Crack Addict interview-Patrick (February, 2021 update)

Feb 20, 2021
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Soft White Underbelly update interview and portrait of Patrick, a crack addict in Los Angeles.
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  • These interviews remind me of that first time I came to the realization that not everyone wants help or can be helped. When I was 9 I was exploring a creek behind my house and came across this homeless woman living in a tent with her dog. Looking back she didn’t physically look like a 100% sober person. I asked if she was okay and she started crying. I invited her to my house and my parents fed her and we gave her a ride to the Bart station. I don’t know what happened to her but I remember my parents insinuating that she didn’t really want too much help and doesn’t want to change her circumstances. The feeling of wanting to help someone is amazing but realizing that you have no power to help them because they can’t accept it is one of the most heart breaking things . Mark , how do you feel when you want to help someone but they just aren’t able to accept the help? Do you ever get tired of offering help because the denial becomes something that negatively affects you in some type of way? Or do you just accept that some people won’t want help and let it go. and you focus on those that do?

    MoniqueMonique16 days ago
    • Some people just want someone to listen and not judge them. I feel like that's a running theme that actually stands above the addiction(s) themselves.

      PlayinWithGhostsPlayinWithGhostsHour ago
    • @Soft White Underbelly i can do trigonometry!! 😂😂 love you mark i'm clean in rehab talk to you soon

      Patrick CarriganPatrick Carrigan3 days ago
    • Wow what a comment you made it's perfect I just lost my brother last month and got another on the same road and idk what I should do it's sad and leaves me with a hole in my chest

      JonyDabzz AlldayJonyDabzz Allday5 days ago
    • ​@Soft White Underbelly The answers are difficult to understand for someone that hasn't experienced that kind of addiction. I've often wondered how I could tap into the insane resourcefulness the brain employs in the search to get high, it's like a survival instinct... it's all or nothing, you WILL get high, it's only a matter of how. Nearly no obstacle will stop you, you will cook up the most backwards plans because literally nothing matters except that one fact, you WILL get high. You may not keep your house, or your friends, or your marriage, or your dignity... but you've rewired your reward system in such a way that those things aren't as important. Not to 'you', but to your biology. It's like it gets it's claws all the way down into your soul.

      Hiro BeatsHiro Beats6 days ago
    • @Soft White Underbelly Please continue to do by interviewin the people who have an problem and honestly need that person that who's understanding, caring, no judgin, and try to help that person to get better... Like myself who's fightin an addiction who want a special person that understanding, and caring that's our rehabilitation to get help mentally and physically

      Cajon JonaleonCajon Jonaleon6 days ago
  • I think it's incorrect to make a dichotomy between those that are addicted (for whom love is not a priority) and everyone else (for whom love is). I am addicted to many things and I would still put love as my priority in love. There is no dichotomy in this world between addicts and non-addicts. You can be addicted to many things, addiction itself is a sliding scale, most of us are addicted to something. Furthermore, is it not out of a misplaced self-love that the addict uses? Still love.

    Barnaby KentBarnaby KentHour ago
  • That teeth grinding 😬 !!!

    Max M.Max M.4 hours ago
  • 9 months clean... I wish there was a way to show him how beautiful life truly is when you choose to love yourself 😭❤️ You can do this Patrick! I want to give him a hug but what he needs is a major wake up call. He hasn’t hit rock bottom yet... Sad to see this update 😔

    Bry MarcoglieseBry Marcogliese12 hours ago
  • This world is a very messed up place. How can you blame someone for trying to find an escape? Especially someone like Patrick? He seems like an amazing guy.

    Kevin CarpenterKevin Carpenter16 hours ago
  • Crack will always trump privilege. 💯

    Marley BolingMarley Boling17 hours ago
  • Started taking crack few weeks back.... at the moment I didn’t know what it was and my friend that got me on the drug didnt say it was crack.... but i got to know just this weekend and i quit.... i told him this morning that i dont want no invite to his place no more.... and i pleaded with him to quit too.... Am sure he wont but i hope i can quit

    Chigga NiggaChigga Nigga19 hours ago
  • I am rooting for you Patrick! You seem like such a good person and i really hope that one day you can save yourself and stay clean.

    Lawrence Van DammeLawrence Van Damme20 hours ago
  • I live in a treatment home for addiction and crime right now and have been clean for 6 weeks, I feel much better but the craving is still there and I will have to work with it all my life I think. Interesting videos you get many thoughts. Good luck Patrick I understand how it feels.

