Cutting The World's Longest Fingernails - Guinness World Records

Apr 6, 2021
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Ayanna Williams had been growing her nails for over 25 years but she finally decided it was time for the ultimate manicure.
Measured at a final length of 733.55cm (24ft 0.7in), Ayanna holds the current record for the longest fingernails on a pair of hands (female) - a record title she has held since 2017.
Dr. Allison Readinger of Trinity Vista Dermatology in Forth Worth, Texas, USA, was the dermatologist in charge of the cutting; admitting it was her first time doing a procedure on this scale!
The nails will first be on show at Ripley's Believe It Or Not! in Orlando, Florida.
In the immediate future, Ayanna plans to grow her nails again, but not quite to the length she previously measured at.
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  • That is literally creepy as hell!

    astrialinda Hastrialinda H57 minutes ago
  • So when she got engaged her man put on ring all the way through nail tunnel

    Bhumi RaghavBhumi RaghavHour ago
  • Okey but.. How does she sleep

    Syasya QistinaSyasya QistinaHour ago
  • Time to be a Human

    VɩɳɛɛʈɧVɩɳɛɛʈɧHour ago
  • i'm sure the 1K dislikes are from the people who don't have long nails

    Alaina ZielinskiAlaina ZielinskiHour ago
  • Wtf is this. Why would anyone do this? Can anyone explain?

    ceerw butyceerw buty2 hours ago
  • Cardi b who .

  • Wow! I went to that Ripley's back in 2019 out in Arlington, TX... It'll be exciting to see her nails added! She has such a beautiful personality.

    Nova LoveNova Love2 hours ago
  • Nowadays people are crazy

    Jay SuryaJay Surya3 hours ago
  • O my ... Moniee-Mon, is listening thanks for the info vedios keep doing what'cha do best God bless ya !. How do ppl wash, and eat , WOW ..

    James SmithJames Smith3 hours ago
  • are does nails are real

    Celeste LopezCeleste Lopez3 hours ago
  • Listen to “the light” by BGYO. I know that song will give you hope. I just want you to know that you are worth, You are beautiful. We love you!

    ACEs HarbïïACEs Harbïï3 hours ago
  • Im wondering how can she scratch her back HAHAHAH XD

    ACEs HarbïïACEs Harbïï3 hours ago
  • I wanted to see her wearing rings!

    anushka variyaanushka variya4 hours ago
  • Imagine cleaning your butt after pooping with that nails.

    Geddeon ElloGeddeon Ello4 hours ago
  • Wise of her to have her nails clipped ! It is gross and unhygienic can’t imagine how she attempts to wash her hands in an everyday situation trying to keep it clean !Near impossible !

    V KohlV Kohl4 hours ago
  • My nails are being 000.000.1 cm long What my parents think:

    melmel4 hours ago
  • Im crying while she was getting it cut. All the memories you had with it

    FebzpassionFebzpassion5 hours ago
  • OMG it's horrible🐸

    Doris SalomonDoris Salomon5 hours ago
  • a million questions i have..... how does she go to bathroom, cook and clean , wash hair , put cream etc . etc. etc...??

    Marina CMarina C5 hours ago
  • Just how was she managing her chores?

    PSPS6 hours ago
  • Am I the only one who cuts nails the moment I see the whites of it?

    PSPS6 hours ago
  • _but how did she_ ... *nevermind*

    BlueNinjaBlueNinja6 hours ago
  • I met an older lady with long nails like her it only on one hand. They were curly and it was kinda cool

    Phyllis GEPhyllis GE7 hours ago
  • Wow

    kimani wardkimani ward7 hours ago
  • A Queen 🥺💖

    Sophie WilsonSophie Wilson7 hours ago
  • I guess she couldn’t do anything around the house... 🤔

    Alma MedinaAlma Medina8 hours ago
  • Change is everything. New NOW. Goodness to U and Family. Nj-usa

    Jan CheemaJan Cheema8 hours ago
  • What my grandmother sees when my nails are 1/2 an inch long

    1 CMW1 CMW8 hours ago
  • Always wonder how they make sure their butt is clean after pooping when nails are that long 🤔

    Mrs ChoiMrs Choi8 hours ago
  • What Is Absolutely Amazing Is The Women Doctor Cutting Them Is Very Compassionate And Warm And Aware Of Her Feelings Giving Her A Huge Boost Of Confidence I Have A Feeling This Is Going To Be A Continuously Friendship This Is Awesome👭

    AKingZWldAQu33nZUnVZAKingZWldAQu33nZUnVZ8 hours ago
  • She looks way better.

