DaBaby Responds To NC G00N Lil Murden Getting His Chain??

Feb 20, 2021
454 314 Views

What y’all think? cap or facts

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    LookitzjayLookitzjay8 days ago
    • Game name?

      Rezan DasilvaRezan Dasilva15 hours ago
    • How much for the beat? The beat at the beginning of this video

      willie williamswillie williams16 hours ago
    • @p rmason I ain’t know niggas still type like this made me wanna go get my flip phone 😂

      Fredo BigGeneralFredo BigGeneral4 days ago
    • That dude is Clout chasing bruh

      Jamaal FergusonJamaal Ferguson4 days ago
    • @Fredo BigGeneral nigga it dnt get no realer than dhat if u wux out cha u will kno klown 🤡

      p rmasonp rmason5 days ago
  • What game is that you’re playing

    KingKaete21KingKaete2110 minutes ago
  • He ain't snatched no chain from Da Baby I promise you that...

    Ramelle BrewerRamelle Brewer6 hours ago
  • He didn’t take the chain. He got it back. Evidently, he talking for one of two reasons or both: he clout chasing or somebody don’t want to pay. I don’t know.

    The WatchersThe Watchers8 hours ago
  • Who robs a niggas just to give it right back smh yu niggas built different

    Adam BaileyAdam Bailey9 hours ago
  • Murden is well respected in n.c

    Dank sanatra old red eyesDank sanatra old red eyes10 hours ago
  • On crip that nigga got da bitches chain.... everybody think da bitch is a killa he caught that body defending himself foh he wasn't huntin lol

    Apple JohnsonApple Johnson12 hours ago
  • That’s definitely a broke boy act!

    Long ChouskiiLong Chouskii13 hours ago
  • That’s so elementary get you some money and you don’t have to take a chain only black people social media gangsters damn

    MrDmoney300MrDmoney30018 hours ago
  • You say the same thing every time. Lol Being broke is not the reason these niggaz gettin they neck took off.😂😂😂

    AC3.SHOOTERAC3.SHOOTER19 hours ago
  • That's cap

    Hog BeezyHog Beezy21 hour ago
  • thank god that’s right

    Q. Noonie ✪Q. Noonie ✪Day ago
  • OMG! What have hip hop become, all this stuff is wake..Do we hate ourselves..

    Ivy RileyIvy RileyDay ago
  • What game you playan?

    Ryandre MilesRyandre MilesDay ago
  • Game.name ???

    Ri Vas.Ri Vas.Day ago
  • That chain bs ain't gone work with Dababy. Dababy done proved he bout that action multiple times already 🤣.

    TrentG the GoatTrentG the GoatDay ago
  • Never da baby ain't going

    Famtight 2100Famtight 2100Day ago
  • Aint gone lie i be in them broke boy sports but I dont brag tho 😂😂😂

  • Come to Louisiana any of you tough rap ass niggaz with a 50,000 dollar chain on its getting cashed out straight up

    K SmithK SmithDay ago
  • What game is that bro?

    Chris LopezChris LopezDay ago
  • You just mad your too baby to take a chain

    Toxicc LionToxicc LionDay ago
  • Da baby capping

    Buck MainBuck MainDay ago
  • @Lookitzjay...its so easy to down talk some shit you dont agree with, huh?

  • It’s some real dumb ass ppl in this comment section G on God

    Brezzy EscoBrezzy EscoDay ago
  • U trippin dababy don’t play like that 😂

    I II I2 days ago
  • Damn you suck at rouge company 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Will iNFORMEDWill iNFORMED2 days ago
  • yo material things , how much you could get from that chain , dum, rob a bank , at least you could get more funds

    Genoa JacksonGenoa Jackson2 days ago
  • That Chain Looks Fake ...Last time I check da Baby Chain Does not have A Cage On The Back Of It😭 ...SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL GANG

  • What game That Is

    John SoloJohn Solo2 days ago
  • He took stunna chain which belongs to da baby !

    kevkev2 days ago
  • What game was that

    Ramirez WilliamsRamirez Williams2 days ago
  • Quote on Quote lmao fr tho

    Trey MoCashTrey MoCash2 days ago
  • That chain looks cheap as hell that's not something the dababy would even wear so that's 100% cap

    Jamar TempleJamar Temple2 days ago
    • It's actually a pendant but I got you

      instant Karmainstant Karma13 hours ago
  • What game is this ?

