Crazy Rescue Dog | Dog Attack

Apr 5, 2021
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Mickey is a rescue mutt who isn't afraid to show the groomer who is boss.
Dogs must be completely dried when possible to avoid hot spots. Hot spots are infection of the skin, and often develop when a damp coat sits on skin for a prolonged period of time.
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  • Oh Mickey, you're so fine, You're so fine you blow my mind, Hey Mickey, Hey Mickey

    Dee BeeDee Bee43 minutes ago
  • The funny thing is that the smaller dogs are feisty and the big guard dogs are so calm and gentle!

    Emily LiangEmily Liang2 hours ago

    BuyLink StayStinkyBuyLink StayStinky2 hours ago
  • So cute

    duckieduckie2 hours ago
  • He’s so cute

    Tori’s Farm LifeTori’s Farm Life7 hours ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Licensed and insuredLicensed and insured9 hours ago
  • Love your videos, so happy I've found them. Where are you located for grooming services?

    Najenaj16Najenaj1611 hours ago
  • “without dogs like you my job would be very boring” girl, what! I would love this job sassy dogs or no sassy dogs

    K.K. AbacusK.K. Abacus18 hours ago
  • He is precious SAS and all!🤣

    Kimberly SagooKimberly Sagoo23 hours ago
  • What is with the right rear paw at 2'19", looks deformed?

    J GoogJ GoogDay ago
  • Excellent work. You are a true artist. The dog looked great at the end of the video.

    Cinsational CinemaCinsational CinemaDay ago
  • “We tap gloves" killed me.

    Lance T.Lance T.Day ago
  • poor nervous rescue boy

    ROB BoheaROB BoheaDay ago
  • Must have had a ruff life before he was rescued :(

    Peter Wilcock FilmsPeter Wilcock FilmsDay ago
  • Can someone make an "inappropriate" compilation video?

    FycstionFycstionDay ago
  • Is that behaviour called "sass"? In that case, my ex wife was one sassy woman.

    Bizness CrewBizness CrewDay ago
  • "thak you for the sass, without dogs like you my job would be very boring" 🤣🤣🤣

    respectthefishrespectthefishDay ago
  • lolll 😂😂😂😂 ADORABLE

    Lemance Moss JrLemance Moss JrDay ago
  • “Save yourself woman” 😂😂😂😂

    Lemance Moss JrLemance Moss JrDay ago
  • why do you call him crazy ? least hes not a small minded human like you

    AndyPandy777AndyPandy777Day ago
  • Wothout dogs iq my job will be so boring 😂

    Sahil SonawaleSahil SonawaleDay ago
  • I tried to give him a chance but ...

    KeyKeyDay ago
  • She would absolutely love my oldest chihuahua. She's got one tooth and screams bloody murder and tries to bite when you do her nails. It's gotten worse over the years. But baths? Oh my god she loves baths. She groans and arches herself into your touch when you scrub her up. It's the best

    deoyxdeoyxDay ago
  • You're very very good at what you do, you are patient and you are understanding. You have a deep love and understanding of dogs without being a pushover. You exert your calm authority very well. I don't think ol' Mickey has anything to complain about. I could learn a little from you!!!! He's looking soooo good as a result of your talents.

    Silas MarnerSilas MarnerDay ago
  • Ahhhh your videos are so satisfying ✂️🐾

    Amy ShawAmy ShawDay ago
  • He only attacks after seeing the item

    asxpremeasxpremeDay ago
  • Looks like he's getting there keep up the great work

    Kala BellKala Bell2 days ago
  • 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Tony BlansjaarTony Blansjaar2 days ago
  • I like your voice

    Adilson CamachoAdilson Camacho2 days ago
  • "But, he wanted to eat me again" Dogs walking by my house when my 2 mastiffs are looking out the window:

    EnderdragooonEnderdragooon2 days ago
  • that is one gorgeous looking good boy right here

    NoeLSDNoeLSD2 days ago
  • What a face!!! ❤️

    Pinggolfer71Pinggolfer712 days ago
  • It’s funny because despite all the offensive “sass” he also seemed always an excited happy boy towards you

    GhANeCGhANeC2 days ago
  • Nice work

    Walter EnglerWalter Engler2 days ago
  • Lol, I really liked his haircut, suited him...

    Kelly GervaisKelly Gervais2 days ago
  • Good grief, look at those ears 🤣🤣🥺

    Tou ShaéTou Shaé2 days ago
  • You can’t do that.

