Cruella - Everything Wrong With Disney

Feb 22, 2021
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The recent trailer for Disney's Cruella pretty much highlights everything wrong with this company. Let's take a closer look.

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    The Critical DrinkerThe Critical Drinker9 days ago
    • You forgot there was 101 Dalmatian (Show) in 1997 then we got a 2nd movie in 2002 called 101 Dalmatians Patches London Adventure, And in 2019 We got 101 Dalmatian Street

      GerardGaming2007 Minecraft MasterGerardGaming2007 Minecraft MasterDay ago
    • This movie, birds of prey, and the joker from suicide squad has completely destroyed the term Edgy. The only thing edgy here are the borders of the screen you are watching it on.

      Remember NovemberRemember November2 days ago
    • how much did Disney pay Jeff Bezos for appearing in the trailer I wonder.

      hardleecurehardleecure2 days ago
    • Just simply NOOOOO

      Ry MckRy Mck3 days ago
    • @The Critical Drinker. Tell me, did you act like you did in the video when kill Bill came out? How dare a female main character do bad things, lol. You are just as much as a sjw as the leftist sjws

      Johnny FeralcatJohnny Feralcat6 days ago
  • Dunno why yall thunk she's gonna be misunderstood like maleficent, it looks more like its about her descent to madness like the joker which us fime but still unoriginal

    grmp 19grmp 1914 minutes ago
  • I don’t think the movie Cruella is trying to depict Cruella as a misunderstood hero, it’s just a fun movie with a cunning protagonist.

    matilda parismatilda paris44 minutes ago
  • Disney: i know the frist 3 live action remakes where hot trash but 4 is my lucky number.

    SpaceyGnatSpaceyGnatHour ago
  • If you want to see a genuinely fun prequel about Jafar, go look up Twisted by Starkid on USworlds. That’s how you do it!

    NeynaNeyna2 hours ago
  • god disney suck.

    UltimateSteevilUltimateSteevil3 hours ago
  • Do these remakes have something against making the character stand out? Old disney films specifically made the main character dress in a certain color to stand out yet in the remake everyone is wearing the main characters signiture color giving me an eye sore trying to find them lol.

    lele lewlele lew4 hours ago
  • IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOVIE FOR YEARS SIR! can’t wait to see emma stone

    Tori LafontaineTori Lafontaine4 hours ago
  • I am so glad I’m not the only one who thinks this

    Rma TreglownRma Treglown4 hours ago
  • Woke Disney World.

    Memphis SommersMemphis Sommers4 hours ago
  • Disney stopped hiring people for their skills and talent years ago, and started hiring for their race, gender, and sexual orientation only regardless of qualifications.

    Nae NaeNae Nae5 hours ago
  • They literally copied Harley quinn

    Mookan KandiahMookan Kandiah5 hours ago
  • The reasons they’re milking live action is probably because they butchered Star Wars. They figured they could pump out any old shit under the title and it’d be beloved. When it all went to shit they went into overdrive trying to recoup their losses. Hence the reliance on remaking films that they know work. They’re playing it safe because they daren’t do anything decent for fear of more loss

    Kaysab11Kaysab115 hours ago
  • I think the whole point of Cruella's self-aggrandizement throughout the trailer is meant to illustrate the extent of her evil/insanity. It isn't supposed to be taken seriously. Almost like she's going to be a villain.

    Hid DahHid Dah6 hours ago
  • I really like Maleficent, though. But I do think it's weird that they're trying to redeem a character that we already know the motivations and how cruel she is (I mean, unlike Cruella, we didn't really know Maleficent's story and her motivations to do the things she's done, so, in my opinion, it's okay to write a story telling her pov)

    YorancyYorancy6 hours ago
  • Instead of making her a role model, why not make her the opposite? Have the whole movie with her thinking she is in the right and telling the audience she is right and that she is just misunderstood and fights to prove that, while showing the complete opposite. Have her fight the antagonist, thinking that she is in the right and is the good guy when she is just as bad or even worse than her. Like maybe at the end, have her end up worse then the antagonist, and instead of proving herself to be a misunderstood she proves just how right everybody was about her, that she isn't a strong, independent misunderstood person, she is just a crazy, messed up, overall cruel person who is just as bad as the oppresors in her life. The ending could either have her forever in denial or just have her give up and embrace it, maybe showing girls what happens when you go too far or something. Basically instead of having her as a role model have her be an example of what not to be. Or to be even more simple just do what joker did.

    The Ultimate Shipper F.L.The Ultimate Shipper F.L.7 hours ago
  • Oh Drinker, live forever! You've got balls, dude. You've got balls.