    Orange KittenOrange Kitten9 hours ago
  • You are absolutely physically REVOLTING

    Christopher ArmstrongChristopher Armstrong9 hours ago
  • She had the grace in her hands since she carried those long nails for years.

    MAGIMAGI10 hours ago
  • omg🙈🙈🙈🙈

    YBAA VLOGSYBAA VLOGS12 hours ago
  • Todo está bien hasta que empiezo a pensar en cómo esa señora hizo para ir al baño durante 27 años con esas uñas

    BenhacksminBenhacksmin12 hours ago
  • They are horrible.

    Linda LuluLinda Lulu13 hours ago
  • As a woman I have a few concerns with having nails that long...yuh know what I mean?

    Theresa VialvaTheresa Vialva13 hours ago
  • What kind of work do you do?

    BIRDMANBIRDMAN14 hours ago
  • must have been difficult working at a job with them....or....

    steven Pontiacsteven Pontiac14 hours ago
  • Glad she got rid of them. It must have been really hard getting into clothes and doing simple chores.

    Yahwendy BabsYahwendy Babs15 hours ago
  • Que nojo

    Helena AlmeidaHelena Almeida15 hours ago
  • Ye normal kam kese krti hogi

    A.p. BhartiA.p. Bharti15 hours ago
  • How does it feel to wipe your own butt???

    Angela WintersAngela Winters15 hours ago
  • Are these nails real or artificial

    Brendan PatrickBrendan Patrick15 hours ago
    • @Joseph Bennett wow thanks😊

      Brendan PatrickBrendan Patrick15 hours ago
    • They were her actual nails , she held the world record for the longest real fingernails.

      Joseph BennettJoseph Bennett15 hours ago
  • Here's me wondering how she takes showers.

    Anah SAnah S15 hours ago
  • Those are Grotesque. Interesting but grotesque.

    Christina HutchisonChristina Hutchison16 hours ago
  • Seems like she was delivering 10 babies.

    DIY All thingsDIY All things16 hours ago
  • The hair... the nails.... that’s a lot of luggage !!!

    DIY All thingsDIY All things16 hours ago
  • Long nails is like punishment to me.

    DIY All thingsDIY All things16 hours ago
  • Can’t even keep an inch of nails!

    DIY All thingsDIY All things16 hours ago
  • It will be a lot easier to do stuff now

    Jinx :Jinx :17 hours ago
  • Her keratin production like 📈📈📈

    Zoe WhatleyZoe Whatley17 hours ago
  • I like the nail so she painted them on the nail polish but I don't know how she had long nails like that it's kind of creeping me out though but they're pretty.

    Special FoxSpecial Fox17 hours ago
  • 🤢🤮

    Mari LankaraniMari Lankarani18 hours ago
  • How did she bath

    Joyce GwenJoyce Gwen19 hours ago
  • Horror

    angela mariaangela maria19 hours ago
    • Yea like the witch from left 4 dead

      J3rryLov3sTac0sJ3rryLov3sTac0s13 hours ago
  • Damn it's look very uncomfortable.

    muskmusk22 hours ago
  • ...seriously?...

    Emily KassienEmily Kassien22 hours ago
  • It must be so nice for her to finally make a fist

    myriah_smilemyriah_smile22 hours ago
  • I wonder how she gets a shower

    Alfat RinsanAlfat Rinsan22 hours ago
  • 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    ฟ้า หลังฝนฟ้า หลังฝน22 hours ago
  • How did she go to toilet with such long nails? I mean, It must be very uncomfortable.

    La SivLa Siv22 hours ago
  • *Humans are really weirds !*

    Souad Vegan الخضريةSouad Vegan الخضرية23 hours ago
  • What a lovely lady.