    ꪶꫀꫝᥴꪖ᥅ꪶꫀᧁꪖᥴꪗ 2401ꪶꫀꫝᥴꪖ᥅ꪶꫀᧁꪖᥴꪗ 24012 days ago
  • Stage 5 clingers used to be called dingle berries.

    asymptotic singularityasymptotic singularity2 days ago
  • Love how you cover their ears!

    Sheila ReynoldsSheila Reynolds2 days ago
  • I wanna hug Mickey🤗💛😍💙🥰🤗

    Pamela HarringtonPamela Harrington2 days ago
  • He’s so cute at the end he looks like a corgi

    LumpyCinnaBunzLumpyCinnaBunz2 days ago
  • Where are you located

    abbyplaysabbyplays2 days ago
  • That head tilt at the end was adorable 😍

    Kavya VenkateshKavya Venkatesh2 days ago
  • Love love love the narration style

    ololade101ololade1012 days ago
  • "ah poop"

    Sul SulSul Sul2 days ago
  • Stage 5 Clinger LOL I'm copying that

    Mr. DavenportMr. Davenport2 days ago
  • Omg super cute freaking dog lol

    Emily SupriseEmily Suprise2 days ago
  • He’s very cute 😭 He’s like how mine used to be, lots of patience and repetition and he’ll be just fine and get used to it.

    Emily Billy Bob SeniorEmily Billy Bob Senior2 days ago
  • Clap of he barks while you’re doing him again

    Kennedy BartleyKennedy Bartley2 days ago
  • he looks adorable. ❤️

    K DiamondK Diamond2 days ago
  • nice mickey.

    Ryan SRyan S2 days ago
  • Ahhh yes...The Rescue Mega-Mutt... Also known as a Great American Mutt-Hound. Beautiful pup. Especially after your work. I love your channel.

    JigSaw JazzJigSaw Jazz3 days ago
  • I wish I had your job :(

    ArashArash3 days ago
  • Mink oil conditioner as in.. Real mink oil? That seems a little bit redundant to use a dead animal’s oil on a rescued animal.

    Kat RoseKat Rose3 days ago
  • The worst part I hate is trimming the nails I’m always afraid that I’ll go too short and they’ll just bleed all over

    A JA J3 days ago
  • Awww, now he's a cutie!

    Puppet SeducerPuppet Seducer3 days ago
  • Doesn't even look like the same dog. Great job.

    P JP J3 days ago
  • Aw he us so handsome!!

    Maria Aguilar RiveraMaria Aguilar Rivera3 days ago
  • Honestly, I'd like to be able to get a haircut for myself :(

    Jiří ČechJiří Čech3 days ago
  • How scared of bully breeds are you?

    Julian MartinezJulian Martinez3 days ago
  • Don't squirt water in his face and never dry a dog with a hair dryer, it damages their kidneys.

    Amanda SkittAmanda Skitt3 days ago
    • 🤣🤣🤣 Now that's the funniest thing I have ever heard

      Girl With The DogsGirl With The Dogs3 days ago
  • This lady can rob any of these dog's owner house.

    Surajjyoti NathSurajjyoti Nath3 days ago
  • At the end he looks at the camera like “ I swear owner, I was totally calm the whole time!”.

    Taru OwOTaru OwO3 days ago
  • Tap gloves hahahaha

    thomas robinettethomas robinette3 days ago
  • Yeah I couldn’t be a groomer. It would be muzzle city with every dog all day every day. Ain’t gettin’ bit and fighting with them constantly is just a waste of time when at the end of the day they need to be properly groomed.

    Marieda ParellioMarieda Parellio3 days ago
  • Thank you asian reporter Tricia Takanawa

    Alex CAlex C3 days ago
  • ninja doggo with the ear protectors and muzzle looks like sub zero

    CymbolsCymbols3 days ago
  • Ur commentary and the text pop ups make things so funny I can’t 💀

    ValkyriahValkyriah3 days ago
  • Love u

    Hard ThingsHard Things3 days ago
  • I'm so afraid for this baby. Usually, these are high risk dogs and will be put down for their unpredictable nature

    Red DreRed Dre3 days ago
  • bruh my dog is very sweet but she gets very hyper. shes a boxer and black so people think shes being mean but shes always been a sweetheart, she doesn't even bark. i dont take her to the groomer anymore because she kept being drugged without my families permission. its nice to see you being patient

    tom nooktom nook3 days ago
  • Aw what a beautiful and adorable dog!! Love the end picture!! You did a great job!!💗🐶💗

    Pam SPam S3 days ago
  • Normal people: *watches video* Me: geometry dash font

    nobodynobody3 days ago
  • Welp. Improvement is improvement.

