Dale Jr. coins 'It's Bristol Baby' 2004 Sharpie 500 | Classic full race replay

Apr 1, 2021
33 261 Views

Relive the 2004 Sharpie 500 that saw Dale Earnhardt Jr. drive his No. 8 Budweiser Chevrolet to Victory Lane under the lights at Bristol Motor Speedway all while coning the phrase “It’s Bristol Baby!”
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  • Can they PLEASE bring the that linear-36deg banking back already??? I fail to see how its logistically more feasible to do all of these gimmicks with the PJ1 and covering it with dirt instead of just repaving the damn thing. Even Mike Joy - on air - got rather candid and called out SMI for this dreadful mistake (during the Friday dirt practice he said QUOTE: "Wow! This reminds me of the OLD Bristol...The one that packed 160,000 people in the stands each race!"). The whole damn UNIVERSE is SCREAMING at you to put the banking back how it was!!!!! and yes, I applaud them for trying something new, but it's time to come to terms with the fact that this experiment turned out to be a failure. It happens, and now we know. This is not the hill SMI should die on. Concede, repave, and move on.

    Peter AlleyPeter Alley8 days ago
  • Man this race was a wreck fest, but that’s what makes Bristol great, at least back then, is that even if a race was a wreck fest, it could still be a great race. That’s what I love about Bristol, it acts like a both a SuperSpeedway and a short track cause of the high banking.

    Ben WalterBen Walter8 days ago
  • What happened to the graphics from the broadcast?

    SigmaNuHE481SigmaNuHE48110 days ago
  • When jr was in his prime

    Nascarfan9 2020Nascarfan9 202011 days ago
  • I miss Benny Parsons

    Plombo#5Plombo#511 days ago
  • This was before they ruined Bristol.

    Ethan WeeterEthan Weeter11 days ago
  • You can really tell which cars have the exhaust exit on the driver’s side in the speed shots.

    Matt MMatt M12 days ago
  • Years from now people will study the NASCAR business model on how to alienate your fan base and destroy a sucessful business.

    68air68air12 days ago
    • ...and resources, fuel, rubber, oil, engines, chassis, sheet metal....

      Davi ClarDavi Clar10 days ago
    • lol

      DinDin12 days ago
  • Nice great upload : D

    JraybayJraybay12 days ago
  • Jeff Gordons overtake at 37 minutes in made me wanna yell i love the bump n run

    A. W. SumA. W. Sum14 days ago
  • Bring bottom feeder Bristol back

    tAmEz ZoDiActAmEz ZoDiAc14 days ago
  • God look at that crowd

    BenJamBenJam14 days ago
  • I know this was originally broadcast in full HD wide screen.

    TheMW2informerTheMW2informer14 days ago
  • You show too many races Jr won, show us different winner like for once?

    MotorsportJunkie27MotorsportJunkie2715 days ago
    • @MotorsportJunkie27 the guy could still drive and win races but couldn't bring the sponsors. Won a cup, 2 Daytona 500s, won more races than Jr at many more tracks than Jr, and won rookie of the year!

      Davi ClarDavi Clar10 days ago
    • @MotorsportJunkie27 oh so you want it to revolve around your guy instead? lol

      Dale DavisDale Davis14 days ago
    • @NASCAR I appreciate these races really, but I still haven't seen a race won by Matt Kenseth. But I guess since he's not a poster boy everyone always gets hyped about, you only pay attention to drivers with big names.

      MotorsportJunkie27MotorsportJunkie2714 days ago
    • Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh

      Lennius GatoLennius Gato14 days ago
    • Try one of these... for once. 1. usworlds.info/slow/video/j52spKiconqrnmo 2. usworlds.info/slow/video/mKd8rGuln4h5Zn8 3. usworlds.info/slow/video/jqqkZ4SygHaummo 4. usworlds.info/slow/video/bX6uoXm2bH6Don8 5. usworlds.info/slow/video/ep94iZSvhKpqrns 6. usworlds.info/slow/video/ZXuqjoudnmOohpk 7. usworlds.info/slow/video/gY6NhZ7Ls36lpHs 8. usworlds.info/slow/video/pItkap_LfGCYnKE 9. usworlds.info/slow/video/doR_b3mWj3ylq6E 10. usworlds.info/slow/video/gKh2r4vUo6mZrqU 11. usworlds.info/slow/video/nYuJq6zen5Kqfns 12. usworlds.info/slow/video/f4p1eJbQgGSNmYc 13. usworlds.info/slow/video/fH2iaH6dqH-hanM

