Dax - APOCALYPSE (Official Music Video)

Mar 23, 2021
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Are we near an Apocalypse. Are the end of times really closing in. This second acts a pre secondary installment to my song called Book of Revelations. If you have time go check that out after along with Dear God. I think this topic is important. What are your thoughts on a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE? Let me know in the comment section as I love to read and reply to as many as I can. Do you believe God is soon returning? This song is meant to create a discussion. Thank you. Let's share and make an impact. My name is Dax and I am an artist who is currently creating something out of absolutely nothing.

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Shot By: Logan Meis
Produced by: Lex Nour Beats
#Apocalypse #bookofrevelation #God #dax
I see violence
And I hear sirens
Uh oh oh
No where to go
No where to run
They gave me the shot
They took away guns
nothing to eat
We can’t go to sleep
We’re stuck in our homes
They’re flooding the streets
Everyone watching and glued to their screens
misinformation like every week
This ain’t no game better choose your side and protect your soul
devil is lurking he’s looking for victims in power to use and regain his control
No one to trust everybody’s corrupt
End of the world really feels like it’s close
Feels like it’s Truman and I’m just a person they’re watching at home on a evening show
Fake information and all of it’s free
Dumb politicians, Corrupt police
Tanks and riots, bodies piling, smell of
corruption is flooding the streets
Children are crying there’s nothing to eat
Left and right there’s no in between
Who do we trust when it’s us against us and we’ll do anything just to get a retweet
2021’s no joke boy you better stay inside pray to God during these times
Let me you give some advice, at night, stay inside, your life has a price, they will buy
Everybody’s trying to fight, gas prices spiked, no bus can’t walk we can’t drive
Everybody's on edge, trying to get ahead, so I’m chucking up this peace sign
Let me get into the real
They I don’t care how you feel
You’re just animal and you’re their next meal
There’s no peace
I pray to god on my knees
The gates of hell open are we can all feel that heat
I remember when everything changed
When Technology went from an aid to the primary poison of all of our Brains
We’ve been programmed to think that we need it we slave and we worship it everyday
and in every way we’re becoming the robot they gave us and losing humanities way
I see violence
And I hear sirens
Uh oh oh
No where to go
No where to run
They gave me the shot
They took away guns
nothing to eat
We can’t go to sleep
We’re stuck in our homes
They’re flooding the streets
Everyone watching and glued to they screens
misinformation like every week
If you're a soldier stand up ya know
Stay 10 ten toes
look em face
don’t you fold
They’re watching your moves I hope that you know
People are dying because of religion
Selling sex, selling children
Genocides, waters rise, Homicides, missing women,
rich got richer
what did they do?
man they cut out small business
fake statistics,
flood the streets with drugs and filled up all the prisons
They’re shifting the energy
You can’t see the enemy
God is returning they don’t got to say it the climates been telling me
From way the they’re abusing the teachings and pushing religion like it’s an accessory
Pick a side it’s the dark or the light, in the scariest times that we’ve seen in a century
I see violence
And I hear sirens
Uh oh oh
No where to go
No where to run
They gave me the shot
They took away guns
nothing to eat
We can’t go to sleep
We’re stuck in our homes
They’re flooding the streets
Everyone watching and glued to they screens
misinformation like every week
Put ya lighters up
Put ya lighters up
Put ya lighters up

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    DaxDax18 days ago
    • Awesome work

      Ghosting SoWellGhosting SoWell4 days ago
    • Dax the goat all the other rappers spit bout bullshit keep it up brother

      YRS MikeyyYRS Mikeyy4 days ago
    • @Cursed Kennedy no hope for you my friend

      ts Laffertyts Lafferty14 days ago
    • You got it bro

      Will HoweWill Howe14 days ago
    • I’m from the live I’ve been flipping back-and-forth for the past 25 minutes watching the video commenting coming to your live commenting I’ll do it until your live ends bro I got you Fam💕❤️✅💯⭐️🔥✊🏼✅ your music is what our world is missing as a whole and your music always puts the pieces back together in my life I have so much respect and love for you.