    Patrick McDonaldPatrick McDonald8 hours ago
  • I was kind expecting that Disney have learned about the huge Mullan mistake... But Not today folks, not today

    Ana HAna H9 hours ago
  • Why do they keep shelling out this trash movies that flop year after year? Its like they hate money

    bot netbot net9 hours ago
  • Hellmann - Hell - Devil - Wears Prada - Or the skin of dalmatians. My association. And yes, Disney - and not only them - trivialise, glorify and victimise evil characters. Which means nothing else than twisting bad to good and *PROMOTING* evil, even as role models. Well, Disney is part of Hellyweird. It has always been...

    Say My NameSay My Name9 hours ago
  • We just need to stop funding this trash

    Greg BoggsGreg Boggs9 hours ago
  • 100% accurate in the first 7 seconds

    Amber SAmber S9 hours ago
  • 7:29 M o n e y

    zombielizard218zombielizard21810 hours ago
  • The main goal of Disney live-action remakes/sequels: Look pretty and make money

    Pallas B. AntifearnPallas B. Antifearn10 hours ago
  • Imagine what would happen if a movie came out, the first scene of the trailer, you hear a man say "I am man hear me roar."

    retpalretpal11 hours ago
  • Whislt we are talking Disney..everyone should go to the Star Wars USworlds channel and down thumb every High Republic video.

    jasewildheartjasewildheart11 hours ago
  • They are going to make Cruela movie??? Seriously? Wtf?

    Rodrigo JuniorRodrigo Junior11 hours ago
  • Well, at least hollywood has stopped trying to force Emma Stone as the 'sex symbol' upon us. Sorry, but she's a four on her best day.

    231mac231mac12 hours ago
  • The accent makes this 100% more entertaining.

    Jam LymJam Lym12 hours ago
  • They should take a page out of the musical play "Twisted". There's a scene where all the Disney villians come out and talk about how they were misunderstood and then Cruella comes out and talks about how she just wanted a coat made from puppies, then all the villians start to shame her.

    decoraqueen adecoraqueen a13 hours ago
  • Simple answer... Disney never did anything "new" all of thr Disney stories are derived from thr folk tales of different countries or regions. Taking out the interesting stuff and anything that didnt fit with white/male/Christian supremacy...and thr parts that were inappropriate for children of corse.

    Thackery BinxThackery Binx13 hours ago
  • I honestly don't think the trailer has enough material to criticize this heavily. If the movie does try to turn Cruella into a misunderstood anti-hero, I'll be mad, but I don't think the trailer has proven that yet. The trailer is from Cruella's point of view, and obviously Cruella doesn't think of herself as a villain. No villain does. If the movie only shows her side of the story, that's uncool, but if it subverts and reveals her lies/delusions, it could be good.

    Lindsay MorrisonLindsay Morrison13 hours ago
  • excuse you birds of prey was fucking incredible and the only damn good superhero type movie i've seen in YEARS, don't even think to compare this with that

    Ashton HamreAshton Hamre13 hours ago
  • Good luck with that, creating a hero from a character who wanted to kill and skin puppies.... in the United States where animal lovers would (rightly) kill for less..

    egwulfegwulf13 hours ago
  • Disney rarely came up with anything new. Nearly every mainstream animated feature they've made has been a remake of a classic fairy tale or children's story. Their original stories that click are few and far between. Today they've realized they're out of ideas, so all they can do is remake their own movies and give villains their own standalone backstory films.

    Retrogamer BTLRetrogamer BTL14 hours ago
  • Anyone get harleyquinn vibes

    ZahraZahra14 hours ago
  • Why Emma Stone?? I really liked her....

    ChanCeNecKChanCeNecK15 hours ago
  • So now they're trying to make us care about someone who skins animals for their coats. Either *they* are batshit insane or *I* am.

    Clayton BakerClayton Baker15 hours ago
  • Cruella as in the chick that is literally so evil she kill puppies? As in the literal origin of the joke about villains being so evil they kill puppies? That chick? The villain that's so evil they literally named her cruel devil? Speaking of which I was today years old when I realized.

    FireFox64000000FireFox6400000015 hours ago
  • Exactly...someone needs to tell them it's okay to have a villain be bad without the antihero background 🙄

    Emily AuEmily Au16 hours ago
  • It only makes sense that Disney would want to rewrite history to make villains into heroes. Walt himself was a suspected Nazi supporter, until the war broke out, and then Disney started profiteering by making propaganda films for the US. Yet Walt is held out to be a saint.

