Dash Cam Saves Citizen From Lying Trooper

Mar 29, 2021
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Arkansas Code § 27-49-107- bit.ly/3craPri
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    Audit the AuditAudit the Audit15 days ago
    • @Martin Wagoner no

      Conscientious ObserverConscientious ObserverDay ago
    • @Eshootzi Scrs the only right in the bill that say will not be infringed is the 2nd addmendment.

      Conscientious ObserverConscientious ObserverDay ago
    • Quick Question: If the officer wanted him to roll his window down as a safety precaution, and he refused to do so, is the cop well within his authority to have him step out of the car until the traffic stop business is concluded?

      Martin WagonerMartin WagonerDay ago
    • Hi

      Russian GamerRussian Gamer2 days ago
    • @Conscientious Observer That was the point of my comment lol. Didn't you read it and its rhetorical question?

      vids2002vids20022 days ago
  • just be respectful and put the window down. this kids needs jail time.

    CryptoLamboCryptoLambo3 seconds ago
  • I’ve spent multiple decades honing my senses for authority figures intent on causing me grief. This officer set off danger alarms throughout the whole video, rising to a crescendo at the end. It felt like I was watching a big mountain lion slowly circle around into concealing tall grass behind me.

    Michael BurtonMichael BurtonMinute ago
  • THEY (POLICE OFFICERS) all lie... They are licensed CRIMI S !!!!

    M AinslieM Ainslie9 minutes ago
  • All that unnecessary bulls**t, just wind the window down, take your ticket, get in with your day, don't speed again, job done, all these people that just want to spend their time arguing over silly things, this is what's wrong with the world today, 99% of police are good people that are sick of awkward argumentative people

    Nick DawsonNick Dawson16 minutes ago
  • Audit the Audit ignored the importance of the dash cam video recording the cop in this contentious incident. But for the dash cam the trooper would have no inhibition exposing his nasty halo. Even after the driver notified trooper that the traffic stop conversation is being video recorded, trooper could not control his belligerence, bullying, lying, and verbal aggression. Before the advent of modern camera technology there is no doubt this trooper would have used violence against driver.

    Uber MenschenUber Menschen22 minutes ago
  • Trooper gets a B- is being very generous. His conduct is an embarrassment to all law enforcement. He is a liar. He abused his authority. He intimated and threaten the driver. In fact every police agency is better off if this trooper left the profession.

    Uber MenschenUber Menschen33 minutes ago
  • @10:39, Psycho cop: “ not every cop is a bad cop....” How ironic. This Sicko cop has no clue he is the poster child of a bad cop.

    Uber MenschenUber Menschen42 minutes ago
  • From the very beginning cop claimed he wanted driver to roll down passenger side window to facilitate his communication. After more than 10 minutes of busy back-and-forth conversation the cop has demonstrated he has no difficulty communicating with driver. Hence, his lie got busted. The only purpose of cop’s demanding driver rolling down window is cop’s wanting to assert dominance over driver; cop demanded driver massage police ego; and cop’s inflicting a form of sadism. This cop is a Sicko. Fortunately for the people, the driver has video recorded the entire interaction, otherwise no one would believe how the crazies become police.

    Uber MenschenUber Menschen44 minutes ago
  • These guys look they could brothers. I guess that's why he didn't call for backup and mistake his taser for his service weapon

    mcz68lmcz68l51 minute ago
  • The officer and the driver look like brothers

    American DesignsAmerican Designs52 minutes ago
  • I got pulled over in mid March. The officer was so cool, I gave him a fist bump before I left 🤣

    Zacky MohmandZacky Mohmand55 minutes ago
  • If this was someone else and I think you know what I’m talking about that window would be broken and he would be maced

    john collinsjohn collins57 minutes ago
  • Policeofficer if you don't have a legal reason to take his window down why keep bringing it up?

    Me MeMe Me58 minutes ago
  • This cop’s favorite phrases: here is the deal, what’s the deal.

