Dax - Love Hurts (Official Music Video)

Feb 14, 2021
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[Lyrics Below] Love Hurts... Share if you can relate.
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I don’t think you ever fully recover from your first heartbreak
You sort of just learn to deal with it
Love hurts
Especially when the person that you love doesn’t want to put you first
If I could go reverse
I would pay attention to your actions
And would never pay attention to yo words
Bitch you was curse
Tricked me into thinking that you love me then you cut me now I’m bleeding
on this verse
I need to go church
I’m having conversations with the devil and I’m asking what is life really worth
You fucked up my head
And what’s crazy is i’d probably do it all again
At night I sit on my bed
Strart praying
While I’m looking up at God
And I ask him when the hell is this pain gon
He acts deaf
been stressed
I remember the texts
Remember the love, phone calls I remember the sex
I’m still haunted by the day that you left
I wasn’t good enough but fuck I still gave you my best
And I don’t know what to do
7 billion but not one like you
Eint it’s crazy how we built for two years but it took 10 seconds and a bad decision just to break the whole thing loose
I can’t sleep
I can’t eat
My heart skip beats
Social media don’t help
They’ll think I’m weak
I’ve been screaming that I’m cut but you just watch me bleed
I can’t love another woman cause the cycle repeats
So I just Write these song
Ya they help but they don’t write wrongs
My life is a museum everybody shows up and buys tickets but they never wanna stay that long
Man I can’t move on
head spinning like a CD rom
only woman I can trust is mom
And Don’t You fucking try to say you can relate unless you listen to these lyrics and you crying while you singing along
Love hurts
In the worst way
Imagine catching someone cheating on your birthday
Then they cry and say they love you while they’re sitting on his dick
Then bitch why’d you go and do in the first place
Didn’t you know you’d hurt me?
Fuck I was just another option on your survey
I could get revenge but that wouldn’t help my spirit so I gotta make these songs and let these mufuking fucking Words play
Oh now I’m doing to much?
I’m supposed to be a man so I’m supposed to act tough?
I put all my fucking eggs in one basket
You were plan A I didn’t ever even think to have a fucking backup
Now I’m stuck
Need a break but I’m in it again
It’s all nothing we can’t be just friends
First loves are the worst
Love hurts
Now I’m stuck inside this cycle that’s gonna end up with you cheating again

Love hurts
Especially when the person that you love doesn’t want to put you first
If I could go reverse
I would pay attention to your actions
And wud never pay attention to yo words
Bitch you was curse
Tricked me into thinking that you love me then you cut me now I’m bleeding on this verse
I need to go church
I’m having conversations with the devil and I’m asking what is life really worth
It’s Dax

Your first love will fuck you up man
We’ve all been there
Love hurts

  • Love hurts... Share if you can relate. Happy Valentines Day💔 Available everywhere: ingroov.es/i-ll-say-it-for-you-a

    DaxDax10 days ago
    • It’s so true... 👊🏻

      Kamil ŁukaszewskiKamil Łukaszewski36 minutes ago
    • The most Amazing thing God does is let Tomorrow Come. Nothing lasts forever 💔This life is nothing but struggle so we can spend eternity in bliss with our creator.

      Brittany EyrichBrittany Eyrich8 hours ago
    • Right here with ya brother I cried 😭 when I saw these lyrics and the video ik love is the most painful thing in the world I still am cause I can relate to this and I'm only 18

      Emilyrose DunlapEmilyrose Dunlap13 hours ago
    • you have a talent dax

      nsk shadow dragons ytnsk shadow dragons yt15 hours ago
    • Broo your not screeming so much anymore.. If eminem still doesnt work with you then he's really cloned in Canada.

      Adanees AdaneesAdanees AdaneesDay ago
  • This hit too close my guy

    Senpai9000Senpai900042 minutes ago
  • dax music inspires me to chase my dreams

  • Keep going

    Edits LiterallyEdits LiterallyHour ago
  • Good

    Promi AkterPromi AkterHour ago
  • AYOOOOOOOOOOOOOO what about wack ass rappers 3 since it at 100k likes

    Astro GalaxyAstro GalaxyHour ago
  • I feel you. 100%. Thank you.

    Mental FartMental Fart2 hours ago
  • Your words push me to move forwards and I can feel so deeply well listening and im so thankfully for your music it makes me feel understood🙏

    joe flansburgjoe flansburg2 hours ago
  • Bro I love this song!

    LightMadX YLightMadX Y2 hours ago
  • My life is like museum everybody buying tickets but they don't wanna stay that long

    KDMFXKDMFX3 hours ago
  • hi dax i love your music bro but i was wondering if you wanted to rap on one of my beats if not thats ok

  • Fr 😞 2:00

    Rinik KumarRinik Kumar4 hours ago
  • I really fw Dax and he’s gonna be huge one day ❤️❤️

    adam23adam234 hours ago
  • whoever hurt Dax probably feels stupid now for real ik i would. Stay strong Dax, great song.

