Demi Lovato - Commander In Chief (Live from the Billboard Music Awards / 2020)

Oct 15, 2020
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Please join me and vote in this year’s election. Visit for more information.
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  • Out of the whole song “vote” is what they censor

    Grace InskeepGrace Inskeep23 minutes ago
  • Wow! What’s a powerful song! Demi, you’re the truly patriotic American!❤️❤️ ❤️

    Vui VeVui Ve4 hours ago
  • sO bRaVe

    camaro ridercamaro rider4 hours ago
  • Trump lining his pockets? He is losing money by being president... Ironically Biden has lined his pockets through only politics but Demi and her fans are not smart enough to understand and/or admit this.

    DschlopesDschlopes5 hours ago
  • Nice autotune 🙂

    tony _adoptmefrosttony _adoptmefrost6 hours ago
  • You couldn’t do cuz no one would vote for u

    Ryan GwinnRyan Gwinn6 hours ago
  • This is embarrassing. Visit North Korea then come back and let us know how oppressed you are. This song took 4 writers😂 Hahaha I can’t😂 is this a parody??!

    Woot WootWoot Woot8 hours ago
  • I never thought there would come a day that I didnt care for a demi Lovato song, but here I am. Its beautifully sang, and clever, but lord.

    Amber Rose boodersAmber Rose booders9 hours ago
  • Beautiful setting 😊 also, Amen to that 🙏& Namaste ☯️

    Breyana AndersonBreyana Anderson9 hours ago
  • Did anyone else notice that she sounded like Selena Gomez in this song

    Bethany RoseBethany Rose9 hours ago
  • But is she gonna write a song trashing Joe Biden for all the disgusting shit he’s involved with along with the rest of the Democrats? Probably not. Hypocrisy at its finest.

    SS9 hours ago
  • She's trying to sound like selena gomez in the begining of the song.

    F MF M10 hours ago
  • people are offended now by the word vote people cant b serious then grow up people demi is speaking the truth america is handing this pandmic horribly

    Nicky DNicky D11 hours ago
  • 👀🍻

    Hi MaloneHi Malone12 hours ago
  • 😂 okay so we're just gonna act like Obama didn't love war and chaos? Answer me this: why is it that the entire media, entertainment business, and everything being pushed in our faces are all Democrat? Don't you wonder what's being hidden and why Republicans are always silenced??? The biggest sex trafficking rings are those in the entertainment business and yet, we follow them like sheep to be lead by who they demand we should vote for 🤔 THINK ABOUT IT

    Bleh5678 HinBleh5678 Hin12 hours ago
  • "people are dying while you line your pockets deep" -demi lovato interesting. wonder how much money you've made off this song already? the president's donated his entire salary the entire time he's been in office. so that was a hypocritical statement. wish hollywood would stop being so damn political, i came to watch a performance not a campaign.

    Maria TowersMaria Towers12 hours ago

    Andrew FosterAndrew Foster12 hours ago
  • The bull shit that people believe. People believe that trump caused the covid crisis. People believe that he is a horrible person. People believe that he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. But he has been in office and took bashing and his family took bashing and hatred from a lot of people. But yet he is the monster he is the problem. Look up America the problem starts with yourself not other grow up!!!!

    Wyatt DavisWyatt Davis13 hours ago
  • Demi, I want you to know that you’ve inspired me to vote... For Donald Trump

    John6ytJohn6yt14 hours ago
    • No

      allyally2 hours ago

      Dark GachaDark Gacha11 hours ago
  • Her songs are so underrated and she doesn’t get the recognition for a lot of her music by ANYONE. She has one of the best voices of our time and her songs, lyrics, and vocalist does not get all the hype is deserves period.

    Allison OlazabalAllison Olazabal14 hours ago
  • You're not only beautiful with an amazing voice. This song so needed right now. You nailed it!

    Lisa KulickLisa Kulick15 hours ago
  • Pink wrote Mr President when George bush was president. Now we have commander and chief while trump is in office

    Jennifer ColemanJennifer Coleman16 hours ago
  • Great Job Demi! Love this!