    MantidreamMantidream3 days ago
  • Ppl like this are amazing. They love animals sm, but don’t mind them not loving them back all the time to help take care of them and keep them healthy.

    A BA B3 days ago
  • Not only are the animals cute, but the way she gets into details about what she is doing and the hilarious commentary she puts in while grooming the animals sold it for me! 😂😆❤️😅🥺 subbing!!

    TmanTman3 days ago
  • I admire your calmness and professionalism... I know groomers who beat the dogs that try to bite... In fact where I live this is a common practice. Seeing you work now I know how it is done properly. I would love to learn from you

    Egyed BrigittaEgyed Brigitta3 days ago
  • “Before any good fight, we tap gloves.” 🥺😍

    khfan4life365khfan4life3654 days ago
  • You should get Gold medal. Epic work your doing

    Mark PenhallMark Penhall4 days ago
  • Such a handsome boy tho

    x xx x4 days ago
  • I wish you didn’t use mink oil. From what I know that’s a cruel industry

    Joy RiceJoy Rice4 days ago
    • @Supreme Creation i was raised vegan -.- if I ate any of those or used animal products then no I wouldn’t say anything.

      Joy RiceJoy RiceDay ago

      Supreme CreationSupreme Creation2 days ago
  • The hypnotic ex-husband morally strap because light conclusively twist among a broken coffee. long-term, courageous gearshift

    Toni MyersToni Myers4 days ago
  • Super cute

    Rachel TRachel T4 days ago
  • Stage 5 clingers? 😂😆😅

    Bob SmithBob Smith4 days ago
  • Your awesome.

    Anthony UrbanskiAnthony Urbanski4 days ago
  • I've been waiting for thiss!!!

    Ashanty OrtegaAshanty Ortega4 days ago
  • OMG you are amazing. An angel. 💕

    Melissa SaraviaMelissa Saravia4 days ago
  • Hi! How many dogs do you usually groom per day ?

    mollko1mollko14 days ago
  • I love this sense of humor

    Jillian HopkinsJillian Hopkins4 days ago
  • Aww wgat a cutie, I mean hey thats a lot of improvement, keep it up lil man might eventually stop

    Cap SimpCap Simp4 days ago
  • "thank you for the sass, because if it won't for dogs like you my job will be very boring!" The woman loves her job! 👍🏽

    Hewhoshall NotbenamedHewhoshall Notbenamed4 days ago
  • He is soooo cute 🥺 moody but cute 😂

    iBare Polar BeariBare Polar Bear4 days ago
  • i dont understnad this buisness.

    oleole4 days ago
    • @l qwq l the last part of your replie is basically my point. its a buisness for the owner not the animal.

      oleole4 days ago
    • @ole Idk what to say man I mean if the owner wants their pet to smell nice I don't see a problem as long as it doesn't bother the pet

      l qwq ll qwq l4 days ago
    • @l qwq l i understand health improving and maintaining measures to the animals skin/ coat. my vet does this too. but cosmetics and these fans and deos on an animal is like bad business to me.

      oleole4 days ago
    • You don't understand that dogs need grooming?

      l qwq ll qwq l4 days ago
  • You’re the sweetest. Your content is so wholesome and I know that when I watch your content I’m going to leave feeling good 💖

    SofthyungwonSofthyungwon4 days ago
  • Watching this as a groomer is hard. If the dog doesn't like the dryer you DON'T do it and find a better option even if it means sending him back damp. As long as the most important matts are out the drying is the least important. That dog is way too stressed at that point to even think about getting dried. You are trying way too hard trying to make him look 'perfect' when all that is doing is making him behave like that. Not every dog needs 'the works' because they are a dog, they don't all like it so don't force it

    Megan AllenMegan Allen4 days ago
  • 1:49 Babushka mutt is very much filled with anger

    CottonCandyWitchCottonCandyWitch4 days ago
  • Someone looks beautiful

    Tae Young AhnTae Young Ahn4 days ago
  • I'm so glad that you have a good sense of humor about the dogs attitude! I'd take my puppies to you just because of that!

    terilyn nortonterilyn norton4 days ago
  • Respect to groomers, they make your goodest bois gorgeous and risk getting bitten the sht out of

    Oh my god BeckyOh my god Becky4 days ago
  • Thank you for the SASSSS xDDDDD

    SphiiinxxSphiiinxx4 days ago