Court Cam: Top 5 Outrageous Judges | A&E

Apr 4, 2021
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Check out some of the most outrageous judges in this Court Cam compilation, including a judge who fights a public defender and another who is taken into police custody for drunk driving.
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  • Tune in to Court Cam, Wednesdays at 9/8c on A&E, and stay up to date on all of A&E's premieres at

    A&EA&E13 days ago
    • Where’s LIVE PD gone?

      TisMyIslandTisMyIsland17 hours ago
    • The most outrageous judges or judicial decisions aren't those like these where somebody just loses their temper. They are the cases where the judge makes either bias or stupid decisions over and over throughout a case rendering a completely unjust and insane conclusion to a case. A great example of this is illustrated watching the trials, and I mean repeated trials against defendants after the Bundy ranch protest. Defendants with no criminal record held in jail for 2 years waiting for their multiple trials which resulted from protesting. Defendants denied witnesses after the government trailed out dozens of witnesses that weren't even there. A judge that would not allow defendants to testify about why they were there and what they were doing. Basically a judge that was for the most part just an additional prosecutor in the courtroom. Following those trials forever changed my view of the justice, or Injustice system in America.

      Son of LibertySon of LibertyDay ago
    • If that judge says "okay" one more time...😒

      Michaela CMichaela C3 days ago
    • The judge at 7 minutes in this clip she so Dan funny 😂

      Leslie GriffinLeslie Griffin3 days ago
    • I'm down voting this because you included this fair judge and called him outrageous. 12:34

      MuhammadMuhammad5 days ago
  • I actually had great Judges get removed from corrupt Politicians. Absolutely insane humans are Humans my Father always said regardless of a Job Human Nature is always same.

    Onere RubatoOnere RubatoHour ago
  • Massachusetts is just like this.

    Onere RubatoOnere RubatoHour ago

    Onere RubatoOnere RubatoHour ago
  • It’s sick that these judges are apparently above the law..

    Brynna WenzBrynna WenzHour ago
  • You mean, he committed crimes in court.. and he was only removed? No actual legal penalties? Cool.

    Brynna WenzBrynna WenzHour ago
  • TBH that last kid was being stupid.

    Linda BirdbikeLinda BirdbikeHour ago
  • That shows at least that nobody is above the law in the US, well done!

    At Close RangeAt Close Range2 hours ago
  • Judge Pinky whatever- evidences the intelligence of the voters in that county.

    Douglas SepicDouglas Sepic3 hours ago
  • Sorry, but a pandemic with a 99.99% survival rate is no excuse to skip court dates.

    Alex MagnusAlex Magnus3 hours ago
  • That "Judge" should have gotten life with no possibility of parole.

    Alex MagnusAlex Magnus3 hours ago
  • "Investigation by a committee" wtf? Under the law literally anyone on that room could have placed him under arrest on the spot. Cøwards.

    Alex MagnusAlex Magnus3 hours ago
  • Prosecutor should have been fired in the license case for ms Gonzales . The da office was totally wrong to allow a lying cop to submit cases to them

    Team LibertyTeam Liberty4 hours ago
  • The judge in the drivers license case was actually a good judge. He did not tolerate the lying cop and he did right thing. No way should he have gotten in trouble

    Team LibertyTeam Liberty4 hours ago
  • My favorite part of this is idiots clapping at a judge that just used physical violence to subdue a public defender that didn't want his client to waive his right to a speedy trial. That's how freedom dies, to the sounds of thunderous applause.

    Tim RobisonTim Robison4 hours ago
  • i love the trash who clapped him, what a ridiculous society.

    johnjohn4 hours ago
  • They actually clapped for him? W...T...F...???

    kubushkubush5 hours ago
  • Okkkk okkkk okkkk okkk okkkk okkkk okkk

    Donnavan HumesDonnavan Humes6 hours ago
  • I would’ve dog walked that judge if he tried to put hands on me.