    Jesper SvenssonJesper Svensson20 hours ago
  • He is a idiot!!!

    Alysia CamfordAlysia Camford23 hours ago
  • bro ive rewatched all the ones with this guy in it and i usually dont care about people like this but this guy seems legit and its so shitty to see this dude he a real one

    Logan CzebotarLogan CzebotarDay ago
  • Mar 8th, to whenever, I pray for ya brotha. Find your spark.

    HP DeskJetHP DeskJetDay ago
  • A drop in the ocean. and this is A real common sense fact... a car is a valuable resource. Losing a car is a, well, step into homelessness.

    HP DeskJetHP DeskJetDay ago
  • Make a channel Patrick, you can help so many by sharing your journey. I am praying for you brother!! By his stripes you are healed. #celebraterecovery

    LizLizDay ago
  • Hey marc ,how's Patrick? Did he go rehab ?

    • @Soft White Underbelly im smiling here..what a character..I know u like him alot 2!..tks for feedback ,appreciated.

    • Yes, a couple days after our last talk.

      Soft White UnderbellySoft White UnderbellyDay ago
  • Amazing that this dude after being corrected on the trans thing once, then correctly genders her as a "she". If a crackhead can manage this, why can't the right wing?

    NathanNathanDay ago
  • I can see hes struggling.

    godstompergodstomperDay ago
  • He is so likable. Crack seems like the most uncomfortable high and just awful consequences. Praying for him.

    Apocalyptic BehaviorsApocalyptic BehaviorsDay ago
    • In my experience it was more uncomfortable than meth. Crack is just as fiendish of a high but it last such a short time that your cycles of being high and then crashing make you lose your mind. Also damn near instant psychosis

      Jose ValdesJose Valdes12 hours ago
  • Man has one good ass job. Hey I’m calling in to smoke crack for the rest of the week okay just come in whenever you are done.

    Timothy EbertTimothy EbertDay ago
  • Had to have lost that city job by now. Sad self destructive but super intelligent

    A to Z EntertainmentA to Z EntertainmentDay ago
  • Strangers passing in the street By chance two separate glances meet And I am you and what I see is me....

    Cyrille LoreauCyrille LoreauDay ago
  • Question: Are these people being compensated for these interviews?

    ElieGoralElieGoralDay ago
    • I didn’t hear him say he was being compensated. But that’s great. If this channel is giving back to the people it’s exposing, I think that’s amazing. I hope they’re all getting some kind of support equal to the profit the views of this channel generates.

      ElieGoralElieGoral15 hours ago
    • Yes, he said it many times in the interviews

      Tulip O'HareTulip O'HareDay ago
  • Trauma normally starts drug addictions. Drugs maintain it .

    eddie mclaughlineddie mclaughlinDay ago
  • Wow, you belive in Christ with that conviction? Hold fast brother, you will make it through this.

    UmbongoUmbongo2 days ago
  • I like Patrick. He seems like a cool man. He also doesn't look like a crack addict. I've seen worst crack addicts that don't look too well. Patrick looks like he's still sane. Maybe idk what im talking about or not making any sense. 😂

    Arshanie NiketaArshanie Niketa2 days ago
  • My uncle was same way...great heart..great soul...horrible addiction.

    Hector HawthornHector Hawthorn2 days ago
  • Mark I truely love you brother but your most def shallow

    Goj MoikGoj Moik2 days ago
    • You should humble yourself more

      Goj MoikGoj Moik2 days ago
  • Crack is a crazy thing u won’t ever know unless you’ve been involved with the stuff

    Paul JonesPaul Jones2 days ago
  • giving any credit to religion is a major problem, it is only hurting people.

    neatphar -neatphar -2 days ago
    • The truth.

      Madam LtMadam Lt2 days ago
  • I’d love to have a conversation with Patrick; he’s so articulate and creative with his use of language

    Jako HunchoJako Huncho2 days ago
  • In his case I think it is the drugs first and the low self worth comes as a consequence. Like he said before, it's the chase of that first excitement. It's not that you're not happy sober, is that you know it can be better, you remember how it was when you first tried it. You play down the awful side of it, you give in, and you relapse. Then maybe get clean for a while, then rinse and repeat, unfortunately. It's really unfortunate. Hope he turns around.