      Bethany’s Daily LifeBethany’s Daily Life14 days ago
  • Heyy Dax da goat, this is ub, I’m here to tell you that I’m rewatching this video😁❤️🐐

    Ubfrmrss 99Ubfrmrss 99Hour ago
  • It's been a while since i listened to your music so idk if you added choruses before this song but im glad that you have a song with a chorus,

    AsmodeusAsmodeusHour ago
  • that oooh gets me every time

    Jd-PersentJd-Persent2 hours ago
  • F’ing fire my dude!! Holy cow! Spit that truth brother! Music vids keep improving tenfold....wow!! Lyrics so spot on, I love this! I keep hearing “I see violet” in the opening....purple is the color of illusion. Human vibration for those who know. Violets or violence, makes no difference. Lyrics are fucking fire. You, Tom Macdonald, and @an0maly would be the best fucking collab. Holy cow. A song that encompasses the entirety of bullshit and lies we’ve endured the last 409 days.

    Garriety 1775Garriety 17752 hours ago
  • I love this song Dax just keeps make very good music I’m a fan one love Dax n peace with y’all

    Wynter GideonWynter Gideon3 hours ago
  • when you said "People are dying because of religion" your a man who understands me or I understand you. We need good moral leaders for the future money and fame are driving this world insane, evil spreads wild and there is no light pushing back. You're a light, keep shinning!

    Abel_ Cable7Abel_ Cable73 hours ago
  • I looked at the thumbnail and first thing that came to my mind was, Montero (call me by your name) lol.

    Keywanzr RanzuKeywanzr Ranzu3 hours ago
  • can i join your team

    ZZ4 hours ago
  • With the death of X. DAX speaks for us

    Lance WagnerLance Wagner7 hours ago
  • Mom: what's that sound like someone dying. *Me taking a bath... APOCALYPSEEEE!!!

    Q 9Q 97 hours ago
  • Respect!

    Sergio CoutiñoSergio Coutiño7 hours ago
  • MadMan U R

    peter martinpeter martin7 hours ago
  • I don’t know why I find the part where he punch the dude giving the shot so funny

    Vash the Flash StampedeVash the Flash Stampede8 hours ago
  • this is good

    Terrence SampsTerrence Samps8 hours ago
  • The realest artist i know.salute Dax.

    Mahlatse FallonMahlatse Fallon9 hours ago
  • Once i drop on it on youtube, i listen to it more than five times to inspire the feeling. Vibish. Good

    Jonathan RochebrunJonathan Rochebrun10 hours ago
  • Ty

    Shane MoonShane Moon10 hours ago
  • This video sums it all up very well

    Nathan WalzNathan Walz11 hours ago
  • I'd love to hear a reggae remake of this.

    Smart-AleckSmart-Aleck11 hours ago
  • I see violence and i hear sirens

    Kazmi YTKazmi YT12 hours ago
  • Predictive programming

    AlilruthlessAlilruthless12 hours ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Chevsta1 2 GoodVibesOnlyChevsta1 2 GoodVibesOnly13 hours ago
  • Wow 😮😮😮😎😎😎❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Jimmy OJimmy O13 hours ago
  • I'm a new subscriber but this do is fire he better than the real ak💯💯💯💯

    Shyheem RowellShyheem Rowell15 hours ago
  • Much like the decades before us, too few are ever going to listen.

    YggdrasilYggdrasil17 hours ago
  • Man ppl are sleeping on this guy

    IJustice7IJustice717 hours ago
  • I've been on a crazy personal journey lately and needed this in my life so bad...so glad I finally discovered Dax and his messages. Ty my friend...for what you do and what you speak of. Sending you energy of prosperity, love, and an abundance of blessings

    ChicksueChicksue17 hours ago
  • 1:50 why does he become blind after giving those social media cookies ? 🙃

    Kevin NtambweKevin Ntambwe17 hours ago
  • GOD BLESS YOU BRO YOU GO HARD AF WITH THE TRUTH !!!! I feel it deep in my bone marrow !!!🗣🇺🇸🗽🃏🗽🇺🇸🗣

    hunterphillips1hunterphillips118 hours ago
  • The latest way to divide us is this apparent wave of anti-Asian when in reality crime in general has always happened and always under reported. The media pretends this is something new and the mindless sheep's just nods in agreement. With the people divided, government wins.

    R WR W18 hours ago
    • @Lance Wagner It might be okay for you, but we have to think about the children first. Mixed race, mixed culture, mixed families, mixed genders, mass confusion... this is how we are controlled, by being stripped of our identities.

      Smart-AleckSmart-Aleck6 hours ago
    • @Smart-Aleck hmm well I Have mix up babies and its ok, no strife in a Canada fa dat

      Lance WagnerLance Wagner7 hours ago
    • That's why they want mass immigration, they want all the peoples of the world to mix to create strife and to destroy all culture.

