michael ViolaMichael Viola9 hours ago
  • Very nice I like

    BoratBorat9 hours ago
    • NOT

      BoratBorat9 hours ago
  • Demi Lavato is a true heroine to so many young girls out there.

    don pedrodon pedro9 hours ago
  • George Floyd died of a drug overdose

    buddy campbuddy camp9 hours ago
    • No

      GamerGrl90GamerGrl906 hours ago
  • Pennsylvania for Trump

    buddy campbuddy camp9 hours ago
  • Trump 2020

    buddy campbuddy camp9 hours ago
  • So disappointed- I love your voice and think you have so much talent- guess all those gifts went to your voice and not your brain- take the red pill and wake up to reality- this delusion the left preaches is toxic garbage-

    Trish JensenTrish Jensen9 hours ago
  • You must be talking about Biben/Harris. Trump been having peaceful protests everyday. He donates his salary. He has done so much as a president . You will stand in the streets of the city's you burned down. I know you're under contract, but guess the satanic occult rituals are trying to make u all mouth pieces. The new Hunter Biben scandal fbook and Twitter took our 1st amendment away so we cldnt post it. Why wld a billionaire who cld of retired an enjoyed his eldery days doing whatever run? Who cares about a billionaire president taxs,worry about politicians taxs that dont make sence. Everything they blamed Trump for, they did an much worse. You seen Venezuela, why do you want that here....huh,Demi? Educate yourself. He said it.....Jesus is the Boss. Ppl pray over him. Biben want to take 8yr old private parts if asked do you want to be a boy or girl? Bring that agenda that George Soros funds BLM and Antifa and he has said that " Obama loss control of the agenda!! God bless you but please do your homework! The ppl killing 2 white 5yr old an BLM rejoiced in their killing. Plus old white man just walking killed Rick to head. More white ppl are killed by cops actually and blacks kill blacks. I wld love to speak w you......can u shake ur handler for a few???

    Kim GowKim Gow9 hours ago
  • This was so frikkin amazing that I covered it

    Sapphire CascadiaSapphire Cascadia9 hours ago
  • commander in chief seriously now the world already in many people were sacrificed for your ego... anyway..thanks demi lovato, really..really love your song

    feny Widafeny Wida9 hours ago
  • Amen to that 🙏 and Namaste ☯️

    Breyana AndersonBreyana Anderson9 hours ago