    Cristiano LopesCristiano Lopes2 days ago
  • $$$$ is his Trigger.. His employer and his father are enabling his crack addiction..

    Jacinto AJacinto A2 days ago
  • If they showed us this type of stuff in school, instead of the terrible DARE program, a lot of people could be saved. It’s real and raw. It leaves an impact

    Bob MarleyBob Marley2 days ago
  • This is a smart dude

    I_Like_It_HereI_Like_It_Here2 days ago
  • @Soft White Underbelly Wow! Come on Mark - you know better - of course their priority is love but when you don't have that than things most often go south in one way or another. Please Mark !- just because you don't do drugs does not mean that your priorities and the need and desire for love are any different then those you interview - you were simply much luckier.

    pinkdostoyevskypinkdostoyevsky2 days ago
  • Hey Patrick if you see this man God is always there brother it's just you feel him when you cry. You blackened your heart pretty good brother , turn back to God he is the most merciful. You brought me to tears, thank you.

    Matt WingMatt Wing2 days ago
  • Lots of energy this guy

    silk 88silk 882 days ago
  • Been there , fake drugs , the yearning , desire for more , spun out of control. The insanity and sickness. I'm on this side of it now , I can relate , but no longer a slave . I had to move from South Dakota ( meth central ) to texas and cut myself off from everyone. Now 2 grandbabies later it's time to go home . Am I scared, hell yeah . I know what going home before has always meant ( from multiple treatment centers ) I always used and relapsed . This is the longest I been sober in 30 years . Love your channel . ❤️

    Glenda EastGlenda East2 days ago
  • He hasnt hit rock bottom yet.

    Stacy BigfootStacy Bigfoot3 days ago
  • Options are this man's enemy, rock bottom is the point when I didn't want to live but I didn't want to die this way. I traveled across the country running from all the people the places the, but I was always there when I woke up. I wouldn't say I lost my house my job my relationship my family I gave it away. I was a fast talker to slow thinkers I could tell you what you needed to hear to get what I wanted to get, when options became only two or death that's when I made a decision.

    david thomasdavid thomas3 days ago
  • He has nothing or nobody to get clean for. Sometimes you need other people to respect you to have respect for yourself. When i quit doing heroin i told my friend and he thought i was lying. Then he came over one day with heroin. He asked "Wanna see some bomb shit?" I said sure. He handed it to me and i said that it looked awesome. But i handed it back. He looked at me like i was crazy and said "Wow you really did quit huh?" He looked almost sad as if i was doing something he couldnt do. Well after he found out many other people found out and the feedback i got from everyone was positive. They were all proud of me. Which made me proud of myself. Now without them knowing they are holding me accountable. If i go get high all that respect i earned back from everyone would go out the shitter and i'd probably never get it again. Patrick doesnt have anyone that respects him right now.

    Janoy CresvaJanoy Cresva3 days ago
  • Most addicts never get clean, they die

    aye jayaye jay3 days ago
  • Is there a GoFundMe for Patrick? I really want to help this human out. He's like right on the edge and I have the ability to help. I was in his shoes like three years ago (different drug) and if it weren't for kind people in my life, I would most certainly not be here today.

    PlayinWithGhostsPlayinWithGhosts3 days ago
    • @j m I disagree.

      PlayinWithGhostsPlayinWithGhostsHour ago
    • Throwing money at him won't help with his problems

      j mj m5 hours ago
  • I'm moved for patrick, I knew a patrick in rehab, they're not the same age, and different drug of choice but I cant help wonder if he got clean

    xnoheartxxnoheartx3 days ago
  • I get that the interviewer is really trying to get in the heads of these people and understand, but it's frustrating when he tries to push his theories on them for why they are the way that they are. I think no matter the amount of "self love" you have, crack is going to bind to you like a ball and chain. If this interviewer has so much self love, go smoke crack for a week and tell me you just had to realize you loved yourself and it's over... Ftr, this is the 5th-6th interview I've watch and I can point out moments in every one where he seems equally as insensitive... Dying to know how much struggle this interviewer has gone through in his own life. Maybe I'm wrong, but he comes off as incredibly privileged.

    dude guy Yarnedude guy Yarne3 days ago
    • I never really had an issue with crack but powder and dope definitely had that effect on me

      Matt BergMatt Berg2 days ago
  • Praying for him, it’s crazy that he doesn’t love him self, just watching him, I love who he is as a person. God is good and hopefully he can see how great he is one day.