    Tooliec CreechTooliec Creech2 days ago
  • I see that rogue Company 🔥🔥🔥

    Uncle SpamUncle Spam2 days ago
  • Why Man look like he snapped into a half eaten slimjim

    Joey BlazeJoey Blaze2 days ago
  • That chain real asf

    Daqualyn ElliottDaqualyn Elliott3 days ago
  • Bruh you got da story all wrong... Stunna got his chain stolen... Stunna and and baby cuz up .. we got the messages.. they ain’t like the way murden went about it, so they tryna act like it’s all cap

    Brian CovingtonBrian Covington3 days ago
  • 🧢

    HardBodyYungJayeNicTvHardBodyYungJayeNicTv3 days ago
  • Dude is looking for some fame. I believe DaBaby when he said that he will kill anyone who will try to rob him for his personal Items. He already got a body under his belt, when he killed dude at Walmart. I dare someone go and try and rob the DaBaby

    Luis ZayasLuis Zayas3 days ago
    • Correction, he got 2 bodies and a couple attempts

      OG SolidOG Solid2 days ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/dpmra46dioGtlqE

    22Cologne22Cologne3 days ago
  • thats that vegas dudes tat.

    ReDruM TFDReDruM TFD3 days ago
  • If I'm not mistaken, wasn't this dude on Million Dollar Worth Of Game with DaBaby and the rest of the crew recently?

    Melvin PulliamMelvin Pulliam3 days ago
    • Clout chasing at it's highest!!

      Melvin PulliamMelvin Pulliam2 days ago
  • Debby cap

    Anthony WilliamsAnthony Williams3 days ago
  • All cap he wouldn’t of took it of Dababy all his guns Registered to him and I believe he would have handled the situation he took it from someone who had no protection or couldn’t have none legally

    Deion RussellDeion Russell3 days ago
  • I Believe It .. Get Ya Ass 💨Fuckin Wit DaBaby

    Face MunsonFace Munson3 days ago
  • Internet ruining lives that's the new hell smh thats y yall kant frl stay fokus errbody want attention kant wait to judgement day all yall goin to hell period

    Konan HendersonKonan Henderson3 days ago
  • Who gives a fukk dude REALLY

    Konan HendersonKonan Henderson3 days ago
  • Fuckin that, the chain costed so it holds little value not as much as you bought it for it lost the portion of value it prolly like 2-3k for that peace as it stands you’ll never receive the full value

    Eke ElenduEke Elendu3 days ago
  • Nah you run up on dababy you can bet your ass he's gunna peel your cap back. Niggah already did that to a dumbass in WALMART and got away with it. Stop playin with that man.

    Purpz 710Purpz 7103 days ago
  • Bra

    yoboy chrisyoboy chris4 days ago
  • Nigga said getting yo chain took is worse than a nigga spitting on you 👎🏽

    Drako RodriguezDrako Rodriguez4 days ago
  • Yall forgot the Walmart situation🤔 When the DaBaby been soft 😂😂😂

    Angry Leo5Angry Leo54 days ago
  • That lil ass chain 🤣🤣🤣 🧢

    Flacco JodyeFlacco Jodye4 days ago
  • He tryna get fam ...😂

    Tyri vibesTyri vibes4 days ago
  • What game is this you playing

  • CAP

    James HopkinsJames Hopkins4 days ago
  • Who cares...baby trash though!

    James ThomasJames Thomas4 days ago
  • New Chanel help me win

    TwinR HowellTwinR Howell4 days ago
  • That shotgun kill at 2:28 was nasty.

    R3AP3R G3R3AP3R G34 days ago
  • What game is he playing??