      Smart-AleckSmart-Aleck10 hours ago
  • This is a warning

    ShdRBLXShdRBLX18 hours ago
  • Voice 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👌👌👌👌love you brother

    Fl point Mobile tech song mixingFl point Mobile tech song mixing19 hours ago
  • I find your music very inspiring for my writing

    Margaret KirtonMargaret Kirton19 hours ago
  • Hello, back again...can’t get enough!! ☀️

    afireinheartsafireinhearts20 hours ago
  • Yooo. That was so dope, man.

    Moussa SissokoMoussa Sissoko22 hours ago
  • Damn this ones deep an goes hard

    Motivation Mindset100Motivation Mindset100Day ago
  • Im still depressed but you still numb my pain even if it's just a little

    Miss BassBoostaMiss BassBoostaDay ago
  • This guy is a talented fucking troll

  • Went from an aid to the primary poison inside of our brains..

    Posh TrashbinPosh TrashbinDay ago
  • Fantastic as fuck! This song though/on fire. Educated man right here.

    Joss and Wes jwJoss and Wes jwDay ago
  • Always on the top of my list of best and smartest rappers

    Brady CookBrady CookDay ago
  • Boiii i thought "My Darling" by eminem was the scariest song ever made... but Dax YOU GONE DONE WENT AND DID IT!!! Thank you so much for this song but... BOIIIII YOU NEED TO QUIT WITH ALL THIS NOW lmao

    SeaJayy PearsonSeaJayy PearsonDay ago
  • i honestly cant tell if this is a Christian song or no

  • God is returned alright. Another great song.

    Joshua WhitworthJoshua WhitworthDay ago
  • Somehow this track just missed me all together with the algorithm it's fucking awesome. I literally stood up out of my recliner after one verse and said that was fucking fire! And fist pumped....

    Rob DRob DDay ago
  • I love his songs so much

  • i have this song on repeat right now.

    khairi pricekhairi priceDay ago
  • Truth! Art right here. Straight FIRE! Hate this but love it. Best I have heard in longer than I can remember

    Vincent VegaVincent VegaDay ago
  • First time I heard him was thru the song My Heart Hurts so I'm still getting to know him thru his music but this guy is💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Jesse MartinezJesse MartinezDay ago
  • Literally my new favorite rapper I have no clue how I just barely found this dude I only bump those lyrical rappers that have skills and this dude has serious skills not like those lame mainstream “artist’s” with all their ghost writers

    Jordan GJordan GDay ago
  • Is there any need for this man tho! One after the other absolute blows it of the box!!!

    Sian JayneSian JayneDay ago
  • Dad of duty

    mako rampagemako rampageDay ago
  • Glad to see a raper with a thinking mind for a change.

    Brad StudioBrad StudioDay ago
  • It’s way more than a song and it’s crazy a lot of people don’t take no note from this smh

    Brandon McKenzieBrandon McKenzieDay ago
  • He the best at what he does man dax n meek we want that

    Lazarus KandaLazarus KandaDay ago
  • These things must come to pass just go through the motions have faith and show no fear.

    Raider NardoneRaider NardoneDay ago
  • Best artist in d world onG 🌏🔥❤️

    Innocent MuhaInnocent MuhaDay ago
  • im tellin yall bro, y'all fell for this vaccine, smh... please don't take this vaccine

    RndmRocRndmRocDay ago
  • Whitenised...politicians are winning

    DZ MalekvaliDZ MalekvaliDay ago
  • That opening part with your head cut off and the devil chick reminds me of Revelation 9:6 In those days men will try to kill themselves but won’t be able to-death will not come. They will long to die-but death will flee away!

    moot _moot _Day ago
  • Can't get this tune outta my head! ❤💋💋

    Natalie LangfordNatalie LangfordDay ago
  • One of the best I really respect l🔥🔥

    kaydaz kenyakaydaz kenyaDay ago
  • good right hook lol

    TrigerTrigerDay ago
  • U and Tom Macdonald should hop on a track and finally open people’s eyes because people still not seeing what’s going on and shit be scary as fuck and u the only two rapper Ik that have stepped out and said something everyone is just letting the government do what they want shit needs to stop like people be struggling out here and u two the only ones trying to do anything about it

    Hardog RebornHardog RebornDay ago
    • @Hardog Reborn yes we got to some how

      444444Day ago
    • @444 we have to make it happen g

      Hardog RebornHardog RebornDay ago
    • @Hardog Reborn facts bro

      444444Day ago
    • @444 Ik and if it happens I think this would be all over

      Hardog RebornHardog RebornDay ago
    • that would be crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      444444Day ago

    444444Day ago
  • My brother from another mother 😍

    B-ZoneB-ZoneDay ago
  • Man, I've had this song on repeat for the last 2 days, no cap🔥🔥🔥🔥🎯💯✊🏿

    Cortney SandersCortney SandersDay ago
  • 100x better than what lil has posted

    Pc SheepPc SheepDay ago
  • What's up with all these rappers utilizing satanic imagery all at the same time?

