Deep Face Cleansing For Your Sleep🌙 ASMR

Apr 5, 2021
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Hi everyone! It's Latte :)
In this video, I will cleanse your face deeply for your sleep.
I hope you have a good night sleep with this!
Thank you so much for watching and have a lovely night♥

Thank you for your support♥ :

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Facile by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

  • Love the steam machine.

    Barb JBarb JMinute ago
  • 1980: We’ll have flying cars by 2020! 2020: I whisper to a camera for money

    Sam’s PetzSam’s Petz15 minutes ago
  • Your videos are so calming, they give me tingles! Free therapy from your videos, lol.

    Ather6kiAther6ki26 minutes ago
  • The only thing this cleansed is my colon. ASMR pathetic. All of you are faking it.

    Cucker TarlsonCucker Tarlson43 minutes ago
  • Hi I’m your 38k like

    Eden LozoyaEden Lozoya47 minutes ago
  • Oh my god I honestly love Latte sm haha

    Pine RatPine Rat49 minutes ago
  • Meow

    Romie PayneRomie PayneHour ago
  • I really love her voice

    heyloohheyloohHour ago
  • always so lovely, latte.

    Tiny Tingles ASMRTiny Tingles ASMRHour ago
  • thx

    charliecharlieHour ago
  • Hello Latte I hope you are well! I love your videos, thank you for making them.

    cjbottscjbotts2 hours ago

    exulqnsisexulqnsis2 hours ago
  • I love her videos, they should be given awards. ❤ Does Latte have an Instagram?

    Emma LarsenEmma Larsen2 hours ago
  • Latte, you look beautiful!!!

    winnglswinngls2 hours ago
  • If she is a mom her kids are lucky🥺

    Yuri AyatoYuri Ayato3 hours ago
  • Latte is a goddess

    Icey SunflowerIcey Sunflower3 hours ago
  • Does anyone know what kind of tea she made? 😍

    Myriam EstradaMyriam Estrada3 hours ago
  • When u don’t know if u wanna stay up and watch the vid or go to sleep 👁💧👄💧👁

    chantelx winterchantelx winter4 hours ago
  • I’ve only watched the video for two minutes and I’m already falling asleep- THIS IS AMAZINGGGG

    Joanne JosephJoanne Joseph4 hours ago
  • most asmr videos are around 10 minutes long but Latte wanna multiple

    KeiraKeira4 hours ago
  • This pimple popping session made me feel like my imaginary pimple were the size of cherry tomatoes 😂

    Nil HsnNil Hsn4 hours ago
  • this is so stupid why does everyone care so fucking much about latte supposedly having a kid ??? she's some random youtuber, y'all sound like my aunt reading gossip mags about brad and angelina getting back together. it doesn't affect you and it's rude to comment on others bodies when you don't know the details. jesus

    AnnaAnna4 hours ago
  • Latte: “lemme just remove your forehead (3:52) Me: 🕶👅🎻🔴🔵=🟣 👞🐜ehehehehe

  • Amazing 💕💕💕

    CeceCece4 hours ago

    owo mejiaowoowo mejiaowo4 hours ago
  • For a second I thought someone was peeing

    Weird BurgerWeird Burger4 hours ago
  • Everything is all delicate and pretty.

    Lynn OliverLynn Oliver5 hours ago
  • POV: your checking the comments to find the timestamps

    BigGamerBigGamer5 hours ago
  • So relaxing thank you😊😊😊😌😌😌

    Montybalt AcademyMontybalt Academy5 hours ago
  • thank you latte~🌼💤

    あいちゃん_milkywayicecreamあいちゃん_milkywayicecream5 hours ago
  • Waooo, i love it!