    Randy McIntoshRandy McIntosh16 hours ago
  • *VOTE* People go do it *NOW*

    I Fight BEARSI Fight BEARS16 hours ago
  • The Dems have all the media at their disposal. Just vote the Dems out!!!!

    alex ialex i16 hours ago
  • I love you ❤️ demi lovato so much keep working your ass off n when I get famous my award goes to u I believe in you so much keep up the good work k

    Justine TriplettJustine Triplett17 hours ago
  • How much have you made off of this song just today Demi?? All i know is that it is wayyyyyy more thanTrump makes. Hes not filling his pockets, hes doing the opposite matter of fact just by being president. I love your reference to George Floyd...I guess thats Trump's fault too huh since he can still breathe and all. SMH It's real sad to see celebrities sharing their ignorance to the world. You almost look as ignorant as Cardi B did during her interview with Biden. Still praying for this country!! Lord knows we need help. #TRUMP2020

    Emily VidrineEmily Vidrine17 hours ago
    • All aboard the trump train!! Going straight to SATAN'S BUTTHOLEE!!!🚂🚂🚂

      Dark GachaDark Gacha11 hours ago
  • All of these artists act like they don’t eat babies for a higher fame position lol but k Trump is worst than them right???? Y’all gotta wake up

    Berenice LopezBerenice Lopez18 hours ago
  • She needs a clue! I hope this destroys her career.

    james johnsonjames johnson19 hours ago
  • the beginning of this song reminds me of ariana grande's "why try"

    hunter3x1hunter3x119 hours ago
  • How bout the innocent that lost their business to looters arsonist. This is pathetic. All just to get her name out their

    James BoardJames Board19 hours ago

    anutaka101anutaka10120 hours ago
  • This. This was powerful

    Jadeen MJadeen M20 hours ago
  • Anyone else old remember P!nk's Dear Mr. President? Hmm. Funny how history repeats itself...

    Brittany ThompsonBrittany Thompson20 hours ago
  • Amen young lady ur more than my hero my heart something that only one gets love ur songs

    Terry OTerry O20 hours ago
  • VOTE

    Marissa RiveraMarissa Rivera20 hours ago
  • Trump 2020! We won't be mislead by nonsense Hollywood productions. People have woken up to your spin zone nonsense. Hollywood is suffering because of the get woke go broke paradigm. Not because of Trump but because of your anti American anti constitution anti life anti energy independence anti capitalism rhetoric. Never in my life have I seen such disregard for truth and integrity until I saw the intentional lying and misleading of the american people by the left

    civilian sheepdog wvcivilian sheepdog wv20 hours ago
  • Isnt this the women that told the man on that talent show that he wouldn’t be able to achieve his dreams as a singer?

    Twice FanTwice Fan21 hour ago
    • Get over it

      allyally2 hours ago
  • Thank you that really touches my heart it's made me feel all motion. You sound so good.

    Alice LumpkinAlice Lumpkin21 hour ago
  • Damn Demi! Tell him how you really feel! 😀👍

    Nashawna BowserNashawna Bowser22 hours ago
  • Cancer has killed over 1,012,000 Americans in the past two years, 30,300,000 in the past 5 years! With no cure in sight! Covid death rate projected to hit 300,000 by January. Covid will never approach cancer numbers. Covid death rates continuously drop even while cases rise, lowering the mortality rate. You should be far more worried about dying of cancer than covid. Covid average death age is 82.4! Cancer kills little children, healthy 20 yr olds and seniors. You should be pushing the government for a cancer cure rather than a covid cure! Forgive me if I'm not afraid of a virus that kills less people than cigarettes (480,000 Americans die from cigarettes every single year 41,000 die from second hand smoke) . For the record, Sweden did not lock down and very little mask wearing and now the US has a higher per capita death rate from Covid. Not to mention the negative effects of lockdowns like, increased over doses, people in higher stages of disease that could not be diagnosed until now, social unrest, loss of business, jobs, homes, and total destruction of economy and quality of life for a virus that so far has killed less people than obesity,which will continue killing people long after covid is gone, good thing the gyms are closed and Dunkin donuts is essential! What a joke. Source: National Cancer Institute CDC

    j punj pun23 hours ago
  • Europe is experiencing a massive second Corona virus wave. They had draconian lockdown orders and mandatory masking for everyone! Sweden is the only country that did not lock down and has NO mask mandate. Sweden is NOT experiencing higher deaths or massive covid spikes. America has a higher per capita death rate than Sweden. LOCK DOWNS AND MASKS DON'T WORK. P.S. Why isn't anyone attacking Biden and Kamala for their immediate staff members getting covid like they attacked Trump? The Biden campaign says they always wear masks.