    SamuraizSamuraiz4 hours ago
  • Didn’t u just get back wit a chick or sum?

    J. G.J. G.4 hours ago
  • Did anyone else see an overly buff dax in the thumbnail??

    Poondi 71Poondi 715 hours ago
  • I remember dax saying that " he recorded a country song and he wouldn't released it " So plz sir plz send Waiting for 2 years And especially love hurts Yeah

    lil kirslil kirs5 hours ago
  • Dope 🎵 SALUTE

    U.S. F.P.VU.S. F.P.V5 hours ago
  • Weah fuck love It s hearts man💔:)

    np Ariknp Arik5 hours ago
  • Probably your best bro honestly! Yo me!

    Rondell BrantleyRondell Brantley6 hours ago
  • Dax bro your songz are realitybro this song hits hard wen u dont have anybody to talk to bruhh

    unruly ghostunruly ghost7 hours ago
  • Fiery Bro ❤️🕯️ I respect

    Kativu CraigKativu Craig7 hours ago
  • Sir , you never failed to touch my heart .. this song rocked me to my core.. thank you for being a true Artist and keep it real .🍻 You're an inspiration Nothing but ❤️ and pure respect to you . # just another fan from India I

    AngryM0nKAngryM0nK7 hours ago
  • I wish this vid had more views so people could feel the pain. All this time I've been trying to figure out how upset Dax was over this and after hearing this song, to see him voice it all as the feelings were/are, incredible artistry, expression and my heart goes out, this type of heartbreak I can't understand with my entire being but I can empathize and get a good guess how bad it can truly hurt.

    M SM S8 hours ago
  • This is a good song but how many times is this going to be reposted? We need some new s***

    Jason MckimJason Mckim8 hours ago
  • If it's really Dax liking all of these comments I think that's the coolest thing ever shows he really cares. I got done wrong recently and I'm just listening to his songs over and over again.

    Darrius 797Darrius 7978 hours ago
  • Little does he know, he has saved so many lifes including my own. Depression and anxiety are real. I live it every damn day. And unfortunately only thing thats keeping my head up are dax's songs. Dax if you see this I just wanted to thank you for all your music. every song I can relate to. And alot of the songs saved me from taken my life. Any time when things were dark you gave me motivation to keep fighting and never giving up not only to my self but also my dreams. So that I thank you for dax. Much love from okc 🖤

    Mr DimonMr Dimon9 hours ago
  • Those people that disliked suck dax your awesome keep going.

    nick stubbsnick stubbs9 hours ago
  • Dax I hope you actually read these comments when you get bored. This song made me dig into your music. I remember seeing you when you did a Tupac beat. I didn't even take in what you was doing. I use to think kendrick lamar was my favorite artist and all I can say is I can't wait to see your story unfold. Your movement has helped me so much. Music can save lives and it brings all different races together. You are doing more then I think you know. If I missed typed or spelling words I know someone gets me.

    Appleboy InkAppleboy Ink9 hours ago
  • I don’t know how it feals cuz i am 9 years but i love your song and i konw Heart broken it is 💔

    Leart BahtiriLeart Bahtiri9 hours ago
  • You will become very big, very soonn :))

    Aleena KhanAleena Khan10 hours ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Vesko MomchilovVesko Momchilov10 hours ago
  • Very good music. 💯🔥💯🔥💯🔥💯🔥💯

    Dusten RobertsDusten Roberts11 hours ago
  • why would anyone ever cheat on Dax thats insane....

    Allie SmithAllie Smith11 hours ago
  • I fux with dax. Top 2 in my Playlist now. I slept on this guy til the tori incident and thats when I know he was a new artist to watch.

    joe lousejoe louse11 hours ago
  • wow this song is making me cry hard

    Allie SmithAllie Smith11 hours ago
  • At lest you could trust your mom🙃💔

    Justin RuffnerJustin Ruffner11 hours ago
  • This dude never sees to amaze me ..🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

    justin leuhslerjustin leuhsler12 hours ago
  • Built for 2 year but the bad decision to break the whole thing loose 😔😔😔😔😔😢🥺

    Elite_danger 11Elite_danger 1112 hours ago
  • Dax u got it bruh fuck love

    justin leuhslerjustin leuhsler12 hours ago
  • I promise when I say this Dax is another level Hope you so much success & happiness.