    Angelica OquendoAngelica Oquendo3 days ago
  • I had no idea of the power of addiction before this channel, it’s eye opening. I hope Kevin is one of those rare people who gets over their drug habit.

    Eir LeamhEir Leamh3 days ago
  • This disease fucking sucks! Patrick, if you happen to read this, there is a way out! I have been there before and luckily I have escaped. The only thing that changed anything for me was taking the 12 steps in ORIGINAL FORM and making them the center of my life. As a result I have a life now. I am sending love, prayers, and good vibes your way, wishing I could help! Even though you don't believe it, you deserve to be happy and you deserve to be free. You could help so many people with your experience...

    bswagg3rbswagg3r3 days ago
  • All addictions have one common denominator,,,,,,,that is a weak mind,,,,talking from experience,,,,courage is the first of all qualities that guarantees you everything else,,,,to all the downtrodden,,,,just don't give up,,,don't give up,,,,,whatever, whomever, wherever you are,,,,,don't give up,,,,you can win,,,you just got to,,,,,

    Mill on the FlossMill on the Floss3 days ago
  • It's gonna take some extended jail time to stop.

    Joe SilviaJoe Silvia3 days ago
  • It be hard to understand me 'cause my jaw keep lockin' Bite down, bite down It'd be hard to understand me 'cause my jaw keep lockin' Bite down, bite down It'd be hard to understand me 'cause my jaw keep lockin'

    MA77DUB X1MA77DUB X13 days ago
    • no judgement, I used to geek too

      MA77DUB X1MA77DUB X13 days ago
  • Ahh man pls keep safe Patrick

    Aaron RobinsonAaron Robinson3 days ago
  • I would love to see a video of Patrick reading the comments on these videos.

    tristantristan3 days ago
  • Honest addicts have it the worst in my opinion & experience. It's rough. I felt ( and was ) worthless using all kinds of trash.... All i know is JESUS saved me. Our priority is love. God IS LOVE...When we accept the love of God ,we will love automatically love others and automatically ourselves.

    R.G. AmsterdamR.G. Amsterdam3 days ago
  • Oh shit just seen this!

    Sober living with Brian FranklinSober living with Brian Franklin3 days ago
  • This dude doesn't wanna quit period. He must have a dealer he cares about him as an investment and will keep him going just enough to keep getting paid. I haven't watched the other video's but I'd be curious if his dealer is an old friend of some sort. Crack is no joke and I've seen more people loss everything on it. House, wife, kids, job, etc. Very sad to be honest

    Jess TolleyJess Tolley3 days ago

    William KiĺlWilliam Kiĺl3 days ago

    William KiĺlWilliam Kiĺl3 days ago
  • Wow! This is the creater guy's best one ive seen yet. He's picking up some great info and explaining life in general to these people. "Love" is the #1 thing every single one of these people desperately wants and needs.

    Jake BushJake Bush3 days ago
  • Your videos are part of my rehab process, I attend CA meetings everyday and see a drug addiction psychologist once a month, I do sports and try to be surrounded by people who are not self destructive as me (I have been taking coke and alcohol on a weekly base for 9 years). What you say about lack of self love and being ignored/abused/not loved during childhood, is just very true. I had a very violent and depressed mother who insulted me and beat me whenever my father was not watching, that's why I do not miss anything that is related to my 0 >18 age. I live far away from the US, if we were close, I guess I really had a story to tell you too. Take care, keep doing the good work

    Enrico NolastnameEnrico Nolastname4 days ago
  • Patrick - go to a psych safe place for a whole year.

    Allison PegusAllison Pegus4 days ago

    Jurassic JoshJurassic Josh4 days ago
  • You don't smoke until you run out of crack, you smoke until your lighter runs out

    Jurassic JoshJurassic Josh4 days ago
  • The crackhead Aaron Rodger's

    Alex 999Alex 9994 days ago
  • Sober up and the bolts of depression will loosen if you try to start fresh and improve day by day and once those bolts are lose invest in your life with relationships and make that the foundation of your life instead of the addiction Or something like that, worked for me, but everyone’s different and situations are situational. If you truly want it you’ll get it, either if that’s the next hit or waking up knowing your better off than where you were yesterday

    joshjosh4 days ago
  • Patrick, please take care of yourself.

