🐹Cute Hamster pets have Nightmares - DQ Hamster Maze traps #hamsterstories #mazediytraps

Feb 19, 2021
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cute hamster pets sleeping, having a nightmare. It was a very scary dream. Mr Hamster crashed and a maze, where there are many dangerous traps, DQ hamster quickly found ways to escape that maze, he is so smart and brave. But at the end of the maze the Hamster met the monster's hand. the hand raised the needle to stab him, luckily he suddenly woke up. What a feeling. This video is for entertainment purposes only and is a training course for Hamster intelligence. I love my hamster and don't worry, he is fine.😍 Thank you for watching!!
Producer & Director - Truong Tho
Editor & Sound designer - Trung Hieu
Production Designer - Truong Tho
© Copyright by DQ Entertainment
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  • watch Best Off DQ Hamster here: usworlds.info/slow/video/no9_pXjTsqaKfZ0&start_radio=1

    DQ HamsterDQ Hamster14 days ago
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      Maria luisa Alejo tanoMaria luisa Alejo tano7 days ago
    • @Vicente nilson Dos santos х. Ь Э

      Alex dafAlex daf7 days ago
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      Nikola PudoNikola Pudo8 days ago
    • your hamsters aren't toys. You put them in a place where a toy is supposed to be, please stop doing this, this is not safe for your hamster

      •Cookie Wolf••Cookie Wolf•10 days ago
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      Майсарат АбдулаеваМайсарат Абдулаева11 days ago
  • 3:52 never hold a hamster like that 😭💀

    Kanae KochoKanae Kocho6 hours ago
  • No Abuse Hamster!!!!!!!

    Kaleong ChiKaleong Chi3 days ago
  • Olha só, eu já criei muitos hamsters ao longo da vida, e sei que dá pra fazer algumas brincadeiras, cenários e etc, mas pelo que estou vendo desse canal, o dono desse hamster não têm zelo pelo bichinho, não tem cuidado, já virou objeto para o USworlds. Merece meu deslike 👎.

    WoJiao ChunLiWoJiao ChunLi5 days ago
  • This is cruel!! Animal abuse!! PLEASE THINK of your pets feelings before making these videos! Mazes are fine, but causing pain and stress for an animal is cruel.

    Robyn DRobyn D7 days ago
  • ,@,!fheya💌

    PinkTwinkleyyuhc tyPinkTwinkleyyuhc ty9 days ago
  • If they are climbing on the bars it means they are stressed and they need a bigger cage or something

    Hamster Maze StoryHamster Maze Story10 days ago
  • That’s got to be the best pirate I ever seen.

    ハムスター Story Toysハムスター Story Toys10 days ago
  • The people who make this are honestly schmucks

    SciFiCamSciFiCam10 days ago
  • Ppp iinm

    Sweet SabzSweet Sabz10 days ago
  • Animal abuse?

    fishfish10 days ago
  • Your hampster could easily get hurt from this. You have no regard for the safety of the animals in your videos and are doing this solely for the attention.

    SciFiCamSciFiCam11 days ago
  • 赤いのはなん?息子ハムスターすきでみよったら怖い言い出して変えたよ可哀想...

    強くなる母ちゃん強くなる母ちゃん11 days ago
  • This hamster could of seriously got injured

    Bonbon_gibsonBonbon_gibson11 days ago
  • R3 T. G

    Morgan YoungMorgan Young11 days ago
  • Hi cute hamter

    Jennifer ColladoJennifer Collado11 days ago
  • Wtf.. this is abuse. Reported this.

    TheGhostronautTheGhostronaut11 days ago
    • @Angela Monterrey yes. Actually, all of these videos have to be reported.