    Xiomara Martín CamachoXiomara Martín Camacho5 hours ago
  • Can you do next ear cleaning ?👂💓 Anyone else?Let me know💓 👇

    NotYour GirlNotYour Girl5 hours ago

    TheWalkingAddixonTheWalkingAddixon7 hours ago
  • Let's form a "Latte's Fan Club" please !!!!!!!!!! She needs to know we all love her. ♥️💜❤️💕💙💖🖤🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🌠

    paranoid soulparanoid soul7 hours ago
  • Latte pokes my face: ya it doesnt hurt right? Me in pain bleeding out: ya um no..

    Maisie RouellMaisie Rouell7 hours ago
  • Latte puts face mask on me: Me thinking is Quackamoly: *licks* Latte: honey its not food 🤭

    Maisie RouellMaisie Rouell7 hours ago
  • Her cheeks are so cute 🥺

    yūra愛yūra愛7 hours ago
  • amazing

    Stone ShifterStone Shifter9 hours ago
  • I like how most Korean people do ASMR Btw I love your Videos! ❤️ 💕

    『しょよさいかわ』『しょよさいかわ』9 hours ago
  • mrs. Latte! i love your videos! i always watch them before i go to sleep❤️

    Octavian ArtOctavian Art9 hours ago
  • The sound made me sleep for an hour 💤 i love that asmr

    Gobani BarriosGobani Barrios9 hours ago
  • Where can I buy this kind of pot to warm a tea with a candle plzz ?? 🤩🌸

    Axel le pandaAxel le panda9 hours ago
  • Nämä ovat upeita💕

    Maarit NMaarit N10 hours ago
  • i got tingles in my whole body from this❤️

    rebecka johanssonrebecka johansson10 hours ago
  • My time has come To watch this video

    Gachalover 1638Gachalover 163810 hours ago
    • "They had us in the first half, not gonna lie"

      TheWalkingAddixonTheWalkingAddixon6 hours ago
  • I love when she says cheeks, is so cute lol

    donut ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっdonut ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ10 hours ago
  • 21:30 amazing🤗🤗💗💗

    Gaming ASMRGaming ASMR11 hours ago
  • Hey, I just wanted to say that I really adore your videos. They’re always so aesthetically pleasing, gorgeous and well made that I’m always blown away by how much effort you put into this for us. I love falling asleep to them, because they make me feel loved, cared for and safe. Just wanted to let you know how much this means to me and probably many other people out there. Good day/night to everyone, have a nice and deserved rest and stay healthy! ☺️❤️

    Chai 261Chai 26111 hours ago
  • Skincare by hayram watching this like 👁👄👁

    Pandafox FoxPandafox Fox11 hours ago
  • ラテちゃん素敵な動画をいつもありがとう!💗 いつかまた、気が向いたら、日本語の動画も見たいな!😂なんてね 応援してます💗 Thank you for all the wonderful videos! 💗 If I feel like it again someday, I'd like to see a video in Japanese! 😂 I love every video! I support you 💗

    kazuna kkazuna k12 hours ago
  • This is my FAVORITE asmar channel ❤❤

    khoshboo hosseinikhoshboo hosseini12 hours ago
  • This comment section is pretty gross. Anyone who makes comments on other people’s bodies should be ashamed, even if you think it’s just an observation.

    EmilyEmily12 hours ago
    • Thank you! Someone finally said it! I get some people are concerned/curious on Latte's personal life but if she keeps it private we should respect said privacy. And for the pregnancy comments it's not the complement you guys think it is. Yes it is coming from a positive place but Latte may be sensitive to people commenting on a few physical changes. Please stop speculating if Latte is pregnant because of a "glow" and her cheeks appearing chubbier. It's just bad mannered.

      look at all those chickenslook at all those chickens2 hours ago
  • 😔zzzzzz!!!!

    Eddie Orama Del PilarEddie Orama Del Pilar12 hours ago
  • So baby is coming?