    Thomas McThomas Mc13 hours ago
  • That’s the way we should all look at it if things go wrong you’ll always have your mum no matter what happens

    King NapsKing Naps13 hours ago
  • Nothing hurts like the betrayal of love... U hit the nail on the head Dax(the legend himself).😎👉💪☝️👍👏

    J. C.J. C.13 hours ago
  • Love you are the best wish you all the happiness and you are one of the most lyrical rappers

    Firestone JackeFirestone Jacke13 hours ago
  • Amazing :)

    DJ SIEMEKDJ SIEMEK14 hours ago
  • i love your rap and you bkus you so cool and im 8 so im spilinge not good keep op the goodt wrok

    Milas SvendsgaardMilas Svendsgaard14 hours ago
  • usworlds.info/tv/MIArAUmP-7VHrWepiqdvdwvideos

    УЖЕ В КИНОУЖЕ В КИНО15 hours ago
  • damn i have listen to this 4 times and it brings me to tears every time

    nsk shadow dragons ytnsk shadow dragons yt15 hours ago
  • Some love doesn't hurts but I feel your pain

    Yandere JaquonYandere Jaquon15 hours ago
  • Damnnn bro this song is for real one of the most relatable ones I’ve heard 😔 but it’s a great fucking song!

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  • The flow is so hard👏🏽 big up dax init

    Josh MurrayJosh Murray17 hours ago

    Brayden CardinalBrayden Cardinal18 hours ago
  • Shit gave me chills forril

    Brooke BiddleBrooke Biddle20 hours ago
  • This man will go down in history as one of the realist artists to ever live

    nick medlocknick medlock20 hours ago
    • Will to me

      Darrius 797Darrius 7978 hours ago
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  • Shit i can't even trust my mom

  • I need a “I don’t wanna do this anymore by Xxxtentacion” but by Dax.

    TiccyTiccyDay ago
  • Love you ❤😘🤟

    Delta ShooterDelta ShooterDay ago

    Madie MorganMadie MorganDay ago
  • You came such a long way from the beginning of your career. Just know that shit gets better Dax. We all love you !!!

    soapy fishsoapy fishDay ago
  • You are a lyrical genius.......😜

    Julian AyalaJulian AyalaDay ago
  • Just found out your Canadian buds that’s a subscribe keep this shit comin!!!!! Cheers from Ontario

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  • youtube is slacking on this song.. dax is a artist for real, its more than just rap!!

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    the prince gangthe prince gangDay ago
  • God man I feel that hard man she was manipulative and had me by the throat threw me out like trash even though she was everything to me I know that pain man...us guys treat them so well as we give in to them while they play our hearts like a drum pounding on it till the drum bursts like our heart exploding from hearing "its over your nothing"

  • 2:02 fuck me that gave me chills... you can HEAR the pain and heartache in his voice

    unodosdresquadro sunodosdresquadro sDay ago
  • “I can’t love another women cause the cycle repeats” hits me hard 😥 cause my ex’s both got married behind my back 😔

    Boogie HawjBoogie HawjDay ago
  • Straight Fax from Dax

    FLEXA MusicFLEXA MusicDay ago
  • Hiya Dax! How're you? Awesome song, by the way

    Dearest Ebo21Dearest Ebo21Day ago
  • Damn Dax just dont miss bro this dude just dont miss

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  • This is literally Tupacs unborn son!

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  • This probably my new fav song by him 🤧

    Emma HEmma HDay ago
  • Not many people used this words in the comments describing this song, but beautiful 👌

    Emma HEmma HDay ago
  • Dax you understand more about how we all feel more than our own families I'm sending love to you bro all the way from tennessee thanks for helping us all cope with our pain and stress

    Devan AndrewsDevan AndrewsDay ago
  • already listened too it 100 times

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  • This dude is good. Love hurts so much ❤️ so I decided to remain single 💔

    D Man with MusicD Man with MusicDay ago
  • "Jadzia Dax is a joined Trill. "Jadzia" is the name of the young Trill woman, while "Dax" refers to a slug-like symbiont that resides in her abdomen" en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jadzia_Dax#Joined_nature *Jadzia* broke the symbiosis? (O_O)

    Manu ForsterManu ForsterDay ago
  • Dude you are UNSTOPABLE. Honestly you are a gem 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

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  • Beautiful Song and Video, Love it!

    RikkoRikkoDay ago
  • Love hurts.....😪💔

    Josiah GallegosJosiah GallegosDay ago
  • "You are lyrical genius" Thats 101% true

    ABquazaABquazaDay ago
  • This is Tupac son! The energy, the charisma & the flow makes Dax a new legend! 🙏

    iKode GamesiKode GamesDay ago
  • One of your best songs

    Ventsislav PetrovVentsislav PetrovDay ago
  • my girlfriend cheat on me and dax help go through it if it wasn't for you i will be die fucking love u dax

    cool bran-099cool bran-099Day ago
  • Dax is The G.O.A.T. We love you. Keep on spitting fire!!💥💥💥💥💯❤❤❤

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    cool girlcool girlDay ago
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  • You know it's real when it hurts✌️.

    Kursongmit LepchaKursongmit LepchaDay ago
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