    Timothy FolkinsTimothy Folkins16 hours ago
  • that was everything I felt in a second after seeing a glimpse of this movie

    Spartan ElfSpartan Elf17 hours ago
  • When I saw the trailer I also had the sudden realization that they were going to appeal to the feminists. I remembered this one iconic line from the original life action remake, where Cruella is salty that the protagonist lady would give up her career to become a housewife, and the duality and the implications of that line. That it was dubious and undesirable to be a career woman because the villain/ antagonist was saying it, so therefore it must be wrong ; that’s so telling. I am a woman and wether you decide to become a house wife of a career woman, whatever makes you happy. But. I remembered that line and I was like, there was more controversial feminist agenda in that one line in the OG live action remake (which is my trash, I love Glen Close and all the puppies) than in that whooooole new movie. I could already tell my eyes were going to roll back in their sockets eventually being bored enough to wait this movie

    Lamc B.Lamc B.17 hours ago
  • 3:32 God bless Tywin Lannister

    Kyle SimmonsKyle Simmons18 hours ago
  • to be fair, malificent was very good, and it felt more like an alternate take on a classic tale. Cruella, the puppy slayer from a story written in the last century? I don't think so

    ManofStarsManofStars18 hours ago

    god563616god56361618 hours ago
  • I really do feel like there are *some* Disney villains who could be interesting to explore, like Ursula or Dr. Facillier. Don't make them tragic heroes, but explaining *how* they became the villains we know and loathe could be fun. Cruella de Ville literally wanted to wear puppies. You cannot, and should not, make her sympathetic in any way.

    Caitlin SnowfrostCaitlin Snowfrost18 hours ago
    • They're fine as they are. We want new movies, not crappy rehashes of movies that didn't need further explanation.

      Elisa Castro.Elisa Castro.4 hours ago
  • Disney: Any asshole can become a hero Me: I know. Every time I poop without constipation, I think the same.

    vidblitzvidblitz19 hours ago
  • A decade of hiring people based on ideology instead of merit has doomed Disney to churn out garbage products until the demise of the movie studios. This is happening to all woke companies. Uneducated activists cannot produce anything of merit.

    MakingTechSenseMakingTechSense19 hours ago
  • When are we getting a live-action of Ursula? The misunderstood mermaid whose painted as a villain

    Zeezee AZeezee A19 hours ago
  • Yeea... this looks truly awful

    hcazhcaz19 hours ago
  • Yes let’s sympathize w the woman who has “Cruel” and “Devil” in her name

    Carlos TorresCarlos Torres20 hours ago
  • Boy, they seem to be competing about who makes the worst movie nowadays

    Gabriel ValerioleteGabriel Valeriolete20 hours ago
  • Shouldn’t peta be protesting this movie for normalizing a puppy skinner or something? Then again peta kills as many dogs as China

    MonkeyMuchachoMonkeyMuchacho21 hour ago
  • Imitation is the highest form of flattery, that being said, I get some serious Mr. Plinkett ripping off vibes from you

    Robert TariRobert Tari21 hour ago
  • Can we get iron giant 2 Atleast?

    Daughson PerkinsDaughson Perkins21 hour ago
  • Disney has had its down years before where creativity went bankrupt for the most part. First time around the time first Rescuers was made which flopped, prompting Disney to do more shitty live action. 90's animator renaissance saved their asses, then another new drought happened in the early 2000's. Them re-buying their old animators back by bringing in Pixar breathed somewhat new life again. And now we're experiencing Disney's 3rd drought where complacency rules the day.

    MeittiMeitti22 hours ago
  • Nevermind, my links get erased as well...Freedom of speech, yall!

    Женька и КоньЖенька и Конь23 hours ago
  • Sorry for the links, but this is the only way to speak freely on youtube today. Everything else gets erased automatically.

    Женька и КоньЖенька и Конь23 hours ago
  • It was either this or another live action reboot of 101 Oh wait that'll be the sequel nevermind

    D DD D23 hours ago
  • I knew they were out of ideas but come on

    honeybee holmeshoneybee holmesDay ago
  • greyscale birds of prey

    Kate M MrKate M MrDay ago
  • I don't think the same person should put Disney down for putting a new spin on an old character and praise the Joker, which literally did the same thing. I don't think the concept itself is what's bad, it all depends on the end result. (I love Joker btw.) I honestly think this movie looks interesting. Maybe it's a bit too much wishful thinking on my part that it will be decent considering Disney's track record, but I don't think the idea itself is bad or lazy.