    Joemnc MJoemnc M23 hours ago
  • I am so glad she did this. I hope she lets go of some of her hair as well. Being healthy, independent and free is most important

    Hilai KarimHilai KarimDay ago
  • how does she wipe? get her cards and do other stuff

    Qtaro - ゴールド・エクスペリエンス・レクイエムQtaro - ゴールド・エクスペリエンス・レクイエムDay ago
  • 😱🥰

    Talk to Me in TagalogTalk to Me in TagalogDay ago
  • what made her change her mind?

    DigmerDigmerDay ago
    • Well the nails were probably putting strain on her joints in her fingers and also with nails that long she can't do anything cause the nails get in the way , if she ever wanted to do any activities such as bowling or any other sport then she wouldn't be able to so departing from them opens up a million new life choices.

      Joseph BennettJoseph Bennett15 hours ago
  • her hat reminded me of the terries sketch of key and peele.

    DigmerDigmerDay ago
  • I'm hoping my locs will be as her's

    Tori BridgemanTori BridgemanDay ago
  • Y a quand meme des débiles sur terre

    dennis le truckeurdennis le truckeurDay ago
  • How does or did she wipe her butt with those long nails?

    Kevin GuthrieKevin GuthrieDay ago
  • how does she dress lol

    Dinicu EricDinicu EricDay ago
  • How she clean up after using the toilet?

    hannah Abrahamhannah AbrahamDay ago
  • "My nails don't make me, I make them" . . ~Ayaana Williams

    Kashvi AroraKashvi AroraDay ago
  • What kind of job did she have?

    Notes from EsmeraldaNotes from EsmeraldaDay ago
  • Thumbs up for you 👍

    Lawrence rakgotlaLawrence rakgotlaDay ago
  • Her hair too

    Jniour SunshineJniour SunshineDay ago
  • Mur britti porikha ki hbo😭😭😭😭😭

    Dimpal RajkhowaDimpal RajkhowaDay ago
  • Yei apna personal work kese krti hogi in nails k saath???😳😵

  • I always wonder WHY. Doing this IS so extreme so you wonder. It impedes your life, hard to do physical things, etc. It must be for attention or some sort of unusual reason unlike the normal she says it is. Sorry, not hate, concern.

    deborah lariscydeborah lariscyDay ago
  • I can’t imagine the relief and feeling her finger tips touch everyday objects would be like

    Kimberly MartinezKimberly MartinezDay ago
  • Bruh I'm glad she cut them off. So disgusting bruh

    Dennis CarewDennis CarewDay ago
  • That is scary I want to know how she wipes herself or showers🙄

    LotusmoonLotusmoonDay ago
  • ceboknya begimane bu? :'(

    Tuti HermaTuti HermaDay ago
  • How do you have nails that long without them breaking?

    Lauren MelvilleLauren MelvilleDay ago
  • How did she wipe herself? Dress herself?

    T MeserveyT MeserveyDay ago
  • Do they ware them things on the head because they don't wash there hair or is it somekind of religious thing! My sis had a neighbour she wore one all the time and when she took it off it was swarming with fruit flies my sis vomited when she seen that, she had her apt door open and she seen her by accident. Isn't that disgusting! Still to long. What is she going to do, nobody has to do everything for her now!

    Janet BabeufJanet BabeufDay ago
  • How does she wipe her butt?

    A CutieA CutieDay ago
  • Yes her hairs are also long

    Vaishnavi KhuleVaishnavi KhuleDay ago
  • Itchy backs be like :

    Shon HunterShon HunterDay ago

    Rotisha TamangRotisha TamangDay ago
  • It was so satisfying For me to watch her get rid of those😳

    TheTiki1111TheTiki1111Day ago
  • I got relief for her too just watching them being sawed off

    Omazing Specialties By Teresa RenyiaOmazing Specialties By Teresa RenyiaDay ago
  • How do she keep her self clean. It has to be hard.

    MzApril LuxMzApril LuxDay ago
  • I was sitting on my hair Christmas 2 years ago. Yes...I cut it. I begged them to please glue it back on...nope.

    Lisa CampbellLisa CampbellDay ago
  • I remember her when I was in elementary school on a tlc strange addictions show

    Isatou KahIsatou KahDay ago
  • Just imagine how long it took to paint those nails-

    strong widowstrong widowDay ago