    Kámu GamingTV / SPWKámu GamingTV / SPW12 hours ago
    • 🙄😑

      AnnaAnna4 hours ago
  • Thank You 🙏 ❤️

    Pia TörnqvistPia Törnqvist13 hours ago
  • What a beautiful setting. I love when she begins with tea making. 💜💜

    Karen LarsenKaren Larsen13 hours ago
  • 溫柔的話語令人舒壓

    舜欸舜欸14 hours ago
  • Sleep 😴

    Alejandro ArroyoAlejandro Arroyo14 hours ago
  • or putting nail polish 🥺

    Sahara NebabSahara Nebab14 hours ago

    Sahara NebabSahara Nebab14 hours ago
  • 한국말 하나만 올려주세요 제발

    내배에캔디내배에캔디15 hours ago
  • the fact that the background changes all the time makes me wonder, a)she has 1239475368 rooms b) she takes down everything including the wall paper just for one video and I can barely make my bed in the morning

    JaybirdJaybird15 hours ago
  • Me falling asleep: 😴 Yt:... I have an idea.... 😏 Add: NEW TAKIS!!!!! Blah blah blah... Me: ¿¡?!... You do this for what? Yt: Why not? Me: But Why? Yt: Why not? 😉 Me: 🙂

    Ari ParkAri Park15 hours ago
  • Latte has 300 MILLION views in total and yet she only has less than 2 million subscribers? Come on! Latte deserves way more for her hard work!!!

    jabamibunsjabamibuns15 hours ago
  • Listening and watching you Latte is like sipping hot, delicious coffee on a rainy day 💞

    Anonymous PersonAnonymous Person15 hours ago
  • i stan Latte's scrunchie so hard

    MarieMarie15 hours ago
  • I'm jusy saying. Someone needs to make a compilation of Latte's opening sequences. The amount of tingles I get from those is amazing.

    James MolloyJames Molloy15 hours ago
  • 언니 항상 고맙습니다

    연희동연희씨연희동연희씨15 hours ago
    • ㅠㅠ

      내배에캔디내배에캔디15 hours ago
  • What Happen?

    PAINPAIN16 hours ago
  • 11:50 i fell asleep like seriosly its like real i waa rlly relaxed! Tysm for curing my sleeping issues ❤

    Tiffany Anne AlabotTiffany Anne Alabot16 hours ago
  • She has the most relaxing voice! 😊

    Jasmynn ShortlyJasmynn Shortly16 hours ago
  • hi, so before you go to sleep, here are just a few things to check up on! :: have you said good night to your friends/family? :: have you taken your vitamins/medication (if you have any)? :: have you gotten into pyjamas/comfy clothes? :: have you done all of your homework (if you have any)? :: have you said all of your prayers for the night (if you do any)? :: have you put all your electronics on charge/flight mode? :: are you hungry/thirsty? if so, do you want anything to drink/eat? :: have you done all of your tasks for the day? good night! i hope you have a great night and i just wanted to remind you that your beautiful/handsome and your talented and loved!

    freyja smileyfreyja smiley17 hours ago
  • The best video when I'm watching

    Lizi Cooking & EatingLizi Cooking & Eating17 hours ago
  • Can u remove my exema from my eyes there really ichy

    TBO Yesenia CosíoTBO Yesenia Cosío17 hours ago
  • Okay not trying to hate or anything but she says cheek as chick but I get it it’s the way she says it I just wanted to call that out

    Sofia OrtinoSofia Ortino18 hours ago
    • And?😟

      kirys mikirys mi18 hours ago

    Mia InelomMia Inelom20 hours ago
  • Hope she is healthy cuz she looks a little bit...chubby?

    Alexa RodríguezAlexa Rodríguez21 hour ago
    • she looks absolutely normal to me. do you have a problem?

      AnnaAnna4 hours ago
    • ok...and how is that any of your business?

      akemi.thyrsusakemi.thyrsus17 hours ago
    • She just eat a lot due to quarantine

      Lawlite RoseLawlite Rose19 hours ago
    • lmao huh?? I'm so confused, how would slightly round cheeks = unhealthy? Please explain.