    RobberatorRobberatorDay ago
  • "something tells me that well-known male villains won't be getting the same treatment" at least there's twisted: an untold story (I think they actually tried to add some depth to Jafar in the Aladdin remake, but they mostly wound up making him blander... why couldn't they have given him a proper villain song instead?? oh yeah they were too busy "empowering" Jasmine)

    ChristinaChristinaDay ago
  • Okay now Disney has officially ran out of ideas the bullshit at Lucasfilm pisses me off but idolizeing a puppy murder nah I am fine

    Alex VargasAlex VargasDay ago
  • You forgot there was 101 Dalmatian (Show) in 1997 then we got a 2nd movie in 2002 called 101 Dalmatians Patches London Adventure, And in 2019 We got 101 Dalmatian Street

    GerardGaming2007 Minecraft MasterGerardGaming2007 Minecraft MasterDay ago
  • You forgot 101 damasin patch London advance. And the tv show.

    blueyoutubeblueyoutubeDay ago
    • @GerardGaming2007 Minecraft Master i did meanch it and the 102 damasin after the tv show and after 102 damasin 101 patch London advance then the new one General damasin on disney.

      blueyoutubeblueyoutubeDay ago
    • You forgot about 101 Dalmatian Street. There was a TV show back in 1997. And there was a 2nd movie, I even do review on 101 Dalmatian Street

      GerardGaming2007 Minecraft MasterGerardGaming2007 Minecraft MasterDay ago
  • Cruella is just going to be another strong woman movie by Disney.

    Pickle RickPickle RickDay ago
  • What kid or Disney fan boy would even want to go and see this? There’s no audience for it!

    AAJ BrysonAAJ BrysonDay ago
    • Lefties who can’t get enough of another strong woman movie.

      Pickle RickPickle RickDay ago
  • Honestly, for the effort, Cruella deserved that coat

    DanielDanielDay ago
  • Has it ever been more obvious that Hollywood simply does not understand (or care about) what the average moviegoer thinks or wants from their entertainment? It's like the elites are competing to see who can lose touch with ordinary people the fastest.

    Andrew McGrawAndrew McGrawDay ago
  • I liked 101 and 102 Dalmatians because Glenn Close is/was *made* to be Cruella. Emma Stone? I could see her being the daughter of Cruella or something, but not her. Also, I am so glad I don't have Twitter anymore, because then I'd have to see shit like "Cruella de Girlboss!" and unironically supporting the murder of puppies because we have fallen that low as a species.

    Eat At Joe'sEat At Joe'sDay ago
  • "Baroness von Mayonnaise." There is more creativity in that one name than there is in this entire film.

    • She sounds like Patti Mayonnaise's aunt.

      Eat At Joe'sEat At Joe'sDay ago
  • Isn’t Cruella supposed to be a angry self obsessed middle aged women, and not an attractive 30 something.

    Nu-Metalfan 24Nu-Metalfan 24Day ago
  • Uhh, I only watched this because it auto played when I wasn’t paying attention. I avoided it because I honestly thought it was a review of the awful live action Dalmatians movie from who knows how long ago. A minute in, I realized my mistake, and then could not focus on the rest of your review. I was too busy thinking, “why?” And when you got to your wrap up, I snapped out of it as you asked the same question. There is next to no originality left out there. Thumbs up from me. Cheers Drinker.

    Shawn HulsShawn HulsDay ago
    • Shit man, at least the live action one from a decade ago had someone who owned the role and managed to stay entertaining throughout that snorefest. This? Cruella's dull as dishsoap here.

      Eat At Joe'sEat At Joe'sDay ago
  • I'm a female of the species... I love and adore animals. The fact that Disney are trying to make us feel sympathy for one of the most horrible women in the Disney franchise. She wants to kill puppies ffs! I haven't even seen the film and I know I already hate this films existence.

    Wu Xeitan AtreidesWu Xeitan AtreidesDay ago
  • Critical Drinker, at this point, don’t even bother with Disney. I don’t want you giving them your money. That’s money you could spend on much better substances. Plus, it means that Disney has one less subscriber to Disney Plus. Or you could just pirate. I’ve heard you’re an expert.

    WATeReDWATeReDDay ago
  • Twisted did it better

    ____________________________Day ago
  • Finally! Someone that has the same views of modern Disney that I do!

    Algiz_Algiz_Day ago
  • I feel like Hades would be a far better candidate for the spin off story. Tragic backstory?- was almost killed by his dad Igniting incident?- was cheated out from his rightful position by his brothers (also contributes to his motivation in the animated movie) Expansion on the original story?- Hey, how about we address the fact that the Gods on Olympus are actually huge jerks at best and awful human being at worst (insert your meta commentary on the Hollywood culture here) Come on Disney, if you wanna make a more "serious" movie why won't you take a source material that would actually benefit from the said "serious" tone and resemble the original story at least tiny bit more.