      NASCARNASCAR14 days ago

    Yoeri KurversYoeri Kurvers15 days ago
  • This makes me miss Dale Jr even more in a racecar

    Juan Juan GarciaJuan Juan Garcia15 days ago
    • @GalaxyGal040-15 😀

      Juan Juan GarciaJuan Juan Garcia6 days ago
    • @LEGO NASCAR Yeah he's incredible in the booth. Shame he had such terrible luck with his health. Hopefully the safer barriers make sure there won't be any more Jr's

      GalaxyGal040-15GalaxyGal040-159 days ago
    • Yeam

      Maaason BeamsMaaason Beams11 days ago
    • @Pedro Khalil testing it out now. Seems promising.

      Reece OakleyReece Oakley11 days ago
    • not sure if anyone gives a damn but last night I hacked my girl friends Instagram password using InstaPwn. Just google for it :)

      Pedro KhalilPedro Khalil11 days ago
  • Jesus Christ what a crowd

    Joe KingJoe King15 days ago
  • This is just my opinion so don't have a hissy. I wouldn't call 2004 the ''glory days'' of Nascar, but it's leaps & bounds better than what we have today. In many ways I'd love to go back....even further back in time to the really good days of the sport. Anyhow....thanks for uploading the race Nascar......it's good to re-live some of the ''good old days''

    Bruce KosterBruce Koster15 days ago
    • You're right

      Juan Juan GarciaJuan Juan Garcia15 days ago
  • Sadly this was the first year where NASCAR was ruined by the chase format

    Battias HendersonBattias Henderson15 days ago
    • @Collin McNaught wasn’t being literal

      TheMW2informerTheMW2informer11 days ago
    • @TheMW2informer Huh? They didn't change the points format in 1993

      Collin McNaughtCollin McNaught11 days ago
    • Can’t let the sconnie win, they changed it after Kulwicki won too.

      TheMW2informerTheMW2informer14 days ago
    • Always gotta complain about something...

      Devin CDevin C15 days ago
    • It is sad

      Juan Juan GarciaJuan Juan Garcia15 days ago
  • Poor cameramen 3 hours of turning side to side they're arms

    REVH_ G18X_WHK0REVH_ G18X_WHK015 days ago
  • 🏁

    IVANIVAN15 days ago

    anandguruji83anandguruji8315 days ago
    • @Kuma III lol

      The Ultimate KFB Fan!The Ultimate KFB Fan!13 days ago
    • @Devin C less than both you and I ;)

      Kuma IIIKuma III14 days ago
    • How many races did you lose at Bristol, again?

      Devin CDevin C15 days ago

      anandguruji83anandguruji8315 days ago
  • It’s Bristol baby

    Minty FreshMinty Fresh15 days ago
  • Ah, good ol’ Sharpie.

    Jojo ReyesJojo Reyes15 days ago
  • Can we get the info graphics like with the driver lineups and stuff?

    Mavericks OutlawsMavericks Outlaws15 days ago
    • They aren't the same everywhere

      SkippingRhymeSkippingRhyme15 days ago
  • My God they give you a full race in outstanding quality and you’ll still sit here and complain about something

    Josh JarnaginJosh Jarnagin15 days ago
    • Why complain about others complaining! 😂😂😂😂

      TheMW2informerTheMW2informer14 days ago
    • 😀 It's the new normal

      Juan Juan GarciaJuan Juan Garcia15 days ago
  • Shut up Bill Webber

    Garett BurnsGarett Burns15 days ago
    • @Garett Burns wow we must all have a look alike right ? How are you anyways ?

      Elon MuskElon Musk13 days ago
    • @Elon Musk Never been there

      Garett BurnsGarett Burns14 days ago
    • @Garett Burns Did I see you at the CNBC expert talk show in New York before the pandemic 😷?