      TheGhostronautTheGhostronaut10 days ago
    • i reported this for animal abuse but still no action from youtube yet..disappointing

      Angela MonterreyAngela Monterrey11 days ago
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    Wendy GomezWendy Gomez11 days ago
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    For CHILDRENSFor CHILDRENS12 days ago
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  • Daha ilginç videolar bekliyorum 🥳

    Esma Uçar YegenEsma Uçar Yegen12 days ago
  • Зачем над хомяком издеваться ?

    Anton MahankovAnton Mahankov12 days ago
  • ok wtf psycho? you are torturing the poor hamster...these traps are unnecessarily brutal..when you took him by the scruff hanging and show him the needle to inflict fear after he found his little prize was very cruel ..stop torturing your hamster for money and entertainment

    Angela MonterreyAngela Monterrey12 days ago
    • yea report it

      Ryan HolkenbrinkRyan Holkenbrink11 days ago
  • Giannac 🤕😭😵😭😭😭😮😮😰😩😩😍😍😇😇😇😅😅😀😃🙃😉😚😚😞💔😰😮

    Gianna CaraballoGianna Caraballo12 days ago
  • ずっと鳴いてるじゃないですか!ストレス溜まってしまいますよ!早く死んでしまいますよ!

    川崎亜梨華川崎亜梨華12 days ago
  • Bow down to bun bun

    Damon VangDamon Vang12 days ago
  • You hamster soooooooooooow

    Ella ErtasElla Ertas12 days ago
  • your hamster is soooo cute:D

    Part of the FamilyPart of the Family12 days ago
  • Hamster I love you🖤🖤

    Özlem DUMANÖzlem DUMAN12 days ago
  • I had a cat she is six months I don’t like hamsters

    YH3(12) MalaikaYH3(12) Malaika12 days ago
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  • làm như thế nào vậy để ra

    Châu NguyễnChâu Nguyễn12 days ago
  • Aww his nightmare someone picking him up and giving him infections is so sad

    Dara’s CraftsDara’s Crafts12 days ago
  • I love yours vedios

    Heitor e ThorHeitor e Thor13 days ago
  • А мне ещё нравится канал Мокрые Носики 😍

    Познавайка ВсезнайкаПознавайка Всезнайка13 days ago
  • твой хамичок прекрасный

    Azizov UmedAzizov Umed13 days ago
  • hamsters are treated much worse in nature and hamszers like mazes even if they are a little annoyed🐹

    KHT. HobbyhorsingKHT. Hobbyhorsing13 days ago
  • Шоу

    Светлана ФроловаСветлана Фролова13 days ago
  • You know you are injuring you hamster by the way i have hamster

    Riz EshanRiz Eshan13 days ago
  • The hamsters have it good by DQ hamster🐹

    KHT. HobbyhorsingKHT. Hobbyhorsing13 days ago
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      Farida AhmedFarida Ahmed13 days ago
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    NOOB freefireNOOB freefire13 days ago
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    Liana KarabaxcyanLiana Karabaxcyan13 days ago
  • You guys think this is cute, but this is absolutely disgusting, the hamster is not having a dream, that is real life, the guy made the hamster go through that, which it possibly could have hurt him, And then he picked the hamster up like that, that probably hurt the hamster a lot, This is just cruel.

    Grandma Judy is the bestGrandma Judy is the best13 days ago
    • @Ryan Holkenbrink I will

      Grandma Judy is the bestGrandma Judy is the best11 days ago
    • report it grandma judy be the hero the kids need

      Ryan HolkenbrinkRyan Holkenbrink11 days ago
  • I love him but he is needing more rest ;

    Doumi B-ADoumi B-A13 days ago
  • 😪😅😆😩😡😠

    Alfonso RalaAlfonso Rala13 days ago
  • I love bet....