    Liza MikhalchukLiza MikhalchukDay ago
  • Ok, but Maleficent was good. The only good one.

    Dione MartinsDione MartinsDay ago
  • Half the reason why Disney does this is for copyright renewal.

    Ga ZiiboGa ZiiboDay ago
  • “Baroness Van Mayonnaise”

    Alex SalariAlex SalariDay ago
  • Honestly if people just stop watching these movies and let them fail like Mulan, eventually Disney will realize that there remakes won’t make money anymore and they’ll start making new shit again and the movie industry will do better.

    PenelopePenelopeDay ago
  • Only thing I like about this trailer is the actress who plays Cruella herself. Don't know who she is, but she attractive....😍 Oh, and🖕🏼 the movie

    Joshua MoolmanJoshua MoolmanDay ago
    • @G. M.: Will look her up thanks👍🏼😁

      Joshua MoolmanJoshua Moolman10 hours ago
    • She's Emma Stone. She was in 'La la land' which is a great movie (if you like musicals/love stories) and she first became famous with a comedy called 'Easy A'.❤️

      G. M.G. M.10 hours ago
  • I'm guessing killing animals is going to be justified in her story or a "bad" girl, making this one of the movies with the most ammount of cliches that I won't be seeing. *Or* A movie genuinly about the already well known and written villain, that adds to her story while making it within the characters range (doesn't just add stuff to make her likeable), and properly explains why she actually became this obsessed with animal fur, in the first place.

    nuts and boltsnuts and boltsDay ago
  • The problems here cruella is classic disney villian/ but its freaking movie why you guys want the company listens to everything this movie is good its fiction and anyways it would be awesome.

    mehdi kianimehdi kianiDay ago
  • Actually you can do that fabric burning thing... It's made by soaking the fabric with some chemicals that once dry don't allow the fire to create a flame, and only burn the fabric into ashes immediately, thus avoiding a fire :) it may not look as cinematographic and "aesthetic", if one could say this approach has any of those things, it would be very uneven haha but essentially that would be it

    Daniela VelásquezDaniela VelásquezDay ago
  • it kind of looks like they wanted a birds of prey but why are we trying to be sympathetic to a woman who wants to murder dogs again? Like, isn't she just a Karen?

    wildhearseswildhearsesDay ago
  • The sad fact is that even though this will (hopefully) bomb, people will watch it. People will sit their kids in front of it. And we will get more like it because it's an easy cash grab.

    brknkybrdbrknkybrdDay ago
  • Cruella: *abuse animals* Disney and people in 2020-2021: aesthetic, poetry, emotional, lovely, art

    Honey SunHoney SunDay ago
  • I need a new Disney film that has a villain that just can't be redeemed or explained, that would be more interesting

    Cat HillCat HillDay ago
  • It's the 70's rehashed. I want to watch it purely for nostalgia and to see the epic Mini car escape through the streets of London.

    Fitzroy_SparkFitzroy_SparkDay ago
  • They want to turn a woman who skins puppies into a feminist icon??? Aight, great message, girls, skin puppies

    Sarah NicoleSarah NicoleDay ago
  • They already have a live action version of 101 Dalmations with Glenn Close as Cruella De Vil. Now they want to make this garbage? No one can top Glen Close on that role! This is why Anna and I are wishing Dreamworks would by the rights to Frozen.

    Kristoff BjorgmanKristoff BjorgmanDay ago
  • Yeah i'm gonna watch it for Emma Stone, i'm just not gonna pay disney, yarrr

    Sarah NicoleSarah NicoleDay ago
  • Birds of Prey is a fuckin' masterpiece, stfu

    ArtemisArtemisDay ago
    • I would not call masterpiece, but it really is a good movie.

      Enzo JoséEnzo JoséDay ago
  • I mean tbh Harley isn't dumb she was a doctor but she does act pretty dumb

    Keshawn BullockKeshawn BullockDay ago
  • The musical theater parody group Starkid has a hilarious take on this trend in the form of "Twisted", a musical about Jafar's "misunderstood past". You can find that on their USworlds channel.

    Michael ChesnutMichael ChesnutDay ago
  • I will still watch it because Emma Stone ☆彡

    へへへばかへへへばかDay ago