    Uber MenschenUber Menschen59 minutes ago
  • @6:21, here, the offended psycho cop resurrects the ‘not rolling window down completely ‘ argument, again. Apparently, this bothers him greatly. He says driver’s not rolling down the window shows driver is uncooperative and has something to hide. Psycho Cop is using ‘uncooperative’ as a lever to force driver to bow down to his order, which he claims is a lawful order. First, when any cop confronts a civilian the relationship is a adversarial one and the civilian has no duty to cooperate with the cop whose duty is to gather as much evidence as possible to effect an arrest. Lastly, a civilian not charged with a crime being uncooperative against a cop is not a crime. And the conclusion that the driver being uncooperative has something to hide has no legal foundation. Conclusion: this psycho pervert cop demands the driver prostrate before him, and when driver refuses the cop’s ego is offended.

    Uber MenschenUber MenschenHour ago
  • Don't try this black folks..ijs

    synlezz92synlezz92Hour ago
  • You know I found it interesting how audit the audit brought up court cases from other places other than Arkansaw. I don't quite know how that works but wouldn't it be more applicable if he pulled the laws for Arkansaw? Because maybe bro was breaking the law maybe not. 🤔

    Dualshockatlas4Dualshockatlas4Hour ago
  • If it was a black man .. u wouldn't want to see the outcome

    creative handscreative handsHour ago
  • Most COPS are evil.

    Inconsistent ConfidenceInconsistent ConfidenceHour ago
  • @5:52, sneaky slimy sly cop won’t let driver alone after driver exercised his 5th, trying to extract answers by trick and ruse.

    Uber MenschenUber MenschenHour ago
  • This cop makes leading statements and assumption in his interaction with the driver: why are you being difficult; you’re being argumentative; you’re contentious. His verbal strategy is to place the driver in a defensive posture. His ordering the driver to lower the car’s passenger window is to subordinate him. The entire interaction is a cop wanting to dominate, to stroke his ego, and subordinate his victim. Conclusion: cops are sick, psycho, pervert, fetish driven animals.

    Uber MenschenUber MenschenHour ago
  • Man, this James is very frustrating. Being legally obliged and cooperative is two different things. If I was the officer, I would be hating my job during this. James is being an ass because he is legally allowed to be an ass. Just because he has the legal right to be an ass, doesn't mean he should. I think the officer handled the frustrating confrontation amazingly well. The officer was not wrong in saying that there were numerous signals that he should be on edge and that the situation had the very real potential to turn bad. Cooperation by James would have removed those signals and may save his life. Imagine this happened in the dark. It a high crime area. You pull over a person speeding in a new vehicle and then they are evasive with you... I would have kept more distance between the vehicle and myself ...

    Jordan BraunJordan BraunHour ago
  • I think the officer was polite enough for the most part it does seem like he was bein difficult for no reason

    Dakota MonsonDakota MonsonHour ago
  • The trash cop is just trying to get a conviction out of the driver. Very good move from the driver not answering the question. Never ever ever answer any question a cop ask you.

    Loosen Sloppy 83Loosen Sloppy 83Hour ago
  • Mr. Transperency did mention his right to be silent. He did not say "5th Amendment" however. However-However, mentioning his right to remain silent can only be a reference to his 5th Amendment rights, and his recorded statement from his own dash cam would most likely fulfill his requirement - in a court of law. It would also have been nice for this video to have included evidence from Mr. Transperency's own GPS records which could have proved that he was not speeding... Like the cop in this video, I am inclined to think that Mr. Transperency left it out of this video because he was in fact, speeding... Guilty until proven innocent? You bet. This is a court of public opinion - NOT a court of law...

    S HS HHour ago
  • The damn egos of some of these guys. Shut up about the damn window already!

    Eph TeaEph TeaHour ago
  • What if the driver was a coloured person!!!!!

    Ertiza AbbasErtiza AbbasHour ago
  • Transparent forsenCD

    SEliteGuitaristSEliteGuitarist2 hours ago
  • The cop said not every cop is a bad cop but I wonder if he was dealing with a person of color would he be reacting the same way. Just a thought 🤔

    Daelaunna FordDaelaunna Ford2 hours ago
  • I just want money so don't ask questions or i will try to get more thats why I'm a police officer. I Police For Money

    Macguyver 869Macguyver 8692 hours ago
  • We need peace officers not Police officers.