    Rick JamesRick James4 days ago
  • I normally don’t comment on anything and I am in no way a ‘holy roller’ for lack of a better term but I feel compelled to say this...when he said that when he really thinks or talks about God he cries...I feel the need to let him know that this is the work of the ‘Holy Spirit’ that is what the trinity is truly IS the FACT that God lives within and through each of us. And when we are ‘off’ due to drugs, trauma, whatever have you...God is still in our spirit. YOU, actually happen to acknowledge the presence therefore YOU are going to have a stronger emotional reaction than someone who really doesn’t ‘know’ or hasn’t ‘accepted’ it. I hope so much for you that you can beat this adversity and find a healthy balance in life. Bless you and your spirit! We all face ourselves eventually. Thank you for being so transparent!

    Kelly LynelleKelly Lynelle4 days ago
  • Dam this hurts to watch cause I know exactly what he's going through And like this brother says, Yeshua is God incarnate . He came and was killed by his own creation in order to make a way to him for his creation. The New Covenant as prophesied in the OT.

    EklypisedEklypised4 days ago
  • In heaven your crack pipe is never empty. Don't quit bro, I believe in you!

    wittoistwittoist4 days ago
  • Maybe prison would be helpful if he thinks it would create forced sobriety and detox??

    MichaelMichael4 days ago
  • Saddest thing ever. I’d send a gift if there was a chance he’d use it for food and shelter and not rock.

    MichaelMichael4 days ago
  • *The 3 videos he did within a month or so are insane. In a month he went from a relapsed addict who’s a Harvard grad with a city position making 6 figures who has a car and apartment in la. To a addict with a sex addiction, who’s spent most of his time on skid row looking for crack and hookers, missed work probably lost his job, spent all his money, sold his car for crack, was beat up and robbed, his dad won’t pay for his condo or give him money...just within a month! It’s very hard for me to understand since I’ve never been addicted to anything. I think In general it’s hard to understand how one can go so far down from where they once were. He’s went to 10-15 rehabs and still can’t hold his own money and can’t stay sober longer than 6 months. He has all the support in the world from family to friends but still his addiction is winning. I’m sorry but there’s a point where it seems like he just doesn’t want to stay sober. At what point does his family and friends walk away? This has been going on for 20 years. It’s gotta be exhausting for the ppl who love him.*

    Tiffany LincolnTiffany Lincoln4 days ago
  • seeing how disappointed he seems in himself is crazy. like a normal dud trapped in the body of a fiend

    sk84lafssk84lafs4 days ago
  • man can I relate to the worst thing being: the last hit is fake. You lose your humanity out there. Thankfully I have not been in that mindset or situation in a long time.

    Great WhiteGreat White4 days ago
  • He has most of the same mannerisms as Elon Musk. Make of that what you will.

    Quillan HallQuillan Hall4 days ago
    • He did say he was working 22 hours a day

      Neeks RodriguezNeeks Rodriguez3 days ago

    MAroc_SpecopsMAroc_Specops4 days ago
  • The power these drugs have over behavior is beyond my understanding. I have never been in a situation in which I would make these compromises. Hope it never happens. On these videos, I have seen women (and more men) give up children for access to drugs. Just well beyond my understanding. The same guy believes in space fairies, starting to come together. You give up your life to drugs and at the same time to a fantasy of "god". Wake up.

    John CooperJohn Cooper4 days ago
  • Who cares! What happens to you, look at the evil, your people have committed to God's chosen people...fuck you we hate you and God yahuah hate esau...

  • Patrick, I say this with love. WAKE UP....

    Chadwick SmithChadwick Smith4 days ago
  • Hope he gets it together, seems like a good dude.

    Stephen ProwseStephen Prowse4 days ago
  • he needs a psychologist. you are spot on with the fundamental problem not being drugs. relapse is the symptom. every time you get close to the root issue he blocks. he's smart. shame is one of his main feelings. i think theres something to that molestation by those girls when he was young that he logically dismisses, but whatever the emotional scar he has is the source of this. He let us know that his crack use is linked to some sexual feeling. his 5 year old mind was traumatized. its so painful for him to go to those feelings that he would rather live on the street broke than confront those feelings. ask him how he felt when he was molested. you'll know you are close when the emotions come out. the only answer is to face his emotional scars. there is no other way.