    Charles DossCharles Doss6 hours ago
  • The judge issuing arrest warrants during the pandemic seemed a little high in that first clip.

    StephSteph6 hours ago
  • 😂😂😂”okay okay okay okay okay okay okay”

    Jr BanksJr Banks7 hours ago
  • She said “ I am so intoxicated” 😂😂😂

    Jr BanksJr Banks7 hours ago
  • Less than they deserved

    Steven WestfallSteven Westfall7 hours ago
  • I love this narrator ! His voice is soothing LOL

    Jess. SJess. S7 hours ago
  • DISGUSTING FAVORATISM reducing that judges sentence from six months to three days... immoral but not illegal??

    Scott ParnapyScott Parnapy8 hours ago
  • Circuit Court Florida is a real judge. Need more like him.

    TaurusGoddess 444TaurusGoddess 4448 hours ago
  • In my opinion it’s the systems fault that they give few select individuals so much power that they can literally ruin lives for good. So then any one who has even a scintilla of evil or mischief in their blood .. that’s exactly how they act .. and most of them are police officers since judges authority and power is God like so forget about them ever gettin exposed but cops are no less either

    Danny KahnDanny Kahn8 hours ago
  • The judge and Lawyer went outside to handle it 😆

    sammie hiltonsammie hilton8 hours ago
  • "Sober as a judge" is no longer a form of expression

    Bee CeeBee Cee9 hours ago
  • Hold on... why are they clapping? Wtf.

    Briaunna BirdiBriaunna Birdi9 hours ago
  • That black just judge sounds paralyticaly drunk to me.

    david gartondavid garton9 hours ago
  • 7 okay judge is insane

    SAD lolSAD lol9 hours ago
  • That first judge was awesome! Gets fired and then more than likely blackballs the ADA!

    JoshJosh10 hours ago
  • Seems like all the judges in here are intoxicated

    DrPhydeuxDrPhydeux10 hours ago
  • Talk about stockholm syndrome. The accused applauding against their own legal representative

    Brian NBrian N10 hours ago
  • Crazy

    Snoodle GirlSnoodle Girl11 hours ago
  • WTF is all over judge Pinky's bench? Besides all the beverage containers, there's knick knacks and god knows whats all over the place. Does she think the court room is her bedroom or something? She's clearly lost her marbles.

    Fatty McBastardFatty McBastard12 hours ago
  • One word..... FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!

    girthbrooksgirthbrooks12 hours ago
  • Call out stupid at every opportunity. Agree with Judge vs. stupid teen.

    Rip FreeManRip FreeMan12 hours ago
  • The first judges audience claps because a lawyer defends his client and the judge throws a fit? That's insane what if it was you? Idiots!

    peekaboothizzlepeekaboothizzle12 hours ago

    bobbob13 hours ago
  • 8:20 what a psychopath

    HighlyOpi{nion}ated✓HighlyOpi{nion}ated✓13 hours ago
  • Judge!! Wtf Only Florida

    Tom RainTom Rain13 hours ago
  • this video is 16 minutes long and comes with around 150 ads. lol

    adielyyariadielyyari13 hours ago
  • Wtf? They clapped for the judge? He was completely out of his mind and out of line! The public defender doesn't have to waive s***. His client could sit in jail for years otherwise...

    Jakub LizonJakub Lizon14 hours ago
  • Worse than Mexico judges

    Sergio SantosSergio Santos14 hours ago
  • Wow that Cleveland judge is a white supreme. How many black men were thrown in jail wrongfully because of her?! Does she wear a ghost costume and burn crosses like old democrats do?

    SocalKitSocalKit14 hours ago
  • These judges need to be removed!!!!!

    Emily RoseEmily Rose15 hours ago
  • Jesus.... Elected or appointed?

    Sean CurranSean Curran16 hours ago
  • "I'm a judge". Correction: Was a judge.