    Macguyver 869Macguyver 8692 hours ago
  • Get a dash camera. Mine has saved me from lying officers before

    GemcorGemcor2 hours ago
  • He said that because it makes cops nervous if you do t put it all the way down

    Owen SweetOwen Sweet2 hours ago
  • Destroying positive public opinion towards the cops one bad cop at a time.

    Harry WoodHarry Wood2 hours ago
  • He just won't let it go. This dude is going to be sleeping and the statey is going to be face to face with him in the middle of the night while he's in bed whispering "why?, I don't understand".

    IrishladIrishlad2 hours ago
  • I feel like this is almost staged, it's playing out like a scene from Reno 911

    LMGunslingerLMGunslinger2 hours ago
  • The cops got “little” man syndrome.

    Lazarus EpooLazarus Epoo2 hours ago
  • Why is interacting with the cop? I'd ask him for the ticket if he's going one and I'd be gone. Don't want no long talk.

    Spiffy SpiceSpiffy Spice2 hours ago
  • This is literally my favorite channel on USworlds. Thank you ATA

    Damian ValenzuelaDamian Valenzuela2 hours ago
  • He should have just said I plead the fifth

    QuatigQuatig2 hours ago
  • Probably a training video for officers lol

    Space ManSpace Man2 hours ago
  • All lives matter ya dig?

    Space ManSpace Man2 hours ago
  • these 2 people annoy me. lol

    Dirty Tap waterDirty Tap water2 hours ago
  • The citizen seems annoying asf

    Ryan DoubledayRyan Doubleday3 hours ago
  • I won’t roll down the window because he’s not wearing a mask.

    AmericanGTSAmericanGTS3 hours ago
  • This seems like a very cordial conversation between two parties that have different opinions. The guy was saved by the dash cam though incase it ended up different and that's why I will always have one

    Jonesing AroundJonesing Around3 hours ago
  • I think the title should be “officer mildly thrown off by window being rolled halfway down and citizen was mildly thrown off by officer telling him to roll it down, but they both proceed to cooperate with each other and go about their day”

    Nerdic MemNerdic Mem3 hours ago
  • Cops like this give the good officers a bad name

    Ded P0olDed P0ol3 hours ago
  • More like a C-

    Junior MartinezJunior Martinez3 hours ago
  • Can almost guarantee that “James” is an attorney or works in the legal field of some sort like a paralegal or a law student. He definitely knew the laws and his rights without throwing them out in the cops face which is 100% an attorney thing to do. Growing up with a mom that’s an attorney and have worked for her a few different law firms she has been at, I know how they work and the way they talk, especially when it comes to dealing with the cops.

    Linny Ro RoLinny Ro Ro3 hours ago
  • Cop kinda just trying to pull the dude over quickly and get it over with dude dragging it out

    ZirkyGZirkyG3 hours ago
  • Drivers says he is on the side of the police...there is no way he is on the side of the law. Just being so defensive tells me he is trying to bate the cop. He probably is on the fence about becoming one of those looney sovereign citizens.

    Rw DadRw Dad3 hours ago
  • That's the same person

    Ryan ForsytheRyan Forsythe3 hours ago
  • This man must have like IQ below 90. He can't move on from putting the window down.

    Andrew ChongAndrew Chong3 hours ago
  • That cop wanted that window down because the guy said no....and how dare someone tell him no...it then became a power struggle to get the guy to comply...and the guy didn't back down

    Eden's ChildrenEden's Children3 hours ago
  • What is Mr. Transparency's USworlds channel?

    Hey UHey U3 hours ago
  • Being so resistant to completely rolling down the window would seem sus to a police officer.

    Hey UHey U3 hours ago
  • Mr. Transparency: "I'm not trying to be difficult". Cop ask legit question Mr. Transparency: "I'm not going to answer that".

    Hey UHey U3 hours ago
  • If a cop has never arrested or testified against a bad cop then they are a bad cop.