    SkiddlaSkiddla4 days ago
  • Patrick, I wonder if you read these comments. I hope you do. For multiple reasons, when I see you and hear you speak, you remind me of a couple of the best people I've met during my life. Both were struggling with addiction. I would always ask them at some point, and constantly ask myself, what does your future look like to you? They never knew. I didn't either. If they thought they knew, and when I thought I knew, it was usually a continuation of the present situation, or things getting worse. It wasn't until I started to look for an answer, a real answer to that question, that things got better. The whole process, from the realization there was a lack of a vision for the future, or the grim outlook of the future, to the desire to change that vision and outlook, to devising the game plan to create the change, and finally to everyday life, the constant evolution of that game plan is what has helped me in my addictions. I hope you find yourself and your true path, whatever those two things mean to you ✌

    Joe RJoe R4 days ago
  • Patrick got to rehab.l, at leas5 6 months . Long term. It will change your life ..

    Jag GirlJag Girl4 days ago
    • He’s been 10-15 time. He needs a year.

      Tiffany LincolnTiffany Lincoln4 days ago
  • Geez this guy is spiraling

    g keckg keck4 days ago
  • I’m not giving up hope for you Patrick. You can turn it around.

    Shawn PShawn P5 days ago
  • Honestly, Mark is cool but not cool. Yes he does a good thing but he’s also as screwed up as these folks but in a richer, functional way. Divorced for sure. He can come off as a jerk.

    My YouTube NameMy YouTube Name5 days ago
    • He’s just a photographer and interviews people. And he never said he was better than anyone. He hears their stories and gives them information to help them. He’s not a social worker, a doctor, a therapist, he’s just a guy with a camera. People forget about that.

      Tiffany LincolnTiffany Lincoln4 days ago
  • Start a fucking go fund me for this guy... idk why I feel so bad for dude hope he gets shit figured out and gets off that shit and finds his happy

    andrew gravesandrew graves5 days ago
  • I really, really hope Patrick is in a better place, and I hope he can stay clean. I haven't slipped into addiction, I avoid it like the plague. I avoid putting myself in situations where I could access it because I've a feeling I'd develop an addiction if I ever started. I'm "straight edge" like you say are yourself, but a mixture of "high intelligence" and insanely stressful work has me worried that something bad could happen. Plus an insane serotonin deficiency. Idk what it is, but I feel like I relate to Patrick a lot. Definitely more than anyone you've interviewed in the passed. Keep doing great work man. I really feel like you're making an impact even if it doesn't feel like you are.

    Anthony SniderAnthony Snider5 days ago
  • Omg, you are such a good person. This is Not normal, I had a meth addiction years ago, my brother said that to me , I quit. Have been clean for 20 years but have unfortunately replaced with alcohol. Addiction is a SPIRITUAL SICKNESS. This man is in the midst of his hell, as am I. I prey for him, it's very hard.

    Nanna BouNanna Bou5 days ago
  • Pity party table of one

    duece sevenboyduece sevenboy5 days ago
  • Is it just me or is he actually a really good looking guy? Hope he sorts it out.

    Rosie 90Rosie 905 days ago
  • Why did you give this guy money? You are only enabling his addiction

    Ben RosenbergBen Rosenberg5 days ago
  • I'm praying things get better for everyone, my prayers are focused on you now Patrick. May God bless you with positive and great opportunities to enrich and fulfill your life and grant you the wisdom to learn from your mistakes and make better choices with your life.

    TheJeremy BTheJeremy B5 days ago
  • Such an amazing channel.

    Koofy DonnisKoofy Donnis5 days ago
  • Yep, he’s high 😞

    Desiree CoadDesiree Coad5 days ago
  • what gets me about this guy is he wants to suffer it tears me up inside. Im too sympathetic to watch these videos

    Noah PappNoah Papp5 days ago
    • @Noah Papp he may not be I am only going off of personal experience I’m no mental health professional

      Matt BergMatt Berg2 days ago
    • @Matt Berg i dont think so but thanks for your input.

      Noah PappNoah Papp2 days ago
    • It’s depression man he seems to be at a point where he just can’t care anymore

      Matt BergMatt Berg2 days ago
  • so like he wants that boypucci

    Noah PappNoah Papp5 days ago
  • Stop giving this guy money geez

    CollectorColeCollectorCole5 days ago
  • Peter Kay fell off

    Chris SimpsonChris Simpson5 days ago
  • He's nowhere near being ready to quit...

    shirkshirkshirkshirkshirkshirk5 days ago