      SarahxxSarahxx20 hours ago
  • Your videos are amazing. I watch them after a hard day's work you help me wind down

    Angle LayneAngle Layne21 hour ago
  • Who gets more tingles from the visuals and attention then the actual sounds

    Hansika RamanadhamHansika Ramanadham21 hour ago
  • The setup tho like 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Noelle SherleNoelle Sherle21 hour ago
  • woah, i want to have as much hair as you do 😔💕

    serendipiaserendipia22 hours ago
  • Latte: deep cleans ur face before sleep, carefully examining ur skin and features and ensuring extra care Me: wears trad goth makeup to sleep every night because I'm too lazy to walk 2 feet to my bathroom

    SweetKandiSweetKandi22 hours ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Yesharaq Moon يشراقYesharaq Moon يشراق22 hours ago
  • Latte, you can remove my makeup any time you want to, that is, if I ever wore makeup, which I do not. :)

    Patricia LongPatricia Long23 hours ago
  • 日本語出て欲しいです(*˙˘˙*)ஐ

    そなまめそなまめ23 hours ago
  • Thank you for your work, latte, your videos feel like home and i wish i could live on them. Thank you. ❤️

    KeylaC.KeylaC.23 hours ago
  • I love her role play ASMR

    올리비아쌤 영어올리비아쌤 영어23 hours ago

    KokichirollKokichirollDay ago
  • Latte, you always takes care of us, but girl, who’s taking care of you? You look very happy and healthy, but this is still your reminder to please take care of yourself! We all may not really know you, but we care about you too! :)

    Dani SDani SDay ago
  • Latte, I have ADHD and sometimes I can be very paranoid. Thank you for calming me down whenever I have a breakdown in distance learning. We all love u!!❤️❤️

    Marwa AaryaMarwa AaryaDay ago
  • Does anyone want too see the be hind the scenes??

    anna berryanna berryDay ago
  • Estaria genial que pongas subtitulos en español 😁

  • Thank you 💕

    raquelandreaaraquelandreaaDay ago
  • I love how you use “herberlism” from lush bc I ACTUALLY use that one toooo 😆😊

    Artsy TejasArtsy TejasDay ago
  • you are the best

    Gustavo VierGustavo VierDay ago
  • Ты очень милая, спасибо ❤️✨❤️

    Хрустальный АсфальтХрустальный АсфальтDay ago
  • The first time I saw the cover, I felt that you were Shu Hua in g-(i)dle🤣

    Zihinn LowZihinn LowDay ago
  • Latte, your videos always bring me joy! 😊

    Jamie GrangerJamie GrangerDay ago
  • 0:01 - intro (piano, coffee making, water sounds) 1:16 - greetings/explaining whats to come 1:50 - serves you tea 2:30 - puts your hair back with a band 3:10 - makeup removing with cotton pads 7:00 - uses a foam cleanser (brush, foam sounds) 9:40 - removes the foam with wet cotton pads 12:07 - takes a look at your skin (whispers, hand gestures) 15:00 - uses an exfoliating scrub + massage 18:10 - removes the scrub with a wet towel 20:00 - steams your face to hydrate and open your pores (+water sounds) 23:20 - extract the excess of sebum 25:00 - takes care of your pimples with wet wipes 27:30 - using tool again, visual triggers 28:50 - continues with qtips 31:20 - blackhead/pimple removal with a loop shaped tool 36:00 - cleans your skin with wet wipes 36:40 - applies a mask (soft brush sounds) 38:50 - plucks your eyebrows 41:50 - removes the face mask with a warm towel 43:28 - moisturize with a toner (wet hand taps sounds) 44:45 - applies a cream (fingers taps, massage sounds) 46:45 - puts lip balm on your lips 47:40 - remove the hair band! 48:00 - brushes your hair with a thick brush 49:50 - goodnight (hands gestures, whispers, pillow/blanket sounds) THE END

    Elyse SongElyse SongDay ago
  • Latte cleansing my face and getting rid of my “little troubles” with extractions is my FAVORITE! Gets better every time! 🥰

    Girl from the DGirl from the DDay ago