    j punj pun23 hours ago
  • President of peace. Democrats started or got involved in every single MAJOR American war since the civil war they started. Look it up. Every major conflict had a Democrat president and sometimes a Democrat president with a Democrat majority.

    j punj pun23 hours ago
  • Who said this to the Russian prime minister when he thought no one was listening? "I'l have more flexibility after the election". It wasn't trump. It was Obama. As in Obama Biden administration. The real Russian collusion.

    j punj pun23 hours ago
  • When Biden says he's only going to raise taxes on people making over 400,000 a year it's a tax also on the poor! It's basic economics. Rich people own the business and properties. When rich people's taxes go massively up they pass that cost down below. Rents will go up, food costs will go up, jobs will be cut, pay will be cut, bosses will be demanding more for less and no raises. When companies get their belts tightened it chokes the working man. When companies are making money it's the total opposite. Christmas parties, bonuses, raises, company expansions which hire hundreds or thousands more people etc.

    j punj pun23 hours ago
  • She is such a stupid moron. Great voice, but really a dope

    doitee52doitee52Day ago
  • Life is harder for some and trump's to blame! I was under the impression he hasn't earned any money as president but whatever

    Travis LeepTravis LeepDay ago
  • Yes, Vote Trump 2Q2Q

    Prophecy FullfilledProphecy FullfilledDay ago
  • 🙏 Crush 🙏 The 🙏 Hate 🙏

    Mr. MagicMr. MagicDay ago
  • *thank you Heavenly Father for restoring our Commander-in-Chief with Liberty and Justice Amy Coney Barrett FOR us aLL. Fear is complete trust and faith in satan, atheism, and possessed swine leaping to their deaths off the cliff in LEGIONS OF GLOOM AND DOOM. I love🌺Demi Lovato. Na Honi Mai Ka Lani Me Ke Aloha. Kisses from Heaven.*

    Daniel KahawaiiDaniel KahawaiiDay ago
  • This song Hits My Entire SOUL ♥️

    Siri AngelicaSiri AngelicaDay ago
  • the office

    aykut sezginaykut sezginDay ago
  • i used to like you NO MORE

    johnnyduck311johnnyduck311Day ago
  • SO STUPID your horrible and pushing division

    johnnyduck311johnnyduck311Day ago
  • I tried to give this song a chance. I really did. But, between the dishonest and ignorant propaganda, and the poor poor melody, this song sucks and will be filed in the cabinet of mediocrity.

    Matthew D BickelMatthew D BickelDay ago
  • Get it Demi let the haters hate.

    Jason ThompsonJason ThompsonDay ago
  • Vote uncle iroh Vote uncle iroh Vote uncle iroh You know he’s better to lead He lead the sage of of the great empire bringing down the great walls something no one could do And later he liberated the city Vote iroh Vote greatness

    Richie OcampoRichie OcampoDay ago
  • This is true for both Trump and Biden. Sad world we live in.

    Ethan TrenamanEthan TrenamanDay ago
  • Orange man bad is strong with this one. Too bad he is going to win again lmao

    Pepe SilviaPepe SilviaDay ago
  • This is so stupid!

    nosson kleinnosson kleinDay ago
  • The orange man was bad. The rich lady told me so!

    austin Maustin MDay ago
  • I won’t deny her voice. However, I won’t take the words of a young woman who clearly doesn’t have her shit together. In both their current positions. She makes more than him while people are dying. Put her up against a high schooler in a political debate, and she would be speechless on how much she doesn’t know. Great voice. Stick to singing and stop pretending you know anything.

    jdub1320jdub1320Day ago
  • Trump has done alot for America

    Joshua RaynerJoshua RaynerDay ago
    • TRUMP2020

      Mr. RADICALMr. RADICAL15 hours ago
  • so powerful.

    Lauren MannLauren MannDay ago
  • Lining what pockets???? The Commander in Chief did not take a salary and has been working for free for the last 4 years. Meanwhile, Demi is lining her pockets with the money from this song. I would like to see you give up your income from an entire album or tour. When you do, then you can talk.

    DaniellaDaniellaDay ago
  • Woke clown

    Felix RosarioFelix RosarioDay ago
  • Love the song!!!

    scottie angelscottie angelDay ago
  • This is such propaganda garbage!

