Coyote tries to eat baby calves - Rodeo Time 231

Feb 17, 2021
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Dale and jo literally save the day at wacamole camp when 3 coyotes try to snag these twin baby calves!
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Who is Dale Brisby!? Dale Brisby is a legendary bull riding gypsy soul that is always on to the next one! He crawls outta bed the same way he crawls into the bucking chute, ready to keep it 90! He loves spurring big brahmer necks for big money checks. you can find him at the pay window, behind the bucking chutes, in the chute, or even busting broncs and tearing down honky tonks! He's been 90 in Maine, Spain, Spokane, and Ala-bame! Thank you for taking a moment to enjoy his shenanigans on the road, at a rodeo, or at home at Radiator Ranch! We all know that one guy who's always playin. You find yourself wondering every time he opens his mouth if its a serious story or another joke. You think to yourself, "You play too much! But it is funny. And you're good looking. And I want to name my kid after you. And you're a legend. And I want you to kiss my wife on the mouth!" Well that guy is me! Sometimes when I open my mouth, I don't even know if what I'm about to say is credible, so I can't imagine how you feel! However, if it isn't true, it otta be! Thanks again for joining!

  • dang I cant use my 30 odd 6 yet any way

    Bros ShirleyBros Shirley14 hours ago
  • we haven't seen any coyote's tho

    Bros ShirleyBros Shirley14 hours ago
  • we have calves calving now to

    Bros ShirleyBros Shirley14 hours ago
  • Well done Ol’son! 🤠

    IMJ ProductionsIMJ Productions16 hours ago
  • Good Shot son

    Charlie WatkinsCharlie Watkins17 hours ago
  • You guys are the BEST!

    Brian LadouceurBrian Ladouceur4 days ago
  • Natural predator catching a laboratory creation. Living your make believe “cow boy” lives shit is a joke. Cow meat is garbage 💩

    Two FeathersTwo Feathers4 days ago
  • CHEMTRAILS NEED I say More?🤔

    Caroline BrownCaroline Brown5 days ago
  • I love shooting coyotes!! 😛👍

    MrStaybrownMrStaybrown5 days ago
  • Honestly I don’t like his videos very much but I can’t see nothing wrong with what he did in this video

    Kristen RowleyKristen Rowley5 days ago
  • Kill all those calf killing sobs!!!

    Small Farm, Big FamilySmall Farm, Big Family6 days ago
  • Proof 77 is lucky!

    Jaelynn SwanJaelynn Swan6 days ago
  • A lot of people dont realize what the weather does to ranchers/farmers. I'm a dairy farmer in northern Michigan and we're going through it right now. Between handling the frozen manure to also tending to newborn calves. Of course we have facilities for our operation, but still overwhelmed at times but what did we do?... keep on keepin on ol son POW POW

    James HJames H6 days ago
  • What wld Gus say about u being out there without a rifle on ya. Always gotta be ready.i killed a many of yotes with my old Marlin 22. Just saying.

    Jimmy SmithJimmy Smith6 days ago
  • Got a heifer that is HUGE and she’s due in may... wondering if she’ll have twins

    jazzyneljazzynel7 days ago
  • “WhAt iS yOuR deaLL 77 we jUst SaVed YouR LIfee” took me out🤣🤣🤣

    Evanie GuerreroEvanie Guerrero7 days ago
  • We ran off 3 coyotes off a calf

    Tanner ElkinsTanner Elkins7 days ago
  • Fish deserves a medal.

    Jason FrenchJason French7 days ago
  • Texas is cold as hell when it’s cold 🥶.Good job Ol Son them yotes are calf eaters. Mama was lucky you cowboys were out to bullet. Dog did a great job warding them off. Boone was his professional self as usual. Thanks Winnebago men and animals.

    Jason FrenchJason French7 days ago
  • There feisty little bastards!!

    Scot-FreeScot-Free7 days ago
  • Dale, does a super puncher have to own a gun and if what kind(s)?

    Blake BennettBlake Bennett8 days ago
  • In that clip where he was walking to the dead baby calf you could see him holding that pew pew in his shadow lmao

    Fat fuck Is gayFat fuck Is gay8 days ago
  • In Idaho when the weather is ass biting, ball numbingly cold, my poor dad has to go out every couple hours throughout the night in order to see if any calves have been born. So sad when you miss a calf. A lot of times they will survive but lose ears, have frostbite on their noses. Even lose feet sometimes. A ranchers life is hard!

    No noNo no8 days ago
  • What I tell my sons, "they call 'em livestock, because dead stock ain't worth nothin'"

    Lyndon WhitfieldLyndon Whitfield9 days ago
  • You ain't no fupa puncher until ya uppercut to the taint!