    Miguel RiveraMiguel Rivera4 days ago
  • This man running around with chaac and shotgun 🤣🤣🤣

    Karnij Air It OutKarnij Air It Out4 days ago
  • Toughest dude on the internet lol

    MecHe 12MecHe 124 days ago
  • Brah cap.... He get every rapper chain back??? Lil niggas aint got money to put on the neck of the chain snatcher???? Fake shit, fake clout

    Richy JayRichy Jay4 days ago
  • Brah cap.... He get every rapper chain back??? Lil niggas aint got money to put on the neck of the chain snatcher???? Fake shit, fake clout

    Richy JayRichy Jay4 days ago
  • You can’t really say taking a nigga chain is pointless when niggas got quarter and half M’s on they neck 🤷🏾‍♂️

    The BoothThe Booth4 days ago
  • Aye cuhk ifw wat u doing cuhk but stop posting cap da baby cap asf and stunna and bro murder posted the truth and screen recorded stunna reaching out to him and posted dababys Messages y’all Internet niggas and rap niggas be cappin

    Dekeyvian HaithDekeyvian Haith4 days ago
  • Shitttttt murden got the proof

    Danard DarrisawDanard Darrisaw5 days ago
  • If dude has his content set up proper,music right and new roll out ready....its working

    dj qbdj qb5 days ago
  • Give Lil Murden the respect he DESERVES

    Tre4 ShiiTre4 Shii5 days ago
    • Lol, the way he held up that nasty looking piece (minus the chain) made him look even more Dusty.

      Iron IslamIron Islam4 days ago
  • i think low key he tryin to promote that hes the man to call if your chain gets taken thats all, and if it was true nobody would appreciate u puttin there business on blast

    D EdwardsD Edwards5 days ago
  • Is this nigga playing videos while I'm watching? No SUB!!!

    Get RightGet Right5 days ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/pnaeeJmxa2V_fHc

    Vaughn WalkerVaughn Walker5 days ago
  • Quit talking so much

    B WadeB Wade5 days ago
  • Y'all lame as hell for believing these industry dude's. Lil Murden ain't 🧢! They asked him to get the chain back, and they tried to stunt on him. So now he like fuck em

    Moorish LoveMoorish Love5 days ago
  • Gossiping SMH leave that up to the women's 😏

    Willie GeorgeWillie George5 days ago
  • Da baby is the one of the few mainstream rappers that I believe would've blown him 😂

    d boy313d boy3135 days ago
    • There's plenty of killers in the rap game, you just don't hear much about it.

      Iron IslamIron Islam4 days ago
  • I know this some bull shit that dude is from Florida

    Adrian CarrAdrian Carr5 days ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/qYufaKeyraSrZ6E

    Itzz NinoItzz Nino5 days ago
  • I pray for much success and continual peace to Mr. Baby. Why people gotta bring people down, I don't understand. Keep doing your thing, sir. I sure your wave is touching many lives.

    Larry LasleyLarry Lasley5 days ago
  • Da baby is like 5'6....nigga a 8th grader can take his chain. It's most likely true. And if you believe in these niggas, lieing in these records you a fuq boy just like them. That nigga security is like 6'12....450. Baby pie

    Ricky McFlareRicky McFlare5 days ago
  • Bunch of bichs fighting over worthless diamonds

    Ricky McFlareRicky McFlare5 days ago
  • What's the name of that game in the vid

    okwan stroseokwan strose5 days ago
  • What game is this ?

    xNo_Sympathyy TVxNo_Sympathyy TV5 days ago
  • What game is this

    Z Da GurbZ Da Gurb5 days ago
  • Cornballs!All they do is talk shit to each other over the phone,thats real gangsta!

    The FunkThe Funk5 days ago
  • So what you get the chain .. F**k you want an applaud?

    blackz!!!!blackz!!!!5 days ago

    Charles JohnsonCharles Johnson5 days ago
  • Wat game is this

    MoDolla VisualsMoDolla Visuals5 days ago
  • that intro beat fire asf

    Ezequiel MunozEzequiel Munoz5 days ago
  • 5th ward greedy posted that video with the 4x ring in Atlanta and said he need to check in , he need to see about that

    dirtysouthg4ldirtysouthg4l5 days ago

    NatokaD RoysterNatokaD Royster5 days ago
  • What game is that?

    Sammy worldSammy world5 days ago
  • My nigga what game is this?

    Big rob Double 00Big rob Double 005 days ago
  • u tryna play rogue compey also the smg are the best guns in the game

    Supreme_King23 MontgomerySupreme_King23 Montgomery5 days ago
  • If you PAY attention he got more chains back than just Jaydayoungin Murden really getting them boys chains back since been...

  • whats that game

  • Baby said someone getting popped if they snatching his chain n you say you doubt it, smh you don’t do your research baby bout that if he got to

    MoNiE _1127MoNiE _11276 days ago
  • CAP!!!!!

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