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Feb 21, 2021
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World's Most Dangerous Roads: Deadliest Journeys Australia - Revving Down Under (2017)
Deadliest Roads - Bangladesh:
Australia is the second most developed country in the world; especially in the south and west, whilst the rest of the country remains wild and untamed, presenting two very different ways of life - that of the English who arrived in the 19th century in the hopes of expanding their colonies further and further afield, and that of the Aborigines, the first inhabitants of this island-continent. To connect these two worlds, giant trucks, called road trains, relentlessly tackle the most remote roads and tracks on the continent. Since the 1930s, generations of daring drivers have taken to the wheel of these beasts, taking them at full-speed across the Outback’s rugged terrain. These ancestral lands, the Gibson Desert and the unspoilt Arnhem Coast are paradise preserved in a modern world. It is there that members of the Yolngu tribe have kept their cultures and customs alive for more than 50,000 years.
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  • Australia sometimes reminds me of the United States- in some ways. Big, sprawling countries with most of the Population concentrated on the coasts. The big urban cities on the coasts and in the middle no man’s land. I think Australia - the outback has more respect for the wild and dreaming lands of the aborigines than the US allows Native Americans their traditions. Not sure but it seems like that. People who’ve lived both in America and Australia always give the aussies two thumbs up. 👍🏼 👍🏼 Anyway, Deadliest Roads Australia explores those regions that aren’t connected by planes, trains and endless ribbons of highways between Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide - the big cities. Our journey takes us to the Outback - from Adelaide to Alice Springs and Bawaka to Barkirra in the Northeastern part of the coastal region. Some fun facts: 1. Australia-owing to its size and isolation-is often dubbed the "island continent" 2. The desert or semi-arid land commonly known as the outback makes up by far the largest portion of land. Australia is the driest inhabited continent; 3. The population density is 3.2 inhabitants per square kilometer, although a large proportion of the population lives along the temperate south-eastern coastline. Compare that to last weeks Deadliest Roads Bangladesh with 43,000 people per square km. Wow. 3.2 versus 43000 people per one square kilometer. Wow. 4. Before European settlement, the animist beliefs of Australia's indigenous people had been practised for many thousands of years. Mainland Aboriginal Australians' spirituality is known as the Dreaming and it places a heavy emphasis on belonging to the land. The collection of stories that it contains shaped Aboriginal law and customs. Aboriginal art, story and dance continue to draw on these spiritual traditions. Available Worldwide

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  • Exact same set up as Canada. We have reservations for the Indians but we pay them better because they drive 2021 4WD trucks. They also do not hate white people.

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  • Driving in Australia and New Zealand is just like you drive in South East Asian country, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand and Indonesia, including Japan, South Africa and United Kingdom..Right hand drive.Greetings from Malaysia.

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  • I notice that the videos that get the most views on this youtube channel are the "Deadliest Roads" ones. These documentaries are SO GOOD though. I've seen every one of the deadliest roads docs!

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  • 10:52 Yea. that's true. White people took it by force. But your people came there and took the land from someone else many ears ago, also by force.

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    • That just isn't true, Aboriginal Australians were the first people on Australian lands, they're the second oldest population of humans living outside of Africa, there was no human people on Australia before the Aboriginals.

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    • Proper research wasn't done, but I think good can come from it.

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  • Get the facts right please. Camels were not imported from Afghanistan but from India. The word Afghans often referring to the Camel Drivers was because the first camels and their riders from India arrived in Adelaide on board the Freighter Afghan. And Tarmac has never been offered to Remote Aboriginal Communities because it could never be maintained.

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    • No Bob. "Afghans" refers to the original camel drivers that were brought here from Afghanistan.

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