    KeenCraftingKeenCrafting9 days ago
  • Hell yea ol son can't stand coyotes there always watching my heard I take em out too if I see em

    moonshine camomoonshine camo9 days ago
  • I'm glad you found those twins before those coyotes did!!❤️ The coyotes are getting hungry up here in Michigan too--it's made them bold enough to circle my house and wait outside my chicken coop, nightly. (It doesn't help that my neighbor tracked them to a den on my property...😳)

    Mindy RogalaMindy Rogala10 days ago
  • Well dang ol son love some top 10s let’s see some top 10 super puncher moments

    Austin HillAustin Hill10 days ago
  • Mighty bold. Might want to have him checked for rabies. Well done on the lead poisoning.

  • dale, that sky pov, was so beautiful, enough to park a cowboy cry

    Dez DicksonDez Dickson10 days ago
  • Here in the mountains of New Mexico we are used to this stuff I call snow. Heifers have lost 2 calves so fat to -17 nights.

    Bear BarclayBear Barclay10 days ago
  • If u don't got a gun when ur checking calves....u aint no cowboy

    Burke FarrowBurke Farrow10 days ago
  • When ya need a new intern let me know. I can definitely take care of the yote problems. Lol

    J BevillJ Bevill11 days ago

    Cooper ShaferCooper Shafer11 days ago
  • I've been doing a good bit of the same this week. It sucks, but a bad day ranchin better than any day in town.

    kd78orangerangerpetekd78orangerangerpete11 days ago
  • And to think that good ol' "Teddy" took off to Cancun.........

    Eulalio EstevezEulalio Estevez11 days ago
  • Nite nite yote!!! Go catfish

    J WikieJ Wikie11 days ago
  • Ol son, I found your channel about a week ago now I can’t stop watching!! Yeeyee!! Keep up the good work!

    RedNeck Rigger2.0RedNeck Rigger2.011 days ago
  • By the way, your hero’s like cruz, fled Texas seeking REFUGE in Cancun Mexico. I hope his family is detained and locked up, and the apparent human tracking he seems like he could be involved in is stopped. But his fat ass fleeing with his family, near the states of were MS 13 gangs comes from, is a stone throw from where he stashed his family. But hey, It was good for the goose, so it must be good for the gander, right?

    Me TUMe TU11 days ago
  • Just love these vids! Keep em comin. Worked on ranches as a kid in n. Idaho. Just called my bro in Texas, its 20° right now.

    ratty fingersratty fingers11 days ago
  • Nice AR but ammo is too expensive to give warnings lol

    ICUICU11 days ago
  • Eat that’s coyote ugly old beard 🧓🏿🤣

    Fredy PortilloFredy Portillo11 days ago
  • We need our farmers.

    Kathleen ThompsonKathleen Thompson11 days ago
  • If you could find one, you should buy a Mini-14. If...

    nmelkhunter1nmelkhunter111 days ago
  • Great job finding them Joe, 5 more minutes those yotes woulda had those calves. Great job DB on bust'n that yote 🤠👍 And Fish doing his version of punch'n fools 😎

    Misplaced HillbillyMisplaced Hillbilly11 days ago
  • Just got a new game call, ready to thin out the coyotes any time now ol son🤙

    Roark FamilyRoark Family11 days ago
  • A shepard has to protect his flock, POW POW

    Mark WilkinsMark Wilkins11 days ago

    Hank ClingingsmithHank Clingingsmith11 days ago
  • You might see if that cow that lost hers will take one of the twins

    Wild Bull MustangWild Bull Mustang11 days ago
    • Probably too late now but old timers would skin the dead calf and tie it's hide on to the one they wanted her to take so it'd smell like her baby. I never tried it but I heard it works

      Wild Bull MustangWild Bull Mustang11 days ago
  • Wow never seen yotes act like this!

    nate cotenate cote11 days ago
  • I have stayed in Texas all my 67 years so I don't have to bust ice on tanks and troughs all winter. What the heck is this?

    Brian ShulerBrian Shuler11 days ago
  • The day before snow we had a little calf but she froze

    OO1 RansomOO1 Ransom11 days ago
  • When ranchin I would and do always keep a pistol with me just in case

    OO1 RansomOO1 Ransom11 days ago
  • ~They don't know it, but the wrath of the lord is about to descend upon them!~ I'm disappointed in the missed opportunity for the quote, ol' son.

    The Man ChannelThe Man Channel11 days ago
  • if you don't watch ranchin' videos when you ain't ranchin', you ain't no cowboy!

    Cody SteffeyCody Steffey11 days ago
  • U should see my home In Louisiana rn 😂😂

    Monica MatteMonica Matte11 days ago
  • Dale Brisby SUPER PUNCHER an marksman

    Jacob MosbacherJacob Mosbacher11 days ago
  • Get you some. Nice God bless you guys

    Raymond AlanizRaymond Alaniz12 days ago
  • And pee all down your leg and big ol yellow sticky claustrum poop all over the backseat of the pick up

    connerman5000connerman500012 days ago
  • Good Job Ol’son!

    Joel SpiessJoel Spiess12 days ago
  • This video deserves more 👍 and more views! This is the reason we kill these animals. They kill any and everything. People get all bent out of shape for kill innocent animals. But that aint the case here

    Taylor RayTaylor Ray12 days ago
  • Nice to see you back in the ol flatbed! Wheres the first gen?