    Maryjane PelagioMaryjane Pelagio13 days ago
  • What is that ?, Its not good for an hamster, Stop

    Ⲉ⳽ⲧⲁⲅ ⳊⲟⲈ⳽ⲧⲁⲅ Ⳋⲟ13 days ago
    • @DQ Hamster What the hell is wrong with you

      xX polar BerryXxxX polar BerryXx9 days ago
    • @Grandma Judy is the best it just a dream, don't worry

      DQ HamsterDQ Hamster13 days ago
    • @DQ Hamster bro, you made the hamster do it, to make it look like a dream, stop

      Grandma Judy is the bestGrandma Judy is the best13 days ago
    • No. That is dream. No real

      DQ HamsterDQ Hamster13 days ago
    • Trueeeee

      DoctorFroydDoctorFroyd13 days ago

    Beta BetaBeta Beta13 days ago
    • Thank you. I hope you love channel

      DQ HamsterDQ Hamster13 days ago

    Kani MoazziniKani Moazzini13 days ago
    • @DQ Hamster what the actual heck What if the hamster got a critical injury oh but it’s OK because it’s “ just a dream”

      xX polar BerryXxxX polar BerryXx9 days ago
    • @DQ Hamster ok

      Kani MoazziniKani Moazzini13 days ago
    • Dont real. It is dream

      DQ HamsterDQ Hamster13 days ago
    • True

      DoctorFroydDoctorFroyd13 days ago
  • Thats fucking horrible!!!!! Wtf

    Scott StoneScott Stone13 days ago
    • O r e l s e s t a b b y s t a b b y

      Scott StoneScott Stone13 days ago
    • G o o d

      Scott StoneScott Stone13 days ago
    • Not real

      DQ HamsterDQ Hamster13 days ago
  • 🤯🤯😱😱🤬

    Princess EmelithaPrincess Emelitha13 days ago
  • Don't hang your own hamster like that.

    Henry AHenry A13 days ago
    • @DQ Hamster hmM I don’t know don’t worry someday when your hamster gets very stressed and sad or even has a heart attack don’t worry 😊

      xX polar BerryXxxX polar BerryXx9 days ago
    • Dont worry

      KHT. HobbyhorsingKHT. Hobbyhorsing13 days ago
    • Don't worry

      DQ HamsterDQ Hamster13 days ago
  • Ģv

    Marie AlvesMarie Alves13 days ago
  • Imagine the pain these lil hamsters go therw

    ABC KidsABC Kids13 days ago
  • All these videos are is pushing squishing and hurting animals

    ABC KidsABC Kids13 days ago
    • yea report pls

      Ryan HolkenbrinkRyan Holkenbrink11 days ago
  • Animal abuse!!!!!!! Just saying

    Melanie MusickMelanie Musick13 days ago
  • Hamster best 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Ông Thọ OfficialÔng Thọ Official13 days ago
  • My idol DQ Hamster

    John HavenJohn Haven13 days ago
  • Bir şekilde iddia etti

    HANİN MELEK elomer elberhumHANİN MELEK elomer elberhum13 days ago
  • Bro this looks like cruelty dude

    DeltaFox87DeltaFox8713 days ago
    • Yeah it gets panicked a lot

      xX polar BerryXxxX polar BerryXx9 days ago
    • It is and ima get there channel striked

      ABC KidsABC Kids13 days ago
  • Dq hamster🐹

    Thắng TrươngThắng Trương13 days ago
  • I MISSED THE STREAM sorry dq hamster

    Thunder - PlaysThunder - Plays13 days ago
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    yadana khaingyadana khaing13 days ago
  • wow l love your videos😎

    CQAXCQAX13 days ago
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      Fatima NamaHamedFatima NamaHamed13 days ago
  • Best Hamster

    John HavenJohn Haven14 days ago
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      bcgzjDyfeuqvhMichael PelletierbcgzjDyfeuqvhMichael Pelletier12 days ago
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    阮氏銻阮氏銻14 days ago
  • بققق٤٣لغغ٤٤٤٤عا

    nido alonido alo14 days ago
  • hello guys, I'm Kluna Tik. Hope you guys enjoy with DQ Hamster channel 🥰

    SUPER TOMSUPER TOM14 days ago