    Michael AndersonMichael Anderson4 hours ago
  • Not all cops are bad, extends traffic stop forever for a warning over a window

    K3YSWEETK3YSWEET4 hours ago
  • why can't mr transparency just roll his window down. what is the problem.typical kid that ones to act up in front of a camera

    Mickey T'sMickey T's4 hours ago
  • Cops are so bad that auto manufacturers automatically add camera in new cars. Even ford knows this that cops are so bad

    Scott SawyerScott Sawyer4 hours ago
  • Ok honestly, I feel like both of the people were being stupid and arguing for the most stupid reasons. Even a kindergardener would know better than them

    Farina AsifFarina Asif4 hours ago
  • Hmm

    Weseley SmithWeseley Smith4 hours ago
  • He kept asking about the speed to compare it to his dash cam. Duh!! It wasn’t shameful questioning!!

    Matthew DrewMatthew Drew4 hours ago
  • The fact that they have the same face... Wot

    Davi ClemonsDavi Clemons4 hours ago
  • 10:50 "I'm the Cop, you're the violator." I guess that's debatable. Who is the real violator??

    wetherman21 21wetherman21 214 hours ago
  • I never roll mine all the way down and I’ve never had an officer say shit. I roll it down until I know they can see well enough into my vehicle and that’s it. In this case, he has barely any tint on the windows so the amount that he rolled the window down is reasonable. Short answer when they ask you that, “ why won’t you roll it all the way down”? “ because I don’t want you to be able to reach in my car...

    DoomSlayer 1994DoomSlayer 19945 hours ago
  • Just roll the window down? It’s really not that hard to do. People always trying to make a big deal about something that’s not, like he’s really being difficult for no reason.

    owenpresuttiowenpresutti5 hours ago
  • That a 20 year old James corden?

    Antony RiceAntony Rice5 hours ago
  • The violator lmao

    Sam TripSam Trip5 hours ago
  • Cop needed his ego stroked

    ButtstuffButtstuff5 hours ago
  • I feel like the person in the car is being extra

    Mr Bandit_101Mr Bandit_1015 hours ago
  • I cant listen to this jailhouse lawyer..🤣

    Flying JournalismFlying Journalism5 hours ago
  • Why are people like this, the driver makes it so difficult for a simple traffic stop. WHY ARE PEOPLE LIKE THIS

    Vegas MattVegas Matt5 hours ago
  • Its a gd thing he was White cause had he been Black all the going back and forth and not complying woulda cost him his life

    Lynn RollinsLynn Rollins5 hours ago
  • SOME cops are assholes. I called for a policeman once when I was hit from behind by a guy who was in a car ahead of me kept "jumping" from lane to lane to keep someone from getting ahead of him (there was an accident ahead that essentially had most traffice stopped but some were getting into the "repair' lane to get ahead and he apparently wanted to stop that activity), When he jumped in the repair lane once to stop the traffic there, I pulled into the lane ahead and that really got his goat. So he took a lunge at my car and apparently didn't gauge the distance and he hit me in the rear. I called for an officer to come to the scene since there were several attending the accident ahead. I locked my doors and rolled up my windows. When the cop arrived I told him what happened and he told us to both pull into the repair lane ahead. When we did, he came up to me and said something like "What did you call me for?" I told him I wanted an accident report written up. He said "I don't see any damge, what do you want a report for?" I pointed out that the car that hit me had a broken parking light and that constituted damage. The other guy said "that's old it happened a long time ago. I then told the cop to "do your job." He didn't like that but he wrote up the report. I later checked my car and found that I had no damage and since I was not injured, I dropped the matter. SOME cops are assholes.

    PhylPhyl5 hours ago
  • This driver is obviously a raging liberal!!! .... People in this comment section have no idea what it's like to be a cop!! ....There was no reason for the driver to be an azz like that... The cop just trying to do his job!!.... They want you to roll the window all the way down because the tint may hide a weapon!!! .... Look up videos of police being shot!!... It almost ALWAYS happens in a situation like this!! ... I'm no "back the blue" guy... I'm an ex con did ten years for armed robbery and was in trouble all my life... Please don't make me defend a cop!! .... But yes he wanted the window down to be able to see in the car to make sure there's no gun.... This is how cops accidentally shoot unarmed people!! ... If that guy would have reached into his floor board for something and the cop couldn't see through the tint what he was doing the cop would have pulled his gun!! ... THAT'S why he wanted the window down.... Like I said, I have had a bad relationship with cops over the years but I understand what they have to go through arresting people like me every day!! When I was in my twenties I would have been a danger to this cop