    Joshua AndrewsJoshua AndrewsDay ago
    • Like I'm genuinely curious as to how it seems so coincidental. Especially since we were reading Paradise Lost in my class during the time these were all put out.

      Joshua AndrewsJoshua AndrewsDay ago
  • The anthem of the Great Awakening. Dude, you're so solid. Keep alarm clocking fools

    Tony HallTony HallDay ago
  • Dax needs more respect and recognition because his shits too fire to not be going viral

    Void ViperVoid ViperDay ago
  • Song have a reggae thing to it...Daaxxx!

    Dre DayDre DayDay ago
  • Brilliant! Thanks Dax

    GaiaempowerGaiaempowerDay ago
  • Fire u the goat

    Jen ModlaneJen ModlaneDay ago
  • first song i actually liked from Dax keep it up

    n0tpopoxDn0tpopoxDDay ago
  • Funny. This is exactly what they want. Make music to normalize it, but do nothing. Good song though. Now get back in line.

    R SR SDay ago
  • Never change.

    Manav ShethManav ShethDay ago
  • Don't forget to download and post on alt platforms. #CCP run google will ban this.

    delia scalesdelia scales2 days ago
  • Don't matter who leads are country to hell just don't let them make you believe taking your Guns will help you as a free humen you need weapons to protect your family and selves from your goverment

    DeanDean2 days ago
  • who here since bhad babie

    Tyler StaffordTyler Stafford2 days ago
  • Get your shots, wear your mask, hand us your gun & your rights and shut up - Thank you, your Government

    177617762 days ago
  • Facts don't care about feelings. Spittin' facts & truth Luv'd it bro. Dax, Knocka, Tom MacD.... keep keeping it.

    Rob PhillipsRob Phillips2 days ago
  • Hella underrated🔥🔥

    krishna Purikrishna Puri2 days ago
  • how long before they ban this video haha

    Economy TimesEconomy Times2 days ago
  • The rich r getting richer cuz the cut out small business 🔥🔥

    XavierXavier2 days ago
  • Well done. I've never listened to a rap song before. I will listen to yours in future. I don't know if we are indeed approaching the end times. I do know God exists, and so does Satan. And there is no doubt Satan has swayed a great many people today - so perhaps we are. Our souls are important, our lives less so. Stay true.

    2 days ago
  • lmao @ youtube not pulling this

    MrSmart0neMrSmart0ne2 days ago
  • No way...do y’all know what this song is referring to?!!! It’s the end time apocalypse....mark of the beast=vaccine 😱😱😱😱

    FleX OchoasFleX Ochoas2 days ago
  • No way....this song is telling about what will happen, mark of the beast=vaccine shot 😱😱 this man is a genius

    FleX OchoasFleX Ochoas2 days ago
  • This song is like a shield for your soul. Keep the faith y’all, it ain’t easy living in the apocalypse.

    A. MalachiA. Malachi2 days ago
  • Goes insanely hard

    Cole MarshallCole Marshall2 days ago

    Keno KerrKeno Kerr2 days ago
  • 10 years ago and song still gonna be good 10 years later

    PlayJ1xPlayJ1x2 days ago
  • Dax is the type of artist that Tom McDonald pretends to be. Great track!

    Daniel DrakeDaniel Drake2 days ago
  • Wow apocalypse.

    bezrich Nationbezrich Nation2 days ago
  • I don't give a shit what anyone says, Dax does so much more than any of yall's favorite rapper. He is the goat.

    Hay8Hay82 days ago
  • very good talent

    Matt BonMatt Bon2 days ago
  • usworlds.info/net/PLLGdJsuIzFCF7qJb2Ra3lc5fgKsB2rV0p.html

    Nineson2021Nineson20212 days ago
  • im old school i can rap and sing peep tell me i should but i dont but your skill tells me you do what i think and should do you havve skill dont brake do more pls you not one of a kind but you do what ur kind do love to do a song with ya and have made skills but you do what is not seen so do much moreyou will be a king but first you take your beats as you no love to pick your brain

    mike craigmike craig2 days ago