    Jo SmoyoJo Smoyo16 hours ago
  • It sucks that at one point in their lives judges are smart and fair but then they get power and become corrupt just like everyone

    SnipeAGino2324SnipeAGino232416 hours ago
  • That kid that was pleading guilty. Mom probably didn't want to pay for a lawyer.

    Jeremy CrawfordJeremy Crawford16 hours ago
  • Tbh if my public defender got in a physical fight for me I would choose that man all day every day

    Karate JoeKarate Joe16 hours ago
  • okAaAaaaaayYyyyyyyy....

    S.T.S.T.16 hours ago
  • 6:05 March 17th 2020.. I'm more shocked at the camera quality

    Jurassic CoastingJurassic Coasting17 hours ago
  • I mean this judge probably just beats the brakes off his wife

    ScummyDummyScummyDummy17 hours ago
  • This isn’t LIVE PD

    TisMyIslandTisMyIsland17 hours ago
  • I think 3 of these judges were really not “outrageous”. The only one I think was doing the right thing, but screwed herself by lying, was the Covid judge. I think she likely shares my opinion on the “pandemic”, hence her showing up as usual. A lot of judges think they’re above the law, and sadly that belief is often reinforced. A local judge in my State of Ohio (Judge Warren) should be on a similar list. He and his wife left a party totally drunk, hit a car with two kids inside, seriously injuring one, and fled the scene. After they sobered up, they copped to it, but it was obviously too little, too late. They were both sentenced to two years in prison, and I’d imagine they will both serve their time in protective custody, spending 23 hours a day in solitary confinement.

    Nick HavilandNick Haviland17 hours ago
    • Correction. Judge Jason Warner.

      Nick HavilandNick Haviland17 hours ago
  • Above the our Laws

    Mr. JosephMr. Joseph18 hours ago
  • Whats with all the junk on the 3rd judge's desk? How unprofessional does that look.

    Rodney HorsleyRodney Horsley18 hours ago
  • Yeah that’s a problem with power.

    Eric SloaneEric Sloane18 hours ago
  • I'd hire that public defender lmao 🤣

    NOCALGooN916NOCALGooN91619 hours ago
  • @3:50 - Cop - *"You're intoxicated"* Drunk Judge - " I am SO *intoxicative* " 😒

    Mern IezMern Iez20 hours ago
    • Lmao 🤣 Did anyone else catch THAT?!? She can't even say the word properly 🤦‍♀️

      Mern IezMern Iez20 hours ago
  • wtf that black judge woman .... is she drunk or high aswelll ? OKE...Ok..oke wtf

    Dein PapaDein Papa20 hours ago
  • The judges are too big for their britches. Idiots.

    J PJ P20 hours ago
  • Judge Carr sounds like she's drunk...... And what's up with her desk ?

    cars nguitarscars nguitars20 hours ago
  • Wait how is the Judge who literally was acquitting someone for the cops ineptitude on this XD if the cop had handled the situation then it would be odd but the cop was making mistakes and didn’t even get in any trouble for it.

    MugenKitsuneMugenKitsune20 hours ago
  • I would have loved to come into an empty court room. Instead of an all day event it becomes a 10 minute ordeal.

    Froward ThinkerFroward Thinker21 hour ago
  • It’s so discouraging to see the people in the court whose rights are being violated clapping g for the jerk judge. We the people need to wake up and start fighting for our freedoms as one we will wake up and they’ll be gone!

    heather zlotyheather zloty21 hour ago
  • The judge at 12 was right too dismiss the case

    RAVEN_SPRING_9000RAVEN_SPRING_900021 hour ago
  • That judge should be fired why are these morons clapping ????

    RAVEN_SPRING_9000RAVEN_SPRING_900021 hour ago
  • THe first video- If that is the judge that decides my fate in the court of law, then I am screwed! Them people clapping from that judge behaving in that manner is disgusting!