    Jonny V.Jonny V.Day ago
  • oh yea, well my ears have suffered enough lol

    goldone87goldone87Day ago
  • Yes, you are right Demi if I did what you do, I would be dead because of an overdose. You are big role model Demi.

    pedro velasquezpedro velasquezDay ago
  • And line his pockets? He doesn't even take a salary moron😑

  • My respect for u went 📉

  • Listen, Kids, DONT DO DRUGS :)

  • The first time I ever disliked a video by Demi.

    Alexis MarieAlexis MarieDay ago
  • How does he line his pockets with money? Hes the only president that doesn't get salary.

    Savannah SiggersSavannah SiggersDay ago
  • Whoever wrote this really be struggling cause these lyrics are just awful. No flow

    K CK CDay ago
  • When your art needs a gimmick then you are no longer the artist.

    Savannah SiggersSavannah SiggersDay ago
  • What’s the point of this song? Is it meant for Trump?

    TF4D 150TF4D 150Day ago
  • some of the comments below from folks that apparenelty don't "get it" as to why demi did a song like this... etc..or perhaps the timing of it is not good - apparently and truly do not understand 'WHY" she wrote it. yes, she s great singer, lyrics writer, etc in her own right... but anyone who thinks, feels this song is too "controversial" or not nice about "the person" who is...commander in cheif of our poorly run united states of america... then whoever you are below....just like the multitudes of others in this country... don't have a clue at all... in a "true sense of the word "true"... but truly know ....HOW HE HAS LEAD WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE DOWN THE WRONG PATH OF LIFE IN THIS COUNTRY. some of the comments below are as stupid as this countries current "leader person". he doesn't even deserve the name and title as "president". in this entire countries history... PERIOD... there has never been a worse, non-professional, nor empathic leader...EVER. if you truly think, i mean if you....truly think this person has done a good job at helping this country of the u.s. - then.... like the multitudes of all the others out there that do and have been "oki-doked" by him, influenced by him, believe in him...??? .... then... you are just the same as him. there are a lot of bad words that could describe him ... (note - i have not recognized "his" name).... but there is only one word now that describes his time in office as our supposed leader. it is...."TERRIBLE"... and the rest of the world knows it... it is a global embarrassment..... to have him be in the white house - STILL.... the u.s. need not be the "laughing stock"...of the entire world... and be considered as dummies to other major world leaders that were once...(note i say "WERE" our allies). France, Canada, Germany, Great Britain... all of these countries and more... have all BEEN INSUTLED by "the knuckle-head" living in the white house. and what do they do behind his back...laugh at him...!!!! no one needs to know anything about "politics" all ... all one has to do to find out how terrible he is.... is..... read/listen to tweets from him... see him on t.v. doing anything... ANYTHING...!! listen to him... say... ANYTHING...I MEAN ANYTHING.... he has outlied..." 50 billion Pinocchio's" whose noses would have grown to be over 100ft. long by now.... from telling so many lies.... .. and unless a person has been "rumplestilkin" for the last 40 years and been asleep that long..... (or slept under a rock)... like so many out there who like him.... there is no way anyone with good "COMMON SENSE".... WITH A TRUE PURPOSE IN LIFE...!!! NOBODY... can't miss this guy in the white hose.... as being absolutely...terrible... forget politics..... just listen... listen... to...HIM.... one doesn't even have to see him.... just... "LISTEN"... and this is what you want for a leader....??? then.... ok... stay with him.... you both need each other..... as both of you are pitiful.... but Demi Lovato...she "nailed it" with this song... as it's all so true...!!!!

    Joe MarrowJoe MarrowDay ago
  • Love you music

    The L & L TeamThe L & L TeamDay ago
  • Why do most of singer have to blame everything on chif.when it was not his fort.get at chain for and have happened before history repeats.more on stop clam on chif.i not big fan of turmp.but he did won over hlen.and thank God he did.less he doing better than last one we have.but never big fan of any way.

    Cody HardyCody HardyDay ago
  • Lining his pockets deep? When he just said he lost 2 billion dollars since he’s became president??? Said it’s the best investment he’s ever made because it’s an investment in America!

    Nightmarez TVNightmarez TVDay ago
  • You should leave ‘! Respect ‘ we dont want you here . You aren’t even white or black ? You should use your real name .President Trump is the best we’ve ever had ! Your so disgraceful heroin addict ! He is doing his job for 1$ Cleaning up Obama’s & Hilary mess ! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻’ Trump 2020’ or what about forever !🇺🇸😂🇺🇸♠️⚔️👍🏻

    Joe GutierrezJoe GutierrezDay ago
  • Vote

    ted winsburyted winsburyDay ago
  • This song fits Biden pretty well. Luckily we can still prevent this!