    Taylor RayTaylor Ray12 days ago
  • Love your rifle! Good work.

    Christopher MIchaelChristopher MIchael12 days ago
  • I was thinking about Pulp Fiction while watching this... “Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers.”

    Tee 1upTee 1up12 days ago
  • Great job saving those calves ol son. That coyote had it coming 😂. God Bless Cowboys!

    J MadJ Mad12 days ago
  • Good dogs good dogs

    Zachary AddingtonZachary Addington12 days ago
  • Vote for best video of the year. GetRdone

    Kirk WeldingKirk Welding12 days ago
  • Cowboy with no gun on his horse sounds uncowboy like lmaooo

    jose alvarezjose alvarez12 days ago
  • Who doesn't carry a gun in the first place?

    Brock BelleganteBrock Bellegante12 days ago
  • Yea, that cold was crap... this is TX, WTF!?

    BullastBullast12 days ago
  • ... and this is how my day starts today. I feel more like a man just watching this. Get some Ol’ Son!

    RyanAmosRyanAmos12 days ago
  • Jo deserves to be off probation now

    Tyler ErrettTyler Errett12 days ago
  • I know these are modern times, but I was really expecting a lever action.

    mslizzybordenmslizzyborden12 days ago
    • He might be sensitive to the recoil.

      Allan McCulloughAllan McCullough11 days ago
  • Let it go old son slaying dogs

    Mike FosshageMike Fosshage12 days ago
  • Now That what I call a good day yotey down two new babys

    Spencer SaundersSpencer Saunders12 days ago
  • Calving is always a adventure. Great to hear a good outcome a less than normal situation. And my Dad always said “ When you got Livestock you got Deadstock”. Can’t save them alll!!

    Brennon ArchdekinBrennon Archdekin12 days ago
  • Hey Ol Son a real Cowboy has got his Rifle strapped to his Saddle, Y'all gonna have to stay on them Yote's till they are all gone

    Keith MaxwellKeith Maxwell12 days ago
  • Dale no you ain't gonna kill my calf

    Forrest WilsonForrest Wilson12 days ago
  • I messed that last comment up what i was trying to say is your a true bad ass

    Clint DartClint Dart12 days ago
  • Dawg your a bad ass for sure best on USworlds make the rest look punks

    Clint DartClint Dart12 days ago
  • If you have a working heater in your truck... you aint no cowboy

    Wes SWes S12 days ago
  • The only good a dead coyote.

    Aaron MathisonAaron Mathison12 days ago
  • So does intern come off probation??? Way to tip the coyote

    Anthony AndrewsAnthony Andrews12 days ago
  • When you have a dead calf nail it to the ground bury traps

    Ty WaitsTy Waits12 days ago
  • Had to put down a cougar late last night. Came “inside the wire” on the trail cam. Good on you Dale!

    Dave ColesDave Coles12 days ago
  • You should do meet the animals part 2

    LeAnn ZimmermanLeAnn Zimmerman12 days ago
  • Be quiet I'm filming! 😆🤣 Fired up side of DB, I like it! Pow Pow!

    Justin MillerJustin Miller12 days ago
  • 😱😱👏👏👉👉👉👏👏👍👍

    Antonio CORONAAntonio CORONA12 days ago
  • At least keep a little something while your ranching, on your person!?

    GlockspecificGlockspecific12 days ago
  • Harder when your stupid 😂😂😂😂😂

    GlockspecificGlockspecific12 days ago
  • Kinda close, get you some fresh batteries!

    GlockspecificGlockspecific12 days ago
  • Ha! True colors. You are a big softy. Love this video ☺️

    Charm FarmCharm Farm12 days ago
  • Good dog Catfish!

    Ron E. JohnsonRon E. Johnson12 days ago
  • Duuude this is AWESOME!! Sure hope we can see more of Ol Son put someMore coyotes down. *pow pow !

    Matthew HalwoodMatthew Halwood12 days ago
  • Whack Em and stack em, South Dakota style. Now I ain’t no veteranaryan, but I figured that Cayeute was too dumb or too brave to live. But now he’s an edumacated veal done giv him the LD50 of plumbem from your galena particle accelerator. Good on ye . Mind you don’t get that purty hair mixed up in the PTO of that Armalite smokewagon.

    David KeitelDavid Keitel12 days ago
  • Great Day!!!

    Nick76571Nick7657112 days ago
  • Mother Nature humbles us in all her mysterious ways. Leupold, show em’ what you’re working with

    SweetMarie honeybeeSweetMarie honeybee12 days ago
  • I know what you mean man I live 60 miles from the cost and there has been an inch of snow in the shade for three days

    Luke EscamillaLuke Escamilla12 days ago
  • If you need help with them little bastards let me know I'm about 7 hours away I'm a tote killin super puncher

    Wayne PeraltaWayne Peralta12 days ago
  • 👍

    Mike PMike P12 days ago