    Calvin JohnsonCalvin Johnson22 hours ago
    • Lol it’s Florida

      Johnathan EllisJohnathan Ellis7 hours ago
  • I e never seen such a messy judges desk

    Bernie SmithBernie Smith22 hours ago
  • 6:08 year 2020 and footage quality from 1996... Way to go. Oh and that judge from Alice in the Wonderland?

    Make Duunaa ThaimaassaMake Duunaa Thaimaassa22 hours ago
  • They are all trash.

    Warren O.Warren O.22 hours ago
  • Okkkkkaaaaaaay

    Twinn SaveryTwinn Savery22 hours ago
  • Judge Carr sounds loaded

    Sistah SpeaksSistah Speaks22 hours ago
  • Those to thugs at the beginning should have never been hired. THUGS! Disappointed and disgusted!

    Whit'le WilliamsWhit'le Williams22 hours ago
    • *Two

      Whit'le WilliamsWhit'le Williams22 hours ago
  • 6:12 what's with all the desk bling?

    Boomer FunBoomer Fun23 hours ago
  • Why are courtroom cameras in today’s age still the same ones from the 90s?

    Apophis PNWApophis PNW23 hours ago
  • Who else wants livepd back

    greyhamlet.greyhamlet.23 hours ago
  • Just in case y'all are wondering, judge pinkey has a voicemail that you can call if you'd like to say anything. Ask me how I know

    How2AliveHow2Alive23 hours ago
  • The officers prob helped the judge in the first clip not gonna lie

    Isaac SouthernIsaac SouthernDay ago
  • If it was any of us we would of gotten the full sentence.

    SlumkatSlumkatDay ago
  • That one judge talks like she has sooo much power and eveyone is children under her I hope she gets in trouble for what she did people can’t come in if they are sick or someone around them got sick they have to quartine, not a fan of the covid or how deadly it really is but she’s going beyond her job scope and trying to be a mother

    Gary Holy JrGary Holy JrDay ago
  • These same judges probably hand out maximum sentences too!

    Whit'le WilliamsWhit'le WilliamsDay ago

    Beverly RushBeverly RushDay ago
  • That would cost anyone else $10k

    chase X moneychase X moneyDay ago
  • Heartbreaking.

    Alexander HAlexander HDay ago
  • It's April 2021, and Judge Carr is still here. Someone should use her O-kays in horror movies. Haunting AF.

    khushravkhushravDay ago
  • I love how the narrator is trying to act like they could preside over a courtroom for 250 days a year where they have to deal with some of the worst things about humanity and be totally chill and never lose their patience or call someone stupid. Suuuuurrrreeeee.

    David J HoydaDavid J HoydaDay ago
    • now I understand that stupidity is objective, but are they not allowed to publicly express frustration?

      nico withrownico withrow23 hours ago
  • How was the joa outrageous it was outrageous they tried to look her up, I think that was a very courageous judge actually following the law n not playing god

    Flipping RadFlipping RadDay ago

    PellbortPellbortDay ago
  • Okay ooooookayyyy okayyy 😂 that was hilarious I wish all the public servants treated COVID like it should have been treated.

    Flipping RadFlipping RadDay ago
    • How should it have been treated?

      Sergei BrinnSergei Brinn7 hours ago
  • Okkkkk she was high as a bish that morning lol

    John TempleJohn TempleDay ago
  • So judges are somehow superior beings that get reduced sentences.

    Eru IlúvatarEru IlúvatarDay ago
  • Judge Judy ?

    Hike OganessianHike OganessianDay ago
  • Right On Lizette!!!

    Miss CyanicMiss CyanicDay ago
  • 1 judge screaming perjury. 1 prosecutor screaming misconduct. takes very, very little to end the career of a bad cop. behind every bad cop is a dozen more corrupt public servants.

    CT CTCT CTDay ago
  • the weird looney tunes judge with a million mugs on her desk like some kind of fruity gift shop, is a real nut case... how is she a judge??? someone got some splainin to do

    Le Tapis RougeLe Tapis RougeDay ago