    Giggling ChickenGiggling ChickenDay ago
  • I am a HUGE swiftie and I like this song, demi is a very good song writer

    Natalie MillanNatalie MillanDay ago
    • @Marie Celine no that’s ok, I didn’t even understand it at first, but I realized later on

      Foshio1 *Foshio1 *Day ago
    • @Marie Celine np

      Natalie MillanNatalie MillanDay ago
    • @Foshio1 * I should’ve known that I don’t know where my head was but I love Taylor Swift very much and Demi also

      Marie CelineMarie CelineDay ago
    • @natalie I love Taylor Swift I don’t know why I didn’t connect up with her thank you so much I appreciate it and yes I love Demi also thank you so much

      Marie CelineMarie CelineDay ago
    • @Marie Celine it's swiftie it's a Taylor Swift fan❤️

      Natalie MillanNatalie MillanDay ago
  • Wow! I can't say I've ever heard one of your songs. This one shows great heart, and knowledge of your craft. And, you have pretty much nailed it, and him. Good on you! Thanks!

    Sandy TurnerSandy TurnerDay ago
  • LOL the reason we have trump is because Obama sold our country. We have all these regulations meanwhile china builds 4 new coal plants a month. Why are we the ones that got regulations and everybody else gets to do what they want. Its called global warming not US warming.

    backyard blissbackyard blissDay ago
  • Love it😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤

    denisha6565denisha6565Day ago
  • Victimhood is so hot right now

    Parker GabrielParker GabrielDay ago
  • She is young an naive. No morals and thinks her uneducated political views are worth 2 cents. We cared about your voice, not your liberal views. Never listen to views of someone who thinks abortion isn’t murder. Willingly ignorant ....

    Rocket SurgeonRocket SurgeonDay ago
    • @Foshio1 * no worries, I’ve done the same. I just didn’t know how to respond :)

      Rocket SurgeonRocket SurgeonDay ago
    • @Rocket Surgeon grammar mistake sorry

      Foshio1 *Foshio1 *Day ago
    • @Foshio1 * I have no idea what you are saying... sorry

      Rocket SurgeonRocket SurgeonDay ago
    • She doesn’t have to abide by your own political views. If she was a republican, you wouldnt be talking

      Foshio1 *Foshio1 *Day ago
  • Oh yea, she took a big risk here, adopting the opinion of every corporation, mainstream media, social media, sports leagues, colleges, banks, hollywood, celebrities LMAO what a huge risk!

    alex wellsalex wellsDay ago
    • @alex wells no news outlet should be politically biased. Y’all make the simplest things, like why is a news station supporting gay rights politics, that’s litterally a human right. You guys are so upset that the media isn’t worshiping Trump as much as you are

      Foshio1 *Foshio1 *Day ago
    • @Foshio1 * well probably 90% of media is liberal, all conservatives have is fox news, NY post, that's about it. So you tell me?

      alex wellsalex wellsDay ago
    • @alex wells why do conservatives feel like media is so against them.

      Foshio1 *Foshio1 *Day ago
    • Yes I tend to agree with facts...are you saying I'm incorrect? It's pretty obvious who is the establishment candidate this year.

      alex wellsalex wellsDay ago
    • I take it you’re repeating what ben all trump supporters who worship ben

      Foshio1 *Foshio1 *Day ago
  • Yaaaawwwwwnnnn

    Betty WilmaBetty WilmaDay ago
  • Besides voting, buy her MP3 to show your support.

    B BB BDay ago
  • Yes she is a great singer that's what she needs to stick to...

    Ray's RC ShoultsRay's RC ShoultsDay ago
  • someone should make this song the national anthem for a while

    Frank PhamFrank PhamDay ago
  • People are easily impressed.

    molochfeedsmolochfeedsDay ago
  • Hearing this song and this powerful message of reflection , makes me realize how far we have fallen from grace as a nation . And how the Commander and Chief have driven us into the ditch by his vain glorious , avaricious ,narcissistic apathetic behavior. This song is a wake up call for dear life if we are to survive ! The Commander and Chief we must DEFEAT !

    Harvey WittHarvey WittDay ago
  • its like trump likes this being his legacy. he wants people to describe him like this to future generations.

    mily milyymily milyyDay ago
  • Get woke go broke some respect

    Chris BradleyChris BradleyDay ago