    Charlie BatesCharlie Bates5 hours ago
  • Just because you don’t have to do something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. No need to be an asshole to someone just trying to do their job 😂 I wish that guy got charged for reckless

    A AA A5 hours ago
  • This is an exact showing of why there is so much difficulty in the US between Cops and citizens as well as citizens vs citizens, or virtually any interaction between Americans. Both sides want their way and they both think they are always right. Realistically the cop is right to ask the window to be down all the way. Allows him better view into the car to see what is going on (since windows are tinted), as well allows him to hear James better as well. James was immediately overly defensive and that puts a cop also on the defensive as well. This is how things escelate quickly and out of hand. Is the cop lawfully allowed to have him put his window down. Probably in court they would say yes, but maybe not. But it is worth the time and hassle? Simply putting the window down would solve this, OR..... just give a reasonable explanation (COVID, nervousness with current police situation, etc.). Instead James just gives vague answers, "I don't want to", "it's not the law". It's basically a pissing contest between these two. And those never end well.

    Dave WildingDave Wilding5 hours ago
  • The only reason the officer issued a "warning" rather than a citation is because he was not able to intimidate the person into giving him something to quote to a judge in court that would cause him to have incriminated himself. The officer had all he needed to issue a citation if he wanted to without requiring the man to void his own defense.

    PhylPhyl5 hours ago
  • "Mr. Transparency" had the right to do what he was doing but he was being a fucking tool

    Matthias RoseboomMatthias Roseboom6 hours ago
  • If speeding is not a big deal as the officer stated multiple times, then why did he detain this man and harass him for speeding?

    Josh MonsterJosh Monster6 hours ago
  • Cops are trying to be gods

    Richard RoeRichard Roe6 hours ago
  • Cope the driver simply do not want to lower his window any further pint blank clear and simple. And furthermore this is white privilege at its finest. No ticket with an arogant driver. Im curious to know if the driver was black and how it would have turned out the way it did. But other than the window pressure the cop seems nice.

    Junie JJunie J6 hours ago
  • so driver needs to admit speeding? didn't you get a read on your little speed gun or are you just pullin peete? putting these posers on soc. med. is a good way to illustrate departmental excellence.

    william bushwilliam bush6 hours ago
  • At least he admits that there are bad cops and good cops

    darryell richardsdarryell richards6 hours ago
  • I feel like this is considered baiting for a problem

    R6 mainR6 main6 hours ago
  • he said not every cop is a bad person but he appears to be

    jackjack6 hours ago
  • He suspects that he might be a cop himself

    Three ClownsThree Clowns6 hours ago
  • Fake video. The guy has his twin brother playing the trooper.

    Wayne ManganWayne Mangan6 hours ago
  • He did not have him on radar ! There is no way he would have given him a warning if he had him. He probably saw him whizz by, estimated his speed and pulled him over and started fishing. That is why he kept asking "How fast do you think you were going " ? If he said "78", the Barney Fife would have walked back to his car, and wrote him for 13 over, and then told the judge the guy admitted it !

    steven richardssteven richards6 hours ago
  • Great editing.

    Malcolm T. HowardMalcolm T. Howard6 hours ago
  • I'm thinking police officers have the biggest egos on average of any vocation.

    Kermitt HezmuthKermitt Hezmuth6 hours ago
  • Don't taze me bro.....oh wait, that's not a tazer.

    Hvy ChvyG20Hvy ChvyG206 hours ago
  • What's a formality? Never heard of that before, or these amendments you say exist, but I'll take your word for it this time.

    Wayne ManganWayne Mangan6 hours ago
  • The guys definitely being difficult

    trackle trickletrackle trickle6 hours ago
  • Cops love to threaten you if you dont do as they want, lawful or not. I suspect cops may need ego adjustment therapy.

    Robert DimaggioRobert Dimaggio6 hours ago
  • Arrogant police officer. If it’s not a big deal as he says then why does he keep pushing it?

    Carlos ArmendarizCarlos Armendariz7 hours ago