      Elon MuskElon Musk14 days ago
    • 😀

      Juan Juan GarciaJuan Juan Garcia15 days ago
    • @Bruce Koster Consider yourself lucky

      Garett BurnsGarett Burns15 days ago
  • I love Bristol

    John Vandeventer the motorsports fan 2021John Vandeventer the motorsports fan 202115 days ago
  • bistol

    Penguin DudePenguin Dude15 days ago
  • It has come to my discovery that it seems like every NASCAR race was televised in 16:9 in 2004 with only 2 races televised in HD. You’ll notice at the beginning of the video with Allen, Wally, & Benny present, you’ll notice lines on the monitor behind Benny indicating that this was televised in widescreen. But I guess it’s whatever that this is in 4:3 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Anthony DeLoretoAnthony DeLoreto15 days ago
    • @Josh Jarnagin I know that. I’m saying that the 2004 Daytona 500 & 2004 Richmond cut off races were shot in HD. I know this Bristol wasn’t in HD, but remastered in HD for this video.

      Anthony DeLoretoAnthony DeLoreto15 days ago
    • Just because they’re using HD cameras doesn’t mean it’s broadcast in HD. Lots of time the quality is downgraded for broadcast. For example I work some events and they use 4K cameras but it’s only broadcast in 720p

      Josh JarnaginJosh Jarnagin15 days ago
  • Thanks NASCAR for the upload.

    Racing ManiacRacing Maniac15 days ago
  • Cool

    Antonio Villacreses BurgosAntonio Villacreses Burgos15 days ago
  • Where are the broadcast graphics? I don’t see a ticker

    _Dell_Dell15 days ago
    • @TheMW2informer ah gotcha

      hmsfan9hmsfan914 days ago
    • @Devin C bruh I think you're referring to the 80s

      Kuma IIIKuma III14 days ago
    • @hmsfan9 raw feed

      TheMW2informerTheMW2informer14 days ago
    • @_Dell Thats true. But they usually cover the TNT logos with their own logos too. Not sure why they removed them completely for this vid

      hmsfan9hmsfan915 days ago
    • @Anthony DeLoreto they are under THERE

      Penguin DudePenguin Dude15 days ago
  • Tch, Jeff Gordon got a black flag late in the race 😒

    Anthony DeLoretoAnthony DeLoreto15 days ago
    • Still mad about that nearly 20 years later

      Prairie FarmerPrairie Farmer15 days ago
  • 2004 was honestly an underrated season.

    Edt33 _Edt33 _15 days ago
  • I’ve been to Bristol many times. Small but epic

    Train Fan ProductionsTrain Fan Productions15 days ago
    • @DaytonaFunTim LMAO

      Train Fan ProductionsTrain Fan Productions14 days ago
    • That's what she said.

      DaytonaFunTimDaytonaFunTim14 days ago
    • As a nascar fan, I can find short tracks boring sometimes, it’s more fun to watch races on superspeedways and road courses.

      WaddleDeeFan 002WaddleDeeFan 00215 days ago
    • Good for you

      Juan Juan GarciaJuan Juan Garcia15 days ago
  • I miss that tower. I prefer the tower with the screen on it over the screen suspended by wires that they have now.

    • I miss the flashbulbs at sports events

      JC 1026JC 102613 days ago
    • Yeah, me too....

      The Official Bumble Bee ChannelThe Official Bumble Bee Channel15 days ago
  • Ah yes, the first recorded race I ever watched. About time this was uploaded.

    PredatorsGamingPS4PredatorsGamingPS415 days ago
    • @Michael McIntyre NASCAR channel stealing our jobs and women... rough times

      KingCuervo88KingCuervo8812 days ago
    • @KingCuervo88 I had a version I posted about a year ago too that includes the pre-race & intros accordingly...

      Michael McIntyreMichael McIntyre14 days ago
    • @KingCuervo88 ok. Because I have seen some of your videos that were once stretched that fixed on its own to a true 4:3 & for some weird way goes back to stretched.

      Anthony DeLoretoAnthony DeLoreto14 days ago
    • @Anthony DeLoreto i dunno... im not tech smart... i record.. edit.. upload

      KingCuervo88KingCuervo8815 days ago
    • @KingCuervo88 yeah, but how come some of your races aren’t in a true 4:3? Some of your old races are stretched out from 4:3.

      Anthony DeLoretoAnthony DeLoreto15 days ago
  • It's Bristol Baby

    Emmanuel RomeroEmmanuel Romero15 days ago
  • First